The With the Will Podcast Episode 56 (Live!)- Adrift to a New Adventure!

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Digimon Adventure: has begun!
We talk about our thoughts on episode 1 of Digimon Adventure:! Minus going over the recent official Digimon April Fools joke it's all Adventure: this time!

Adventure: Episode 1 on Youtube in Japanese & Episode 2 Screenshots

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A few screenshots of episode 2 before it airs, and episode 1 on Youtube!

Kizuna Limited Base Pop-Up Shops Being Extended

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Both Limited Base Pop-Up Theater Kizuna shops are getting an extension.

Brave Heart -Last Evolution Version- (Kizuna Insert Song) CD- Scans & Product Breakdown

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Scans & breakdown for the CD release of 'Brave Heart -Last Evolution Version-', the new version of the classic Digimon insert song by Ayumi Miyazaki from Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna!

New Social Media Art, More Michihiko Ohta Singing, & Card Game Booster Pack Art Update

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It's time for more social media art, Michihiko Ohta singing another Digimon song, along with some Card Game updates for Booster Set 1!

Adventure: Guide Listings with new titles & Vintage Playset

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Some guide listings gives us more details for Digimon Adventure:, plus an old vintage playset!

Even if We're Apart (Kizuna Ending Song) CD- Scans & Product Breakdown

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Scans & breakdown for the CD release of 'Even if We're Apart', the end theme by AiM from Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna!

Michihiko Ohta Performing Brave Heart, Product Delays, and ?s on Ads

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Some fun music updates with Michihiko Ohta performing a Digimon classic, some changes to product dates, and some questions about possible ads.

Coronavirus Update and Things to Do

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Just an updated general discussion thread for anyone who wants it for Coronavirus, plus some updated things to do, along with a few updated Digimon bits. Plus Cyber Sleuth is on sale on PC.

18th Anniversary of Digimon Frontier!

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It's April 7th in Japan, so it's the 18th Anniversary of Digimon Frontier!

AiM & Youto Kazama Appearing in Adventure:

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A few well known members of the original Digimon Adventure cast will be showing up in Digimon Adventure:! AiM & Youto Kazama!

Digimon Adventure: Opening Video, Unidentified Airship by Tanimoto Takayoshi

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Toei has put the opening to Digimon Adventure: on Youtube.

Social Media Art, Algomon Profile & Art, Plus Fun Digica Episode 6- Starter Deck Battle Part 2

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Agumon vs. Algomon art by Kenji Watanabe, art & a translated profile for the new version of Algomon from Digimon Adventure:, along with episode 6 of Fun Digica!

With the Will Podcast Live- Saturday, April 11th

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Our next live podcast will be all about Digimon Adventure: episode 1!

Extended Adventure: Episode 2 Preview, TV-Size OP Release Today, Plushes, & Director Kakudou's Thoughts

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A few Adventure: updates! An extended Episode 2 preview, the TV-Size OP theme is coming out today, some plushes are out in May, plus thoughts from original Adventure director Kakudou!

Digimon Adventure: Premieres Today!

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It's just about time for the start of Digimon Adventure:!

Music Video for Regrets Bring Fruit, the End Theme for Digimon Adventure:

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Digimon Adventure: launches later today and we have the music video for the end theme song, Regrets Bring Fruit by Chiai Fujikawa!

Social Media Art & Images, Plus Fun Digica Episode 5- Starter Deck Battle

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A fun batch of social media art & photos before Adventure: begins, plus episode 5 of Fun Digica!

Digimon Adventure: Simulcast on Crunchyroll!

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Digimon Adventure: gets a simulcast!

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