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05-08-2008, 04:45 PM
[We are now starting the RP. It begins a few months after people have met their Digimon. Having received a few data files from the mysterious GM, your partners have evolved to Child level. There have been no wild Digimon attacks... yet.
Whether you know other characters or not is up to you, but the government has not made its interest in this incident apparent.]

"Keramon, shinka! UltimateDragomon!" Keramon shouted.

"Go, finish him off!" Kyle shouted

"Dragon Vortex!" His partner shouted, creating a massive wave of energy. It was about to connect with his opponent, but then...

Kyle's eyes snapped open as his alarm clock went off. Another day of class... just when he was having a great dream. With a sigh he shut off his alarm clock and prepared to get ready for class. He glanced at the DEUS on his desk, and an image of a creature appeared on the screen.
"Morning, Keramon," Kyle said, letting out a yawn.
"Just let me uplink to that clock and fry it..."
Kyle laughed, "No, I really can't afford to be late for class in the mornings... Come on, let's go." He stuffed the DEUS into his pocket and headed on his way. It had been a little over two months since he found the strange device and egg one day, just sitting on his desk. He had been dreadfully confused at first, but now Keramon was his best friend and he couldn't really imagine life without him. Still, it was weird... did anyone else have creatures like this?
Oh well, no time to worry about that. Class was starting in fifteen minutes and he was running late.

05-08-2008, 05:26 PM
Robert Hoag ate another spoonful of his morning Cheerios slowly, staring straight ahead. Across from him, on the other side of the table, Kokuwamon was busy reassembling the small television he had taken apart minutes before.
"So, how many times is that now?"
"This unit has been reconstructed 8 times," Kokuwamon replied, sliding the glass screen black into place, then pressing the power button. The TV lit up, displaying a weather forecast for the day.
"So you can take apart and rebuild televisions, toasters, microwaves, and Gundams," Bob smiled, finishing his breakfast with a gulp of coffee. "Gotta say little man, I may be impressed. What do you say we see what you can do with something a little bigger? I think I can try sneaking you into work today."
Kokuwamon nodded silently, and Bob tapped the button on his sturdy yellow and black DEUS to store the child digimon inside, then tucked the device into a pouch on his toolbelt. Taking another quick sip of coffee, he headed out the door of his small apartment to get to work on the renovations over at the University's new library.

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-08-2008, 05:41 PM
Jace was riding the early morning bus to school. He had his DEUS in his hand and was, again, observing the contents of it.

"Why do you always do that?" a voice said. A small face appeared in the way. "You've looked at this stuff, like, ten times already!"

"I just want to make sure I know everything about you." Jace replied subtly. He didn't want to look like an idiot, talking to his 'iPod'. "YOu guys came here for a game, and I want to find out what the object is." he looked at a specific file. Impmon sighed.

"That one has been bugging you alot recently. I've memorized what it says. 'Be on the watch, your opponent could be anyone. Maybe even me. Hooha!' See? Right down to the hooha."

Jace sighed. "Well, I did get that file a while back. Maybe we'll find out what it means soon."


"OH great." Impmon said. "Here comes the rain again. Falling on my head like a memory."

"We're inside a bus."

"Well then, I'll wait a bit."

05-08-2008, 06:36 PM
Hands folded in his lap, Nathan sat on the last seat in the bus, staring out the window at the city.

Beside him, Petit Mamon's legs dangled from the seat, kicking out at the seat in front of them. "When are we going to get there?" he grumbled, looking at Nathan. When he received no response, he cleared his throat and asked once more. "Hey, when are we going to get there?"

Nathan did not look at his Digimon, glancing around the rest of the bus before responding quietly "In a few minutes, Petit Mamon."

"Would it kill you to stop ignoring me?" The digimon said, arms resting behind his head.

"You know," Nathan said, pulling out his DEUS as he spoke, "it would be so much simpler if you just stayed inside this thing while we traveled."

"It's more fun out here, though," Petit Mamon grinned. "Besides, I'm hidden either way."

This was true. Since evolving to Child, Petit Mamon had gained a very interesting technique. Using his Petit Nightmare, he was now able to cast illusions. If he wished to be unseen and unheard by the general populace, then he would be unseen and unheard by the general populace. To everyone on the bus, Nathan was alone in his seat, pulling out what appeared to be an iPhone and putting it to his ear to talk.

"You've got a point," Nathan chuckled, holding the DEUS to his ear like a phone, "and I hear the government has some perks heading our way. Company cars, things like that?"


"Well, we won't have to be quite as cautious if we're riding our own car to work and back, yes?"

Petit Mamon nodded, and his ears perked up as the bus began to slow to a stop. "This is our stop, I recognize it!"

Nathan nodded, standing up and making his way through the bus, Petit Mamon close behind him. As they exited the bus, they looked toward a nondescript grey building.

It had been a little over a month since he had signed on to work with the government about the matter of Digimon. Walking into the front lobby of the building, Nathan found himself still amused by the drab little room, with the pretty receptionist sitting across from the double doors. Digital Solutions: a governmentally funded company that researches and fixes computer viruses of all kinds.

That's the job the front office talked about, and the job Nathan told people that he had. Smiling to Karen at the front desk, Nathan swiped his ID card over the doors behind her, and walked into the interior of the building.

To an outsider looking in, researching computer viruses would probably be exactly what those just inside the building looked to be doing. In each cubicle, on every computer screen, there were various computations, names, and binary codes. However, Nathan strode past these cubicles. A few workers peeked their head out to greet him, and he shook their hand politely and apologized, saying he couldn't stop and was on his way to a meeting.

Finally, near the back of the building, he entered a small elevator with Petit Mamon, and when the doors were shut, he tapped on the button labeled B1.

"So when's the big meeting?" Petit Mamon asked as they began to move down.

"In about ten minutes," Nathan replied, straightening his tie.

"I hate these things," Petit Mamon groaned, "they're always so dull!"

"Well, you don't HAVE to attend," Nathan smirked as the elevator doors opened, "the only ones who are really required to attend are we agents given a partner." He glanced at Petit Mamon, amused. "If you'd like, you can always let them run a few more tests on you?"

Petit Mamon shook his head with a small shudder. "Eh, I can live with a little boredom."

"That's my boy," Nathan said, and they moved out of the elevator and into the basement floor, which was a little less conspicuous than the floor above.

All around, there were workers and scientists typing away furiously on their computers, pictures of Digimon on most of the screens. This was the true face of Digital Solutions: An agency created to find the cause of the Digimon in the Real World.

On the ground floor and above, workers worked on less incriminating files. For the most part, they did work on the research of computer viruses, but they were often given other assignments, whether it was analyzing the changing binary structure of a Digimon examined by the government, or something otherwise undecipherable, were the building to be infiltrated.

Below ground, however, the real work was done. Digimon were examined, they were studied, and Nathan was at the head of this. He had been given a Digimon, and because of this he found himself in one of the top spots of the company. He outranked anyone working above ground, and outranked many of those working down below.

And now, he was to meet with the agents ranked equally with him. Smiling as he walked toward the back meeting room, he could not help but feel excitement.

It was always interesting to meet with other Chosen.

Kazin Kagari
05-08-2008, 06:37 PM
At his computer, Dimitri finished up typing his report on Modigliani, recently become interested in his works, particularly his sculpture work. The abstract pieces, the women, each characterized by long necks; he knew that this would be a passing interest for him though. For the last eight months that he's been attending school in America, Dimitri's interest in various artists has both come and gone, and currently he was fixated on the works of Amedeo Modigliani (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amedeo_Modigliani). Even though he didn't prefer it, he always did enjoy looking at abstract art pieces, finding them interesting in their unique ways.

"Dimitri, you need to finish up soon. I'm pretty sure between you and the spell-checker everything is perfect," a voice said coming from the small kitchen in the condominium. Dimitri's talents have earned him multiple scholarships and grants, and as such, is lucky not to be living the dorm life.

"Didn't you hear me?" the voice said again, coming from a strange gray furry... rabbit-like creature. "You need to eat and you need to go. Buses aren't gonna wait for you," he added further. Dimitri silently sighed and then started making rapid motions with his hands at the creature.

Sorry Gazimon, I just got caught up in proofing this thing and I wanted it to be perfect.

Gazimon read the signs and sighed back at his friend. "I know, but still. You'll need to hurry," he finished, sitting down to his own bowl of cereal as he flipped on the television. Dimitri smiled and started to print out the document while he fixed his own breakfast and started eating as he prepared for his classes that day, gathering together his belongings and making sure he wasn't forgetting anything. Picking up the report he slid it into a folder and took one final look around, his eyes locking on to a small device on a coffee table.

Dimitri snapped to get Gazimon's attention. I still think it's silly that someone like me is walking around with a cell phone... Dimitri signed.

"You can still text with it, right?" Gazimon replied. "Then don't worry about it."

Dimitri sighed and nodded, picking up his DEUS and looking it over. It was a strange little device. Even with his research he has no idea what it was exactly or where it came from. All he knew is that Gazimon came with it, and for that he was grateful.

Dimitri snapped again. He knew it seemed rude, but he had no other way of getting his partner's attention. Am I forgetting anything? Books, reports, pencils, the usual? he asked.

"Nope, you got everything. Guess it's that time then?" Gazimon said as he finished slurping back the rest of his cereal. Dimitri nodded as he held his DEUS out in front of him.

