1st Details for Digimon Card Game Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power, Set 1 Digitamamon & Chirinmon Previews, & Parallel Tamer Cards in Boxes

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We have our first details for Digimon Card Game Booster Set 2 Ultimate Power! Plus previews of Digitamamon and Chirinmon from set 1. Last up is a few limited parallel cards of the Adventure: kids.

Various Adventure: Collectibles, Apparel, & Accessories Up for General Pre-Order

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A number of recent Digimon Adventure: items are now available to pre-order without using an intermediary or specialty service.

ReArise Updates- HeavyLeomon Images & Profile, plus a Couple More Characters

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Some more images, plus a profile, for HeavyLeomon! Plus a few more characters showing up in ReArise soon!

Seraphimon & SlashAngemon Previews for Booster Set 1

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Some nice card previews for Seraphimon & SlashAngemon from Booster Set 1 of the Digimon Card Game!

The Hiatus Leadup Week 1- NG Knight Lamune & 40

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The leadup is back for a little bit so that while Adventure: is on hiatus, you have some show suggestions, if you would like something extra to watch and have fun with. First up, a show that is in the vein of Digimon, NG Knight Lamune & 40!

More Clean Kizuna Character Art of Everyone, plus tri. Streaming Free Dubbed from Shout

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We have some really nice clean character art of all the kids & Digimon from Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna! Plus Shout is streaming all of tri. dubbed for free!

Giga Blaster Preview for Booster Set 1

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This time we get a preview of the Giga Blaster option card from the first Digimon Card Game Booster Set!

Social Media Art, a Vintage Adventure 02 Clock, & Tokomon X Figure Update

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A few different pieces of fun social media art, including a new one from Volcano Ota, a photo of a vintage Adventure 02 clock we got as an apology for a mistake, plus an update to the Tokomon X figure!

SkullGreymon Preview for Booster Set 1

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This time we get a preview of SkullGreymon from the first Digimon Card Game Booster Set!

Survive Update- Clean Final Key Art, Miu & Shakomon Art & Profiles, & Screenshots

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Some decent Digimon Survive updates! A clean image of the final version of the key art, clean images & profiles for Miu and Syakomon, plus some screenshots!

Digimon Card Game Launches! Promotional Playmat, Memory Gauges, & Omegamon Booster Set 1 Card Preview

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The Digimon Card Game is out today! We have a promotional playmat, news of promotional memory gauges, & a preview of the Omegamon card from Booster Set 1!

Stay at Home with Digimon Promotion Announced for Japan, plus an Adventure: Special Edition is Coming Soon

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Bandai Channel in Japan is doing a 'Stay at Home with Digimon' promotion, providing free streaming of a number of Digimon movies. And we are apparently getting a Digimon Adventure: compilation film/special soon.

Fun Digica Episode 11- Which Is Stronger? Level Mismatch Battle plus Pyocomon & Togemon Previews for Booster Set 1

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It's time for episode 11 of Fun Digica with a mixed deck match with at twist, plus card previews for Pyocomon & Togemon from Booster Set 1 of the Digimon Card Game!

Michihiko Ohta Performing The Biggest Dreamer

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Another performance by Michihiko Ohta! This time it's The Biggest Dreamer from Digimon Tamers!

Digimon Adventure: Apparel & Accessories by Cospa Announced, Pre-Orders Open

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Cospa has announced, and put up pre-orders for, some Digimon Adventure: themed accessories & apparel.

BlackWarGreymon Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Model Kit Announced, Includes New Parts

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BlackWarGreymon is coming to the Figure-Rise Standard Amplified model kit line! He gets a bit of remolding from WarGreymon, plus a few new parts!

Garudamon & Birdramon Previews for Booster Set 1

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Some nice card previews for Garudamon & Birdramon from Booster Set 1 of the Digimon Card Game!

Survive Delayed, No New Release Date

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Digimon Survive has been delayed again. The release date is now TBD. More info might show up once we have Famitsu images.

Last Evolution Kizuna Pre-orders at Amazon

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You can pre-order the movie at Amazon!

Jeff Nimoy & Anna Garduno Back for Kizuna, Nimoy Also Writing

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Jeff Nimoy & Anna Garduno are back for the new Digimon movie!

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