digimon tri

  1. C-MC

    the 02 digimon in tri animation sequence style

    Original art by: Anasmuki
  2. NekoHaruko

    Thoughts so far on new tri. Characters?

    Since we are two movies away from tri. Ending. Along with the fact the characters were more established and revealed, i wondered how did your thoughts on the new characters change? Was it positive? Negative? And i do mean new characters like Meiko, Meicoomon, Maki, Daigo, Hackmon, Alphamon...
  3. C-MC

    V-mon tri version

    So my good friend Admir sent me this drawing he did of V-mon in the tri style evolution sequence... how cool is that
  4. Minttea

    [BUYING] Digimon Tri Tin Badges from P'Parco

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy those tin badges that were exclude to the pop up store P'Parco? I'm specifically looking for just a couple but if you have unopened ones I am more than happy to buy those too. The listed prices are what I'm willing to pay, and all prices are in USD despite me being...