1. MarcFBR

    News Bits- CS Complete on PS4 or not? Model Updates for Next Gen? & Nigel Dobbyn

    A few different bits of news... First up, at the recent GME Conference in Nashville a few days ago (an annual Gamestop event), Bandai was showing off Cyber Sleuth Complete Edition. Interesting, there were a few oddities based...
  2. AliceKaninchenbau

    Have some art

    (I have no idea what I'm doing so if I edit this like a million times in the hopes of makingt the thumbnails work then please ignore me lol) Seen people make art threads for themselves so why not advertise my own crap? Let's go \(゚∀゚)/ (I'd put a link to commission info here but I think that's...
  3. N

    should i contact kenji watanabe

    i have been mulling around the idea of contacting kenji watanabe (if you dont know he's the chief designer for digimon) using his pixiv for a while now. i want to see if i can convince him to take a commission from me but 2 problums 1. i dont know if he only takes proffessional request (eg...