digimon frontier

  1. Shadow Shinji

    How Many Episodes Should You Watch Before Deciding?

    This is something that is usually discussed in several forums and sites around the Internet for years. Sometimes, when you are recommended to watch a new Digimon series, some questions arise and one of the most common ones is to what extent I should watch till I get to know if this season in...
  2. N

    was metamormon supposed to be mercuremons fusion evolution

    metamormon is a mega level digimon with the ability to scan and copy the form of other digimon with enhanced abilitys this reminded me of what mercuremon/mercurymon could do when inside sakkakumon /sephiromon how he made a dark copy of seraphimon to fight agunimon. this got me thinking that...
  3. Shadow Shinji

    Japanese D-Scanner Alternate Version

    I've seen several times this sort of Japanese D-Scanner on Twitter, and I was wondering if anyone know what are these ones about, or it is any kind similar to the official D-Scanner Digivice toy line that was released back then in 2002. At any rate, it seems that this ones are not playable I...
  4. Shadow Shinji

    When was this amazing version of With The Will released?

    I haven't listened to this Chosen Children Ver. of With The Will, although it seems it does sound during the episode 39 of the series, but it looks dope!! So I was wondering when exactly it was released back then, since I have checked out all the Digimon Frontier albums listed in Wikimon and I...
  5. ArsDaemonum

    Digimon Frontier Settei

    (Wasn't sure where this would go, I'm totally new here so please tell me if there's a better place to put it!) Just recently, I won an auction on ebay for a selection of setti sheets from Frontier (47 total) including lineart, shading, and even promotional artwork sketches! I know some of this...
  6. Shadow Shinji

    Digimon Frontier Stage Play

    So while rumbling on the Internet, I've found what it seems to be a Stage Play for Digimon Frontier, that was held on the 27th of April, 2003, that is, almost a month after the finale of the TV series. While I'm really curious to know why I've never heard about it before being a huge fan of...
  7. Shadow Shinji

    In which countries was Digimon Frontier aired?

    After knowing about this new, I've just learned that Digimon Frontier, the fourth season of the anime, was originally aired in less countried than I thought at first. For example I assumed it was broadcasted in France back then, but I was wrong. On the other hand, I can tell that it was...
  8. Shadow Shinji

    Digimon Frontier Promotional Wallpaper

    Surfing on the net, I've just found this awesome image from Digimon Frontier, which looks quite detailed and well-done, and my question now is if this could be an official promo picture, or a fanmade one instead: Apparently, it has something to do with a thing called "Digimon Frontier -...
  9. Shadow Shinji

    What depiction of the "Chosen Children" you like the most?

    We have several examples of what the "Chosen Children" concept can imply along the franchise: Digimon Adventure/02/tri. & V-Tamer 01 In the universe of Adventure, the prerequisite for becoming a Chosen Child is having witnessed an encounter with Digimon earlier in their life. This widely...
  10. S

    Want to Buy D-Tector Version 4 NA/EU

    Hi. Im looking for a D-Tector Version 4 NA/EU . Lightly Used at best. At worst they need to work and not be horribly damaged. Used condition is fine, please no missing pieces. Screen should turn on. Sound should work. All prices negotiable (with in reason) and will be payed through PayPal...
  11. Shadow Shinji

    Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!!'s setting!

    I'm not sure if this topic has already been answered before, but at what exact point in the anime would you place the events of "Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!!"? My bet is that it takes place between episodes 12 and 13. We know for sure that it happens after episode 12...
  12. W

    Hi all! I'm new here!

    Hey guys! I'm new to the Digimon forums and I've followed up to Frontier and am currently catching up on Tri. Nice to meet yall! I also do Digimon cover videos on my YouTube channel so you can take a look at one here: Besides that, I've just seen the new AppMon stuff and it's made me wonder...
  13. AnonymusC

    Digimon Frontier - Last Element Cover ~

    Hey guys! :) just wanted to know if you like my cover of this song. I used the german version cause it's so nostalgic for me.^^ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oKYuVbwUL6I I think one of the best songs of the digimon soundtrack in terms of instrumentals. :D
  14. D

    How would you rewrite Digimon Frontier?

    Would you wish you'd rewritten Digimon Frontier?
  15. Shadow Shinji

    Why was Duskmon purified into Loweemon in Digimon Frontier?

    I've never understood why this happened... To get started, Duskmon is more badass and powerful and it fits better as the "Warrior of Darkness" for me. The only explanation I can see to explain the power difference between the two is that when Koichi reaches the Digital World after having died in...
  16. nwolf

    (SIGN-UPS) Digimon: Excalibur [R]

    Plot: In 1937 the Atanasoff-Berry Computer (ABC) was created by John Vincent Atanasoff. This created a technological revolution for Earth – the beginning of a new, digital age. However, what people didn’t know is that it truly was creating a new digital age – the creation of the Digital...