1. D

    What would be the plot for a Pokemon/Digimon crossover?

    Let's say Nintendo and Bandai for whatever reason decided to make a crossover between Pokemon and Digimon. Be it a video game, anime, or whatever. What do you think the story for it would be? And how would the characters of both series play off of each other? Just to make things easier, it...
  2. Pimsan

    Ryuusei no Digimon adventure Z and looking for beta readers

    Hiya! I'm pimsan, and i'm new in the withthewill and i'm also a fanfic writer, right now i'm working with a friend of mine on a Digimon x Megman/rockman story with a oc of mine been couple with Hikari. Right now i'm looking for a Beta reader and was wondering if you guys would like to help me...
  3. Alphamon_Ouryuken

    Writing a Digimon Fanfic, searching for co-writers

    Hello, I'm very new to this site. However I have come seeking assistance in writing a special story called "Digimon United". A story that acts as a crossover between seasons 1 to 7 (Tri at the moment clashes with certain ideas I have and will not be added. Applimon is a whole different...
  4. G-SANtos

    Characters from other franchises

    So, with Lili and Sebastian from Tekken appearing in Re: Digitize, do you expect to see any more crossovers in the future? I don't know much about which franchises Bandai owns, but I think Haruka Amami from Idolm@ster is a likely candidate for a crossover, since she already had a Battle Spirits...