"Let it rip!" Gazimon said as a thin beam shot out from the small phone like object, enveloping him as he seemingly vanished. A beep from the DEUS showed otherwise, as an LCD version of him appeared on the screen, a message appearing quickly.

'Let's rock.'

The message was simple. Dimitri nodded as he left his place to catch the bus to school, locking up behind him.

05-08-2008, 06:58 PM
Leaning in a chair with his feet up on a table, Derrick yawned a bit while looking at his DEUS.

"You shouldn't be so informal, you do know that right?" Commandramon sitting perfectly in a chair with his rifle on his lap, looked over at his more lax partner.

"It's way too early for you to be doing this, alright? I hate meetings... Especially when I'm the one waiting, because someone wouldn't let me stay asleep." A small hint of annoyance in his voice Derrick looked over to his partner.

Commandramon simply shrugged. "Being early is much better than being late, that's a bad habit of yours after all... So someone needs to ensure you're up and ready to perform your job to perfection."

"Once again... It's too early for this." Derrick yawned once again then turned his head to the door. "When is someone else gonna get here... We need to get this meeting under way already..."

05-08-2008, 07:37 PM
Pierce strode confidently through the streets, content to ignore everyone around him. His left hand slipped into the pocket of his vest, withdrawing the gold pocketwatch he kept there.

"3 minutes," he observed casually, dropping the timepiece back into his pocket.

"Plenty of time to make it to the office," a voice whispered in his ear, Renamon phasing back into his plane of vision for but a moment to utter the phrase, keeping steady pace with her partner.

As they turned the corner, the building was already in view, dull and lifeless, a perfect shield. It attracted attention from no one, despite the treasures it held within. The pair entered inside, one unseen while the other buttoned his suit jacket, seeking to present the most polished exterior appearance that he could at all times. He ignored the goings on of those that worked on the entry level. They were, at best, pawns, and at worst, idiots. He neither acknowledged them nor their duty as he strode for the elevator. Producing his identification from his breast pocket, he slid it through the card reader, and descended to the depths of the government's true purpose.

It was only when they were alone in the elevator that Renamon revealed herself fully, shifting her tail nervously.

"What is it?" Pierce asked, already well attuned to the anxieties of his partner.

"I don't like these closed spaces," she explained.

"I hardly think you have to worry about something happening in our own headquarters," Pierce placated her, watching the levels descend on the display.

"I worry about everything," she countered, to which Pierce could only smile as they arrived, and stepped out onto the primary level.

"The meeting is this way," he instructed, and the two made their way to the conference room, side by side.

05-08-2008, 08:06 PM
Pale, blue light traced a row of bars across Allen's bed as the window blinds snapped open sharply, accompanied by a small voice, "Hey, Allen, wake up. We don't want to be late."

Without a word to his companion and personal alarm clock, Allen slid out from the sheets and stood in the otherwise dark apartment, sleepily rubbing his eyes and stretching before methodically remaking his bed.

"Hmph. Can't you do that later? The meeting's in an hour and a half."

"I've never been late for a meeting," replied Allen, tugging his blankets up over his pillow, "and today will be no different."

A flash briefly illuminated the impeccably clean apartment—clearly the abode of a neat freak—and a small object fell to a nearby table with a clatter. "Whatever you say," said the little voice, through a slight digital static.

"Kudamon, please be careful with that."

The two were silent for the rest of the morning, and Allen went through his normal routine: showering, cooking and eating a small plate of eggs, then brushing and flossing his teeth. He opened his closet and removed one of several black suits and put on a pair of equally black slacks, which he had layed out the night before. He buttoned up his white shirt, carefully tied his black tie, put on his glasses, belt, socks and shoes, fitted his shoulder holster snuggly, and double-checked his handgun's ammunition.

He put his suit on and stood in front of his dresser mirror, quickly combed through his dark, black hair, straightened his tie, and then, as a final touch, attatched a small pin to his lapel, emblazoned with the letters "DS". He smiled slightly.

"It's all in the little details," he noted to his unseen companion, picking up a small phone-like device and tucking it into the inner sleeve of his jacket as he walked out the door, "Let's get going."


Less than fifteen minutes later, a stone-faced Allen arrived at his place of work: a mundane government-funded office, ostensibly dedicated to researching computer viruses and other such forms of cybercrime, called Digital Solutions. As he stepped out of his modest, black car, the digitized voice of Kudamon spoke up, "Never late, never early. You've got this stuff down, don't you, partner?"

"A good agent shouldn't stand out from the crowd. That's why I'm out here, and you're in there... Partner." Allen patted the device in his pocket and put a smile on his face, walking into the lobby where he was greeted warmly by the receptionist, Karen. After exchanging pleasantries, he swiped his ID card and entered the main office, taking a few minutes to mingle with some of his coworkers, then made his way to an elevator in the back.

"I wonder what the meeting's about. A new mission?"

Allen's expression had returned to the one he had worn almost alll morning, devoid of emotion. "We'll see."

05-08-2008, 08:15 PM
"Miles, we're going to be late," Lopmon says quietly over his partner's brown and pink DEUS, waiting patiently as his Tamer receives his cup of coffee.

"Nonsense," Miles replies, DEUS up to his ear as he smiles and nods to the barista. "Thanks." Turning to leave, he continues to his partner, "We're never late, Lopmon. The only time we have to rush is when they hold these meetings so damn early. Eight AM is prime sleeping time."

"You could have at least worn a suit," his partner insists. "You look more respectable."

"I wore a suit when I was hired," Miles counters, picking up the pace as he walks along towards the government building. "I do not work a desk job, Lopmon. A suit is simply not practical for a Tamer to wear to battle. You have to be ready at a moment's notice. And, there's no one I'm looking to impress. Hey, we're almost there, I'll let you out as soon as I get downstairs."

He ends their conversation without waiting for a response. Stopping briefly outside a store to look at himself in the glass, taking a sip of his coffee, he adjusts his outfit. Having decided on a pair of white khaki pants, a plain black t-shirt inside of a plain black zip-up sweater left halfway open and accompanied by black dress shoes, he was going for a nice yet casual look.

Ugh, when will something interesting happen? He asks to himself, shaking his head before continuing on to his destination.

Upon reaching the building he slips inside, greeting Karen at the desk and smiling pleasantly to anyone he comes across as he makes his way through. Stepping inside the elevator, finally alone, he releases Lopmon, his partner appearing in a bright light and immediately hopping onto Miles' shoulder, a position they had both become very fond of. Pocketing his DEUS, a smile on his face, Miles runs a hand through his midlength brown hair, trusting that his appearance is satisfactory.

Stepping out of the elevator once they reach their destination, Miles walks confidentally towards the conference room in the back, finishing and disposing of his coffee along the way. Spotting Nathan, he calls out to his friend and makes his way over, smiling in greeting.

05-08-2008, 08:41 PM
Nathan nodded to Miles, extending his hand for a handshake.

"Morning," he said.

As he, Miles and their respective Digimon moved toward the meeting room, Nathan chuckled. "I haven't seen you in a while," he said with a smirk.

"At least a couple weeks," Petit Mamon nodded, slapping hands with Lopmon.

"Which, I guess, is to be expected," Nathan said, opening the door of the meeting room for Miles, "after all, we've only all gathered together like this twice, so I've seen you more than most of the others around here."

"After you," he said, motioning to the meeting room.

05-08-2008, 08:51 PM
Pierce nodded to the rest of those assembled as he stepped into the conference room, the mahogany table glistening with polish. He settled easily into one of the leather arm chairs, crossing his legs and setting his hands atop his knee after unbuttoning his coat.

"Renamon, be a dear and see to a pot of tea, would you?" he asked, nonchalantly, stifling a yawn. With a simple nod, the bewitched beast vanished into the shadows.


A few moments later, Renamon reappeared, bearing a silver tray containing a teapot, a saucer and one teacup. Pierce smiled his appreciation as she set it in front of him, and he removed his watch once more from his vest.

"Time?" he asked, pleasantly.

"One minute, thirty-seven seconds," she replied.

The Tamer nodded, counting down the remaining three minutes and twenty-three seconds of steeping time before removing the tea ball from the pot at precisely five minutes. He poured himself a cup, and reclined in his chair, sipping contentedly on the brew as he waited.

05-08-2008, 09:00 PM
"And chitons belong to the class of mollusks known as.... Kyle?"

Kyle was barely paying attention, instead choosing doodle ideas in his notebook of what Keramon might look like if he evolved again. While not unintelligent, Kyle often found it very hard to pay attention during class, especially since he received his DEUS. Why bother learning about simple life forms when there was a sentient artificial intelligence program in his hands?

"Kyle?" The professor repeated.

Kyle looked up and saw the entire class staring at him. He felt his face turning red as he shifted through the pages of his textbook. "Uh..." He vaguely recalled seeing the answer somewhere, "P... poly... polyplacophora?"

"That's correct. Chitons are..." The professor continued his lecture, and Kyle went back to daydreaming.

A sentient artificial intelligence program. It was like something out of a bad sci-fi movie. Kyle had tried Googling the term "Digimon" but all it brought up was some shitty fanfiction that bore no resemblance to anything like Keramon. Granted, he wasn't sure what other sort of Digimon there might be, if there were any.

