Digimon Card Battle 45- Miyano vs. Takahashi

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The new episode of Digimon Card Battle has a match between Miyano and Takahashi.

Social Adventure: Episode 65 Art, Socks!, China Exhibition Product Update & Coins, & More!

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A stack of stuff for the weekend includes Digimon Adventure: episode 65 social art featuring Komondomon, SOCKS!, a bunch of new Adventure & Adventure products in China, & more!

Extended Preview for Digimon Adventure: Episode 66

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We have an extended preview for episode 66 of Digimon Adventure:! Make sure to watch episode 65 first!

Digimon Adventure: Episode 65- The Great Catastrophe, Negamon

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Digimon Adventure: Episode 65, The Great Catastrophe, Negamon, airs today! Come check out the discussion thread for details and to talk about the episode!

1st Ghost Game Trailer

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We have the first trailer for Digimon Ghost Game! The newest DIgimon show premieres in 3 weeks!

Adventure: Episode 65 Preview Screenshots

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Some preview screenshots before Digimon Adventure: episode 65 airs in Japan!

With the Will Podcast Live- Monday, September 13th

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We will be live Monday night to talk about episode 65 of Digimon Adventure:, plus all the recent news including a bunch of Ghost Game updates, cards, & products!

Ghost Game Key Art, Text Teaser, Show Designs, Cast, Character Info, plus Trailer Later This Week

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We have key art for Digimon Ghost Game! Plus cast, character art, and more!

Pin Club Announces Digimon Pins- 1st is Wizardmon at NYCC on October 7th

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A line of Digimon pins has been announced by Pin Club. The 1st is Wizardmon at NYCC and their official store on October 7th.

Final Adventure: Guide Listings for Episodes 65 through 67 & Ghost Game Begins October 3rd

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The final guide listings for Digimon Adventure: give us titles & info for episodes 65 through 67. Plus the first listing for Ghost Game tells us the premiere date, October 3rd!

Some Digimon Tamers 20th Anniversary Pop-Up Shop Products Available Online Again

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Some products from the Digimon Tamers 20th Anniversary Pop-Up Shop are being made available for a limited quantity resale.

Card Game Sleeves 2021 Version 2.0 Announced for December 24th

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A new set of Digimon Card Game sleeves are out on December 24th. This time the types are: Terriermon and Lopmon, Dukemon and Beelzebumon, Imperialdramon: Fighter Mode, & Alphamon!

Official Digimon Web Poll #37- Favorite Guest Digimon from Adventure:, So Far

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Another official Digimon poll. This time it's what guest Digimon from Adventure:, so far, is your favorite or left an impression on you? Lots of choices!

Digimon Profile #16- Digimoji/Digicode and How to Read it

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A new Digimon Profile has gone up! This time it's information on digimoji & digicode, including how to read both versions of the digital world language!

Fun Digica 97- Digimon Adventure: Match

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The new episode of Fun Digica features a Digimon Card Game match themed using Digimon from Digimon Adventure:!

The With the Will Podcast Episode 125 (Live!)- Touched by Some Angels (Adventure: Episode 64 Discussion/Review)

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We talk about The Angels' Determination, episode 64 of Digimon Adventure:! Plus recent news including the new manga, figures, cards, & more!

English Card Game Booster Set 6- Sistermon Ciel Replaces Sistermon Noir

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Digimon Card Game previews have shown that the English version of Booster Set 6 will have Sistermon Ciel replace Sistermon Noir.

Let's Make Digimon Goods Together Project Step 2- 12 Potential Products Announced with Vote

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After people suggested items for the "Let's Make Digimon Goods Together Project", the top 12 choices have been announced and fans will get to vote to see what will be made as an official product.

Poll Results for What 'Cool' Summer Activity do You Want to do with a Digimon?

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We have the results from the Digimon poll Bandai did of 'What 'Cool' Summer Activity do You Want to do with a Digimon?' and the winner is scuba diving with a Submarimon! We also get some new art to celebrate!

Social & Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Episode 64 Art, Vital Bracelet Art, Exhibition & Ani-Comic in China, Reference Book Update, & More!

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A stack of stuff for the weekend includes Digimon Adventure: episode 64 social art & art from Kenji Watanabe, Vital Bracelet Art, Preview of an Exhibition (& an Ani-Comic!) in China, a reference book update, & more!

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