1. MarcFBR

    Artwork from Naoki Akamine featuring Digimon and Appmon

    Time for some fun! Naoki Akamine is known to Digimon fans for his artwork from the Digimon Universe: AppliMonsters manga, along with the one-shot manga for Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth- Hacker's Memory. Since those have ended he's done more Digimon artwork via his pixiv which looks really...
  2. AliceKaninchenbau

    Have some art

    (I have no idea what I'm doing so if I edit this like a million times in the hopes of makingt the thumbnails work then please ignore me lol) Seen people make art threads for themselves so why not advertise my own crap? Let's go \(゚∀゚)/ (I'd put a link to commission info here but I think that's...
  3. Jagmon

    Jagmon art

    Hey guys Been a while. How has things been?
  4. LookItsR3

    A Digimon line I created last year (Rookie all the way to Mega(s))

    Oh hey, I've never posted here before, actually made my account today- sup. Been on a major Digimon kick in the last year, so I figured I'd start getting in to some neato looking Digimon communities to see whats up. THAT SAID, over the fall (I believe) of 2017, me and a friend of mine were...
  5. Pepper Rocket

    "Capsule Zaurus" the unmade predecessor to Digimon from 20th Art Book

    In the 20th Anniversary Digital Monster Art Book, there is a section dedicated to the "Making Of" Digimon. In it, there is a description of a unused concept called "Capsule Zaurus". While the basic idea carried over to Digimon, there are differences between the two. I hope eventually there is a...
  6. TMS

    D-1 Tamers Character Art

    Vande rediscovered this image the other day and shared it on the With the Will Discord. I hadn't seen it before and thought that it was very interesting, so I thought I'd share it here. Unfortunately, neither Vande nor anyone else we talked to has any idea where the image came from (or even...
  7. ChaR1ot33r

    Velocifaptor's Fan Edits and Krita/Mobile Art

    Yeah, I know I sort of made a thread for my artwork a while ago, but seeing as I've lost most of those images, owing to an oversight in linking Facebook images to a post here, I'm making a new thread here, as I don't have the patience or the time to clean up my old thread. First up, some fan...
  8. Digi_TaKi

    Requesting dvd coverarts for all volumes of most seasons

    Hi guys! I know this may sound like a very weird request, but i am a hoard when it comes to digimon collections, so i was wondering whether anybody has all the front dvd coverarts for digimon adventure, zero two, tamers, frontier, savers and xros wars (with hunters too) Thank you if anybody...
  9. flash98

    My Artwork: Dawn of Lycan(+Techniques)

    Hello all, i am ilustrator and forum fan, i would like to expose my new Fan Art (speed Art video) The intention is to share ideas and tips and expose the fan art, i call Dawn of Lycan, is baseed in a game character but done by me. I hope you like ;) fell free to post your own Artwork here too if...
  10. ChaR1ot33r

    Velocifaptor's Random Art And Recolours

    Hey guys! Here is some random 'art' by me, with no fixed theme in particular. First up is my attempt at digital art with Krita. A Pikachu head! Next is something I designed long back in MS Paint. A template for the Digivice XJA...
  11. Anna___

    My Art

    Here, will be where I post my art. Most of it is going to be sketches/doodles. I will be only posting art that deserve to see the light of day(other people)(you really don't want to see the other stuff i draw, do you?) Now, my sketches: Zerimon Arkadimon Baby Puttimon Zerimon(I know...