digimon adventure 02

  1. T

    Can you guys help me out with some information?

    Hi guys I’m new around here, this is my first post. The thing is, I have really looking everywhere for something and I can’t seem to find it, that’s why I came here, here is the place where I found more useful data on new stuff, the thing I’d like to know more about the old stuff, specially...
  2. Shadow Shinji

    Summary of Homeostasis, the Agents and Apocalymon in the Novels of Digimon Adventure

    So in order to prepare ourselves for the release of the last part of Digimon Adventure tri. Parte 6, Onkei-kun has translated via Twitter some interesting tibdits of information regarding Homeostasis, the Agents, Hikari and the idea of Apocalymon that are defined in the novels (whose third part...
  3. C-MC

    the 02 digimon in tri animation sequence style

    Original art by: Anasmuki
  4. C-MC

    V-mon tri version

    So my good friend Admir sent me this drawing he did of V-mon in the tri style evolution sequence... how cool is that
  5. N

    Digimon Revenge of Diaboromon fandub clips

    Hi fellow Digimon fans! Not sure if this is the appropriate place for this sort of thing but myself and a few other hobbyist voice actors got together to collab on a Digimon fandub. I basically spearheaded the project by casting everyone and mixing the sound effects and music tracks, I also...
  6. D

    How you picture a Digimon Adventure live-action movie series?

    Take a look at these: http://fanon.wikia.com/wiki/Digimon_(Live_Action_Film) http://fanon.wikia.com/wiki/Digimon:_The_Dark_Network http://fanon.wikia.com/wiki/Digimon:_The_Battle_for_Earth http://fanon.wikia.com/wiki/Digimon:_A_New_Digitude...
  7. C-MC

    The 02 chosen children in Digimon Adventure Tri

    We already know that season 2 is officially canon so when do you think they will appear in the Tri movies ? I personally think that they will eventually appear in one of the movies (please don't hate and no Adventure fanboys/fangirls). I've read an interview that they did with the director and...
  8. D

    Another armor-spirit idea for a new digimon series after fusion?

    I'm new here. I wish there was a new armor concept after Fusion like with Frontier. Except I'm thinking of something better. Returning to the human-digimon partnership since Adventure... - Like with the human & beast spirits, the beast becomes the human while the human becomes the beast. -...
  9. B

    Sexual Biology and Gender of Digimon

    Okay before anyone thinks im making this topic to be perverted im not i just want to talk about how digimon reproduce and have genetaila like mervamon angemon ect ect btw this ismy first post on this forum
  10. J

    Digimon creator speaks about Sorato and Taiora: behind the scenes of Adventure/02

    Just thought I'd share for those who might be interested: Digimon creator speaks about Sorato and Taiora: behind the scenes of Digimon Adventure (Linked to tumblr.)