1. S

    Want to Buy D-Tector Version 4 NA/EU

    Hi. Im looking for a D-Tector Version 4 NA/EU . Lightly Used at best. At worst they need to work and not be horribly damaged. Used condition is fine, please no missing pieces. Screen should turn on. Sound should work. All prices negotiable (with in reason) and will be payed through PayPal...
  2. sino

    [D-Tector] How do I use Spirit Digimon for connect device battles?

    [D-Tector] How do I use Spirit Digimon for connect device battles? means not the in-game battles but if connecting other devices, I noticed if you press B while connecting it will go for the US style battles (evo while battles, random shots) sometimes spirit does pops out randomly. But...
  3. Z

    D-tector Help please

    i am in a little bit of a situation where i can not find very much information on a Digimon D-Tector (version 3 i think) and how much it would sell for if it is real. it is in English and it is part of the Bandai brand made in 2002 if that helps. i have found a picture of a box that it came in...
  4. I

    Red D-Tector with box for sale

    I've listed this on eBay (http://www.ebay.com/itm/Digimon-Season-Four-D-Tector-with-box-/181539343655?) I'm not sure how uncommon it is, but it came into my possession and I don't really want it (only like the first three seasons of Digimon :P).
  5. J

    D-Tector with Kouichi pricing (obtain)?

    Like the title says, does anyone know what it might cost me to get a D-Tector with Kouichi as a playable character? He was my favorite character of season 4. Sidenote: if anyone has a D-Tector with Kouichi playable (even if you don't want to sell it), would one of you test and see if the digi...
  6. S

    [Wanted] Anyone willing to sell a D-tector v4?

    I am trying to find a D-tector v4 but with no luck anywhere on eBay or other online auctions. If anyone here has one in good working condition that they are willing to sell, let me know and we can negotiate a price. My budget is pretty flexible so negotiations are open. Pm me if have one and are...
  7. K

    Delete Please and Thank you

    Hey digifans, I'm currently looking to purchase a blackwargreymon complete figure, shipped to Canada. Please leave a comment if you are willing to part with one at a reasonable price! :) ... Anything over 40$ with shipping is beyond my budget T__T I'm sorry