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11-04-2008, 02:59 PM
| Digimon: Warped Networks |
| -- The Sign-Up Thread -- |

The modern world is filled with technology. Everywhere you turn, no matter what you do, it's pretty much guaranteed you'll end up using some form of computer - even if it's something as simple as a mug of coffee at a restaurant. Every one of these computers - from large desktop PCs, all the way down to the average wristwatch, contains Data. To most people, this is just plain lines of code, or ones and zeros.

But what most people, and most scientists, don't realise, is that behind these ones and zeros is a strange world build from all the information and data we humans input into these devices and computers. A world filled with landscapes, trees, and all the things the human world has. The more we input, the more this world grows.

There are secret teams carefully monitoring this secret world, whilst the rest of the general public just go about their lives, oblivious to this world's existence. Named by these teams as the 'Digital World', they have started to discover life within this strange reality. Named by the teams as Digimon, these unusual, rare creatures of a kind that no-one has ever seen before were slowly developing within the confines of their digital reality.

But there were secrets of this world that even the secret teams had yet to discover - evil was lurking, buried deep within the coding of the digital world itself. Made up of all the spambots, viruses and corrupted code to ever make its way onto the internet, this 'evil layer' was slowly manifesting itself into another breed of digimon. As a result of this despabalisation within the digital world, a strange link was beginning to form between the digital world and real world that, if left unchecked, could threaten the very safety of the entire human race.

Within the digital world, groups of digimon were forming, and all were sensing that something was very wrong with the world they lived in. So, using their knowledge, and under the guidance and instruction a powerful digimon known as Leomon, the groups managed to build special devices known as digivices, which Leomon then sent through the internet, along with 6 special, precious eggs, to six human children who were pure of heart, in the hopes that they would be able to help save both worlds from total disaster.


The Basics:
Each human character starts in the real world, with no idea of the existence of the digital one. Each human character will receive a special egg - a digi-egg, in other words - and will then have the job of trying to hatch the egg without their parents or whoever knowing that they have the egg. The exception to this is Henry54, who is going to start in the digital world, and me, as my character already has a champion-level digimon.

The digimon partner that hatches out will then slowly progress from baby, through in-training (aka. Baby 2) to Rookie (aka. Child). You get to decide when your digimon digivolves, but try not to rush it, OK? Also, I would like it if all the digimon partners could progress at approximately the same speed - so no rushing off ahead and making your digimon a rookie when everyone else is still at baby stage please.

The digivices will be the season 3 (Tamers) digivices, to allow for digi-modify cards. You are allowed to specify up to 5 modify cards, and you can use each only once per battle - to make things fair, and to prevent card spamming. ;)

When choosing a digimon, please don't choose any digimon that are obviously evil - like Devimon - as that digimon will most likely be claimed for use as an evil digimon within the RP. Also, make sure you don't choose one that someone else has already asked for (the exception to this being me and henry as we both have a Terriermon for a digimon - but we get around this by them being different types of Terriermon, and by giving them nicknames... but we are the only exception to this...)

The idea is the characters will live in the same city and go to the same school - kinda like adventure-02 - mainly because most of the events will take place in the real world for most of the first half of the RP...


The Rules: (most are obvious, but important)

1. Only one digimon partner per person, and only one digidestined per member - to make things fair for the others. On top of this, only six characters are allowed in total.

2. Fan-mades are allowed in this RP - just please provide detail, like appearance, attacks, etc, so we know what sort of digimon we're dealing with.

3. Please post in the third person, omniscient, as if the writer is an omnipotent being watching over the other characters in the story, not as the character themself (using words like "I" or "Me").

EX (Right):

With one swipe of his large arm, Ogremon sent BlackAgumon flying.

"So much for that." Tsuya remarked, as BlackAgumon stood up, from across the room.

"If you can do better, then be my guest!" he snarled.

"Guys! Less fighting amongst ourselves, and more fighting the giant green monster!" Jake shouted, as Elecmon stepped up.

EX (Wrong):

My partner and I rounded a corner, as the evil digimon appeared before us. I smirked. "This is going to be a walk in the park." I said, arrogantly, as I drew out my digivice.

This type of writing, whilst being nearly identical to the right style, can become rather confusing, especially if you're having to read a long page of such writing. It is generally better to refer to characters by their name, and not with "I" or "You" or "Me" to refer to oneself, to prevent some of our less advanced RPers from becoming too confused.

EX (Wrong 2):

Stu: Hey! Let's fight this guy!
Agumon: Heck yea!
*both charge the enemy*

No... just... no. Script writing is not allowed in the RP. It's far too simple and can be misinterprutted very easily.

It's also very boring, and annoying. Would you rather read two paragraphs of dialogue with descriptive sentences and colorful words and actions represented within or try and skim through something that's very bland and long? It's good for writing up a script... but not for RPing. Script Writing is thus forbidden in my RP.

4. Noobs and whatnot do not exist here. We pride ourselves that we try not to classify people as "nOObs" in terms of their RPing Performance. In fact, some of our elite here were once nOObs themselves, including myself. Remember that your skill with words can always improve, it just takes practice.

5. Under no circumstances are you to flame or spam in the RP, whether it be in the Casting Thread or the actual RP itself.

6. Under no circumstances will any overtly sexual themes or content be permitted in the RP. The same goes for drugs themes.

