With the Will Podcast Live- Monday, October 11th

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We will be live Monday night to talk about Digimon Ghost Game episode 2, The Mystery of the Museum, plus all the recent news including anniversaries, the card game, & more product news.

Card Game Update- Sitermon Noir & Ciel Rule Updates, Preview of English BT7 Sistermon Ciel Awakened

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With Sistermon Noir & Sistermon Ciel each existing in different region versions of the Digimon Card game, we have an explanation how the rules will handle this for eventual international play. Plus the 1st look at Sistermon Ciel Awakened.

Digimon Card Battle 48- Tournament Part 1 w/ Special Guest(s?)

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Digimon Card Battle is back for episode 48. A tournament begins with 2 matches, we get some previews of upcoming cards & promo items, plus a special guest! (Or maybe guests? Technically.)

Card Game Tutorial Event at NYCC with Free 30 Card Demo Deck for Participants

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At Toei's booth at NYCC there will be Digimon Card Game tutorial events. All who participate will get a 30 card demo deck.

Premium Bandai US October Shipment Vital Bracelets & Dim Cards Delayed to November

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Shipment delay time for Premium Bandai US Digimon Vital Bracelet orders!

It's the 21st Anniversary of Digimon the Movie & the 1st Anniversary for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna on Home Video in English!

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Two big anniversaries today! It's the 21st Anniversary of Digimon the Movie! Plus the 1st anniversary of Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna in English on home video (after fans had to wait awhile.)

Figure-rise Standard Amplified Imperialdramon Paladin Mode Model Kit- Images & Pre-Order Info

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Just a few weeks after finding out about it we have images & details for the Figure-rise Standard Amplified Imperialdramon Paladin Mode model kit from Digimon Adventure 02: Diablomon Strikes Back!

Adventure: Big Agumon Crane Game Plush

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A new 'big' Digimon Adventure: plush of Agumon will show up at Sega branded crane games in Japan in 2 weeks!

Episode #129 - Jinkies (Ghost Game Episode 1 [Series Premiere] Discussion/Review)

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We talk about The Sewn-Lip Man, episode 1 of Digimon Ghost Game, the series premiere! Plus the news has a ton of Ghost Game, Digivice V info, products, & more!

Bandai TCG Online Lobby Running Card Game Events Twice a Month, New Promo Cards Given Away

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Bandai TCG Online Lobby will begin to run Digimon Card Game events twice a month, and new promo parallel cards will be given away!

Digimon in November Saikyo Jump- Dreamers Begins, Gammamon Promo Card, Poster, Stickers, & More!

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The new issue of Saikyo Jump has a ton of Digimon content & we have previews! Digimon Dreamers by Tenya Yabuno starts, a 2-sided poster featuring Yabuno art, the Royal Knights, & Demon Lords, stickers, a Gammamon promo card for the Digimon Card Game & more!

Profile, Kenji Watanabe, Tenya Yabuno & more Ghost Game Episode 1 Art, Photos, Digimon Behind the Scenes Info, Appmon Photos, & More!

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With the premiere of Digimon Ghost Game is the biggest stack of weekend stuff ever! Profile art, art from Kenji Watanabe, Tenya Yabuno & more. Photos & behind the scene info, Appmon, & a stack of videos!

Preview for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 2

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We have a preview for episode 2 of Digimon Ghost Game! Make sure to watch the 1st episode before you watch the preview!

Digimon Ghost Game: Episode 1- The Sewn-Lip Man

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Digimon Ghost Game, Episode 1, The Sewn-Lip Man, airs today! A new Digimon series begins! Come check out the discussion thread for details & to talk about the episode!

Digimon Ghost Game Premieres Today!

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It's under an hour until Digimon Ghost Game starts streaming for those outside of Japan! We've done a basic write-up of the first Digimon TV anime hand-off we've gotten in almost 20 years!

Digimon Ghost Game Ending Video, Pedal by Aiiro Apollo

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We have a semi-clean version of the Digimon Ghost Game ending video, featuring the song Pedal by Aiiro Apollo! Series co-director Kimitoshi Chioka directed the ED.

Digimon Ghost Game Opening Video, Faction by Wienners

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We have a semi-clean version of the Digimon Ghost Game opening video, featuring the song Faction by Wienners! Also, Director Kakudou returned to Digimon to direct the opening.

Digimon Project Commercial

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A new Digimon commercial uses footage from all the various CGI videos in recent memory, from the Vital Bracelet shorts, back to the brand trailer from almost 2 years ago.

Ghost Game Series Preview Screenshots, Art, & New Mutsumi Tamura Promo

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No batch of preview screenshots before Digimon Ghost Game starts?! We'll make our own preview! With shots we already had, artwork, & a new promo!

Precious GEM Digimon Adventure 02 Paildramon Images & Release Info

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We have images & info for the Precious GEM figure of Paildramon from Digimon Adventure 02. The figure is massive, super nice looking, & expensive. But man, it looks nice. The images & info appear to have gone up early by accident.

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