1. B

    Is there a way to connect the Asian D-Power ver3 with the US D-Power ver1?

    Hello forum, I'm trying to connect these 2 devices in order to battle, but an error message pops up. According to it is NOT possible, but I wonder if anyone has found a way to force it work. I've tried using aluminum foil to bridge the connections (since...
  2. Shadow Shinji

    Digimon Frontier Promotional Wallpaper

    Surfing on the net, I've just found this awesome image from Digimon Frontier, which looks quite detailed and well-done, and my question now is if this could be an official promo picture, or a fanmade one instead: Apparently, it has something to do with a thing called "Digimon Frontier -...
  3. P

    Japanese version ("Hyper Colloseum") battle issue

    Me and a friend got a Japanese starter deck and we're confused as to how battle works. We've played the American version and know how that works (red, blue, yellow being better than each other blah blah) and we get that A, B and C are meant to be in a rock-paper-scissors situation, but looking...
  4. Dr.Cactus

    Let's Play Digimon Digital Card Battle!

    Hey guys, just wanted to let you know I've started up a Digimon Digital Card Battle Let's Play, thought you might like it :) I have to say that Digimon Card Battle is not just my favourite Digimon game of all time, but my favourite of any game. It's very sad this game is so underrated, because...
  5. P

    evolution without battling on pendulums?

    I have a v1.5 pendulum and since I don't haven another one or know anyone with one is there anyway to get past adult stage without battling?