When he was sure no one around him was looking, he pulled his DEUS out of his pocket. A message appeared on the screen next to the image of Keramon.
Keramon> Nice save there. Thought you might not find the answer. I almost shouted it out to you. Took .387 seconds for me to find it. That Wikipedia website never ceases to amaze me.

Kyle stifled a laugh, not wanting to draw attention to himself. He scrolled through the options and opened the Digimon Detector. Still no one around. If only there was some sort of information about what was going on... Kyle knew that if he asked anyone, they'd just laugh at him, and he didn't want to go around waving Keramon to anyone, not even his closer friends or hallmates. They had already started prodding a bit, asking who he was speaking to when he was in his room alone. Luckily Kyle was able to quickly think up an excuse, claiming he was voice chatting with a friend over the internet. That seemed good enough for them and they left him alone after that.

Scrolling back through the options, he looked at the Data Management screen. Kyle couldn't help but glance at the strange file names he had chosen to upload to Keramon, he practically had them memorized even though they were nonsense. A string of letters, numbers, and symbols with the file extension .dgm. What did they mean? What did they DO? Aside from apparently helping his Kuramon evolve to Keramon. Keramon himself didn't have much of an idea of who he was, simply saying he was a Digimon. Much of his knowledge of the world had come through his voracious acquiring of data off the internet. Geez, when he went through that 4chan phase two weeks ag...

Kyle tried to snap himself out of his daydreams, reminding him there was a test next week, and he really didn't want to let his grades drop. He might need those grades to go to grad school or something... If he could ever figure out what exactly he wanted to do.

Within minutes the professor's monotone voice had driven Kyle to his daydreams again.

05-08-2008, 09:07 PM
Miles takes Nathan's hand, shaking it firmly. "Mornin'," he says, nodding along. "Been a while, yeah. Wish it would've been a little longer, too, these morning meetings kill me."

Lopmon hops down to greet Petit Mamon. "I wish my Tamer dressed as nice as yours," he says with a small smile.

Grinning as Nathan opens the door, Miles steps through. "Always such a gentleman, Nathan."

Lopmon follows his Tamer inside and stands off to the side as Miles finds a seat at the table, smiling in greeting to Pierce and Renamon. "Mornin'."

05-08-2008, 09:16 PM
Renamon merely inclines her head by way of greeting, Pierce smiling over the rim of his teacup.

"Good day," he replied setting the vessel back onto the saucer. As he replaced his watch in his vest, Pierce also reached into his coat pocket, withdrawing his DEUS and clipping it to his belt. The digivice was a golden yellow color, very much akin to Renamon's fur, its edges trimmed in a royal purple.

There was no doubt that it had been made particularly for Renamon, and by extension, particularly for Pierce. The question that he and the others had assembled to discover the answer to, however, was 'why?'

Kazin Kagari
05-08-2008, 10:04 PM
Dimitri was sitting at a table at the school's library, his first couple of classes out of the way. His laptop in front of him, a book to his side, and a tasty hot dog from a vendor near the school. Multitasking as usual, he was reading and researching online. ever since he found his DEUS he has made every effort to find out what exactly it was.

Taking a bite out of his meal the DEUS vibrated silently, alerting him to a new message. He slid it open, and saw LCD-Gazimon with a new message.

'So, how did class go?' the message stated.

Dimitri typed back using the miniature keypad and a stylus.

'Fine, but it was expected. I'm really hoping that we'll get past all of this art history nonsense and get into some real work.' he replied, sending the message and going back to studying and researching.

He couldn't believe in the past two months of constant searching he has found NOTHING about Digimon, the DEUS, or anything related to .dgm files. On the INTERNET on top of all things. And he was too afraid of tinkering around too much with the DEUS itself should he accidentally break it. He knew this was a one-of-a-kind device, and he didn't want to risk breaking it due to a curious urge.

Looking at the white and gray device, he wondered where exactly it came from. Of course, this wonder comes easily. Dimitri was never the kind of person to give up when faced with a mystery. As he kept finding dead-ends and no information everywhere he looked, it only fueled his desire to find out more about the mysterious device and his partner that were waiting for him in his room one night after school.

Knowing he needed to get back to his studies, Dimitri shrugged it off for now, and went back to his multitasking. He was hoping that the rest of the day would go by quickly. He knew how much Gazimon hated being kept in the DEUS for too long.

05-08-2008, 10:12 PM
Nathan nodded to those already in the meeting, and took a seat at the end of the large table. "Petit Mamon," he said, motioning to a pot of coffee off to the side, "would you mind?"

Petit Mamon nodded, fluttering over to the coffee and pouring a cup for Nathan. He handed it to his Tamer, who took a sip.

"Eh. It's a bit bitter," he said with a small grin, and Petit Mamon scowled, moving back to grab a few packets of cream and sugar.

As he handed the sweeteners to Nathan, the man began to add them to his coffee, and sat back, waiting for the rest of the agents to arrive, and for the meeting to begin.

05-09-2008, 06:16 AM
Derrick yawns and sits up right seeing others finally arriving. "It's about time you guys showed up, I mean I'm usually the late one, ya know?" he said while giving a smile and pocketing his blue camo patterned DEUS.

Commandramon hops out of his seat, slings his rifle over his shoulder and gives a slaute to everyone who entered. "Good morning all."

"Must you do that every time?" Derrick looked over to his partner and chuckled a bit. "It makes you look entirely too stiff." He stretches a little bit. "So, what's everyone been up to lately?"

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-09-2008, 06:19 AM
Jace stopped looking at the DEUS's contents and began to use it as an actual MP3 player. That was the interesting thing about the devices: they were basically a fusion of anything electronic, from Cell Phones to iPOds to Blackberries. Once he had even watched a movie on it.

As they entered the downtown area, where his school was located, they passed a normal loking building. Something odd happened. The music in Jace's ears went staticky, and when he looked down he saw that the screen was static too. Then, through a breif break, he saw something that he had been somewhat waiting for: The digimon detector was automatically open for a split second, and he saw five small dots. But then the static feild returned, and next time it left everything was the same.

"Woah. Did you see what I saw?" Impmon asked. Jace nodded.

"I think we should be on our guard. Oh, here's the stop."

The two disembarked.

"Raindrops keep falling on my head..."

"Again, you are inside the DEUS."

"Good point. Raindrops keep falling on your head..."

A Passing Maniac
05-09-2008, 11:23 AM
John Karsten awoke to the sound of shouts and screams next door. There were three voices, this time. Some of the shouts were excited, jubilant, laughing, but one of the three voices was just shrieking and crying—maybe for help, but the walls managed to muffle the words even if they didn't prevent everyone else in the building from hearing the noise.

He finally opened his eyes when he heard someone begin pounding against the wall that his bed lay next to. Aside from the shaft of dim light that filtered in through the filthy window, the room was dark. The throbbing in his head, just behind his eyes, made John thankful for this.

He sat up, with some effort, then rubbed the crust from his bleary eyes and croaked out, "Fl... Floramon..."

The one spot of color and life in John's room full of broken bottles and filth-encrusted plates and rotten towels and congealed spills and discarded needles and the scents of vomit and urine and other remnants of his dirty disgusting existence was the nest of plants that lay directly beneath the window, at the end of the beam of dusty morning light.

Despite the little exposure to light and John's lack of care for these plants, they had thrived. The bed of moss at the center had grown over the sides of its tray, and its dark green fingers crawled across the floor and the wall and the pots of the other plants. The other plants, too, flowers and creepers and grasses, had grown to enormous sizes, outgrowing and in some cases breaking through their containers in their continued attempts to overrun his apartment.

One of these plants stood up, stretched, and moved towards him.

"Good morning, John." Floramon's soft, lilting voice soothed his pounding migraine. When she neared him, John lifted her up with both hands, then fell back onto the bed. Floramon sat on his chest, smiling; when the filaments that protruded from her floral hands began to stroke his neck and bare chest like soft, thin tentacles, John closed his eyes and shivered in delight.

"Floramon," he moaned quietly, "I need... I need..."

"I know what you need," his partner said, "but first, John, I need to know what you saw last night. You passed out before you could tell me. Do you remember?" When John only groaned quietly, Floramon said, still as sweet as ever, "John, darling, I need to know. I altered the chemical consistency of the pollen in an effort to bring about specific types of hallucinations. I must know if it was successful."

John fell silent as he struggled to remember. "I saw the sky," he said eventually, quietly. "I was in the sky, flying, so high, higher than anyone had ever gone before. Everything down below... so small... it was so beautiful, the sky, the blues and the blacks, the stars, the... the..."

"Calm yourself," Floramon urged, her filaments stroking his closed eyes. "Go slowly."

"But the stars opened, and the sky, space, was torn apart, and there was a place beyond it, with... impossible colors, that didn't really exist... they hurt so much to look at, but they were even more beautiful than what had come before... and that place, that other place, it was filled with stars, but the stars were eyes, and there were things, the things with so many eyes, and they devoured me, but it felt so good... and then everything, they... they ate the world, and they swallowed the sun, and they pulled down the stars, and... and... it was all so beautiful...

"That's all I remember."

John and Floramon were both silent for a moment, before the latter said, 'That wasn't quite what I intended. I'll have to adjust the chemicals again..."

"Please," John begged, "baby, please, I need it, don't torture me any longer..."

"Of course," Floramon said, and she kissed his brow while her filament snaked into his mouth. With both shaking hands he gripped Floramon's arm, holding it in place as he greedily sucked the pollen from it.