7. No GOD-modding. This is the act of either taking control of a character or digimon that is not your own, in any way. This also includes making your character or digimon partner seem invincible.

8. No instant kills. Your digimon isn't the world's strongest ever, so one-hit KOs are highly discouraged.

9. Please - no Mary Sue or Gary Stu - in other words, please make sure that your character is as unique as possible, whilst remembering that all characters have their flaws, so make sure you include these when joining and taking part in the RP.

10. Please try to make all RP posts at least 4 sentences long - one-line posts will be frowned upon. good, lengthy posts will be very much appreciated. - more of a guideline than a rule, but still as important.

11. If you want to be in this, be certain you are able to stay with this and not just vanish. Anyone who wishes to leave for whatever reason must please please say so first, and we'll write in so thatyour character can take a temporary break / permanent leave.

12. OOC chat is allowed, but I would prefer it if it was done in this thread, rather in the upcoming RP thread.

13. If you wish to do something that has the power to alter the direction of the plot - please run it by me first - at the start this won't be so much of a problem - but later on, when the main storyline kicks in, this will become more necessary.

14. All forum rules also apply here - obviously.

15. The Most Important Rule of all--have Fun! What's the point of RPing if there's no fun involved in it at all?


...OK, now that the rules are out of the way, here's the sign-up template:

(fill out these fields when applying in as much detail as possible, please)

Name: (you may include a nickname if you wish)

Age: (between 10 and 18 please - I would like a bit of variety, but this is not essential...)

Gender: (male or female)

Appearance: (What your character looks like - remember that this is the present day.)

Personality: (What your character is like, and how he acts and thinks)

Bio: (The history of your character - remember your character doesn't get his digimon until during the RP, and doesn't yet know about the existence of digimon.)

Digivice Color: (Pick two colours that go well with each-other)

Digimon Line

Modify Cards: (Choose from up to five digi-modify cards for your character to use. However, each card can only be used once per battle...)

Any other info: (For anything else you may want to mention about your character)


FINAL NOTE: Two character places are claimed, so that leaves FOUR available for grabs... Good luck, and I look forward to RP-ing with you!


EDIT: Added 'Modify Cards' to the sign-up form. All those taking part in this RP should either add this to their sign-up and post letting everyone know that they've done this - or just post up the list separately. Thanks...

11-04-2008, 03:42 PM
henry here as u can see 1 of the spots is taken by me me n fire r friends frm way back on ex evo

11-04-2008, 03:50 PM
Welcome, Henry, to the site. Feel free to post up yer bio and stuff, and hopefully others will join us later...

(By the way, I'm in the middle of re-writing my bio from X-Evo from memory as it got deleted by a rogue mod back in '07...)

((and the X-Evo we refer to isn't the onlinedigimon.com forums, but its evil baby brother over at invisionfree...))

11-04-2008, 07:33 PM
Name: Gerrit Daniels

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Appearance: Short blonde hair. Wears a pale yellow shirt and brown cargo pants and bright pink sneakers.

Personality: Gerrit is a risk taker, always wants to try new things. Doesn't think about consequences. Homosexual.

Bio: Gerrit is almost totally in the closet. He has a few friends that know, but they haven't told anyone. He came from a generic family, but they like to travel alot. When he was young he got to go see the olympics in Sydney, and saw the gymnasts. He then decided that that was what he wanted to do in life, and began training for it as soon as he got back home. He is also an avid forum-goer, and even hosts his own webcomic (though it mostly consists of fillers).

Digivice Color: Yellow main body with maroon highlights.

[b]Digimon Line

Any other info: None.

11-05-2008, 10:25 AM
Sounds interesting, and I like the bringing up from an egg idea, instead of immeadiatly being in the digi world with a rookie or in-training.
I'm working on the profile now, just saving spot and digimon

Name: Gemma 'Gem' Blake

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long russet coloured that reaches the middle of her back. She usually ties it in a high ponytail, with her fringe, which stops just above her eyebrows brushed partly to the side. Her skinned is pale, but often tanned She wears dark blue denim jeans, a pink v-neck t-shirt and a black jacket if it's cold out.

Personality: Very, very optimistic. She's rarely ever down, always saying things will work out. Because of all her siblings she is very kind, and caring, acting at times almost motherlike to younger children, and older ones sometimes. However there are tomes when she'll just happily chat to others her age.

Bio: Her Dad died when she was 4, and her mum soon remarried. Unlike most people she got on well with her stepdad, he treated her as one of his own children, which soon there was plenty of. She currently has 3 younger sisters, and two younger brothers, the oldest of which is 10. When she was 12 her mother died, leaving her step-dad to look after all the children. She stepped up and took over the mother role of the family looking after all her younger siblings and helping her dad around the house with the chores, exspecially the cooking.

Digivice Color: Black for the main body, and pink

Digimon Line

Any other info: She wishes to be a teacher when older, and is an excellent cook.

11-05-2008, 11:00 AM
Name: Ace Terry

Age: 17

Gender: male

Appearance: Chestnut brown hair that goes slightly over his emerald green eyes. Wears a red t-shirt, jeans, trainers and a black leather jacket with the sleeves that go only to his elbows. Always wear a black choker and a warm smile.

