Introduction for Mon & Hackmon from Digimon ReArise

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We have introduction details for the new character for Digimon ReArise Season 2, Mon, along with Hackmon!

Anniversaries for Revenge of Diablomon & Runaway Digimon Express

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Two different Digimon movies are celebrating anniversaries based on where you are in the world right now! Digimon Adventure 02: Revenge of Diablomon is 19 years old and Digimon Tamers: Runaway Digimon Express is 18!

The Kizuna Card Premium Edition Sets are at Premium Bandai!

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New Digimon Card Premium Edition sets came out to celebrate Kizuna being released, and you can finally nab them without going to a movie theater in Japan!

General Release for Kizuna Anahita Stones Bracelets, Pre-orders open

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If you wanted the Kizuna bracelets that were announced a few weeks ago, they are getting a wider general release, and pre-orders are open now!

Leadup to Kizuna & : Week 31- Kamen no Maid Guy

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The new leadup show is mostly fun action and fanservice!

ReArise Season 2 Out Today in Japan

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It's been a bit of a wait, but ReArise Season 2 is out today in Japan!

Digimon Season 1 no longer streaming on Starz

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More Digimon is gone from streaming.

Art from Digimon Adventure 20th Memorial Story Project Booklet- Illustrations from Creators & Preview of Memorial Story 5

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Some early art from the small Memorial Story booklet! Art from 4 creators closely connected to Digimon, plus a preview of Memorial Story 5- The Shibuya-ish Heroic Saga of Pump and Gotsu.

Zexmon, An Early (not quite official) Attempt at an Omegamon Counterpart

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Longtime Digimon designer Soh Moriyama shared artwork and details for his early attempt at designing an 'evil' Omegamon counterpart.

Greymon Windshield Sun Shade in Australia

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If you are in Australia you can get a Digimon sun shade to protect your car from direct sunlight, and have a giant Greymon display while doing it.

Adventure: Digivice Keychains Coming

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Our first Digimon Adventure: product info is for keychains of the new Digivice!

Nazotomo Cafe Temporarily Closed

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Nazotomo Cafe locations are temporarily closing for a few weeks due to health concerns.

Ani-On Station Temporarily Closed

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Ani-On Station locations are temporarily closing for a few weeks due to health concerns.

New Larger Digimon Art & Profiles, plus Battle Spirits Art

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We some new larger Digimon art, a couple of reference book updates related to Kizuna, plus a bunch of Battle Spirits artwork!

More Products for Digimon (Kizuna) Shop 2 at LB Pop-Up Theater

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A few more products are coming to the Kizuna Limited Base stores! Including some neat looking keychains!

First News of Last Evolution Kizuna English Dub! Clip Screening Next Week at MEFCC

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It appears we have our first news of an English dub for Kizuna! And a clip is being shown next week!

Last Evolution Kizuna Meeting Cafe at Ani-On Station Details for Part 2

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It's almost time for Part 2 of the Meeting Cafe at Ani-On Station! For Part 2 a bunch of things are moving over to feature the 02 kids and Digimon from Kizuna, using some fun and familiar art!

ReArise Season 2 Tomorrow in Japan, Teases to Follow

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Looks like ReArise Season 2 is coming out in Japan tomorrow!

First Look at Card Game Sleeves

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Our first look at the first wave of sleeves for the upcoming Digimon Card Game.

02 Stage Greeting Kizuna Screening Cancelled

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The special screening with the 02 Kizuna cast happening this weekend has been cancelled for health concerns.

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