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10-19-2008, 10:14 AM
“I have important news. The last of the chosen humans has appeared, 2 days ago”
“Interesting. I suppose this mean ‘They’ will soon be making a move”
“No doubt sir”
“Are our ‘associates’ ready”
“Yes sir”
“Very good, but lets not waste them yet. Send some of our champions. Lets see why these children were chosen”
“Right away sir”

“Look at the stars everyone. Aren’t they beautiful?” Charlie said dreamily, gazing up at the night sky.
“You ask that every night the stars are visible Charlie” Alpha pointed out as he ate the baguette in his hands. “Don’t you ever get tired of them?”
Charlie just sighed and shook her head. They were sitting on a hill that overlooked the beach and sea. “Would you prefer me to comment on the nice sunset instead?”
It was Al’s turn to sigh. Smiling Charlie looked round, meaning to ask her sister something, and her face soften. Opal Fletcher was curled up fast asleep her arms around G, who was looking slightly uncomfortable. Drake watched them, a scowl on hs face at G stealing his partner, Draco was just curled up next to them, also asleep. It was Opal and the Dracomons’ first time out here at this time of night. Charlie, Al and G had decided to allow them to accompany then on their nightly walk, but it seemed they were stil to young to stay out late. Still smiling Charlie gently prised Opal from Gamma, careful not to wake the sleeping girl. “I suppose we’d better go back” She said to the others. They nodded. They were about to walk back, the three digimon carrying the sleeping Draco when a bright light appeared in the sky. Charlie nearly dropped Opal in surprise, but caught herself. The three digimon didn’t and Draco fell to the ground. Charlie just stared at the light, when it suddenly blinked and stopped. Charlie stood there for a couple of seconds, then shaking her head she turned around. “That came from the old quarry!” She placed her, now stirrig, sister on the ground. “Draco, Drake, take Opal back home! Al, G come on” Shse turned and ran down the hill and along the path that would take her out of town and to the old mining quarry.

(OOC: Ok all of you see the light, and decide to investigate. Get to the old quarry, and we’ll go from there. No one else but our characters see the light)

10-19-2008, 10:20 AM
Drake glared at Gamma as he dissapeared, and then heldped his brother lift Opal. Slowly, they started to carry the little girl home. Their young minds wanted to follow Charli, Gamma and Alpha, but protecting Opal was their top piority, and so that was what they were doing, making sure they stayed in shadows.

Opal groaned, moving, eyes blinking open, "G-gaby...?" Before he could stop himself, Drake let out a slight snarl, making Opal look suprised. "Where's Gaby?" she asked as the two dracomon set her on her feet.

"That overgrown furball and the lizard have gone with Charlie to the quarry," Drake informed, growling slightly as he mentioned Gamma. Draco yawned, finishing the explanation, "There was a flash of light and your sister went to investigate."

"OOH! let's go as well!" Opal exclaimed, her eyes lighting up, but she was soon interrupted by the green Dracomon, "But Opal, your sister told us to take you home, it might not be safe."

Opal pouted, "I wanna go see!" Draco looked unsure, starting to give in, he looked evern more unsure as the little girl turned to her other digimon, "Dwaaakeeey!!"

"It sounds interesting, I agree on going," Drake grinned, tilting his head at his brother who sighed lightly, "Okay, but if your sister id mad, then it is not my fault."

"Yay!" Opal grinned, grabbing one of Drake's paws, and one of Draco's and starting to skip towards the quarry. "And anyway Draco, it'll be safe, Gaby will be there."

Drake gave a soft snarl as they went into the shadows.

10-19-2008, 01:11 PM
Kenton was reading a book in his room. Chuchi and Yuki read over his shoulder.

"Wow. Moutn Everest sure si big...I bet I could climb it one day." The young boy said. Chuchi smirked.

"Yeah, we could all go there one day. And we'll be the fastest people to climb it ever!"

"Oh calm down Chuchi." Yuki said. "I'm sure one day we'll get there, but it doesn't have to be a race."

"Well we'll still be famous!" Chuhci pumped his fist in the air.

"Quiet guys. I was supposed turn my lights out half an hour ago." kenton yawned. "actually...maybe I should." kenton clicked his light off. But his room was still lit up faintly.

"Huh? Where's that light coming from?" he asked himself. Yuki waddled over to the window and peered out.

"It's fromt that old quarry." he said. Chuchi peeked out also.

"Let's go see what it is!" he said. Kenton shook his head and grabbed a pair of binoculars off of his desk. He looked out.

"Huh...it's still tooo far away for me to see what it is...hey! There are soem thoer people going over there too!"