Personality: Ace is naturally friendly and open, often offering to help people who he’s sees struggling, and he finds it very difficult to lie, or to hide that he’s lying. As an orphan, he knows that he’s lucky to have ended up in an orphanage with kind people, and so works hard to help those running the orphanage to look after the little orphans and to bring in money. He cares a lot about the other kids at the orphanage, the staff there, and his friends, but he has been known to lose his temper when someone is bullying someone else or does something that is against someone and in his opinion is wrong, especially if it has something to do with sexuality or being orphaned.

Bio: Ace was orphaned when he was three, and has no memories of his parents, only of the orphanage that he grew up in, knowing it as his home and where he belongs. Is openly bisexual and has been bullied for going out with guys, though he doesn't care. His last boyfriend Mark was killed in a car crash when Ace was fifteen, and he still hasn't fully recovered from the shock. Helps a lot at the orphanage, especialy with cleaning and cooking, both of which he very much enjoys.

Digivice Color: Purple body, and blue

Digimon Line
Baby: Dodomon
In-Training: Dorimon
Rookie: DORUmon
Champion: DORUGamon
Ultimate: DORUGreymon
Mega: DORUGoramon

Any other info: Often daydreams, he enjoys cooking, drawing, cleaning and playing chess, and when lying, he often goes bright red and stammers.

There we go, finished.

11-05-2008, 03:43 PM
(*Kicks computer for logging off before he finished the post the first time*)

If you\'d like, I could play an antagonist or two. Or ten, if you\'d like.
Not often when you have someone asking to sign up for a villain position without a signup posted in the first place, eh? XD
Just to make it clear, I\'m not asking to sign up as the MAIN Villain. Dear Lord, that would turn to pot faster than anyone could imagine. XD I\'m just asking if I could be some of the various non-strictly-plot-important \'Monsters of the Week.\' And if there is something plot important, or some bit of action you want done, I\'ll put it in when you say so.
I have the free time anyway. *Glances at Sparkplug and DuskGem* Especially when my Dark Tamers decide to wander off. XD

(Please excuse the slashes. Something\'s buggy on my end. I\'ve tried fixing it, but...)

11-05-2008, 04:37 PM
@ Sparkplug: Good app, there. You seem to have a good grasp of grammar, as well - which is always good. You are accepted.
@ DuskGem: I don't even need to ask about RP skill when it comes to you - I remember your talents from back on X-Evo :) - You're naturally accepted.
@ Shakkoumon: Nice app so far. Good character development. Get it finished, and you'll probably be accepted.
EDIT: @ Deraj: It would be great if you could help play the various wild digimon who will appear as the plot develops, as well as some of the villain-roles, if possible. Not the main villain role - I have some important plot ideas that involve him that would go very wrong if someone else was to play him - but characters like his henchmen, and other random off-shot villains that appear now and then. It shouldn't be too complex - most of the evil digimon and villains will only appear one at a time - but there might be moments when two are interacting with each other. Would you be OK to help me with these roles?

So - that's three spots. My character is below in this post, and henry will hopefully get his character posted up very soon. So that's five spots
taken altogether... So that just leaves us with ONE free space for whoever wishes to apply...

Here's my character:

Name: Steve Tamkaro

Age: 12

Gender: Male

Appearance: A tall, skinny boy with a suprisingly un-muscly body tone. He has almost-shoulder-length blonde hair and warm, nut-brown eyes, pale skin and a slightly wonky nose, as well as a smile that could melt anyone's heart. His clothing consists of a long-sleeved light-blue tee-shirt with a faded design across the front of it, over which he wears a short-sleeved denim jacket with numerous pockets for storing things. He also wears a baggy pair of three-quarter-length dark-blue faded jeans with numerous pockets, and a studded leather belt to help keep his jeans from slipping. He also has a pair of fingerless gloves which he nearly always wears and a gold chain necklace with a heart on that he wears hidden underneath his shirt. Finally, he has a pair of sunglasses that he sometimes wears, but otherwise they are usually stored in one of his jacket pockets.

Personality: Steve is a very strong-willed individual, whose headstrong attitude can sometimes cause others to think of him as being ignorant, whereas at heart he cares about those around him, especially those that he manages to make a good, strong friendship with. Steve can be quite distrustful of people he doesn't know, which can sometimes lead to problems. Once he gets to know someone, he usually will become a good, strong friend. He tends to be the first to take the initiative and is usually the first to act in a crisis. He also tends to prefer to jump on the first-known solution, instead of holding back and planning things out. He is more of a fighter, who works hard to protect what he believes in, as well as the lives of those around him - even if he doesn't always get on with them.

Bio: Steve was born to a pair of proud, loving parents on the outskirts of East London. Steve's Mum, Laura, worked for a computer software company as their IT technician, and Steve's Dad, Luke, worked for a computer games company as part of a games development team. Together they lived in a small flat on the outskirts of the big British city, and life was good. Steve's parents loved him very much, and Steve loved them equally so. When Steve was six, Steve's mum gave birth to Sam. Steve loved his new-born little brother, and vowed that night that he would always take care of him. Steve's mum and dad were delighted that they now had two sons, and loved each of them equally. Steve spent as much time as he could with his younger brother, and together the two of them would frequently play.

