Leadup to Kizuna & : Week 34 (Classic Leadup)- Toradora

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This time for the leadup is Toradora! Great show with a nice mix of comedy and drama.

Not the WtW Podcast Livestream Special! (Recording)

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A random sort of WtW Podcast special! Original podcast co-host Victor returns for us to simply talk while he has nothing to do and a lot of people have more free time than they've had in awhile!

New Social Media Art, Card Game Artwork, Adventure: Line Account, Kizuna Evolution Name Origin Story

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A nice relaxing update for Sunday featuring a stack of new social media art from Digimon Web (& Volcano Ota), some card art, a new Digimon social media account, & the origin of the names for the Kizuna evos!

Digimon Series Memorial Book Being Reprinted, Possibly Others Also

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The Digimon Series Memorial Book, a classic source of Digimon artwork & production materials is being republished! Plus hopefully some others!

Coronavirus General Discussion, Suggestions of things to do, etc.

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A general coronavirus thread, along with suggestions of things to do if you have extra free time, or just need to post thoughts, etc.

Digimon in May V-Jump- Adventure:, Card Game, Survive, & More!

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This month V-Jump has a bunch of Adventure: and the new card game, plus updates on Survive, ReArise, and more!

Details for Digimon Card Game Booster Set 1, Green Card Color Added

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A bunch of new details for the first Digimon Card Game booster set, New Evolution, including the addition of green cards! Plus some great looking Omegamon art!

Algomon is the Digimon from the Adventure: Trailer! Details from V-Jump

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We finally know who the Digimon from the Adventure: trailer is! It's Algomon! We also have a short profile for him.

Preview of Adventure: End Theme Song, Regrets Bring Fruit by Chiai Fujikawa

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It's a little over 2 weeks until Adventure: starts, but we have a decent preview of the end theme to the new anime, Regrets Bring Fruit by Chiai Fujikawa.

Preview of Digimon Card Game Section & Exclusive Cards in V-Jump

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A preview of the extended Digimon Card Game section from the upcoming issue of V-Jump, plus great looking images of the exclusive V-Jump cards!

Adventure: Crest Gummy Candy Updates & Sticker Images

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We have details for the upcoming Digimon Adventure: gummy candies! They're orange flavored, shaped like the crest of courage, and come with stickers with Digimon art, new and old!

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna Screening Update

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With Regal and AMC closing their doors for the team being, even with no word from Toei or Fathom, you should consider the screenings cancelled.

Digimon Adventure: Twitter Opens & new Parade Website

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A Digimon Adventure: Twitter has opened, plus a new website called Digimon Parade!

Digimon Adventure: Cast and new trailer!

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We have the cast for Digimon Adventure: plus a new trailer!

Random Merch- Toei Gives Quo Cards to Shareholders, New Mug for Australians

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A few small merchandise bits. A bonus for Toei shareholders and an Australian mug.

Leadup to Kizuna & : Week 33- Heroman

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This week the leadup is doing Heroman! A fun show that many people missed.

Art of new Digimon from Adventure:, Name in V-Jump Soon

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Art preview of the new Digimon from Adventure:!

News Bits- Survive Kaito Update, ReArise Promos, & US V-Pet Wave 3? w/ Bandai Asking for Color Input

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A bit more on Kaito from Survive, ReArise promos for both the Japanese & Global versions of the game, & Bandai has 'sort of' announced US V-Pets Wave 3 early with them wanting fan input on colors!

Social Art, Larger Digimon Art & Profiles, Card Game Artwork, & Kizuna Theater Updates

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A fun stack of news for Saturday! Kizuna in more theaters in Japan, some great social art (including from Volcano Ota), card game art updates, profile art, updated Adventure: puzzle images & more!

Adventure: Jigsaw Puzzles Up to Pre-order, New Artwork!

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A couple of Digimon Adventure: jigsaw puzzles are up to pre-order! One features the poster art the show was announced with, while another has brand new art!

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