"We gotta beat 'em!" Chuchi declared. Yuki and Kenton both shushed him. "Good idea, but we gotta be quiet."

A few minutes later, the trio were tiptoing out the door in the direction of the mysterious light.

10-19-2008, 02:15 PM
"ah, I hate this paint! when are we gonna leave?"
"Ten, be happy you even get to come out of the house, now come over here and help me" Tres picked up a barrel and jammed it in place against the wall. "there, finally, hey Kelly I'm going on brake" Tres didn't wait for his boss' answer as he walked out the door, he'd been working all day, it was already 11:00. Tres leaned against the wall. A small shape moved behind a dumpster, as Tres looked at it, it turned into something familiar. "Lop! what are you doing here?"

"I came to see you" He said, "you were taking too long" Tres was just about to give him his, don't come out while i'm gone speech when something in the corner of his eye caught his attention. Tres walked out to see a huge flash of light, it was just above the old quarry. "what the hell?" Tres stared at it, there was something about, he didn't know what it was, but he wanted to find out. "Lop, you picked a good time to sneek out" He grabbed the two digimon and took off toward the quarry.

10-22-2008, 12:59 PM
Maria was walking home from her school with Beta in her backpack and shadow at home. "Man, I love the smell of senior year." Maria said to herself as she nears her house. Beta could hear her as he sleeps quietly in her backpack until they get home. Suddenly, just as Maria opens the door, out of the corner of her eye she could see a light. Shadow comes out of the house. "What's going on?" Shadow asked. Shadow looked and saw the same light. Beta pops his head out and also sees the light. "I don't know. But, we better go check it out." Maria said. Shadow and Beta both nods and the three heads off to the place called the quarry.

10-23-2008, 11:24 AM
Charlie skidded to a halt at the edge of the quarry and looked down. Rain water had collected at the bottom over the years, forming a little lake. But she wasn't looking at the lake. 2 metres in front of it was a large dinosaur digimon, with two more heads for hands. A deltamon. Behind him were 3 Devidramon. Imeeadiat;y charlie and er two digimon dropped to the ground. Silently she brought out her digivice and pointed it at the four digimon. On one side info on Deltamon came up and on the other the same for Devidramon.

Inside the quarry Deltamon was impatient. He looked around. expecting something. Suddenly he brought his two hands together. "Tri Force!" He called. A beam of light came out of all three of his mouths. They join together in one strong beam and fshot upwards into the air. Causing the bright light Charlie had seen earlier. She frowned. What were they up to?

10-23-2008, 11:44 AM
Opal was skipping along happily, holding the paw of excited Drake and worried Draco. The three of them looked up as another flash of light flooded the sky.

"Ooh! pretty!" Opal said, eyes locked on the sky where the flash had been.

"Perhaps it is best if we do not go..." Draco started.

"oh come on," Drake cut in, "You want adventure as well, you're just scared of Charlie being angry at you."

"No I am not!"

"Come on!" Opal said excitedly, pulling the two Dracomon along quicker, getting closer and closer to the quarry.

10-23-2008, 11:57 AM
"Woah!" another beam shot up, lighting up the sky like before. "okay, that is definatly not natural" Ten said. "oh no, I'm not going over there!" Lop cried as he tried to hide behind Tres' shoulder. "Be quiet you two!" Tres said "Someone might hear you" Tres went further up to the quarry, the lake was usually a tranquil place, but now it was far from tranquil, three Devidramon, along with a Deltamon, were gathered on the side of the quarry. "oh hell no! there's no way I'm taking them on" just as Tres said that he saw someone off to the side. It was a girl, and she wasn't far from them. "what is she thinking, If they see her!" Tres grabbed Ten and ran over toward the girl. "We have to get her out of here!"

10-23-2008, 01:17 PM
Maria, Beta, and Shadow came to a stop when they saw another beam shot up. "This looks bad." Shadow said. "Yeah. Come on." Maria said. They continue their way to the quarry. When they got there they saw three devidramon, and a deltamon. "Whoa. this definetly doesn't look good." Maria said.

10-24-2008, 06:26 AM
Kenton and his digimon saw another beam go up.

"Wow! That's huge!" Yuki said.

"I bet I could do better." Chuchi grumbled.

"Maybe it's abeacon of somekind..." Kenton thought. "Anyways, it doesn't look good. We should see if we can stop it!"

The trio raced into the quarry, and saw the group of powerful digimon.