However, Steve and Sam then lost their mum when Sam was only two. No-one knew what happened - all they knew was that one moment she was at her desk working, the next moment she had vanished and all that was left was the smoking wreck that was the computer, and a patch of ash where she had once sat. Most people just assumed her computer had exploded and burnt her to ash - but Steve didn't believe this. However, he was too busy helping his little brother get through the pain of loosing his mum to worry about the details. Steve's dad tried to hide how hurt he was because of the loss of their mum, but Steve knew that inside, his dad was torn apart. Trying to make life easier for his dad, Steve helped care for his little brother. Steve also went to school, and made quite a few friends - all of whom instantly liked Sam, who also became friends with them very easily. Finally, it seemed like all was going all right for Steve.

...That was, until he suddenly found an egg in an alleyway when walking home one night with two of his friends, Darren and Peter. Confused by this strange egg, they continued to examine it interestedly... When all of a sudden, it hatched! Out popped a small creature who called himself Zerimon - but that was all it could say as it didn't have proper speech. The three boys took the strange creature home, where they introduced him to Steve's younger brother Sam, who naturally got on well with the strange creature. That night, while Steve, Sam, Darren and Peter were asleep, the strange creature changed. When Steve awoke the next morning, the creature was bigger and more complex than it had been the night before. The new creature called itself Gummymon, and was just as friendly and exciteable as it's previous form. They were later to discover that this process is called Digivolving.

As the days went by, the four boys would play together with Gummymon every evening whilst keeping his existence a closely guarded secret. However, the creature later proved that he wasn't done digivolving, as he then changed into his next stage... "The name's Terriermon, and I'm a Digimon!" He stated proudly by way of introduction. Steve and Sam loved him even more now he was in this form, and Darren and Peter were in awe of the strange creature that had started off as an egg in a back alleyway. Steve, Darren and Peter often took Terriermon out with them when they went anywhere from then onwards, and together they had lots of fun. However, it wasn't long before Steve realised he wasn't the only one with a digimon...

Before long, he met Henry, another kid from the same school as him who also had a Digimon partner - in fact, it was another Terriermon, only his Terriermon was a different colour in some places. Straight after they had met, Steve and Henry were attacked by a wild digimon whom Henry's Terriermon identified as being Veggiemon. Together, the both Digimon partners defeated the wild digimon, and after the battle, Steve and Henry became friends. The two boys met up numerous times after that fight to defeat wild digimon, somehow without anyone ever finding out about it. Strangely enough, the appearance of wild digimon seemed to be so infrequent that no-one even noticed, with Steve and Henry managing to get to the scene and defeating the wild digimon quickly enough for it not to be noticed.

However, sometime later and Henry didn't appear to help Steve out in a fight. Terriermon just barely managed to defeat a nasty-looking Vi-Elecmon. Wondering where Henry had got to, he started to look for him everywhere but found no trace of him anywhere. It was almost as if Henry and his Terriermon had disappeared off of the face of the earth...

Digivice Color: Grey body with blue highlights

Digimon Line
Baby: Zerimon
In-Training: Gummymon
Rookie: Terriermon (Blue)
Champion: Gargomon
Ultimate: Rapidmon
Mega: MegaGargomon

Modify Cards: Strength, Speed, Hyper-Wing, Crystal Fire, Hyper Sonic

Any other info: Steve usually refers to Terriermon by his nickname of Leon.

So there's my character.

There's still one last free digidestined space available, so feel free to apply for it while it's still available! :)

11-05-2008, 06:40 PM
I have a question: If our characters don't know about digimon, then how do we get the cards? Or do we just not realize digimon are real?

11-05-2008, 07:24 PM
Yeah, I\'m (in)famous for employing egregious amounts of characters. Granted, many of them get left by the wayside when I get over a certain point. But in the way of villainy, since most of the characters I RP as are gonna get killed off soon after I start as them, it doesn\'t matter. XD
Just send a PM my way, or put a note in your post whenever you\'ve got a villain that needs my personal attention- (I\'ll keep up with the RP, so you won\'t need to fill me in plot-wise) - and I\'ll go to town.

I do need to warn you, I do have a bit of a sadistic streak, and I\'m not afraid to break the (Unwritten) rules. Dusk and Sparkplug can tell you that. XD My previous escapades include blowing up New York, kidnapping Tamers (Multiple instances) and using human shields. (usually the people I\'ve kidnapped.) ... And this was all in one training session. XD

I do have a question:
\'Dark-Side\' Tamer. Would it be okay if I use one? (Yes, I\'m fascinated by the idea of Evil Tamers. *Glances at own RP* I do have a Tamer over there that\'s on the Dark Side, but I don\'t get many chances to use him. Mainly because at the moment he\'s just a background Character, and won\'t go into full evil swing until near the very end of the RP.)

Edit: The reasoning behind the Dark Tamer is because... If I\'m in an RP, I\'m going to want a permanent presence in the RP. If I\'m just called in for the \'Monster-of-the-Week,\' I may not keep up, plot-wise, since the Monster of the Week won\'t be permanent, and if it\'s a while between Monsters, I may just stop reading the RP and... Yeah. I won\'t be able to keep up with what I\'ve promised.

Nightmare Soldier
11-06-2008, 01:05 AM
Name: Eleanor "Ellie" Davies

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Appearance: Rather tall and lanky. She has long, wavy black hair and green eyes, with a white headband and thick-rimmed glasses. Usually wears somewhat baggy black jeans and green hightops, with a long green spaghetti strap shirt and elbow-length gloves. Often carries a small backpack and green umbrella.

