1. R

    Hi looking for Digivice Ic

    Hi im currently looking for the Digivice IC 10x Orange or 111x or 20x Red. If you do have them please PM me, I do have a budget so please not too expensive for me. THANK YOU :):):):)
  2. TMS

    Anyone Have a Japanese Hacker's Memory Guide?

    I went to buy one recently from Play-Asia, but found them sold out. I asked the site to see if it could track one down, but I thought I'd ask here as well on the off chance that a forum member had it, so that I wouldn't have to wait forever or resort to using a proxy service. I'm willing to buy...
  3. S

    Want to Buy D-Tector Version 4 NA/EU

    Hi. Im looking for a D-Tector Version 4 NA/EU . Lightly Used at best. At worst they need to work and not be horribly damaged. Used condition is fine, please no missing pieces. Screen should turn on. Sound should work. All prices negotiable (with in reason) and will be payed through PayPal...
  4. G

    Buying Digi-Battle Cards

    I know it is a long shot, but I've been collecting Digimon Cards for a long time and was wondering if any of you have any of the ones listed below. Sorry to bother. I just don't know a better way to find them then to ask. Please let me know and thank you so much for your time. Tai fx-01...
  5. Shadow Shinji

    [Buying] Digimon Code Crown Zero

    I'm about to purchase the Digimon Xros Loader virtual pets along with two of the special Code Crowns (Underground Warriors & SSS Discovery) and I'm also looking for the Code Crown Zero but I couldn't find it anywhere. Is anyone in the forum planning to sell it (I can pay whatever it takes) or...
  6. Minttea

    [BUYING] Digimon Tri Tin Badges from P'Parco

    Hey guys, I'm looking to buy those tin badges that were exclude to the pop up store P'Parco? I'm specifically looking for just a couple but if you have unopened ones I am more than happy to buy those too. The listed prices are what I'm willing to pay, and all prices are in USD despite me being...
  7. R

    [Buying] Digivolving Toys - Please Supply (Savers/Data Squad & Frontier)

    Hello, I am looking for the digivolving figures from these lines. Specifically: Gaomon to MirageGaogamon, and, I guess anything from Frontier if it's at a reasonable price and I don't already have it.
  8. B

    B> V-pets & Pendulums Progress & Cycle

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to purchase the following... I would like them all to be in very good condition and with packaging if possible. Original Brick V-pet 4 Japanese packaging only Original Brick V-pet 5 Original Brick V-pet 6 Pendulum 2.0/2.5 Pendulum 3.0/3.5 Pendulum 4.0/4.5 Pendulum...
  9. agcarlile

    [Buying] Pendulum 2.5

    Hi, I am looking for a Pendulum 2.5 Deep Savers for my collection. Happy with boxed or unboxed (but in good condition). Shipping to UK and papal for payment. Wil pay auction prices so please let me know if anyone is thinking of selling. Thanks
  10. B

    [Buying] Blue Card

    Hello, I'm looking for one of the Blue Cards that came with the US release of the D-Power/D-Arc. Mine was lost in a move a while back and I'm really wanting another one to replace it. Any help would appreciated!
  11. Stella

    Looking for Purple Digivice and D3!

    Hey guys, I'm hoping to wrangle my "grails"! I've been after a purple season one Digivice (the legit one with white buttons, not the clear bootleg one with the yellow buttons) for years now, but I missed my chance to nab it on ebay time and time again since I was too young to order online at...
  12. Patamon

    hello - looking for Digimon Cards Angemon, Piximon, Piccolomon

    hello i am looking to buy these cards St-14 Angemon 1st Edition St-30 Piximon 1st Edition St-30 Piximon Unlimited Japanese St-14 Angemon St-30 Piccolomon please let me know if you have any for sale, thank you p.s. if anyone knows if any of these cards are included in the Digi-Battle...
  13. L

    [BUYING] Digimon Pendulum originals, possibly V pet's!!

    Hello all, I'm just looking for some good condition, new or used but looked after, Pendulum originals. I'm willing to pay a fair price for them, however nothing extreme. So let me know what you've got and we can negotiate a price! Thank you in advanced for your time, please I'm really...