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07-04-2008, 01:14 PM
Many years ago 6 kids appeared in a place called the digital world, in this place they got a gift, a wonderful and powerful gift. The gift to turn into digimon.

They destroyed a great evil with them, but a new evil arose and destroyed the spirits that live inside of them.
These children were called back once more, to save the digital world from the evil with a new power.


Basically the spirits were destroyed and now Takuya and the gang have new spirits which they will use to destroy the evil.

You are taking control of either, Kouji, Kouichi, Zoey, Tommy or JP and creating new spirits for them.



Name: [Kouji, Kouichi, Zoey, Tommy or JP. If more than one girl wants to join then they can make it as if one of the characters left has always been a girl. And as seen in the show Zoe and Takuya are now in a relationship as they are much older]
Age: [15 for Tommy, 17 for JP and 16 for the rest]
new D-tector Colors: [Base and Main]

Human Spirit:
Beast Spirit:
Fusion Spirit:
Unify Spirit: [only for Kouji]
Mega Spirit: [like Susanoomon. Only for Kouji]

My character

Name: Takuya Kanbara
Age: 16
New D-Tector Colors: Orange Base & Red Main

Human Spirit: Burnmon
Beast Spirit: RushGreymon
Fusion Spirit: Infernamon
unify Spirit: Coremon
mega Spirit: Zereshmon


Places Left

takuya: Myself