1. A

    My 'Butterfly~ piano version' cover - Tribute to Wada Kouji

    I love Digimon from my deepest heart. I love the songs that always reminds me of those moments and values learnt from Digimon series. Voice of Wada Kouji will never disappear from my life...
  2. J

    Digimon OP BUTTERFLY cover

    Hey guys ! Dropping by to show this collaboration I made to show my excitement for the release of Digimon Tri. I just wanted to share it with other nice and old digimon fans out there ;) Cheers !
  3. MarcFBR

    Stuff of Interest- Acoustic Cover of Butterfly

    I figured the news and announcements section could use a bit more fun. So on those occasions I come across something Digimon related that is truly fun and phenomenal, I'll go ahead and post it so you guys can see it also. Feel free and PM me if you come across anything neat regarding Digimon...