digimon art

  1. AguChamp

    Some of my recent drawings (by AguChamp)

    Some art I've made this year. My main focus is improvement on different poses and coloring! https://twitter.com/AguChamp3/status/1093663241044140033?s=19 https://twitter.com/AguChamp3/status/1085320730328395776?s=19 https://twitter.com/AguChamp3/status/1080972058614554624?s=19 Tell me what...
  2. Wolfshark

    Wolfshark draws digimon stuff (and also writes stuff to go with it)

    Yup decided to open up an art thread here to post the occasional digimon doodles and stuff I'm working on from time to time. Most of them have to do with this one Digimon Alternate universe idea I have that my friend gives me a few ideas/feedback for from time to time. This AU is fairly modified...