With the Will Podcast Live- Saturday, April 11th

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Our next live podcast will be all about Digimon Adventure: episode 1!

Extended Adventure: Episode 2 Preview, TV-Size OP Release Today, Plushes, & Director Kakudou's Thoughts

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A few Adventure: updates! An extended Episode 2 preview, the TV-Size OP theme is coming out today, some plushes are out in May, plus thoughts from original Adventure director Kakudou!

Digimon Adventure: Premieres Today!

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It's just about time for the start of Digimon Adventure:!

Music Video for Regrets Bring Fruit, the End Theme for Digimon Adventure:

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Digimon Adventure: launches later today and we have the music video for the end theme song, Regrets Bring Fruit by Chiai Fujikawa!

Social Media Art & Images, Plus Fun Digica Episode 5- Starter Deck Battle

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A fun batch of social media art & photos before Adventure: begins, plus episode 5 of Fun Digica!

Digimon Adventure: Simulcast on Crunchyroll!

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Digimon Adventure: gets a simulcast!

Social Media Art for Adventure: & Wada Kouji, Another Shikishi, & More Adventure Promotion

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Social media art for Adventure: from Tenya Yabuno & Wada Kouji art from Volcano Ota, plus a stack of Adventure: promo stuff!

Updates- General Release for Digimon Shikishi Art & DigiNavi Teaser

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A much easier way to nab the recently announced Digimon shikishi art, plus a teaser for the new DigiNavi!

News Bits- Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Shikishi Campaign, Card Game Images, & Agumon and Gabumon Mascots

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A few smaller news bits. Kenji Watanabe Adventure: shikishis being given away, a few card game images, and the Agumon & Gabumon mascots in a short video!

Digimon Adventure: Website Fully Launches, New Images & Info

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With just a few days to go until Digimon Adventure: begins, the website has changed from a basic page to a full website with new details!

Adventure: Digivice Announced!

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The Digimon Adventure: Digivice: toy/game has been announced and we have the first details for it!

V-Pet Data Broadcast During Digimon Adventure: Announced

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During the broadcast of Digimon Adventure:, you'll be able to raise a V-Pet via a tie in data broadcast.

20th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure 02 & 14th Anniversary of Digimon Savers!

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It's April 2nd in Japan, so it's the 20th Anniversary of Digimon Adventure 02 & the 14th Anniversary of Digimon Savers!

Fun Digica Episode 4- Heaven's Yellow Starter Deck Details

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Episode 4 of Fun Digica goes over the 3rd, and final, of the first wave of starter decks, Heaven's Yellow.

Small Updates- Gummy Images, Card Game Promo Images, & Japanese Game Sale

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A few small updates... A look at the Digimon Adventure: gummies, clean images of card game promo cards, plus digital game sales in Japan to celebrate the new anime starting!

Official Digimon April Fools Joke- Omedamon & Medabots April Fools Joke- OmegaKnight

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Great April Fools jokes from both Digimon and Medabots with a 'mock' crossover.

Digimon Shikishi Art Collection at Premium Bandai, Pre-Order Details and Images

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Premium Bandai has put up a special set of Digimon Adventure shikishi prints!

Official Poll for Favorite Digimon from Anime, Card Game Rules Video, & Collab Shutdown Update

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A new official favorite Digimon poll! A rule video for the new card game! Plus an update on collaboration shutdowns.

19th Anniversary of Digimon Tamers!

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It's April 1st in Japan, so it's the 19th Anniversary of Digimon Tamers!

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