digimon adventure tri

  1. Shadow Shinji

    Summary of Homeostasis, the Agents and Apocalymon in the Novels of Digimon Adventure

    So in order to prepare ourselves for the release of the last part of Digimon Adventure tri. Parte 6, Onkei-kun has translated via Twitter some interesting tibdits of information regarding Homeostasis, the Agents, Hikari and the idea of Apocalymon that are defined in the novels (whose third part...
  2. Shadow Shinji

    Let me introduce you Zaphkielmon!!

    So wandering around Twitter, I've just found an interesting OC Digimon which was designed by a Japanese artist, and I find particularly appealing: its name is Zaphkielmon (ザフキエルモン), from the Archangel Zaphkiel, and it seems to be a made-up Jogress evolution between Ophanimon and Rasielmon, so I...
  3. C-MC

    the 02 digimon in tri animation sequence style

    Original art by: Anasmuki
  4. Alexesx3

    *SPOILER WARNING* Digimon Adventure tri. storyline analysis - 3 act structure

    At first: Hi, I'm Alex and I'm new here! I totally fell in love with digimon adventure tri. Therefore I've done a little analysis. >Click here for a larger size< I know it's a bit early to analyze the whole digimon adventure tri story, because two movies are left... but after I've seen the...
  5. C-MC

    V-mon tri version

    So my good friend Admir sent me this drawing he did of V-mon in the tri style evolution sequence... how cool is that
  6. C-MC

    Fan-made Digimon project

    Hey guys so a few weeks ago me and my friend Callum Andrews teased on a Digimon group on facebook and also decided to post it here, that we're gonna announce something on the 9th of January. Well here it is... *drum rolls please* Me and Callum are currently working on a fan made Digimon...
  7. C-MC

    When do you think we will see a trailer for Part 3

    Guys since the movie's coming out September 24th when do you think that we're gonna see the first trailer for Kokuhaku/Confession ?
  8. C-MC

    The 02 chosen children in Digimon Adventure Tri

    We already know that season 2 is officially canon so when do you think they will appear in the Tri movies ? I personally think that they will eventually appear in one of the movies (please don't hate and no Adventure fanboys/fangirls). I've read an interview that they did with the director and...
  9. Theigno

    Digimon Adventure tri. Special Stream, Part 2 PV, and Part 3 title reveal

    Today the Digimon tri. New Year's special stream on NicoVideo was broadcast. It featured the Voice Actors of Mimi (Hitomi Yoshida), Takeru (Junya Enoki) and Meiko (Miho Awakawa). Highlight: the first PV for part 2: In the last portion of the video we get our first glimpse of the third...
  10. Velocifaptor

    What songs would you think would suit tri.?

    Hi guys, so here's sort of a fanboy activity I've got for you all. Visualise Digimon as done by Atsuya Uki. Visualise those flashes from the P/V, and the limited images we have of the OVA. Now think, which songs would suit Digimon Adventure tri.? Or even which ones would you like to hear in it...
  11. MarcFBR

    Nade Nade Part 5, The Final Egg? and New tri. Discussion thread

    The Digimon Adventure website has updated with what appears to be the last egg to nade nade. The number seems quite low though.... (a final reveal with a low number? Or a final taunt before one last block?) Time to nade nade. This will also be a new thread for tri. discussion. Prior...
  12. Velocifaptor

    Your Favourite Koji Wada Song?

    こんにちわみんな!We all know of the living legend that is Koji Wada (if you don't know him then siriusly, what are you doing on this forum?). So, I'd like to ask you guys, which of his songs do you like the most? I've heard only the Digimon songs (not all of them, though), and the re-fly PV (which might...
  13. MarcFBR

    More Digimon Adventure tri. Discussion and Nade-Nade Part 4! Update- Gabumon

    It's time to nade-nade again! http://digimon-adventure.net/ Interestingly they've left out Tentomon's egg... They've also added a new version of the puzzle game that gets us extra nade-nades. (Small edit- Theigno has confirmed that beating the new puzzle counts for 6 nade-nade.) Only 555555...