Adventure: Episode 67 Social Art, Staff Comments & Photos, Ghost Game Promotion, Reference Book Update, Chinese Exhibit, Card, & Statue Images, & More

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Huge stack of stuff for the weekend includes Digimon Adventure: episode 67 art & photos to celebrate the end of the show. Material from cast members, Kenji Watanabe, Jubeinine, & more! Plus a Ghost Game promotion, reference book updates, & images of the exhibition & more from China!

Preview for Digimon Ghost Game Episode 1 with Cast Comments & a Promotional Gamamamon Plushie!

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The preview for episode 1 of Digimon Ghost Game! Plus comments from some of the cast & a promotional Gamamamon plushie!

Adventure: Episode 67 [Final] Preview Screenshots & One More Insert Song Announced!

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Some preview screenshots before Digimon Adventure: episode 67 airs in Japan! It's the series finale! & 1 final insert song has been announced, a special version of Break the Chain!

With the Will Podcast Live- Monday, September 27th

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We will be live Monday night to talk about the last episode of Digimon Adventure:, plus all the recent news including lots of Ghost Game, with some Survive, figures, reference book updates, & a ton more!

Running With the Will for 15 Years

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Oh man, I've been running With the Will for 15 years? That's a lot of Digimon, so I have some things to say! Am I gonna do this for 15 more years? Am I retiring 'right now'? (No.) It's been a long time... thanks.

Card Game Booster EX-02 is 'Digital Hazard', Will be out December 24th

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Digimon Card Booster EX-02 is called 'Digital Hazard' & will be released on December 24th. As previously announced, the theme booster is based on Digimon Tamers.

Reference Book Update to Celebrate the Finale of Xros Wars- Shoutmon x7 Superior Mode & Luminamon (Nene Version)

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To celebrate the finale of Digimon Xros Wars (before it became Hunters) on September 25th, we get a Xros finale reference book update! It's Shoutmon x7 Superior Mode & Luminamon (Nene Version)!

Digimon Card Battle 47- Two Matches, & Starter Deck 9 & 10 Mega Death & Chaos Degrade Previews

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Digimon Card Battle is back for episode 47. This time we get 2 matches, plus previews of Mega Death & Chaos Degrade from Starter Decks 9 & 10!

English Card Game Updates- Sistermon Ciel Parallel Card & Delays for BT6 and Starter Decks

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As expected, a parallel card of Sistermon Ciel is replacing the equivalent Sistermon Noir card in the English version of the Digimon Card Game. Plus some upcoming delays due to shipping issues.

Survive Rated by Brazilian Ratings Board- Info on Content Based on Ratings

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Digimon Survive was rated '12' by the Brazilian Ratings Board. In addition, their overview on the game content explains the games rating & the grading of it, giving us a better idea what is being aimed for contentwise in the game.

US Hello Kitty x Digimon Shirts from Atsuko

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Hello Kitty x Digimon returns yet again for shirts in the US from Atsuko featuring the collaboration character art and crests!

Digimon Dreamers Preview

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We have a preview of Digimon Dreamers, the new Digimon manga by Tenya Yabuno!

Digimon Anime Start Guide- Ghost Game Introduction Preview Magazine

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From the staff of V-Jump comes the 'Digimon Anime Start Guide' with a heavy focus on Ghost Game! Lots of previews, including a look at storyboards & more! Plus upcoming products & other previews!

Official Digimon Web Poll #38- Favorite Digimon Fought Against in Adventure:

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Another official Digimon poll. This time it's what Digimon from Adventure: that was fought against is your favorite or left an impression on you? Lots of choices!

Let's Make Digimon Goods Together Project- Product Choices Voted On (Kizuna Phone Cases & Plushise!) & Extra Step with Vote

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The "Let's Make Digimon Goods Together Project" products have been announced! Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna smartphone cases & life size Digimon plushies! They've opened a survey to help figure out the plush & they have slots for each Digimon TV anime & more!

Poll Results for What Digimon Festival Stall Would You Visit?

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We have the results from the Digimon poll Bandai did of 'What Digimon Festival Stall Would You Visit?' and the winner is Beelzebumon's Shooting Gallery! We also get some new art to celebrate!

Digimon Profile #17- How to Draw Gammamon

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A new Digimon Profile has gone up! This time it shows you how to draw Gammamon, with help from Kenji Watanabe!

Ghost Game Director Kimitoshi Chioka Interview from V-Jump, plus Ghost Game News Index

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We have a translated interview with Digimon Ghost Game Co-Director Kimitoshi Chioka from the newest issue of V-Jump. Plus an index of recent Ghost Game news, in case you missed it!

Ghost Game 'The Digimon' Figures out in October

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Gammamon, Angoramon, and Jellymon join 'The Digimon' with brand new and affordable figures a month from now!

Ghost Game Reference Book Update

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Curimon, Gurimon, Gammamon, Pyonmon, Bosamon, Angoramon, Puyomon, Puyoyomon, & Jellymon from Digimon Ghost Game have been added to the Digimon Reference Book!

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