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07-30-2008, 01:59 PM
Since the defeat of Grumm and Brudwing, all in Newtech city and the rest of Earth has been well, but , lately creatures have been appearing and a new set of SPD Rangers have been called in to get rid of them. Many conspiracy theories have appeared among citizens of Newtech City about Grumm and Brudwing being back for revenge but the commander refuse to let things like this be true as to keep the new rangers better than ever.


Name: Cadet
Age: (16 to 18)
Ranger Colour: (Available Colours: Blue, Green & Yellow)
Unmorphed Appearence: (When not in any SPD uniform)

------------------------------------My Character-----------------------------------------------

Name: Cadet Bridge Carson jr.
Age: 18
Ranger Colour: Red
Unmorphed Appearence: Tall and muscular. He looks alot like his father with messy brown hair and green eyes. He usually wears red clothes and jeans.
Personality: Bridge, Like his father is the strangest of the current rangers. He does not seem smart but often shocks people with his inteligence. He is kind and caring and always protects others. He often gets confused and has to do headstands to clear his mind. He was told when he was younger that different gentic capabilities are in his DNA. The coolest being him able to see auras like his father, and the strangest being he has to wiggle his fingers every time he says 'buttery'.
Bio: Bridge grew up with SPD in his life ever since he was very young. When he was born his father, Bridge Carson was the current Red Ranger and his mother, Syd Drew was the current Green Ranger. Bridge was initiated into training straight away and grew up with a goal of becoming a power ranger. His father soon became the Commander of SPD Earth Branch and his mother became SPD Blue Ranger. The red ranger, Z Delgado then retired and his mother became Red Ranger then Assistant Commandere leaving a new set of rangers to be ranked. There have been many rangers since than but now it is the turn of Bridge and the others. People often think that it is because his father is commander but it was because Bridge was the best choice and was made SPD Red Ranger.

--------------------------------------Available Positions----------------------------------------

One ranger must play my charcters sister and be one of the rangers(of course to the ranger bit) as any colour they like.

Red: Myself: Cadet Bridge Carson jr.
Pink: DuskGem: Cadet Lucy Carson


Name: Commander Bridge Carson sr.
Age: 40
Ranger: ???? Range
Appearence: Looks similar to when he was a younger, but his hair is slightly greying. He wears a long trench coat with the SPD Emblem badge and the commander badge. He wears a black shirt, and white tie. Black pants and black boots.
Personality: Unlike when he was younger Bridge is now more serious and pushes his son and the rest of the rangers. He does secretly still have his childish side. And sometimes shows his old sense of humor to the Rangers and his wife.
Bio: When he became commander of SPD Earth Branch, he was the youngest commander ever at only age 20. He soon started dating Syd and after a couple of years they actually got married. They had a child, their oldest, Bridge jr., and their youngest a girl who soon became a ranger herself.

Name: Assistant Commander Sydney 'Syd' Carson
Age: 38
Ranger: ????? Ranger
Appearence: Looks the same as she was younger, she still has pure blonde hair but it is now kept tied up. She wears a fitted jacket which has the SPD emblem on it, and a triangular badge showing that she is assistant commander. She wears a white shirt and a pants which match the jacket, she also wears high heels but still manages to do combat in them when needed. She usually wears a white lab coat over her clothes though.
Personality: Is less stuck up than when she was younger, she still loves the fact that she haves money but not in a snobby way. Since she get older she ahs grown in intelligence and nw actually ha the IQ of Kat Mynx. She tries to recover the S.W.A.T technology as it was lost in old files.
Bio: (see Commander Carson's bio but make obvious changes)

08-02-2008, 01:29 PM
Name: Cadet Lucy Carson
Age: 16
Ranger Colour: Pink
Unmorphed Appearence: She looks quite a lot like her mother, except her hair is the brown like her father's and brother's, but lighter. She can easily be called 'pretty' and 'beautiful'. She tends to wear fasionable pink clothes, but prefers trousers to skirts. Her ears are pierced in the lober, and she tends to wera diamond studs.
Personality: Like her mother was, she is very girly, loving jewlry, pink and other girly things, except make up. However despite this she has inherited her fathers (somewhat weird) intelligence, and is very determined in fights.
Bio: She was made a ranger at the same time her brother, despite being 2 years younger. It causes a bit of conflict, but she usually excepts him as the leader of the team. She had wished for ages to be a trainer and trained for a long time, and was delighted when she was handed the pink morpher.

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Course your accepted, Pink is now taken aswelll as the sister spot.
Yay, glad you joined,
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