1. MarcFBR

    Social Media Art, a Vintage Adventure 02 Clock, & Tokomon X Figure Update

    A few things to go over... First up, some artwork from the Digimon Web Twitter earlier today. In the artwork Agumon is taking a nap, and the message explains why: Some much needed relaxation for Agumon it seems. Digimon Web also posted more during the week... A really nice image of...
  2. MarcFBR

    Stay at Home with Digimon Promotion Announced for Japan, plus an Adventure: Special Edition compilation is Coming Soon

    The Bandai Channel streaming service has announced a 'Stay at Home with Digimon' promotion that will provide free streaming of the first 6 Digimon movies over 6 weeks in Japan, along with a few other things... The free movie streaming schedule is: Digimon Adventure- April 26th to May 2nd...
  3. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure: Apparel & Accessories by Cospa Announced, Pre-Orders Open

    A number of Digimon Adventure: items are being released by accessory and apparel manufacturer Cospa. These items are already up to pre-order and will be released in just a few months. First up are Agumon and Gabumon pass cases made from synthetic leather. Both are relatively simple...
  4. MarcFBR

    New V-Tamer Chapter is a Crossover with Adventure:

    Thanks to a tweet by Tenya Yabuno, we have a great new bit of V-Tamer artwork featuring V-Tamer Taichi and Adventure: Taichi, along with confirmation about what the new V-Tamer chapter (announced in the new V-Jump) will be! A quick translation of the tweet: So it's a crossover between V-Tamer...
  5. MarcFBR

    Adventure: Can Badges & Acrylic Charms out this month

    Anime goods maker Brujula has announced (2) they'll be releasing 2 batches of Digimon Adventure: products in late April (looks at calendar)... which is now... so... products any day now I guess. Pre-orders for these haven't shown up at any of the usual suspects, but we'll keep an eye out and...
  6. MarcFBR

    Algomon Rough Design from Soh Moriyama

    From Soh Moriyama, we get a look at an early rough design for Algomon! This is a rough early design of Algomon's Ultimate form from the Digimon Savers movie. The date listed on the art is January (or July) 23rd, 2006. The movie came out December 7th, 2006. Translations of his 2 tweets (1)...
  7. MarcFBR

    Digimon in June V-Jump- Card Game, Adventure:, ReArise, & V-Tamer, Updated- More Cards!

    After some early (and exciting) previews of the Digimon content in the June 2020 issue of V-Jump we finally have the whole 6 page section! First up is the Digimon Card Game, which has it's full launch in a few days. This is mostly going over elements of the starter decks which come out on...
  8. MarcFBR

    Extended Preview for Digimon Adventure: Episode 4

    Watch episode 3 first! Time for the extended preview for Episode 4, Birdramon Soars. As we've seen before, this is about double what appeared at the end of the show itself. Our discussion thread for episode 3 is here if you want to discuss the episode after watching it.
  9. MarcFBR

    Digivice: Update from June V-Jump, Plus Coredramon Blue in Adventure:!

    A bit more from V-Jump. They show off the Digivice:, which goes up for pre-order in June. They reiterate you can explore and train Digimon on it. The one new detail is they confirm that the shining light is 8 colors, as you'd expect. On top of that, we get to see a bit of the animation...
  10. MarcFBR

    Adventure: Episode 2 on Youtube in Japanese & Episode 3 Screenshots

    Adventure: Episode 2 has been posted by Toei on Youtube. It appears they've decided that going forward these will be geolocked. Not the hugest deal since a week after broadcast they also go up for free viewing on Crunchyroll, but still worth mentioning. Plus... Episode 3 is about to start in...
  11. MarcFBR

    Adventure: & One Piece Art by Kappei Yamaguchi

    With Digimon Adventure: episode 3 airing tomorrow, the Adventure: Twitter put up a piece of art from a special guest. From Kappei Yamaguchi, who plays Usopp in One Piece, is an image of Usopp being woken up by Digimon popping up from a nearby Digivice:. Along with the note of episode 3 airing...
  12. MarcFBR

    Social Media Art, Early Digimon Design, Algomon (Adult) Art & Profile, Plus More Cards

    A few things to go over as the weekend is about to get started... First up is the Digimon Web account sharing some art of Lucemon: Satan Mode dealing with Coronavirus: They also posted another... This one shows Angemon and Devimon, 100% getting along for sure, to show how we have to...
  13. MarcFBR

    Shikishi Art Collection, More Art Samples & Details, Plus Adventure: on Anime Lab in Australia

    Just some small updates for the Digimon Art collections, a collection of preprinted shikishis. We previously found out about these when Premium Bandai announced them, with an update later that normal stores would have them also. The primary updates are that they will be sold in randomized...
  14. MarcFBR

    Michihiko Ohta Performing Target, Algomon (Child) Profile & Art, Plus Volcano Ota Art & Adventure: Wallpaper

    A few small updates... More from Michihiko Ohta on Youtube! This time it's Target -Akai Shougeki- the opening theme to Digimon Adventure 02. He is again joined by Momota Tadamasa, who has been on a few of Ohta's videos recently (all recorded at once.) Previous Digimon songs done by Ohta on...
  15. MarcFBR

    Extended Preview for Digimon Adventure: Episode 3

    Watch episode 2 first! Just like last time, we have an extended preview for Episode 3, And to the Digital World. Again like last time, this one is about double the legnth of the in show preview. Our discussion thread for episode 2 is here if you want to discuss the episode after watching it.
  16. MarcFBR

    Adventure: Episode 1 on Youtube in Japanese & Episode 2 Screenshots

    Adventure: Episode 1 has been posted by Toei on Youtube. They've specified that episodes would get limited distribution there. Episode 2 is about to start in Japan, and showing elsewhere in just a few hours, so they've put a few more screenshots up on Twitter. Our discussion thread for...
  17. MarcFBR

    New Social Media Art, More Michihiko Ohta Singing, & Card Game Booster Pack Art Update

    A few different things as the weekend starts to begin... Some social media art from Bandai! It's a great little image of WarGreymon charging up Gaia Force and came with this text: And we also get some new art from Volcano Ota! It's more of Volcano Ota's series on drawing Digimon battle...
  18. Vande

    Digimon Adventure: Episode 2- War Game

    This is the episode discussion thread for Episode 2, War Game. Episode 2 airs Sunday, April 12th, 9am in Japan. The simulcast for Crunchyroll is shortly after at: Saturday, April 11th, 7:30pm in California (Pacific) Saturday, April 11th, 10:30pm in New York (Eastern) Sunday, April 12th...
  19. MarcFBR

    AiM & Youto Kazama Appearing in Adventure:

    A fun surprise early in the week... AiM and Youto Kazama have both revealed that they will be appearing in Digimon Adventure: Both have long histories with the franchise. AiM was the original voice of Mimi, along with singing many (many) songs from Adventure all the way up to Kizuna...
  20. MarcFBR

    Digimon Adventure: Opening Video, Unidentified Airship by Tanimoto Takayoshi

    Just a small update. Toei has put up a 'not quite' clean version of the Digimon Adventure: opening on their Youtube. It loses the credits, but adds song info in the top left at the beginning, along with the show logo and when it airs on the top right. Nothing too fancy, but nice to have an...