Personality: Ellie is shy and quiet, and more than a little awkward. She's honestly well-meaning and bright, but not exactly the person to turn to for light socializing. She does excel, though, at keeping calm and solving problems. Ellie might not do well at small-talk, but she's perfectly happy to soothe and console people, and she's generally a pleasant if anxious person. Watching awkwardly from the sidelines so much has made her quite good with observations, and she tends to make decisions very cautiously.

Bio: Ellie was mostly raised by her grandparents, since her parents work a lot. Her father is a CEO of a computer game company, and her mother runs a daycare center. Ellie's grandfather is highly forgetful - not from age, he's just that sort of person - and her grandmother is an obsessive-compulsive worrywart prone to doing things in astounding excess. As a kid, Ellie never ran out of wet wipes or cough drops, and she's forced to take an umbrella with her at the slightest chance of rain. On the bright side, she's hardly ever sick or unprepared for bad weather. It has, however, led to her being seen as a bit bizarre by the other kids at school, so she doesn't have many friends.

Digivice Color: Green body with silver highlights

Digimon Line
Baby: Botamon
In-Training: Budmon
Rookie: DoKunemon
Champion: Mothmon
Ultimate: Blossomon
Mega: Lotusmon

Any other info: Ellie is a bit clumsy. If there's a way to trip or injure herself, she'll probably find it. That's why her grandmother has her keep band-aids and a small bottle of antiseptic in her backback. She's become so used to treating herself that she has thoughts of going to medical school.

11-06-2008, 08:18 AM
@ Sparkplug: Modify cards will be received during the RP - and will be given to you by a wise digimon known as Wizardmon... But that's some way off, around the time your digimon partner reaches its rookie form.

This reminded me, actually... Could all those taking part in their RP please add a choice of up to 5 modify cards that they'd like their tamer to receive during the RP for use on their digimon. Thanks...

@ Darej: That sounds great. I'm not too bothered about how you play an evil digimon, or how rutheless you get - as long as it is OK with the people who your actions might affect... As for an evil tamer - that sounds like a great idea. THe ony thing is, you'd have to be willing to be an almost on-the-sidelines character at the beginning while everyone goes through the motions of getting their digi-eggs, raising the digimon that hatches out through the stages to rookie level, and then each of them meeting with Wizardmon who'll then give each tamer their own digivice and modify cards... Is that OK? If so, then feel free to post a character up for me to look over. :)

@ Nightmare Soldier: That is a rather cool character you've chosen - welcome to the RP! You're accepted.

OK - we are now full and ready to RP - all we need now is for Henry54 to post up his character (and for everyone to post their choice of up to 5 cards, naturally), and we'll be ready to begin! I'm already preparing the intro post for our RP thread, so sit tight and soon we shall begin...

11-06-2008, 10:45 AM
I have the free time anyway. *Glances at Sparkplug and DuskGem* Especially when my Dark Tamers decide to wander off. XD

*Looks guilty* I'm going.

I do need to warn you, I do have a bit of a sadistic streak, and I\'m not afraid to break the (Unwritten) rules. Dusk and Sparkplug can tell you that. XD My previous escapades include blowing up New York, kidnapping Tamers (Multiple instances) and using human shields. (usually the people I\'ve kidnapped.) ... And this was all in one training session. XD
It's True!!

As for mdify cards I'm not really sure about the ones there are. I'll probably want defense/attack raising ones.

11-06-2008, 04:28 PM
You wouldn't believe the kind of stuff my comp just pulled.
And it just leaves me with a few minutes to post, at the moment. But, I'll try to cobble together a simple profile for now, and finish it later.

Name: Vega (Last Name Withheld)

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wet-looking black hair that comes down to about shoulder length, comes down to cover his eyes. Wears an unzipped black sweatshirt with the hood off, with a dark maroon t-shirt underneath, and black jeans. Despite this, he claims he is not goth, using his t-shirt as his only article of proof.

Personality: Scheming; Sadistic. Will resort to terrorist-level/suicidal tactics without hesitation, and will rub people's faces in their defeat. Constantly thinking, and flies in by the seat of his pants, coming up with many of his plans on-the-fly, even if it doesn't seem that way.

Bio: TBA, as the plot allows/demands.

Digivice Color: Black Body, Black-Purple Grips

Digimon Line
Changes as the plot demands. No set Digimon.

Any other info: TBA

Modify Cards
Killer Instinct: Gives the User's Digimon greatly increased Speed and Sensory Awareness, while moderately increasing their Power. Depending on the Digimon's Level and Natural Ability, this increase in Speed and Awareness can devastate their actual Defensive ability, leaving their primary form of defense as dodging the attacks sent at it so long as the card's effects are active.
Control Spire: The Opponent is Barred from Digivolving.
Knight Spear: Gives the user's Digimon Gallantmon's Lance.
Positron Laser: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode's wrist cannon. The User's Digimon dual-wields this Mega-Level Cannon.
Digital Gate: Used for hasty retreats or simply transportation, instantly drags the user and his Digimon into the Opposite World. (EG: Use in Real World, you end up in the Digital World, and vice versa.)

Two Support Cards- (Cheap as h*ll, although one is balanced out... A little.) Two Attack Cards- (One long-range, one Close range. One Cheap, one not so much.) And one 'Get out of Jail Free' Card. (Needless to say, cheap as h*ll.)