10-25-2008, 07:43 AM
(OOC: At the moment evryone is at the edge, or near the edge of the quarry looking into it where the digimon are. No-one human is in it yet. Util the end of my post at least ::))

"What do we do you two?" Charlie asked
Al began to answer but he then turned and growled slightly. Charlie turned also and saw a boy, holding a rabbit digimon, running towards her and her two digimon, telling her o get out of there. She scowled at him. "If we leave who knows what they might do." She turned to look at the 4 sigimon " Why is he shooting into the sky?" She said, not to anyone in particular. She sighed. "I guess your right. Theres nothing we can do. She began to walk away when she slipped and fell backwards over the edge, her hand flew out, trying to grab something to steady her. Which happened to be Tres. Together the two, and his digimon, fell down the side of the quarry and landed at the bottom. Immeadiatly 7 pairs of eyes looked at them. Deltamon grinned. "Finally. You have come, chosen ones"

(Sorry Osirist, I just felt like dragging someone down with her. If I'm right he was holding Ten, Lop could either have fallen with them or be up there with Al and G)

10-25-2008, 09:18 AM
"Awwww, first paint and now mud! am I ever going to be clean?" Ten said. "Tres, hey Tres! can you hear me?" he turned and saw the Deltamon staring right at him. "ah, run for the hills!" Ten jumped on Tres' head shaking. Tres was about to calm him down when not a moment later Lop slid down the mud bank.

"Lop what are you doing!" Lop looked at him with a ??? expression, "It looked fun, why shoudn't I?" Deltamon answered the question for him by roaring wildly and smashing the ground in front of them, sending dust everywhere, "ENOUGH WITH THE SMALL TALK, TIME TO FIGHT!" At those words one of the Devidramon rushed forward. Tres jumped back "Ten, Lop, Double Zen Hurricane!" Lop jump to his feet, "Freezing twister!" Ten did the same "Terrier Tornado!" the two atacks meet in front of Devidramon and formed a huge twister that collided with him, knocking him back. Tres checked to see if he was down, and of course, he wasn't. "Man! there's not a scratch on him, there out of are league" Tres looked back to the girl "I see you've got two digimon, and I thought I was the only one" He smiled "Listen, I'll need your help, this is gonna happen fast and you've gotta be ready ok?" after a nod of agreedment Tres turned back two the digimon, "Alright guys, you ready, It's time to take it up a notch!"

Tres held his digivice out and closed his eyes, he could hear the Devidramon getting up, ready to attack, but he erased it from his thoughts, he tried to remeber how he felt that time, "remember, what your fighting for" he thought. He held out his left hand as a ring of digicode formed around it. His eyes shot open, he slammed the digivice against the ring, scanning the data and using it, "Matrix Digivolution!"

Behind him Lop and Ten glowed with energy, as one, they leaped back and were covered in orbs of light.
"Terriermon digivolve to....!"
"Lopmon digivolve to........!"
The spheres shattered, reveling the two.
They stood behind Tres ready to fight. "finally back to my old colors!" Ten said. "I feel invincible!" Lop yelled. Tres looked back at the two. "Looks like I can do it, it wasn't just a fluke" He turned back to the digimon across from them. They'ed been surprised by the sudden change, all except the one they knocked over, who hadden't noticed and was really really angry. He flew toward them again, but this time, they were ready. Ten jumped forward, "Gargo blaster" the hail of bullets exploded over Devidramon, stopping him in his tracks. Lop was next, he ran toward him, dodging Ten's constant barrage, and leaped into the air til he was eye level with the dark digimon. "Lightning fist!" a flurry of kicks and punches hit Devidramon, followed by one last supercharged blow, deleting him. Lop landed next to Ten, and Tres walked up behind them. If they weren't scared before, the Digimon were certainly scared now, seeing their comrade defeated so fast was something they didn't expect. Tres gave them a confident smirk, "so, who's next"

(ooc: woah, long post)

10-25-2008, 12:28 PM
Opal skipped to the edge of the quarry and then stopped in fear, seeing the digimon, who to her, were very scary. Seeing the digimon defeated had especially frightened her, as she had never really seen digimon fight before, only playfights for fun, this was new, and terrifying. "Charlie!" the little girl called out, seeing her sister down in the quarry with the bad digimon. Drake and Draco stepped in front of her as the bad digimon noticed her, the two dracomon snarling in warning.

11-02-2008, 11:52 AM
Tres watched as the other Devidramon circled, "I wonder If I can beat both of them, not to mention Deltamon, by myself" a sound caught his ear, Tres turned to see a girl, close to his age, near the edge of the quarry, as he scanned the edge he saw two other kids, both of them young. "great" he sighed "even though I don't want to get them involved, I really need some help right now" Tres gestured toward them, not taking his eye off the devidramon for an instant.