When he was finished, he lay back, panting. Floramon watched eagerly as the pollen began to take effect, as his eyes widened and his pupils dilated and his breathing became rapid and shallow. She crawled close to his ear, stroking his body while she lay beside him, and whispered, "Tell me what you see."

John made a quiet sound. "I see... a hanged man, swinging from a tree... the tree weeps, and the man's body pours blood from a wound in his stomach... and the trees, the other trees, and the flowers, and the grass, they drink the blood, the blood... and the sky, the sky smiles—no—tears, rips open—and inside—there—oh, the stars, so many stars...

"So beautiful..."

05-09-2008, 11:48 AM
Vivi yawned loudly before stretching and sitting up in her bed. "Hnh, did I wake up early? The alarm didn't go off..."

"That's something new!" Bakumon jovially called out from a small dog bed on the floor.

The woman shot a glare towards her Digimon before taking a look at her clock. What she saw made her gasp in shock. "... oh what the hell."

She had approximately 30 minutes to prepare for and arrive at the government meeting.

I've been up for two hours, Vivi," Bakumon stated, grinning.

"So why didn't you wake me up, dumbass?!" Clearly in a rush - and slightly freaking out - Vivi leaped out of bed, ran into the bathroom ("SO glad I laid my outfit out last night!"), hastily donned a white blouse with black suit jacket and miniskirt, then brushed her teeth before tying her hair up with a gold ribbon in a sloppy bun. A gold chain necklace, diamond earrings, and gold charm bracelet completed the outfit mere moments later. She stepped out of the bathroom, huffing.

Bakumon's eyes twinkled when he responded to Vivi after she dressed. "You should watch what you say, dear Genevieve. Ladies do not speak like that to their partners."

"Shove it," Vivi mumbled, grabbing a convenient bagel from a bowl on her desk. "I wouldn't be hardly as pissed if you wouldn't have, you know... 'experimented' on me with your nightmare attak or whatever all night. I got hardly any sleep because of you!"

Bakumon merely shrugged and smiled innocently.

"Ugh, I can't run in high heels... there goes coordination!" She groaned, slipped on a reasonably clean pair of white running shoes, pressed a button on her purple and black DEUS, and watched as Bakumon disappeared outside and reappeared inside the contraption. "There. Where your rightfully belong!"

"You shouldn't be so mean, Genevieve..."

"YOU shouldn't experiment on me!" Their arguing continued as she ran out of her apartment (She didn't forget to lock the door!) and down the street towards the office. On the way, she passed by a boy with a DEUS, though she took no notice in her rush.

Fifteen minutes later, she ran/stumbled into the meeting room with Bakumon at her side and collapsed in a leather chair. "Sorry I'm late... I literally woke up a half hour ago. Did I miss anything?"

Bakumon smiled happily and waved to everyone. "Hello, all! How are you today?"

05-09-2008, 12:45 PM
"We're still waiting on the boss," Nathan said to Vivi before taking a sip of his coffee. He nodded politely to Bakumon, as well.

Just as Vivi sat down, the door opened once more, and a man late into his thirties came walking in. He was as well-trimmed and clean cut as anyone gathered, with a black suit, athletic build, fine goatee, and clean cut hair.

All in all, he exerted authority.

"Morning, Mister Edwards," Nathan said politely.

"Morning, everyone," Edwards said, setting some papers onto the table. "Are we missing anyone?..." he said, glancing around to see every agent present. "Nope. Alright, down to business." He pulled a small device from his breast pocket and clicked it, and a screen on the wall lit up, showing a picture.

The picture was of a large figure in the distance, but very blurry, much akin to photos of urban legends. It looked to have been taken near the outskirts of town, as there was a bit of foliage in the picture, and hills behind the figure.

"It looks like we have a target," Edwards said.

"Bigfoot?" Nathan asked, bemused as he looked at the picture.

"Funny," Edwards smirked, "that's the same thing the person who snapped this picture thought. A civilian was out jogging when they saw what appeared to be some kind of giant nearby. He took a picture using his cellphone and hightailed it to the nearest news station."

Edwards chuckled. "Of course, Hopkins over at the station was the one given the photo for review, and he covered it up nicely, sending it my way. I'll be blunt, I think it's another one of these Digimon," he said, eying the agents' partners. "If this is true, we need you all to investigate."

"And if it IS a Digimon?" Nathan asked.

"If it is a Digimon, capture it if possible. If impossible, delete it and bring in the remains for further study."

Clicking the small device in his hand once more, the screen flashed to a map of the city, with two dots. "This," he said, motioning to a dot inside city limits, "is Digital Solutions. This," he said, tracing the line connecting the two dots and stopping on the one outside the city limits, "is where the 'creature' was spotted. Now, if you choose to investigate, you will be compensated accordingly if it is a Digimon and you bring something back for us. I suggest you move on this ASAP, it's been less than a day since the sighting, and you don't want to chance it moving too far for you to find."

Pocketing the small device, he looked around the room. "Any questions?

05-09-2008, 01:14 PM
"All of us for one Digimon? Seems like overkill at first thought, but I suppose it gives us a chance to work together," Miles mused out loud, mostly to himself than anyone else.

Lopmon hopped back onto Miles' shoulder, steadying himself with his ears as he spoke. "There's no telling how strong this Digimon could be. It's probably safer at this point to go in a group."

Shrugging half-heartedly, Miles replied, "I'd like a good challenge, personally. Hey, uh, does anyone have a car? Or," he continued, glancing to Mr. Edwards, "will you be supplying us with a vehicle?"

05-09-2008, 01:24 PM
Thomas Toika silently ate his breakfast of ham and eggs. The morning news report droned on from the television, Thomas listening with some interest. Next to him, a small lion sat next to him, emulating his behavior of silently eating breakfast and taking in the morning's news. Once the program had ended, Thomas turned off the TV and cleared the dishes. While he was getting dressed, he turned back to the living room.
"Leormon," he called. The small lion walked into the room and stood at attention.
"Yes, master?"
"I have an errand to run today. The renovations at the University library are falling behind schedule. I think I shall bring you along today. Did you memorize the blueprints I gave you last night?"
"Yes, master."
"Good. Come along, then, Leormon."
Thomas took his orange and black DEUS and activated it. Leormon disappeared from where he stood then appeared as an icon on the DEUS screen. Smiling, he pocketed the device, grabbed his coat and briefcase then left his apartment for the job site.

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-09-2008, 02:14 PM
Technically, Vivi didn't pass Jace while he examined his DEUS, she bowled him. And she didn't even pause to say sorry.

Jace struggled up from the heap he was in and looked in the direction where she was going, but she was lost in the crowd.

"Wow, she must be in a hurry." Impmon said. "Hey Jace, I think you might wanna hurry. Your class starts in fifteen minutes!"

"Craaaaap!" Jason cried as he raced to the building.


"Spare!" JAce sighed with releif and collpased on one of the sofas in the foyet (spelling?).

"Hey! Don't just go to sleep! You need to study! And I need to get out of this thing before I SUFFOCATE!" Impmon began to through a temper tantrum.

"Oh, fine." Jace said as he got up.


Later, in the park, Jace was sitting on the ground eyeing one of his textbooks (specifically, Biology (Mammals!)),and was using his freehand to push Impmon on the swings. Impmon couldn't cheer or anything, because he needed to pretend to be a toy, but he still had a big grin on his face.

Some thugs from the school began to walk over. "Hey, check this guy out! Are you practicing having kids or something?"

JAce looked up. "Huh? OH, sure. Helps ease my mind."

"This guy's barely got a mind. Look, he's still playing with a doll!"

Jace knew that word all to well. He also knew its results. "Hit the deck!" He said as he curled into the fetal postion. The thugs weren't as knowledged as he was, though.

"INfernal Funnel!" Impmon cried as a torrent of flames blasted the thugs. They managed to ru away with only they're backs burned.

IMpmon collapsed laughing. "Did you see their faces?"

And he vanished into the DEUS. "You are in BIG trouble, young 'mon." Jace said.

"But they called me a-"

"Look, if they told someone about you, they'd be sending government foreigners to dissect you and put you in a tube. Do you want to be dissected and put in a tube?"


"Good. Then shut up and behave. KNow if you'll excuse me, I need to memorize the scientific name of the Mountain Goat."

"Oreamnos americanus." Impmon muttered under his breath.