Nightmare Soldier
11-07-2008, 02:28 AM
Thanks. The Card Terminal went out on me while I was looking for ideas, but I came up with First Aid Kit, Angewomon, Gatling Arm, Colosseum, and the Aegis. Is that okay?

11-07-2008, 08:15 AM
Can I sign up?

11-08-2008, 08:21 AM
For those having trouble with the Card Terminal, then I guess you could always use Wikimon's card list - just stick "Full Card List - Wikimon" into Google (with the speech marks) and click on the one with that as its title... I used to have a really good list of Digi-Modify cards but I can't seem to find it (I think it got corrupted along with my old fanfics and graphics work... >_< )

@ Vallant: Sure, feel free to post a sign-up - I'm sure there's room for one more within this RP. :)

@ Deraj: Cool - I love your evil character. He'll fit in fine within the RP, once everyone's characters' digimon partners have reached Rookie, that is (naturally)... If you want, you could play him almost like a Digimon Emperor character - but that's up to you. ;)

Henry'll be posting his character very soon. Once he and Vallant have posted their characters, then we can get RP'ing!
(I'm not gonna wait for everyone to get their cards posted up - as long as you all get your lists of chosen cards up ASAP...)

11-08-2008, 09:25 AM
I'll choose:

Bomb Dive: Gives me a power boost with Flying Digimon
Resist Downgrade: Prolongs time available to stay in a higher level
Sepikmon: Spirit Boomerang
Giromon: Chain Saw
Pluck: grounds a flying opponent.

11-08-2008, 04:04 PM
I just want to make this as clear as possible. My character is going to be evil for 90% of this RP. He\'s pretty much going to be the Manipulative Bastard the whole way through, and, if captured, will talk his way out of it. He\'ll likely Kick/Shoot the Dog, and will be otherwise despicable. If your characters fall for it, I, personally, will laugh, and lead you back to this message.
The other Ten Percent? The bit of Sympathy right before a Shoot/Kick the Dog moment.

Look up the article names, if you like.)

11-08-2008, 09:28 PM
Don't shoot the dog. My Character likes dogs. also, Renamon is part dog...or at least in the Canidae family.

11-09-2008, 07:55 AM
Name: Kien Shiell

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://i41.photobucket.com/albums/e265/Silver_Avenger/Anime%20guys/WolfBoy.jpg

Personality: Outgoing and friendly, Kien is a Intelligent and somewhat arrogant male, he is confident and is overally protective over friends and family. He enjoys Playing sport, Gaming, Hanging out with his friends, Dates and very occasionally the odd fight.

Bio: the life that Kien was brought into was one of privileged background; but that is not what make him who he is, It is the way he has strived in his life that makes him who he is. He was born to a loving mother and father who had received good educations and earned reasonable salaries. They were childhood sweethearts and when they were eighteen went on holiday to Italy, Volterra to be precise. They fell in love with the heavenly scenery and quickly snatched up a terrace house in the Palazzo dei Priori.

Nine months later he was welcomed into the world, and for six years they lived in bliss. At the age of six, his mother and father went hiking among the mountains and only his father came back. grief stricken he called his sister and asked her to look after Kien, then departed out of Kien's life, like a coward.

His Aunt came for him and moved into his home and has taken care of him ever since. at the age of eleven his school was set alight by an arsonist and he was slight burned on one hand, giving him a nasty scar.
His Aunt wishing the best for him sent him to Eton college when he turned thirteen in Windsor. He is a natural sportsman; skilled at Cricket, Football, Rugby and Tennis. because of his charismatic nature he regularly charms people into letting him off, doing stuff for him or just liking him. During his time at home and school he has mastered many languges and is fluent in English, Italian, German and French. He is writing a book in his spare time

Digivice Color: White Body, Venitian red Grips

Digimon Line
Baby: Botamon
In-Training: Koromon
Rookie: Agumon (Adventure)
Champion: Agunimon
Ultimate: Magnamon
Mega: Omegamon

Modify Cards: DigiCannon - Creates a Shoulder Cannon for Destructive use
Brave Shield Omega - Creates the Brave Shield that Omegamon uses
High Speed Attack - Makes a digimon go 10x faster for an Attack
Hyper Evolution - Automatically Digivolves a digimon for a period of time, ignores all restrictments but afterwards the Digimon is throughly weakened so that it can help nobody.
Super Slow Speed Worm - Slows down an opponents Digimon

Any other info: He has aquired a Beretta 92FS which he has reletive experince with during the holidays.

11-09-2008, 01:08 PM
I posted my Modify cards, but I'll post them here as well so you don't have to go back a page.
You wouldn't believe the kind of stuff my comp just pulled.
And it just leaves me with a few minutes to post, at the moment. But, I'll try to cobble together a simple profile for now, and finish it later.

Modify Cards
Killer Instinct: Gives the User's Digimon greatly increased Speed and Sensory Awareness, while moderately increasing their Power. Depending on the Digimon's Level and Natural Ability, this increase in Speed and Awareness can devastate their actual Defensive ability, leaving their primary form of defense as dodging the attacks sent at it so long as the card's effects are active.
Control Spire: The Opponent is Barred from Digivolving.
Knight Spear: Gives the user's Digimon Gallantmon's Lance.
Positron Laser: Imperialdramon Fighter Mode's wrist cannon. The User's Digimon dual-wields this Mega-Level Cannon.
Digital Gate: Used for hasty retreats or simply transportation, instantly drags the user and his Digimon into the Opposite World. (EG: Use in Real World, you end up in the Digital World, and vice versa.)

