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11-06-2006, 04:36 PM
Ok so who ever reads the Digimon Next Manga knows about the battle terminal thing.And here is my idea for it, if it was real.

The Game:Ok it should look somewhat like the one in Digimon Next(actually I don't care what it looks like).There should also be a V-pet connecter(see v-pet)where you download your Digimon.Ok,so once you get ready you should be greeted and go on to battling around the Digiworld.You can battle other tamers digimon or wild digimon.The more you battle the stronger your digimon gets.And there should be special game events.

Where to find it:You should be able to find it in arcades and you should be able to by your own special version.It should also be made around the world.And Bandai should make it as good as the Japanese.

The v-pet:There should be a special v-pet for it.The v-pet should have at least 15-20 characters in it and release another version every month,or few months,so you would see a varity of digimon in the game.It should have the quest like feature,so you can battle wild digimon or find items.The wild digimon that appear should be close to how strong your digimon is,for example it if you have a child level digimon it should not fight a super strong perfect digimon that could defeat it in one hit.There should also be a place where you by items with the money you recieve from battles.And there should be an item keeper to keep the rare items you don't need like evolution items,which you can use when your digimon is old enough.It would be possible for a wild digimon to steal your items if you lose.Other then that it should have the other functions the old v-pets have.

Ok I will post more when someone gives me a comment about how my idea is coming so far.

11-06-2006, 05:18 PM
It's a nice dream... Never gonna happen though. I suggested this exact thing only for modifying rumble arena. Sadly, it just will NEVER happen. Digimon maybe has 1 season left in it and then the games will stop and it will be a dead series.

11-06-2006, 05:20 PM
It's a nice dream... Never gonna happen though. I suggested this exact thing only for modifying rumble arena. Sadly, it just will NEVER happen. Digimon maybe has 1 season left in it and then the games will stop and it will be a dead series.
I know it will NEVER happened just wanted to show you my idea.Oh and if you have ideas I will be happy to here them.

11-06-2006, 05:24 PM
Idea: No sitting in an arcade... AI's released into a city through floating holographic projection cores, the digimon have personalities, tendencies, and you can buy a holo orb of your own and begin to raise your own digimon that will seem real. Then you go out in the city and have real digimon fights with holograms. The only problem is ppl would crash cars seeing mosters and they could be loud in late hours and yeah drive everyone crazy.

It's totally gonna happen :D ;) ::)

11-06-2006, 05:38 PM
It's a nice dream... Never gonna happen though. I suggested this exact thing only for modifying rumble arena. Sadly, it just will NEVER happen. Digimon maybe has 1 season left in it and then the games will stop and it will be a dead series.

You never know for sure. Besides that, Digimon is more than just the Anime. Oterwise we won´t have Savers now.

11-06-2006, 05:40 PM
Even if they stopped manufacturing digimon games it would still be interesting because people would create their own functional versions of V-pets and such.

11-06-2006, 05:42 PM
Other Features:Another feature is that your digimon should be able to become friends with other digimon,and interact with them.This would be a good idea for people who want a break from fighting.They should also be able to interact with you.It should have the same features as in the v-pet.You would have to clean up there poop,(even though it would look gross in 3D)and feed them.If you treat your digimon nicely it should act nice to you, and work for you in battle.And if you treat it badly it won't be so nice and will not work that well in battle.

Places in the game:

Shops:One main thing you would find in the game is shops where to buy items with the money you win from battles and tornaments.And there should be different shops where you by different items.

Hotel:A hotel is where your digimon can stay.It is a comftable place that will make your digimon happy and you can pick it up in the morning.You would have to pay money though.So you can log out but you have to keep your v-pet connected or your digimon will go back into your v-pet unhappy.

Resturant:Here you order yummy food for your digimon to gobble down.It will make them happy and full.It cost money,and will have different prices depending on what dish you order.

Daycare:Here you can let your Baby I and Baby II digimon play and interact with other digimon.They will even offer training classes that your baby digimon will enjoy.

Training Center:Here is where your child level and above digimon come to train.There are different courses your digimon can take.

Jogress center:At the center you can Jogress your digimon in 3D with other tamers.

Rest Stop:Here is where you and your digimon can rest and just talk to other tamers.And if your digimon needs to go you can take it to a toilet so you won't have to clean it up.

Coliseum:Here is where you can fight other tamers digimon and enter tornaments.You can earn a lot of money here and it records your battle record and win ratio of your digimon.You can also get prizes and metals by completing special conditions.

That's all I can think of for places

Events:There should be special game events like capturing wanted digimon or during Chirstmas get one free gift when you visit the shop.

Ok I have one little part left but I want to see if anyone else posted.

Avatars:You should be able to take a picture of yourself and dress up and add special features to your avatar.You could even design your own clothes.You should be able to change your avatars clothes aswell,for example if you went to a beach in the game you should be able to dress yourself in a bathing suit.When it's like halloween you can dress up like a vampire.But if you just like trying on different clothes you can do that.You should also be able to design your own clothes and give them to your friends.You should also be able to change your hairstlye.If your parents won't let you get a moehawk in real life you could get one in the game.And something else that would be cool is if your can dress up your digimon.It would be hard to make the outfits into sprites,so it won't show up in the v-pets.

11-06-2006, 10:11 PM
Wow, that really sounds like the machine in NEXT. XD I saw a show once that featured a company developing a machine that enables you to walk around in a 3D game in real time. So maybe this dream isn't so far off after all. It could even be a bit like the "game" featured in the .hack// series.

11-07-2006, 11:32 AM
I have an idea for the new v-pet.They should make in upgraded version of the pendulum cycles.Which would take out the devolving, and take out the evolving and dieing quickly.That would be cool.I still wonder what digimon are and the cycles.I need to start mine and see.

Edit:What kinds of items would you want to be in the v-pets.And can you please look at my pcoket digimon world thread.