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  1. MarcFBR

    Digimon Acrylic Cards, 20th Shirt, & 0801 Shirt Available to Order Normally

    We haven't seen these since DigiFes over a month ago... These were all items sold at DigiFes and when originally announced it was said they would be sold elsewhere afterwards. Update- These items are all available to order normally...
  2. MarcFBR

    Digimon in October V-Jump- Battle Spirits, Hacker's Memory, Lifesize Tailmon Plush

    It's time for another V-Jump! This is the October cover dated issue, and it has a few interesting things, although we found out about a decent chunk of it early. First up, preview of more of Digimon's upcoming appearance in the...
  3. TMS

    Tri Memorial Card Set Discussion - Possible Plot Details?

    So I've been going through those cards from the Tri 1st Memorial card set that have been translated on Wikimon, and I noticed a few things that might be of interest, some of which may or may not have a bearing on Tri's plot. Everyone's probably familiar with the fact that Holydramon appears in...
  4. MarcFBR

    Otomedia Valentie's Day Issue Information

    No good quality image yet, but we at least have an image that is a good preview of what will hopefully be better quality scans later. Edit- We have pristine scans of the Valentines day poster from Otomedia now. Also, continuing on from...
  5. MarcFBR

    tri. New Years Image and NicoNico Stream

    Toei has put out a New Year's image for tri. These types of New Year's images are common to see from various Japanese media companies, and if you look around you'll see tons of them for various franchise and companies. Very nice for tri. to get...
  6. MarcFBR

    Brave Heart ~tri. Version~ CD Scans

    Time for scans from the tri. Version of Brave Heart! The last of the tri. CD releases (for now.) The embedded files are JPGs, but are a decent size. Be aware if you are on a capped internet provider. Brave Heart went rather smoothly honestly. Being the last one scanned and the last one...
  7. MarcFBR

    I Wish ~tri. Version~ CD Scans

    Time for scans from the tri. Version of I Wish! The embedded files are JPGs, but are a decent size. Be aware if you are on a capped internet provider. I Wish was actually the one I used for testing of the scanner. Doing tons of 3200dpi scans takes a decent chunk of time (I played around with...
  8. MarcFBR

    tri. Part 2 Plot Information (Spoilers!), Site Update, Plus Discussion Thread

    I wasn't originally going to post this since it's basically just some plot setup for part 2 which might be considered spoiler information, but since multiple people have asked and sent it, I'll go ahead. The spoilers overall are likely considered rather mild, but giving everyone fair and wide...
  9. MarcFBR

    Febri Magazine Features Digimon Adventure tri. Lineart

    The newest issue of Febri Magazine in Japan (marked as January 2016, Volume 32) appears to include various Digimon Adventure tri. elements. It also has the cover spot for the issue. The back cover of the issue doubles as a poster for part 2 using...
  10. AlphaEndForce

    Digimon Adventure Tri Fanfiction Discussion

    Hey guys, I've been thinking of writing my own version of Adventure Tri's first film 'Reunion' and building on elements that seem to be happening in the second film 'Determination'. It would definitely expand on the events of Tri so far, as well as adding in my own stuff. Such as the famous...
  11. MarcFBR

    Tri. themed Badges, Clear Files, and Cloths Coming Soon

    Lots of new tri. themed products announced by HobbyStock. First up we have badges with SD versions of all the main characters. Volume 1 features the kids and will cost 2222 yen for a box of 8. These are each about 2.12 inches in diameter.
  12. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure tri. Airing on German Pay TV, Confirmed

    It appears we have the first news of a non Japanese release of tri episode 1. The German version of the pay TV channel Animax will air tri on November 22nd at 8:15pm with Japanese audio and German subtitles. It will air in a 110 minute timeslot. Thus far the Animax schedule shows no evidence...
  13. MarcFBR

    Various tri. related products and events

    With tri coming out soon (Discussion thread for tri is here) there are plenty of things happening and coming out. First up, Animate cafe has started their Digimon theme and there are already great pictures.
  14. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure tri. stream on 11/20 and movie streams 11/18 and 11/19

    It appears niconico will have yet another Digimon stream coming soon. On November 20th they will have a stream that will apparently give release information for part 2 of Digimon Adventure tri. Edit 2- Thanks to Shinraisei it appears it was indeed a mistranslation. Leaving the information here...
  15. MarcFBR

    Coverart for Butterfly, Brave Heart, and I Wish tri. versions + Miyazaki Ayumi PV

    We have coverart for the new Digimon singles. For now these are low resolution, but some larger ones should show up soon. These come out on...
  16. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure tri BD Packaging & bonus items, more discussion. Edit- Promo images

    Digimon Adventure tri BD Packaging & bonus items, more discussion. Edit- Promo images Lots of information on the packaging we can expect for Digimon Adventure tri 1. First up, all early printings of the Blu-ray and DVD will come in digipaks with extra art on the case. This will later be...
  17. MarcFBR

    tri episode 1 Spoilers

    Since episode 1 has had a screening, spoilers are likely to show up. Keep them here.
  18. MarcFBR

    New Digimon Adventure tri. Magazine info and Discussion thread

    We knew of new upcoming magazine spreads for Digimon Adventure tri. in Animedia and Hyper Hobby because of preview images from the Digimon twitter, but now we have preview images of a big spread that will be in an upcoming issue of Newtype.
  19. MarcFBR

    New Digimon Adventure tri. Discussions and Otomedia Images, Updated- New PV + stuff

    Seems a good time for a new tri. discussion thread. We also have a few better images from the new issue of Otomedia. The first is another poster shot. Looks like Koushiro still loves his tea. The second is some Mimi lineart, and we can see...
  20. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure tri. Blu-ray and DVD Import Guide

    Since some people have requested it and missed smaller less detailed posts I've made, so I thought I'd do a proper guide to what you'll need to do if you plan to import the first episode of Digimon Adventure tri. from anywhere outside of Japan...