1. C-MC

    Fan-made Digimon project

    Hey guys so a few weeks ago me and my friend Callum Andrews teased on a Digimon group on facebook and also decided to post it here, that we're gonna announce something on the 9th of January. Well here it is... *drum rolls please* Me and Callum are currently working on a fan made Digimon...
  2. Shadow Shinji

    Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!!'s setting!

    I'm not sure if this topic has already been answered before, but at what exact point in the anime would you place the events of "Digimon Frontier: Revival of the Ancient Digimon!!"? My bet is that it takes place between episodes 12 and 13. We know for sure that it happens after episode 12...
  3. Lilithmon-sama

    Digimon Xros Wars: Super Digica Taisen Tower

    With the recent release of Digimon Universe AppMonsters, I decided to rewatch Digimon Xros Wars, my favourite season, in order to catch up and the thing is that after having watched the chapter 29 of the first arc I noticed something really interesting: the tower that Tactimon sets up in Sword...
  4. Zepavil

    Anime Recommendations

    So recently I got myself way into watching anime again. Seriously, haven't watched this much since I was a kid. But now I'm caught up on all the shows I've watched, and I'm looking for more Anime to watch. Anything goes! I mean, I can't guarantee I'll watch it, but it's good to share your...
  5. stephen_patamon

    The Moncast Podcast Episode 2.03 - You Can't Teach A Bug Communism

    A podcast that covers Digimon AND Pokemon, cause that's the best idea ever right. Seriously, that's what we do. We're covering both anime (and potentially other content from the franchises) and comparing each episode as we go along. You can subscribe to us on Soundcloud, iTunes or Stitcher, or...
  6. TMS

    Megami Tensei Anime Questions

    So, I've been thinking about adding some Megami Tensei-related stuff to my list of anime to watch, but I haven't played any of the games, and I'm a little lost as to where to begin. I know that in general the various stories are independent from each other, but I know that some games take place...
  7. prismblack91

    Digimon Xros Wars/Fusion: Anime vs Manga

    As a fan of the Xros Wars/Fusion anime (and maybe one of the few fans that can stand it) I kind of enjoyed what this series had to offer but thought in kind of fell flat abit. Then I saw the manga version when it was finally translated and was amaze of a different it made compare to the...
  8. Shadow Shinji

    Amazing tribute to Digimon!

    Apparently, it was made by a fan to commemorate the last Odaiba Memorial Day. The video takes us through the different generations of Digimon (including anime, manga and video games) by a selection of incredible fan arts. Enjoy it! :)
  9. Airdramon

    [Podcast] Lost In Translationmon - Digimon Adventure: (2020) Episode 12 discussion!

    Compare versions, force people to watch Digimon. Support us! | RedBubble | Ko-Fi | Patreon | PayPal | Adventure (Episode 1-28) Our War Game/Summer Wars | Episode 29 | Adventure 02 (Episode 30-56) Digimon Tamers (Episode 57-84) Digimon Frontier (Episodes 85-111) XEvolution | Episode 112 |...
  10. TMS

    "Literary Anime"

    An odd thought struck me recently. Hopefully I can communicate it well enough for people to understand what I'm talking about. One of the fun things about writing fan fiction for Digimon and other anime series is that readers are perhaps willing to stretch their suspension of disbelief further...
  11. ShindoW

    Regarding Jou's / Joe's crest in Adventure

    So, my wife's favorite character is Jyou. She's been trying to find any info on why his crest never seems to glow (until later in the Vamdemon arch). Just seems like it was forgotten about until then, especially with PicoDevimon trying to get them not to glow. Couldn't find anything about it...
  12. TMS

    The Greek God Pan in Anime/Manga?

    I was wondering if anyone knew of instances where the Greek god Pan was used as a character or concept in Japanese pop culture. Besides our friend Panimon, of course. It's difficult searching the internet for such a short name, so I thought I'd turn to the local anime fans.
  13. MarcFBR

    Guilty Crown Review at Fanboy Review

    Traditionally we've kept WtW and FBR rather separate, but because of some confusion (more than a few people didn't seem to know what FBR was when it was mentioned in a recent site discussion) I thought I'd link to the newest review at FBR just so you guys can take a look...
  14. Mystipony

    Anime with inappropriate openings. (or endings)

    I should clarify, I mean the music and or lyrics don't quite fit the mood of the visuals, or the overall theme of the anime in general. The one that gets me every time is Rurouni Kenshin's opening, freckles. Especially in English, I've now heard it in Japanese and it still doesn't sound that...
  15. Mystipony

    What anime are the songs referanced in my Sig from?

    So I've added a signature to my posts, and I'm just curious who out there can name all the anime that are refferanced first. They are all lyrics to songs in the anime, weither a song in the anime or it's opening/ending. I also tried to make it flow semi coherently. I'm actually a little...