CSA Digivice Last Evolution Pre-order Details & Images & Card Game Set 0.0

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Time for a new CSA Digivice! This time it's the golden Digivice that appears in Last Evolution Kizuna! And it comes with a bonus for those looking forward to the new Digimon Card Game!

Kizuna Theater Products Online, Card Premium Preview, & Return of Various Products at Premium Bandai

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The Kizuna theater products can be bought online! Plus a look at the new Digimon Card Premium sets! And a ton of Adventure, Anniversary, & tri. products back at Premium Bandai for one more go around!

tri. Best Hit Parade CD Announced for March & Kizuna Singles Charting

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A brand new tri. best of CD plus the Kizuna singles are selling well and charting!

Kizuna in Australia and New Zealand on March 7th?

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Australian & NZ fans may be getting Kizuna super soon!

Digimon in April V-Jump- Kizuna, Survive, ReArise Season 2, & Card Game Update (with : art!)

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The new issue of V-Jump gives us quite a bit of Kizuna, new characters for Survive, release info for ReArise Season 2, plus more card game art (with some Adventure: characters included!)

Exclusive Kizuna Products at Lawson convenience store chain

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Yet another store chain carrying exclusive Kizuna products, and this time it's a rather large one! And the products are reasonably cute and affordable!

Anrakutei BBQ Collaboration & Toei Museum Tease

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Another collaboration, this time with a BBQ chain, along with a small update for the Toei Museum!

With the Will Podcast Live- Saturday, February 22nd

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New podcast this weekend! And we have a bunch to talk about!

Kizuna Products For Sale In Theaters

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Just like with tri., a bunch of products will be for sale at theaters showing Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna. Including an expected smartphone case!

Product Info for Sanrio x Digimon Adventure Store

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We only found out about it 2 weeks ago, but the Sanrio x Digimon Adventure collaboration store opens this week and they are releasing a 'ton' of products!

Super Metallic Posters Releasing About Now, plus Images

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We only found out about these a month ago, but they're already about to come out, and they're some of the most affordable nice looking products we've seen in awhile.

What Lies Ahead CD Cover & various Digimon CD Displays at Animate

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We finally get to see the last CD cover! Plus some neat Digimon music displays in Animate stores!

Digimon (Kizuna) Shop 2 at LB Pop-Up Theater Product Info & Memorial Short Details & Screenshots

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All the details and product listings for the new Digimon Pop-Up shops that open later this week!

New Kizuna Ad Shows new Evolutions

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We get our first look of the new Digimon!

Leadup to Kizuna & : Week 29- Dragon Quest: Your Story & Ni no Kuni, Also Small News Delay

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2 movies for the leadup, and I'll be out of town for a day, so some news delays wouldn't be shocking.

Kizuna Idolmaster Starlight Stage Collaboration Details and Songs Announced!

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After some teases we have release and song info for the Starloght Stage collaboration!

The New With the Will- Information and More for the new site

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So we've been working on a little secret and surprise for everyone... so... surprise!

Digimon Goods Shop at the Kichijoji Parco Opens Today

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Another pop-up shop as we get near the release of Kizuna!

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