Last Evolution Kizuna Meeting Cafe at Ani-On Station Details for Part 2

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It's almost time for Part 2 of the Meeting Cafe at Ani-On Station! For Part 2 a bunch of things are moving over to feature the 02 kids and Digimon from Kizuna, using some fun and familiar art!

ReArise Season 2 Tomorrow in Japan, Teases to Follow

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Looks like ReArise Season 2 is coming out in Japan tomorrow!

First Look at Card Game Sleeves

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Our first look at the first wave of sleeves for the upcoming Digimon Card Game.

02 Stage Greeting Kizuna Screening Cancelled

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The special screening with the 02 Kizuna cast happening this weekend has been cancelled for health concerns.

Digimon Kitchen Car Location Change

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The Digimon Kitchen Car is having a venue change due to general health concerns.

Idolmaster Collaboration adds New Songs, Plus Poster Hidden in Movie

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The collaboration has updated with new songs, plus teased a hidden poster in Kizuna.

ReArise Side Story Launches, Season 2 Soon

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Before the launch of ReArise Season 2 in Japan, they've launched a short side story for those playing! What does a digitama dream of?

Kizuna First Weekend Box Office Numbers

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We have some box office numbers from the opening weekend of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna! Early numbers look quite solid!

Leadup to Kizuna & : Week 30 (Classic Leadup)- Soul Eater

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Soul Eater is a fun one. If you haven't seen it there is a very decent chance you'll enjoy it.

The With the Will Podcast Episode 54 (Live!)- It's Not on Crunchyroll Yet, We Checked

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New episode of the WtW Digimon Podcast is up! Movie talk is spoiler free for this episode! We go over the movie prequel short 'To Sora' & all the crazy products & events! We also talk about the brand new WtW!

Kizuna Cast Photo, Upcoming Screening with 02 Guests, & Photo Contest in Japan

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A photo of the cast from a screening event, an upcoming screening with the 02 cast, plus a photo contest in Japan!

Game Updates- Kaito/Dracmon Survive Screenshots & Kizuna Evos in ReArise

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Screenshots of the new Survive duo and the new evos from the movie are already in ReArise!

Kizuna Ultimate Image Figures Announced with Kenji Watanabe Artwork

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Figures based on the new Digimon have been announced, and we get to see some fantastic Kenji Watanabe artwork of them! Pre-orders will be soon.

AiM- Even if We're Apart Music Video, plus CD Cover Products

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A music video for AiMs new song from Kizuna, plus a stack of products using the various artwork made for the Kizuna CDs!

Card Game Youtube Opens with Preview Video, plus 0.0 Promo Info

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A preview video for the new Digimon Card Game, plus how to get that 0.0 promo pack!

Movie Art, Digimon & Card Art, Idolmaster Collab Details, & a Ton More!

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It's just a massive amount of stuff! Social art, movie art, profile and reference book updates! Not to mention the Idolmaster collab starting, and even more!

CSA Digivice Last Evolution Packaging Preview from MonMon Memo

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The new MonMon Memo shows off the packaging for the newest CSA Digivice!

Digimon Adventure Last Evolution Kizuna is out!

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The movie is out in Japan! International releases are soon. Included are links to discussion threads, some minor updates on more upcoming Digimon stuff, and some fun new art of Taichi and Agumon!

CSA Digivice Last Evolution Pre-order Details & Images & Card Game Set 0.0

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Time for a new CSA Digivice! This time it's the golden Digivice that appears in Last Evolution Kizuna! And it comes with a bonus for those looking forward to the new Digimon Card Game!

Kizuna Theater Products Online, Card Premium Preview, & Return of Various Products at Premium Bandai

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The Kizuna theater products can be bought online! Plus a look at the new Digimon Card Premium sets! And a ton of Adventure, Anniversary, & tri. products back at Premium Bandai for one more go around!

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