The Hiatus Leadup Week 3- City Hunter

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The hiatus leadup continues with City Hunter! The franchise has been popular for over 30 years, and still continues along in various ways!

Social Art, Children's War Game Script Photo, Pop-Up Theater Update, V-Tamer Preview, & V-dramon Parallel Card

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A bit of Gatchmon art while Adventure: is on hiatus, a Children's War Game script photo, an LB Pop-Up Theater update, plus a preview of the new V-Tamer, and the parallel card for V-dramon!

Fun Digica Episode 15- Double Starter Deck & Promo Match, Plus MetalGreymon Parallel Card

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The new episode of Fun Digica has another Double Starter Deck Match! Plus a new MetalGreymon parallel card for Booster Set 1 which looks very familiar...

Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna Home Video Release Delayed

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The home video release of Kizuna on Blu-ray and DVD is being pushed back due to production delays.

Digimon Card Game- Clean Images of all Booster Set 1 Cards & Fun Digica 14- More Parallel Cards Plus Secret Rare Cards

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After a bunch of previews we finally have all the cards from Digimon Card Game Booster Set 1- New Evolution! Plus a new episode of Fun Digica shows off some additional card art!

DigiColle Mix Figures up for Pre-Order, No Intermediary Needed

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The DigiColle Mix figures are up to pre-order, and no intermediary is needed!

Advertising Going Up & Other Potential Site Updates

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A few site updates. First up, ads. Second up, a handful of other things you're also welcome to give feedback on that we are considering.

HolyAngemon Preview for Booster Set 1

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A preview of the HolyAngemon card from the 1st Digimon Card Game Booster Set!

DigiColle Mix Figure Images, Pre-orders Tomorrow

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Pre-orders for the DigiColle Mix Figure series goes up tomorrow, and we have our first look at the figures! Mix will use pre-existing molds from the prior DigiColle figure releases.

Fun Digica Episode 13- Double Starter Deck & Promo Match (Card Preview is Flow Cannon)

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Episode 13 of Fun Digica features a card game match with decks combined from matching starter decks and promo cards. We also get a card preview, but we've seen the card before.

Ikkakumon Preview for Booster Set 1

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This time we get a preview of Ikkakumon from the first Digimon Card Game Booster Set!

The With the Will Podcast Episode 59 (Live!)- Quick! Change the Channel!

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We go over a lot of recent news in this episode. Plus there is the Digimon Adventure: special compilation! Digimon Adventure: is still on hiatus, but episode discussions will return when it does.

The Hiatus Leadup Week 2- Street Fighter 2 the Animated Movie

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The 2nd hiatus leadup features one of the best game to film adaptions there is, the Street Fighter 2 anime movie!

Cupimon and Caromon Preview for Booster Set 1

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Some nice card previews for Cupimon and Caromon from Booster Set 1 of the Digimon Card Game!

Social Art, Hunters Hero Side by Side Comparison, Ani-On Kizuna Part 2 Content at Torumo, Adventure on Netflix Japan

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A few small updates... some art since Adventure: didn't air, side by side art of all the main heroes from Hunters, Ani-On Kizuna Part 2 content is available in crane games, plus Netflix Japan has the original Adventure!

Mistymon Preview for Booster Set 1

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This time we get a preview of Mistymon from the first Digimon Card Game Booster Set!

Booster Set 1 Card Previews from Fun Digica Episode 12 (Plus Another Card Preview)

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On top of the normal daily Booster Set 1 card preview we've been getting, Fun Digica showed off 8 more!

With the Will Podcast Live- Monday, May 4th

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Our next live podcast is this Monday at 7pm!

Digimon Seasons 1 thru 4 Coming to Hulu this Month

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Digimon Seasons 1 thru 4 will be on Hulu this month! Within the next 2 weeks the dubs of Adventure, 02, Tamers, and Frontier will all be available to stream again!

Social Media Images, Vote for Favorite Movie/OVA/Special, Japanese Coloring Contest, Product Sales, & WarGreymon Option Cards from Booster Set 1

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A bunch of fun before the weekend starts! Digimon social media images, an official poll for favorite movie/ova/special, coloring pages from an Adventure: contest, Cyber Sleuth on sale on Steam, BlackWarGreymon GEM is back, plus card game previews!

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