1. B

    Digibattle fox kids promo Fx-01 -> Fx-10 WANTED

    Looking to complete(!!) my Digibattle collection and still need the fox kids promo cards. Cyberdramon (nice digimon) pointed me to this forum. Looking to buy 1, 2 or them all. Whatever you're willing to part with: Fx-01 Tai Fx-02 Matt Fx-03 Sora Fx-04 Izzy Fx-05 Mimi Fx-06 Joe Fx-07 T.K...
  2. Artman101

    Blank Digi-battle Card Templates (JP Style)

    hello everyone, i just love the look and style of the OG Japanese digimon cards. however it was hard for me to play the original game when i first imported those cards. so i decided to scan the cards i had and make a blank template that fits over the JP cards individual sections. i made this...
  3. Airdramon

    Defend in DigiBattle?

    So in the Japanese version Defend turns A to 0 (I think) But what does it do in the English version (DigiBattle)? Say I have a Kuwagamon and my opponent has a Scorpiomon. As Kuwagamon is yellow, Scorpiomon has to defend with 220 and as Scorpiomon is green, Kuwagamon has to attack with his...
  4. P

    Digi-battle original starter pack

    So here it goes, I recently got into tabletop simulator, a game on steam that allows custom cards to play custom games. I found the scans for the original starter deck and imported them into the game. The question I have is whether or not there are "set decks" for the pack. I want to make the...