Adventure: Crest Gummy Candy Updates & Sticker Images

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We have details for the upcoming Digimon Adventure: gummy candies! They're orange flavored, shaped like the crest of courage, and come with stickers with Digimon art, new and old!

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna Screening Update

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With Regal and AMC closing their doors for the team being, even with no word from Toei or Fathom, you should consider the screenings cancelled.

Digimon Adventure: Twitter Opens & new Parade Website

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A Digimon Adventure: Twitter has opened, plus a new website called Digimon Parade!

Digimon Adventure: Cast and new trailer!

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We have the cast for Digimon Adventure: plus a new trailer!

Random Merch- Toei Gives Quo Cards to Shareholders, New Mug for Australians

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A few small merchandise bits. A bonus for Toei shareholders and an Australian mug.

Leadup to Kizuna & : Week 33- Heroman

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This week the leadup is doing Heroman! A fun show that many people missed.

Art of new Digimon from Adventure:, Name in V-Jump Soon

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Art preview of the new Digimon from Adventure:!

News Bits- Survive Kaito Update, ReArise Promos, & US V-Pet Wave 3? w/ Bandai Asking for Color Input

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A bit more on Kaito from Survive, ReArise promos for both the Japanese & Global versions of the game, & Bandai has 'sort of' announced US V-Pets Wave 3 early with them wanting fan input on colors!

Social Art, Larger Digimon Art & Profiles, Card Game Artwork, & Kizuna Theater Updates

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A fun stack of news for Saturday! Kizuna in more theaters in Japan, some great social art (including from Volcano Ota), card game art updates, profile art, updated Adventure: puzzle images & more!

Adventure: Jigsaw Puzzles Up to Pre-order, New Artwork!

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A couple of Digimon Adventure: jigsaw puzzles are up to pre-order! One features the poster art the show was announced with, while another has brand new art!

New LB Pop-Up Theater Opening with Kizuna Shop & New Pop-Up Shop Products

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A new LB Pop-Up Theater is opening in Sendai. It's launching with the Kizuna shop and Memorial Short screenings, plus all the shops are getting some new products!

Small News Bits- Fathom Poster, Card Game Packaging, & Collab Updates

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A few different news bits. A poster for Fathom viewers, updated card game packaging, and a number of collaboration updates!

Adventure: Episode 1 Title is "Tokyo: Digital Crisis!"

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The first episode of Digimon Adventure: is titled "Tokyo: Digital Crisis!"

Survive Update- Kaito & Dracmon Art & Profiles

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Art, profiles, and VAs for Kaito & Dracmon!

Extended Adventure: Mezamashi TV Clip, Plus Guide Listing

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We have an extended version of the Mezamashi TV clip, plus a guide listing for Adventure: Episode 1.

5th Anniversary of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth

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It's the 5th Anniversary of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth!

Updates- MetalGreymon in US, Battle Spirits Art, Karatez Products Online, & AU Kizuna Rating

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A few smaller updates! US pre-orders for Precious GEM MetalGreymon are open. Maybe the final Battle Spirits Last Evolution art update! Plus the Karatez Karaoke products can be ordered online & Kizuna has gotten a PG rating in Australia!

Leadup to Kizuna & : Week 32- Gundam Thunderbolt: December Sky & Bandit Flower

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This week we are doing a few Gundam movies for the leadup because Bandai decided to toss them up for free for a bit, so it seemed like a good choice!

Cover & Packaging for Australian tri. Complete Sets

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With just about a month to go until Australia gets Digimon Adventure tri. Complete sets on BD & DVD we get a look at the packaging for the sets. They look as expected and nice.

Kizuna Design & Production Art from Animedia

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The new issue of Animedia has a bunch of pages of production artwork for Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna covering basically every character!

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