05-09-2008, 02:23 PM
Clarissa looked at herself in the mirror and was please to say she like what she saw, analyzing everything she wore, which was a pair of dark three quarter length skinny denim jeans, a white halter's top and a baize leather jacket
"Clarissa don't be so vain' Said a small male voice "Image is everything as Dad says, Salamon"
"Whatever" replied and uninterested Salamon
"so you want to come with me to school or what" Clarissa asked curiously
Clarissa put her finger to her lip and mouthed "Sshhhh". Clarissa added the finishing touches like a hair clip, a Bracelet that had the words "Kiss Me" inscribed in it and a pair of sun glasses. Picking up her DEUS and a lead for Salamon
"Come on then"
and with that Salamon jumped off the bed and followed Clarissa as she left her room and jogged down the central staircase to the Kitchen where her mother was making Croissants and Brioche for breakfast.
"That looks lovely" Clarissa said as she snatched a croissant off the counter and took a bite out of it "but I cant stay I've got to go to school, so bye"
"oh, Bye honey" her mother answered sweetly
she exited through the front door and out onto the drive where her Suzuki Swift was parked, she entered it and left Salamon jump onto the passenger seat before leaving for college
Clarissa let her mind wonder as she drove to school, thinking about how quickly the last three months had gone since she had met Salamon, who at that time was in the form of SnowBotamon
"hey Salamon you know your like data can you and you can search the web are you able to use the DEUS to be a GPS"
"Course i can!" Salamon replied joyfully
"thats Cute" Clarissa said fondly
"awww, glad you appreciate me" Salamon answered

12:40 am
Clarissa walked along the High street looking for a nice place to catch a bite to eat, the road was bland and Grey nothing out of the ordinary and completely inconspicuous. seeing a black SUV leave a Garage on her right she thought nothing of it.
she continued to walk through the City

05-09-2008, 02:46 PM
The garbage can by the gun shop calmly sat in position as a figure whizzed past it and practically flew into the shop. The conversation was perfectly audible, but the garbage can took no notice. It had nothing to do with it. As the girl exited and disappeared, obviously looking flustered, the can remained still. This was not its job; it was not here to interfere. It had a mission, and this girl was not part of it.

The garbage can remained still, waiting to greet the next passer-by.

05-09-2008, 02:54 PM
"We don't know the extent of these creature's full power yet," Edwards said to Miles, "it's better to stay safe and send you all in this case. And yes, there are two black SUVs in the parking lot behind the building. You can take those to the site if you want. I've left the keys with Karen at the front desk, just pick them up and head out."

"Any more questions?" He asked once more to those gathered.

05-09-2008, 03:05 PM
Derrick yawned a bit. "Well, if I can sleep on the drive there, then I have no questions at all."

Commandramon shook his head. "Must you be so lazy?"

"I wouldn't have to be if you hadn't gotten me up so early," he shot his partner an annoyed look. "Besides, I need rest to think properly and last I checked thinking helped with the strategy, so that means you're infact messing up my possible strategies."

"Well... When you put it that way..." Commandramon sighed. "Alright, fine. Sleep if you need it."

Derrick smiled a bit. Works every time... "I'm good to go whenever everyone else is."

05-09-2008, 03:13 PM
Pierce glanced over his shoulder, into the shadows where Renamon lurked.

"A day's lead. Do you think you can track it?"

"It won't be a problem," she said confidently, swishing her tail with pride.

With a nod, her Tamer affirmed her confidence and finished his cup of tea, setting it back on the saucer before standing. He straightened his charcoal grey pinstripe vest and buttoned his suit jacket, smoothing the fabric across his stomach. "Then I suggest we be off. Come, Renamon."

As Pierce made his way to the door, the bewitching beast slid silently into stride next to him, and they headed for the garage.

05-09-2008, 03:27 PM
"Well," Nathan said, "I'll pick up one of the keys from Karen, then. We'll be back shortly, I imagine," he said to Edwards, bowing his head slightly and moving past him with Petit Mamon.

"Alright, then. If no one else has any questions, you're all dismissed. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have some more business to attend to." With that, he made his way out of the room and went off to speak with others in the building.

Nathan moved toward the elevator with Petit Mamon, and once they were moving toward ground level, Petit Mamon disappeared from view.

"I'm proud," Nathan smirked, "I don't even have to remind you to stay hidden above ground anymore, do I?"

"I was just getting tired of you nagging, is all," Petit Mamon smirked, and the doors opened. The two moved to the front lobby, and Nathan greeted Karen.

"Hello, gorgeous," Nathan said, leaning on the desk between them. "I hear you've got a key for me?"

Reaching under the desk, Karen pulled out a key and smiled. "Just for you, Nathan," she said, handing it to him.

He drummed his fingers on the desk quickly and took the key. "Appreciate it. I'd love to stay and chat, but I've got to go out on an errand for a bit."

"We'll talk when you get back, then?" she asked.

"I think I can make time," he chuckled, waving as he turned to leave the building.

"Always the charmer," Petit Mamon said as they opened to door to head around back to the parking lot.

"I try," Nathan said briefly as they reached the parking lot. He saw Pierce nearby, and waved, key in his hand.

"You coming?" he asked, walking to one of the SUVs and unlocking it, getting into the driver's seat.

05-09-2008, 03:37 PM
Pierce bowed his head slightly to Nathan as he approached. "Of course, we were merely waiting for someone to drive," he said with a smirk.

He stepped into the back of the vehicle, taking a seat in the second row, Renamon positioning herself next to him.

"I can't imagine this will be much of a challenge," he mused aloud. "Even if it is a digimon, it's outnumbered 6-to-1."

05-09-2008, 03:44 PM
Miles nodded to Mr. Edwards. "Sounds good. To the garage, then."

He got up and left the conference room, following Pierce an Nathan as they headed to the garage. Once on the ground floow, Miles removed Lopmon from his shoulder and carried him in his arms, smiling widely and confidently at anyone who gave him an odd look. "Stuffed animals these days, huh?"

Upon his arrival he spotted the aforementioned men taking their seats inside one of the government's SUVs. "Room for one more, gentlemen?" he asked, not bothering to wait for a response. He opened the door to the passenger side and slipped inside, closing the door behind him as Lopmon gets comfortable in his lap.

"No getting us killed on the way there, huh Nathan?" Miles asked with a grin.

05-09-2008, 03:51 PM
Derrick gets up and sticks his hands in his pockets, then begins to walk out of the room. "Let's get going, shall we?"

Commandramon nods, salutes Edwards once and follows his partner out.

The two board the elevator. "Hmm... Six on one... shouldn't be too difficult of a mission." Derrick chuckles a little and shakes his head. "Feels like overkill."

Commandramon shrugs. "Well, can't be too cautious of things... Oh, right."

As the elevator nears ground level Commandramon activates his camo and seemingly disappears right then and there.

"Such a handy feature, that camo of yours." Derrick smiled and the two made their way out into the parking lot. "Well... damn, first one is all full and I'm sure as hell not driving the other..."

05-09-2008, 04:22 PM
Vivi pressed a button on her DEUS, then watched as Bakumon faded out once more, only to reappear in the device moments later. "Thanks, Mr. Edwards! See you later!"

After leaving the conference room, Vivi stopped up by the front desk to pick up a car key, then conveniently walked outside just as Derrick mentioned his desire not to drive! "No worries, I've got keys to a car," she said, walking over towards said vehicle and unlocking it. "You coming, Derrick?"

Kaiser Sephiroth
05-09-2008, 05:13 PM
"Lo, Mephistopheles, for love of thee,
Faustus hath cut his arm, and with his proper blood
Assures his soul to be great Lucifer's,
Chief lord and regent of perpetual night!
View here this blood that... that... This blood that..."

"Trickles," supplied Dracmon.

"...trickles from mine arm,
And let it be propitious for my wish." Reese Connors sighed, rubbing his temples. "Well, at least we don't go up for another month."

His partner gave him a pointed look, or as much as one could without any actual definitive eyes to speak of. "I don't get why you're stressing out!"

"Because our lovely director is a demon sent from the pit of Cocytus to ruin everything precious to anyone," Reese shot back testily, turning on the faucet.

"You finished your LSATs, though! Relax!"

"I wish I could. But Allen said taking it easy would make you soft, which means you let your guard down. And besides, I wouldn't be in Faustus if it wasn't even remotely enjoyable—"

"I want to be in it," the vampiric rascal interrupted.

"I have enough to worry about acting opposite that worthless junkie, whose room I should probably search."

"But you don't know that he's all gung-ho for a little smoke and toke, right? And it's not that bad—"

Washing his face, Reese inspected his reflection in the mirror, the flourescent lights barely illuminating his face. He quickly adjusted his dark locks to seem slightly more presentable. "Well, if he actually starts to cause trouble rather than just being late all the time, which is enough of a bother already, he'll sorely find his hookah located about five feet inside his rectum."

Dracmon gagged. "That's vile! At most say that you're going to rip out his heart and feed it to him!"

"That sounds like a pact of vengeance, though. Whatever, rehearsal's soon. We should leave."

"Will there be showgirls?"

"No." And with a disappointed look, Dracmon disappeared into Reese's black and electric violet DEUS, as the young man made sure he looked immaculate.

He jogged off to the theater, arriving on time. However, as expected, someone else was not. And for the next ten minutes, it remained that way.

"Again?" Reese seethed, as the stage manager informed him. "I'll try reaching him. Hold on." Fishing his DEUS out of his black cargo pants, he activated his cell phone function, calling one contact stored: John Karsten.

05-09-2008, 06:47 PM
"Patamon this is amazing!" Sam says excitedly reading the results from Patamon's blood tests. "No wonder you never get sick and heal so fast. I wish there was a way to study the antibodies in your blood that wouldn't put you in danger. I don't know how I'd explain where I got my samples from and I don't want to loose you."

"I know, but someday you might be able to study it." He says from the DEUS.

"I really hope so." she say picking up the DEUS. She up loads all the data about Patamon's blood on to it then starts clean up the equipment. When she's finished she looks at the clock " Good I might actually be early today." She looks around the lab one last time to make sure everything is put away, then leaves the building heading for her next class.

Later Around 5:30

"You know ever since I meet you it's been harder for me to be interested in learning about how the human body works. Your just much more interesting..." Sam types as she leaves her last class of the day.

