1. Digi_TaKi

    Requesting dvd coverarts for all volumes of most seasons

    Hi guys! I know this may sound like a very weird request, but i am a hoard when it comes to digimon collections, so i was wondering whether anybody has all the front dvd coverarts for digimon adventure, zero two, tamers, frontier, savers and xros wars (with hunters too) Thank you if anybody...
  2. MarcFBR

    Raj Ramayya Cover of Butter-Fly

    Musician Raj Ramayya has done a fusion style cover of Butter-Fly. Titled, "Butter-Fly Dual World Version", Ramayya has re-imagined the song as a sort of dueling Jazz/Rock-style combo to celebrate the release of Digimon Adventure...
  3. A

    My 'Butterfly~ piano version' cover - Tribute to Wada Kouji

    I love Digimon from my deepest heart. I love the songs that always reminds me of those moments and values learnt from Digimon series. Voice of Wada Kouji will never disappear from my life...