1. X

    Character Archetypes Discussion

    By Archetypes, I mean certain molds the various characters fit into. I don't know if they've been discussed to the extent the Goggle Head and Lone Wolf archetypes have been, or even if there are those at all. For starters, there's the Goggle Head archetype, which (almost) always the main...
  2. Naztok

    Digimon Height Chart and Digimon: Vision drawings aka Artwork of the ARtwork

    -original post- So here's something I've been meaning to do for a long time now that I hope I don't mess up too badly. I've had a Digimon story in my head for a few years now that I've finally sat down to write a few chapters of, and I'll hopefully be putting into the writing section unless told...
  3. KaenKazui

    Digimon Adventure, 02 and Frontier and the age-thing

    *sigh* Guys, I am so very tired of this... I am actually quite sure, that I opened up a thread like this before, but I cannot find it again. Maybe I just mentioned it in some other thread... But however... Here I go again. Why were the character age information on Wikimon - and now on Wikia -...