Two Support Cards- (Cheap as h*ll, although one is balanced out... A little.) Two Attack Cards- (One long-range, one Close range. One Cheap, one not so much.) And one 'Get out of Jail Free' Card. (Needless to say, cheap as h*ll.)
If you ever capture me, either take away my Digivice, or take away the cards, because if you don't, well, look up the Hannibal Lecture on TV Tropes. Vega has a silver tounge, and can talk his way out of nearly anything. I like doing those scenes. XD If you don't remember, I'll still do the Hannibal Lecture, but the climax will likely end with:

(Note: Script only used here because it's faster. I don't use script during RPs.)
Guard: *Sobbing, since Vega has laid out all his/her mistakes*
Vega: And now, the epitamy of your stupidity. You forgot to take away my cards and Digivice. *Swipes 'Digital Gate,' and vanishes*

Possible alternate, if the guard is female:

Guard: *Sobbing, since Vega has laid out all her mistakes*
Vega: You know, I could just leave at any time. *Flashes the Digital Gate card, careful to keep it out of her reach*
Guard: Then why don't you?
Vega: Because I enjoy your company. *Leans back in the makeshift cell* You know, once your partners find out about my escape, they're going to chew you out. I'm possibly the most dangerous human in either world. And you let me escape.
Guard: Why are you doing this?
Vega: You could come with me. You, me, right now, escape. You wouldn't have to face your friends. *Looks her over* And, trust me, friends can be fickle when you screw up.
Guard: *Turns her back on him*
Vega: Fine, it's your choice. *Stands up* But, I'll tell you this much, love. Every time I show up, you'll be the one effected the most. You'll remember this. How I picked you apart. How I made all your sins lay bare before me. And all I'll have to do is say the word, and you'll fall apart again. Next time, in front of your friends.
Guard: *Slight gasp*
Vega: *Leaning through the bars, resting his arms on a horizontal bar* And then, you'll be completely useless to your friends. When I get away again, you will blame it on yourself. And it'll happen again, and again, until the pain becomes too much. You'll be a jibbering heap, just at the sight of me. Do you really want that?
Guard: *Shivering* Then, what do I do?
Vega: You have two choices. One, you can just sit there, while I swipe this card and escape. Again. Or...
Guard: Or...?
Vega: Like I said, you could come with me. Away from your so-called friends. And, who knows, you might even be able to convert me to your side, over time. Maybe. Doubtful, but there's a chance for everything. And then, you can take all the credit. You would have single-handedly neutralised a danger so great, that even the Devas shiver at the mention of my name. Your friends will sing your praises, and proclaim you as a hero, instead of the coward. *Gives her 'The Eyes.'* So, what do you say?
Guard: ... Take me with you.
Vega: *Smirks, looking up* Oh, but what do I have to gain from this, you must be asking yourself now. The answer is, nothing. And that's exactly why I won't take you with me.
Guard: What?!
Vega: I think it's more cruel to just let this rest on your mind. How I made you openly betray your friends, when they count on you the most. I think that would be even more damaging to your psyche. Not only did you let yourself be interrogated and fall to pieces, not only did you let me escape, you were willing to turn your back on your friends, to escape your friends. You are the weak link in this team. And now we both know it. You will be the target of every attack, you will be my human shield when things go wrong, and eventually, I won't have to trick you into coming with me. You'll betray your friends of your own free will. You'll seek me out, and for what? Just to make the guilt go away. But, my pet, I'm going to tell you something. The guilt won't go away. Not ever. Everywhere you go, it will eat you alive, even if you end me yourself. These memories will destroy you, body and soul, until there's nothing left. And nothing in either World can stop it from happening.
*An unearthly screech comes out of nowhere, and shadows move in the distance*
Vega: *Calmly, as if he were expecting it* And now, I'll take my leave, Ms. Davies. *Swipes the card, and he disappears*

*Looks up* If the guard is a dude, three lines. If the guard is a girl, you get a friggin story. Gender equality my a**. XD

11-09-2008, 01:40 PM
Will you be doing that thing Deraj were everytime you post you add in useless \, I just want to know....

11-09-2008, 03:09 PM
Trust me Vallant, if I had a choice, I wouldn\'t put them in. But something\'s buggy on my end that puts them in after I hit the \'post\' button. I\'ve tried finding ways to fix it, but obviously nothing\'s working.
The reason it puts them in is because I have to jump through some hoops just to access this site. I\'ve been trying to find another way, (that\'s free) but I haven\'t found anything yet that doesn\'t slash up my posts. I did find ONE place, but it just sends me back to the site\'s page whenever I try to log into With the Will.

11-09-2008, 03:14 PM
Ah, that explains it; is there a reason you cant access it the way every one else does?

Also, I've just looked through your modify cards and by god, some of them are over powered. You can dedigivolve one of us, then stop us from digivolving; giving you a slight advantage..... How the hell can one of us take you on and even stand a remote chance at winning :P

11-09-2008, 03:37 PM
@ Deraj - Hmm - where are you posting from that would block WtW? Surely there's something you can do to fix it? Please? And - have you tried bypassthat.com? I posted this post through their proxy as a test, and so far it's seemed to work... Just a thought...

