Survive Updates, Habu & Watanabe on the world of Digimon, & New Card Game Art

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A few different things to go over! First up is Digimon Survive!

Kizuna Escape Room Story & Details Announced!

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The collaboration this time is the newest Digimon escape room!

Translated Kizuna content from March 2020 issue of Animage

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A fun mid-week surprise! All the Animage Kizuna content translated!

Kizuna Theater Gifts Announced with new Character Artwork

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Those who see Kizuna in theaters in Japan will gifts with some neat art!

Leadup to Kizuna & : Week 28- Interviews with Monster Girls

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Week 28 of the leadup is something somewhat recent that's a fun watch!

New Kizuna Commercials & Magazine Info and Art

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A few different updates, including new videos!

Kizuna Vanquish Collaboration w/ Products Next Week, Plus Kizuna Screenings w/ Guests

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Another new collaboration, plus a Kizuna screening with special guests!

Animate Digimon Old Music Campaign features matching Adventure, tri., Kizuna Artwork

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A fun set of art of the Adventure kids in the art style of multiple parts of the franchise!

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