Fun Digica Episode 39- Viewer Suggestion Battle 8

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The new episode of Fun Digica continues Cody & Hideyoshi playing with viewer suggested decks. After an extension of a few episodes due to the popularity of them, it appears this will be the last suggested deck episode... for now.

Adventure: Ichiban Kuji Sales Sheet Shows Other Prizes & Info, Case will be available in Australia

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A sales sheet gives us a bunch of info on the upcoming Digimon Adventure: Ichiban Kuji lottery, plus cases will be sold in Australia?

General Release for Character Shop & Sanrio x Digimon Adventure Enjoy Summer Products

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Dozens of Digimon Adventure & Adventure: products from both The Character Shop & the Sanrio x Digimon Adventure Enjoy Summer Shop are getting general distribution in October & pre-orders are open now!

Covers to 2021 Calendars that feature Digimon Adventure:

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We have cover images for a couple of 2021 calendars that feature Digimon Adventure:

The With the Will Podcast Episode 72 (Live!)- The Bird is the Word (Adventure: Episode 13 Discussion/Review)

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We're talking about Digimon Adventure: episode 13, Garudamon of the Crimson Wings! It's also been a big week for news including music, figures, & updates coming for Adventure:!

Kizuna Dubbed in Australian Theaters on September 17th, Theater List Available

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The English dub of Kizuna will be in Australian theaters on September 17th!

Social & Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Episode 13 Art, Kizuna Preview & Taguchi Tomohisa Art, Update on US Keychains, & More!

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We have a bunch of stuff for the weekend including social media art, Digimon Adventure: episode 13 art by Kenji Watanabe, Kizuna preview & art from director Taguchi Tomohisa, new keychains in the US, & more!

Sneak Preview of Ultimate Image figure of Agumon- Bonds of Courage

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We get our first look at one of the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna Ultimate Image figures with a sneak preview of Agumon- Bonds of Courage!

Extended Preview for Digimon Adventure: Episode 14

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We have an extended preview for episode 14 of Digimon Adventure:! Make sure to watch episode 13 first!

Digimon Adventure: Episode 13- Garudamon of the Crimson Wings

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Digimon Adventure: Episode 13- Garudamon of the Crimson Wings, airs today! Come check out the discussion thread for details and to talk about the episode!

New Adventure: End Theme Announced- ED2 is 'Q?' by Reol

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Digimon Adventure: gets a new ED theme next week! From singer/songwriter Reol, the new end theme is 'Q?'.

Adventure: Episode 13 Preview Screenshots

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Some preview screenshots before Digimon Adventure: episode 13 airs in Japan!

Takayoshi Tanimoto Streaming Concert Tonight & Career Along Streaming Outside of Japan

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A Takayoshi Tanimoto concert will stream tonight, plus his best of album Career Along, featuring the Digimon Adventure: OP Unidentified Airship, is on streaming services outside of Japan!

Fun Digica Episode 38- Viewer Suggestion Battle 7

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The new episode of Fun Digica continues Cody & Hideyoshi playing with viewer suggested decks. People have been enjoying them, so on they go with the suggested decks!

With the Will Podcast Live- Monday, August 31st

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We will be live Monday night to talk about episode 13 of Digimon Adventure:, plus all the recent news!

Production Animations from Digimon Adventure:

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After getting to see some production drawings from Digimon Adventure:, we get to see them in the form of short production animations!

Various Aniga-ter Digimon Music Art Products Available Again Until September 7th

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A number of Aniga-ter products featuring artwork from Digimon Music releases are being made available again, but just until September 7th!

Updates- More Adventure: Production Art, Miku Figure General Availability, Digivice Pre-Order Period Changes, & US ULForceV-Dramon Delay Confirmation

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Some more Digimon Adventure: production art, plus updates on the Hatsune Miku figure availability, changes to a few pre-order periods for Digivices, and a reconfirmation of the delay for Precious GEM ULForceV-Dramon for those outside of Japan.

Adventure: Episode 19 Title Revealed Early

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We have the episode title for Digimon Adventure: episode 19 a bit early, and it reveals that we will almost certainly see someone we know.

Nendoroid Hatsune Miku Agumon Costume Version- Info, Images, & Pre-Order Details

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After a wait of a year we finally get to see the Nendoroid of Hatsune Miku Agumon Costume Version! We have info, a stack of images, plus pre-order details!

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