"Is that why you dropped half your Med. classes and started a couple computer classes?"

"I also started a few others also so I'd still have a few other options, and it's only part of why I changed half my classes. I was only learning to be a Doctor because my partents want me to."

"I still think you shouldn't have dropped them. Doctors make good money."

"True, but I'm want to learn about other stuff also so I can be sure what I want to do. I don't want to be stuck in a job I might get tried of. And I'm still taking enough classes that I could still be a Doctor, it would just take longer."

"I guess it's a good Idea to know your options." Patamon tells her. As she walks through the halls Patamon watches the other students and not for the first time wonders if any of them have a digimon. "Sam will you turn on the Digimon Detector?"

"Sure, but don't get you hopes up." Sam tells him then turns it on. She watches it as she continues down the hall toward the exit and stops in to stare holding the left door open. A red dot had appeared and was coming towards her.

"Who is it?" Patamon asks looking around from inside the DEUS. "Who has the digimon?" Patamon asks out loud.

Sam ignores the looks around her as she quickly leaves the building.

05-09-2008, 06:55 PM
(With Suzaku's permission, I'll RP something quick with him to get things moving.)

Allen and Kudamon quickly departed from the room, Kudamon safely nestled away inside his DEUS, following the others toward the SUVs. "I guess I'm riding with you?" He said, looking to Vivi.

"Well," Nathan said as he looked out the window, "They're all ready to go, let's lead the way." Starting up the SUV, he punched in a few buttons on the GPS, and the same map that was shown in the meeting popped up on screen.

"That's certainly handy," he smirked as he backed out of the parking lot, driving toward their destination.

In the very back of the vehicle, Petit Mamon fluttered about, looking out of the windows.

"Company cars," Petit Mamon chuckled, patting the back of the seat, "we're moving on up, huh?"

Nathan chuckled. "Next we'll have our own helicopters, with any luck."

"So Pierce," Nathan said, looking in the rear view mirror, "I haven't seen you since the last meeting, what's new?"

05-09-2008, 07:22 PM
"Very little," Pierce said, sparing a glance away from the window as they drove. "I did have a gymnasium built in the house. A certain someone felt restrained, not having anywhere to exercise."

"You're the one who told me I couldn't just find an empty park somewhere," Renamon replied, brushing her tail in Pierce's face as retribution.

"Yes, yes," he replied, pushing her away. "I just wish you'd stop leaving claw marks on the walls."

"They're on the ceiling now too," she stated, matter of factly.

Rolling his eyes, Pierce looked back to the front of the car. "And with you two?"

05-09-2008, 08:07 PM
"I've had a lot of free time as well," Miles said, turning slightly to face Pierce and Nathan. "The government pays well, thankfully, but damn if I don't get bored waiting around for calls that never come. I'd really love to get into the action some more."

"Oh, I didn't know you were going to be helping me fight," Lopmon added, his quiet voice rich with amusement.

Grinning, Miles poked his partner in his left side, who responded by fidgeting and giggling in Miles' lap. "Not so tough now, huh big guy?"

Lopmon proceeded to hide his face in embarrassment.

05-09-2008, 08:16 PM
Adjusting his sunglasses slightly, Nathan shrugged. "Aside from the paperwork we've been dealing with? Just spending the paychecks we've been getting." Smirking, he glanced into the rearview mirror once more. "Payday isn't as irrelevant to me as it must be to you, my friend," he said to Pierce, who had more money in his accounts than both Nathan and Miles had probably ever had.

Taking a right turn, Nathan glanced to the GPS. "Alright, we should be there fairly soon," he said, indicating how close they were on the map to their target. Looking to Miles, then to Pierce, he asked "So do you two really think we're going to find a Digimon out here, or what?"

05-09-2008, 08:29 PM
"Who knows?" Pierce admitted with a shrug. "I suppose it's bound to happen eventually. Eventually one of these eggs will appear and no one will be there to claim it. And from what I've seen Renamon is capable of, that could be disastrous."

Renamon smiled at the veiled compliment.

"At any rate, there are plenty of us en route. We'll take care of it, and preserve the peace. That is, after all, what those paychecks are for."

05-09-2008, 09:04 PM
"I hope so," Miles shrugged. "I would like to believe that none of our colleagues are stupid enough to mistake a Digimon for a human, and I don't believe in Bigfoot, so..."

"You never know," Lopmon said in his quiet voice, "what if all of your legends and gods were based on Digimon that had appeared in this world?"

Miles glanced down at his partner. "But you're data, yeah? That wouldn't be possible ages ago. Interesting theory, but I don't believe it. Bigfoot a Digimon? Nah."

Lopmon lifted his ears to touch Miles' face. "I feel pretty real, don't I?"

"Sure you do," Miles agreed, "and I'm sorry if I insulted you. I just don't believe in these mythological creatures. Bigfoot, werewolves, wendigos... some things just don't exist, Lopmon."

05-09-2008, 09:11 PM
"The picture didn't LOOK human to me," Nathan said to Miles. "Payment aside, I still hope it's a Digimon," he said to Pierce. "Paperwork is all well and good, but it does get dull."

"Looks like we're here," Petit Mamon said, pointing at the GPS.

"So we are," Nathan agreed, turning down a small dirt road and driving a little way before parking along the side of the road. "Alright," he said, turning off the vehicle and opening the door to step out, "let's wait for the others to catch up, then see if we can't find a Digimon, yeah?"

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-09-2008, 09:17 PM
((@gemini: Lol Irony))

Jace trudged back to the school building. He had about 15 minutes before class started again.

"Why do you always try to get to class on time?" Impmon asked from the DEUS. "You've already admitted to the world that you aren't trying to go anywhere big."

"While it may be true that I am not


I still like to be on time. It's part of my personality." Jace sighed. "Why does the park have to be a block away, though?" he asked the heavens. He noticed a small crowd of young kids standing around a TV store. JAce wlaked up to see what was happening.

ON one of the TV screens, an image of a folder floated. It was only on one of them, but they were all on the same channel. Jace loomed behind the kids.

"Shouldn't you be in class?" He asked. They all turned around in surprise.

"We're sorry mister? But isn't it weird?" one of them said as he pointed.

"YEs, but I'm sure there's a good reason. If I see you ever again, I make sure to tell you, alright? Now run along." They scattered. Jace held is DEus out to the screen.

"Recognize that, Impmon?"

"I sure do. Guess we managed to beat the other people to this one."

Jace ensured that no one was watching, then activated one of the DEUS's functions. The file detached from the screen and entered the device. Jace instantly opened it.


"Oh, wonderful." Jace said as he booked it back to the school. Impmon began to sing "I Ran".

05-09-2008, 11:21 PM
Pierce and Renamon exit on opposite sides of the vehicle, the Tamer reaching into his jacket to remove a pair of sunglasses that he dons.

"Well, it's not immediately visible, at any rate. Renamon, go ahead and scout the area from the treetops while we wait for the others." He withdrew his pocketwatch, opening it and regarding the time. "3 minutes," he said, before closing the timepiece and replacing it in his pocket.

With a nod, the fox leapt off, disappearing into the foliage, overlooking their general surroundings for traces of the ... well, the whatever it is they came out here looking for.

A Passing Maniac
05-10-2008, 07:27 AM
The effects of Floramon's hallucinogenic pollen were regrettably short-lived, even at high doses, but always left John with a pleasant afterglow for some time—until the shakes and the pain returned and he found himself thinking only of once more suckling those wondrous tendrils that showed him such beauty, that caused such ecstasy to blossom within him.

As he stared at the ceiling, a hand gently stroking the petals of the Digimon that lay beside him, he whispered, as was his custom, "I love you."

Floramon, as was her custom, said nothing.

When the DEUS began to ring, John did not react, so lost was he in his own mind, in thoughts of what he had seen under the influence of his beloved's delightful poisons. Floramon, knowing that her partner would likely be unable to hear the ringing device, crawled from the bed to answer it. "Hello? ... One moment."

She held the DEUS out to John. "A man named Reese. You're late for something."

John reacted not at all, still not looking away from the ceiling, the spiderwebs of cracks in the plaster and the true spiderwebs spun by the arachnid inhabitants of the apartment creating a delightfully layered pattern of lines, such a beautiful—


John slowly turned his head to Floramon, staring sightlessly at her for a few seconds before he began to come to his senses. He reached up and fumbled the DEUS out of her hands before pressing it to his ear. "Y... yes? I what? When did I audition for a play? ... What do you mean I've been to rehearsals before? ... I'll ... be there soon."

He tossed the device to the floor. After a little while, he said, "... We need to go out. But before we do..." He looked hungrily at his partner.

Floramon smiled; one of her filaments reached out to caress John's cheek. "Only a small taste. We're going out in public, after all."

Thirty minutes later, a surprisingly showered but still disheveled John Karsten appeared at the theater, dark circles beneath his eyes and everything on his body filthy, save the DEUS, which was clipped to his belt and perfectly clean. He walked slowly up to Reese, pausing every once in a while to look around him in wonder or simply to stagger in place, and gazed at the other young man for a few moments with bloodshot eyes.

"I didn't recognize you for a second there," he said eventually, "especially with the third eye and the halo of fire. But you're right, you do look familiar. Maybe I have been to rehearsals before." And then, quieter, muttering to himself, "Or... I saw him in a dream..."

