digimon adventure

  1. Theigno

    Digimon Adventure tri. Announcement, Release Date and PV discussion,

    The PV happened: release date is 21st November 2015 - apparently in 6 parts. Additional translations and insights are of course always welcome. The trailer was uploaded! Subbed Version: Japanese with no Subtitles: Chosen Children Cast list: Natsuki Hanae as Taichi Yagami Yoshimasa...
  2. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure Figure Collection 1 and 2, Better Images and Release Date

    We had previously seen these here but we finally have painted images and release details It appears the line will have the Digimon Adventure logo on it with a title of Digital Monsters DigiColle (the Colle is short for Collection it appears.) If anyone wants to try and translate it better...
  3. MarcFBR

    New tri. Poster and Discussion. PV, Cast and Schedule Announcement Soon!

    We were able to get the info from the last nade nade egg a bit early. https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CCnQ__KUMAA85WI.jpg:large First we have a new poster. On May 4th, 5th, and 6th they will re-air all of Adventure on niconico in Japan. When that ends at 10:45pm on the 6th they will then show...
  4. MarcFBR

    Bandai Tag and Crests Going Up for Preorder

    On January 21st Bandai will be putting up a preorder for a tag and crests set. http://images.withthewill.net/tags_crest_toy1.jpg It'll be going for 4860 yen and appears to be exclusive to their online shop. It will come with the 8 crests from Adventure, which in a teaser image are called...
  5. MarcFBR

    New Digimon Adventure- All 8 Kids Silhouettes, Updated with more Nade Nade

    A little birdy tossed something to me that everyone will want to see. The silhouettes of all 8 kids for the new Digimon Adventure series. http://images.withthewill.net/Digimon_silhouettes.png Click on the thumbnail for the larger version. Enjoy, and more news to come (it's kind of fun how...
  6. TMS

    Digimon Adventure PSP Stuff (Attack Guide Now Up)

    Before long I hope to buy and play through Digimon Adventure for the PSP, as well as buy and translate any player's guide I can get hold of. I hope to do a pretty thorough guide for the game (as thorough as any of my guides get, anyway), and I'll post it here when possible. At the moment I don't...
  7. B

    Sexual Biology and Gender of Digimon

    Okay before anyone thinks im making this topic to be perverted im not i just want to talk about how digimon reproduce and have genetaila like mervamon angemon ect ect btw this ismy first post on this forum
  8. J

    Digimon creator speaks about Sorato and Taiora: behind the scenes of Adventure/02

    Just thought I'd share for those who might be interested: Digimon creator speaks about Sorato and Taiora: behind the scenes of Digimon Adventure (Linked to tumblr.)
  9. MarcFBR

    Extended Trailer/Promo for Digimon Adventure for PSP

    Namco/Bandai released an extended promo for the upcoming game that has lot's of footage and information (although not much new.) Thanks to ANN for the news Update- Thanks to our good friend Rain for a subtitled copy of the video (make sure the closed captions are on, that's where the subs are.)
  10. KaenKazui

    Early planning for a Digimon Anime

    Hey guys! Some weeks ago I found some pictures, displaying early planing stages for a Digimon Anime. By now I know, that those are from the "Digimon Adventure Movie Book" by Mamoru Hosoda. I also remember other pictures that showed other early designs (for example an early File Island)...