Oh - and Deraj - the whole 90% evil thing is fine with me - but would it be possible to choose modify cards that don't wipe the floor with us so badly? OK, I suppose they don't exactly make you invincible if you can only use them once per match - but they're still a bit too powerful considering the choices everyone else has made... Besides, you'll already have the advantage of being able to summon evil minions to finish your fights for you - don't you think that's enough? :)

@ Vallant: *looks at picture* ...that's a guy?? ...anyways - that's a good, strong character you've got there. You're accepted. :)

OK, since Henry's taking his time to post his character (besides he'll be starting in the Digital World anyway) I'm just gonna go ahead and post up the RP thread - so feel free to start RP'ing in the newly created RP thread...

...HERE (http://withthewill.net/index.php?topic=10857). ( <-- This'll become clickable when the new RP thread's been made. )

11-09-2008, 05:22 PM
I hadn't heard of that before. I tested it just now on Wikipedia, and, Firefly, I bloody love you. XD

The reason I can't log in normally, the way lostinthought explained it to me, is because I use AOL, which recycles IP adresses. Obviously, the person who last had my IP was an a**. So, I can't log in without a proxy. I went through lostinthought to try to get my normal IP unbanned, but he couldn't find it. So, I was stuck with Proxy Pronto.
I DID find another two Proxies that wouldn't slash up my posts (Proxify and Proxy Lord) but one you have to pay a monthly fee for if you want to post, and the other sends me back to its main page when I try to log in.

I'll change my modify cards tommorrow. I can't to it in the morning because I've got to go to College. (Getting registered and stuff. No classes yet.)

11-10-2008, 12:15 AM
The more I think about it, the more I realise that considering there is like 5 of us and 1 of you, that the Cards you already have would be fair, all we have to do is digivolve to our highest level quickly, and then only one of us can be dedigivolved..... meaning the rest of us have quite a good chance.

Also Deraj, will you ever get a partner, to you know; keep?

And Firefly, I've changed my Appearance, and one of my cards

11-10-2008, 10:52 AM
Me and shakkoumon (Sisters :D) are sorting out modify cards, as we not that used to them. IS there a site that tells you what they does, without having to click on every single one?

11-10-2008, 12:07 PM
To my knowledge.... No.

I can recommend some if you tell me the concept of the cards E.G a equipable Sword - Shishoumaru.

11-10-2008, 01:14 PM
I changed my Modify Cards.
I knew I was gonna have to the second I chose them. XD I kept the Control Spire, though, since all you have to do is destroy the Spire, and its effects are cancelled. I didn't put that there, though.
XD I have a feeling most fights with the Spire are going to degenerate to 'Destroy the Spire.' But, I'll use it sparingly so we don't have to go through repetetive battles.

I also added a made-up Card to the list, since I got rid of the Corrupt D-3. (Whose effects are real, except the individual cards deal with specific levels. The Corrupt D-3 disregarded starting levels, and just went straight to the effect.)
Killer Instinct is obviously the Made-Up Card, (Probably. There could be a card like this out there, with Guilmon's face on it, under a different name. XD) but I added a side-effect to balance it out a bit. But the way I worded it makes it so that SOME Digimon don't get the negative effect, so it doesn't ALWAYS degenerate into 'Hit him once, and we're good.'
The reason I made Killer Instinct: It fits my preferred close-range fighting style. More than likely, there will be an Antylamon in this RP dealing out major cans of whoop-a** using this card, without the negative side-effect. Yes, I like Antylamon. ... Don't judge me. XD

11-10-2008, 02:04 PM
I just want to make this as clear as possible. My character is going to be evil for 90% of this RP. He\'s pretty much going to be the Manipulative Bastard the whole way through, and, if captured, will talk his way out of it. He\'ll likely Kick/Shoot the Dog, and will be otherwise despicable. If your characters fall for it, I, personally, will laugh, and lead you back to this message.
The other Ten Percent? The bit of Sympathy right before a Shoot/Kick the Dog moment.

Look up the article names, if you like.)

Oh god, TVTropes. My old (or rather new) nemesis who gets me sucked in for hours.

Anyways, to the point, seeing as the RP is now full, would it also be possible for me to be non-main character? It could really be anything and I've got a pretty free schedule for the most part. Or if you decide to open up anymore spots, just tell me, please. xP

11-11-2008, 10:54 AM
I've decided to change my Adult to Agunimon....

Shadows Fall
11-11-2008, 08:13 PM
Uhh. . . do you mind if I join? Been a WHILE since I came by and I kind of grew bored of simply doing Kingdom Hearts based Rp's.

11-12-2008, 12:20 PM
And I've changed back to FlameDramon as my adult, also why is no one posting...

11-14-2008, 05:38 PM
I'm in the process of updating the first post of the RP thread with all yer character changes, which may take some time...

In the meantime, keep posting, guys! I'll check over the RP thread but I'm probably not gonna start posting until you all have at least progressed to having in-training digimon (although I might throw random events in to keep things moving if activity dies...)

@ Shadows Fall: You're a little late for the RP... but if you post up a bio, I'll consider whether or not to accept you (but please don't be offended if I don't accept you...)

11-16-2008, 10:41 AM
Duskgem cannot be on for the rest of the week, shove her character around (that's what she told me to put)

11-17-2008, 03:17 AM
Question, how will we come about are Digivice.... will it come with the egg or what.