05-10-2008, 07:49 AM
Clarissa was on her bed with Salamon curled up on her lap. it three hours later and school had finished, Clarissa was quizzing Salamon about there bond
"course" Salamon answered without hesitation after a question about if he thought they would be together forever
"And just to to prove it, lets go get some Ice Cream"
Clarissa couldnt help but smile at lightheartedness of her partner and snide chance at getting a sweet product
"Ok then, let go"
getting up and slipping on her sandals she left for the beach

Kazin Kagari
05-10-2008, 10:44 AM
'So, what's next?' Gazimon's message asked on the DEUS. Dimitri's last class was canceled due to his instructor being sick, so he was able to be let out earlier.

'I'm supposed to go attend a performance and write a synopsis on the intrinsic value of the piece and then read over the playwright and write an essay on how the piece has impacted the performing arts over the years.' Dimitri replied, speedily typing into the DEUS with the tiny keyboard.

'I think I'm just gonna see if the drama club here has any plans for any performances in the future and see if I can't do my report on them.' Dimitri added, delivering the second message moments after the first one. He then closed the DEUS and proceeded towards the theater on campus.

05-10-2008, 04:13 PM
Sam quickly heads across campas talking to the DEUS in her hand, "Why did you do that? I thought you didn't want to draw attention to us?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to yell like that. I just got so excited at learning I'm not the only digimon around here."

"I know, but try not to yell any more OK?"


Looking around sam see she not far from the campas theater. She heads in to see what play they are doing and her DEUS starts beeping. Looking at it she see's two dots on the detecter.

05-10-2008, 04:22 PM
Bob watched as his coworkers wandered off to take their lunch breaks after a morning at work on the school library renovation.
"Hey, I'll catch up with you guys in a few," he called, then slipped further into the empty building and withdrew his DEUS.
"Alright Kokuwamon, go ahead and realize."
The large mechanical bug appeared before him in a flash, and looked around the scene. Mostly unfinished wooden frameworks, and various power tools.
"This structure appears incomplete. Should I commence repairs?" the bug digimon asked in his usual monotone.
"Nah, not yet. That's my job, at least until we've tested you thoroughly," Bob replied, pointing over towards some rebar laying around. "We haven't had a good chance to check out your lifting capacity around my place, let's see what you can do with those."
"Affirmative. Proceeding," Kokuwamon buzzed, waddling over to the iron bars and picking one up. He was able to lift a second with some effort, but dropped the pile noisily when attempting to add a third. He repeated the process diligently three more times before Bob stopped him.
"Yeah, that'll do, why don't you take a break for a minute. We should have plenty of time before the rest of the crew gets back, and the grid should be up to code," Bob said, then added under his breath, "At least until Tonka comes in and revises the whole layout again..."
Kokuwamon nodded and waddled back to the wall, where he inserted one of his small middle arms into a socket protruding from the drywall. Bob, meanwhile, produced a sandwich from his toolbox and began eating, watching his digimon take in electricity.

05-10-2008, 06:06 PM
Derrick smiles. "Why thank you for your offer, I'd gladly enjoy a ride." He gets in the front passengers seat.

Commandramon hops in one of the back seats. "Thank you for the ride."

"So, shall we head out to catch up with the others?" Derrick grins a bit. "It's been a little while since I've had a mission and I don't wanna miss out on the fun."

05-10-2008, 06:07 PM
Miles stepped out of the car, taking the time to stretch his entire body. Reaching into his jacket pocket, he pulled out his pair of bronze-framed eyeglasses and set them on the bridge of his nose. "Renamon seems like a... special Digimon," he said to Pierce, leaning his tall frame against the side of the SUV and watching the fox as she disappeared into the foliage.

Lopmon shuffled over to Petit Mamon, mumbling something about a show-off.

05-10-2008, 06:37 PM
(Allen is being dragged along with Suz's permission!)

"No problem! Let's go!" Vivi hops into the driver's seat while Allen, Kudamon, and Bakumon hop into the back.

Bakumon smiles eerily at Commandramon. "Hello."

"Everyone, buckle up! I have to drive fast to catch up with the other agents," Vivi says excitedly as she buckles her own belt. Giggling insanely, she turns the car on, revs the engine, and speeds off towards the other agents.

05-10-2008, 06:41 PM
"Nothing wrong with some speed." Derrick smiles like always and buckles up.

Commandramon looks blankly at Bakumon. "....That's just mildly creepy, you know that?"

05-10-2008, 06:44 PM
"So!" Vivi pulls a pair of sunglasses out of a nearby compartment and slips them on after narrowly missing an oncoming truck. Driving single handedly while speeding can cause that to happen. "How've things been?"

Bakumon simply chuckles and pokes Commandramon in the chest.

05-10-2008, 06:53 PM
Derrick yawns a bit. "They've been well, not as many missions as I'd like, but the pay is well so I can't complain." He chuckles a bit. "But enough about me, how have you been?"

Commandramon just blinks. "And you're doing that, why?"

05-10-2008, 07:15 PM
Checking his watch, Nathan looked down the road. "Hm. You think they were caught in traffic?" he mumbled to no one in particular, and he took a few steps away from the road, looking at the scenery.

They were almost five miles outside of the city, so it was no surprise that they were the only ones in the immediate area. Around them, there was the occasional tree, small rocky cliffs dropping off behind metal railings to the side of the road, and what appeared to be an abandoned shack in the distance.

"Well," Nathan said, glancing around as he made note of a few of the trees and the hills nearby, "this is certainly the place."

"So," he called out to the two agents and three Digimon nearby, "shall we scout around for a bit before the others get here?"

05-10-2008, 07:30 PM
Pierce had been thinking the same thing as Nathan, but his attention was diverted back to his pocket watch.

"Two fifty eight, two fifty nine, and..."

As he was about to say three, Renamon reappeared next to him.

"I've located tracks consistent with the creature Mr. Edwards described," Renamon reported, crossing her arms, and brushing her tail proudly. "They are not very fresh, but we are at a twenty-four hour disadvantage."

Pierce grinned. "Yes, Miles, she is indeed special," he replied, nodding appreciatively at his partner.

"Shall we wait for the others, or set out?"

05-10-2008, 07:54 PM
"It wouldn't hurt to scout the area," Miles said, pushing off against the SUV to join his comrades. "The others should be along shortly, and it would be beneficial if we can find some solid leads or evidence."

Lopmon followed his Tamer, stopping to look up at Renamon. "Following you?" he asked quietly.

05-10-2008, 08:00 PM
Checking his watch once more, Nathan sighed. "Well, we can either stand here by our car, or we can follow the path Renamon here has found and get the drop on whatever it is we're hunting."

Petit Mamon groaned, fluttering a few feet above the ground impatiently. "Let's go, they must have stopped for something!"

"Fine," Nathan said, "If they arrive and we've ventured out of eyesight, they can call us on the DEUS. We have each other's numbers, after all."

"Lead the way," Nathan said, adjusting his sunglasses and motioning politely to Renamon.

05-10-2008, 08:24 PM
Renamon began leading the way, but paused for a moment.

She smiled at Lopmon. "97 meters ahead, you'll find tracks leading northeast." She brushed her tail across his face as she turned from the forward advance, and went back to Pierce's side.

Pierce raised a brow at her, but she merely smiled, striding next to him as he straightened his vest and followed along.

05-10-2008, 08:37 PM
Done with classes for the day, Kyle found himself rushing toward the dining hall. He had skipped breakfast that morning and was starving.

"Slow doooown" Keramon's voice called out from the DEUS. Kyle was running the past library which was under rennovations, and no one else seemed to be around at the time.

"Don't speak up like that," Kyle stopped and grabbed the DEUS, "I know no one's around, but..." His voice trailed off as he turned to the library. "What just happened in there?"

05-10-2008, 08:41 PM
"Right," Nathan said, adjusting his tie and moving forward, "shall we go?"

He and Petit Mamon took the front, moving to the northeast, watching for tracks. It did not take long to find the tracks Renamon spoke of, and he grinned as he saw them.

"So this is it, eh?" Nathan said, rubbing a hand under his chin idly. He looked to Miles with a smirk, "It could very well be Bigfoot, couldn't it?"

He motioned to the tracks, which were vaguely human in appearance, but clearly too large and different to actually be human footprints.

They were not fresh, as Renamon had said, but they clearly led further from the city, toward the countryside just outside of town.

Moving forward, Nathan kept on watch, wondering just what was lurking ahead.

05-10-2008, 08:43 PM
Bob jumped to his feet as the lights in the library began to flicker, then abruptly shut off
"What did you do?!"
"Power failure due to improper wiring in grid 12A," Kokuwamon replied simply, removing himself from the outlet. "I have been sufficiently recharged, however."
"Twelve...Oh, bloody hell. It's those damn last minute changes in the lobby again, compromise the whole damn grid!" mumbling further obscenities under his breath, Bob grabbed a pair of pliers from the nearest bench and stalked down the hall. Kokuwamon, unsure how to react, remained in place to await instructions.

05-10-2008, 08:49 PM
Kyle watched the lights flicker on and off in the library and a what seemed like a spark through the window. His hunger forgotten for the moment, Kyle opened the door and slid in.

"Hello? Is anyone in there? I saw a spark, are you okay?" Kyle asked, carefully stepping in the empty building.

"Now who's the one doing something stupid?" Keramon quipped from the Digivice.

"Shhh!" Kyle urged.

05-10-2008, 08:52 PM
Miles fell into step behind Nathan and Petit Mamon, retrieving his DEUS from his pocket and activating it. He fiddled around with it for a few moments before finally activating the Digimon detector. He kept a close eye on it as they advanced.

In order to get a better view, Lopmon once again climbed onto his partner's shoulders. His ears perked, he silently observed the forest, scanning the area for the location of any odd sounds.

05-10-2008, 09:13 PM
Thomas walked into his office at the library construction sight just as the lights flickered. The man shook his head, taking the plans out of his briefcase and spread them over the desk. He fished his DEUS out of his pocket and held it over the plans.
"Leormon," he said quietly, "The electrical illumination in the library seems to be malfunctioning. Which junction was the last they were supposed to change?" The DEUS is silent for a long moment. Then.
"The grid in 12a was the last scheduled to be corrected," the Digimon said.
"Very good. Let's go see what the problem is, shall we?"
Pocketing the DEUS, Thomas went to the junction to see what the problem was.

05-10-2008, 09:24 PM
Hearing Kyle enter, Bob called out while attempting to pull the faulty wire out of the wall, "Yeah, got a power surge through some bad wiring here, looks like we're gonna be working extra shifts tonight to get all this replaced." He sighed, then looked up to see which workman had come back from lunch early, and saw Kyle standing inside the half-finished lobby.
"Hey! Kid, you're not supposed to be in here, it's bloody dangerous, and-"
At that point Kokuwamon landed next to Bob, holding a large hammer in one hand and a roll of copper wire in the other.
"I believe you will be needing these implements to finish repairs, Robert," the bug digimon said in his metallic monotone, ignoring the new human.
Bob froze. "Uh. Um. He's a, er, robot? From Japan. Real expensive. University paid for him. He helps out on the site."

05-10-2008, 09:29 PM
"That's a pretty fancy robot..." Kyle said, "Didn't know they made things like that. Then again, the past couple of months I've learned to not be surprised at all by computers. They can do all sorts of things. ... Oh, I'm, uh, sorry for intruding and all, I was just afraid someone might have gotten hurt. I'll be heading out now..."

Kyle turned to leave, but tripped on a tool box and fell to the ground, his DEUS falling out his pocket and sliding across the floor. He quickly scrambled to grab it, "Oh, sorry, my, er, phone... always seem to be losing it," he said nervously.

05-10-2008, 10:31 PM
Thomas came into the scene, arms crossed. "Mr. Hoag. Why are the lights failing? And furtherm-" Thomas cocks his head at both the DEUS and the robot. "What is all this?"

05-10-2008, 10:46 PM
"The electrical infrastructure of this structure has been compromised by improper wire protection and proximity to fibre-optic information cable in the wall of this location," Kokuwamon asserted simply, pointing toward the section of drywall Bob had been working in. Bob simply blinked, at a complete loss for how to explain this away.

05-11-2008, 12:56 AM
Pierce regarded Renamon with a mild degree of surprise as she returned to his side.

"You do not wish to lead the way," he asked her as she fell into stride beside him.

"There are tracks, but they are not particularly fresh, as I have explained," she replied. "There is no reason to be concerned at the present time."

Pierce nodded, sliding a hand into his pocket as the walked, observing their surroundings. It was the first time in quite a while that he and Renamon had been able to venture out of doors together, without her sliding through the shadows to avoid detection. It was nice, he thought, though he was unlikely to ever voice that aloud. Still, in some way, he thought she could tell...

In her own mind, Renamon was also pleased. Even if she could track the creature that they were hunting, her place was at her partner's side. If and when their quarry appeared, she would protect Pierce and the others. That was her charge, she understood, clenching her fist determinedly.

Pierce took notice of that. "Something the matter?" he queried, observing her hand.

Renamon relaxed her fist almost immediately. "No," she replied, brushing it off. "Just... anxious, I suppose," she admitted. "This should be much better exercise than your gymnasium offers."

Pierce chuckled, looking up ahead, into the countryside sky, beneath which their prey resided - somewhere. "Yes," he said with a nod of his head, "yes it should." Adjusting his sunglasses, the pair followed along with Nathan and Miles, both left to their thoughts for the time being.

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-11-2008, 06:32 AM
Sick teachers. God's gift to teenager had left JAce with a spare, who was once again trudging to the park.

"HEy, don't be so dwon! You're getting great exercise!" Impmon piped up from the DEUS.

"Oh yes, because I have sooooo much wait to lose." Jace replied sarcastically. He walked past the old construction site, and heard someone working with tools. It was odd, because usually there wasn't anyone in there. Apparently it was one of the buildings finished aspects. Curious, he peeked in the window.

Kokuwamon floating in the air of his own accord. A DEUS on the floor. And three people engaged in an akward silence.

Jace couldn't contain his excitement.

"MORE!!" HE cried and did a short victory dance. HE then realized that they heard him.

"Heh heh...oh fudge."

"Smooth." Impmon said.

05-11-2008, 09:41 AM
As Nathan walked, he made note of his surroundings.

Aside from the occasional tree, there was very little else in the hills. Looking to the distance, he saw a small forest, heading over to the trees to take a look.

As he opened his DEUS to check for digital activity, Petit Mamon's voice called out to him.

"Hey, Nathan!"

He looked over to see his partner fluttering over a large bone beneath a tree. "Well, what have we here..." he mumbled. At the same time, his DEUS beeped, and he noticed right away that it was detecting something in the forest.

"Alright, guys," Nathan said to the others, "looks like we've found our target. Be on your toes, this one might be dangerous," he motioned to the bone laying by his feet, "this looks like it came from the leg of a horse or something."

Crossing his arms, he looked into the forest. "Alright, Petit Mamon, he's not too far in, let's check the trees nearby first,"

Nodding, Petit Mamon flew up toward the trees and began to look for Digimon.

05-11-2008, 11:00 AM
Kyle clutched his ankle. There was definitely going to be a bruise there in the morning.

"I'm, uh, really sorry for intruding sirs, I just thought there might be some trouble. Didn't want anyone to be hurt." Kyle nervously was trying to slip the DEUS back into his pocket, but kept missing while keeping his eyes fixed on the two men and the peculiar robot. He thought he heard shouting somewhere, but was too preoccupied to noice.

"I'll, er, be on my way..." He started limping away, hoping they weren't going to call the cops on him or anything. Why were they so quiet? Where they doing something bad when he interrupted? It did smell kind of funny in here, maybe there were drugs or something. Those guys were big and strong, he was small and weak and his leg was hurting like a bitch.

As Kyle continued limping, he stuck his hands in his pockets and gripped his DEUS. If they tried to catch him, Keramon could take them...

At least, he hoped Keramon could take them. The Digimon had insisted that he had fighting capabilities before, but never actually used them. Kyle was afraid that these fighting skills would end up being the creature trying to do a Hadoken.

05-11-2008, 01:51 PM
"Looks like you're on," Pierce said to Renamon, lowering his glasses down his nose to take a look at her, shooting her a smile.

She nodded emphatically, bending at the knee preparing to leap off.

"Be careful," the Chosen added, returning his sunglasses to their proper resting place.

The fox's lip just barely curled into a smile as she vanished in a blur of motion, landing in a crouch next to Petit Mamon in the treetops. She sniffed the air and scanned the ground with her eyes, her ears high and alert for the sounds of motion. Whatever was out there, she was sure she could find it...

Kazin Kagari
05-11-2008, 03:38 PM
Dimitri was sitting at an outdoor cafè near the one of the city's larger libraries. His trip to the theater was a bust; apparently there were no performances planned for the next two months, and his report was due at the end of next week. Guess I'll just write a report on CATS like everyone else... he thought to himself.

He shrugged it off and returned to his laptop. Dimitri decided to spend the rest of day on continuing his search for any knowledge pertaining to the DEUS or Digimon. Again, as usual, he searches among various webpages have led to nothing. Sighing to himself, he took a sip from his latte when his DEUS pinged. Another message from Gazimon no doubt. He opened it up and read it.

His eyes widened as he read the message as he smiled a bit. He changed his search, looking up any sites dedicated to 'paranormal or supernatural sitings'. Indeed, there were many pages -- mostly forums, but they would do. After a bit of research, he found a relatively popular one and set up an account there. He then typed up a new topic.

'Title: Club DEUS Looking for Strange Sitings

You probably get a lot of topics like this one, but I figured I'd make one anyway. I'm currently studying
the occult at school, and I'm currently seeing if there's been any strange or unusual sitings in the past
few months in the local area. Any information can help, as I'm just studying up on any local legends in
comparison to anything recently discovered. You can send me a private message if you'd like. Thanks

by: DEUSfinder7'

Dimitri created the topic, and hoped that someone else would reply soon...

05-11-2008, 04:39 PM
Turning to his partner, Miles grinned. "Up to you now, Lopmon. Watch yourself."

With a spirited nod of his head, Lopmon was off, dashing to the forested area where their target awaited them. He swung himself onto a tree some 10 meters away from Petit Mamon and Renamon. Stopping to rest on a large branch midway up, he perked his ears and gazed around the forest, looking for any signs of their target.

05-11-2008, 04:49 PM
As the three Digimon scanned the trees, Nathan put his hands in his pockets and picked up the bone.

"How strange," he said, examining it, "I thought this was probably from a horse or something, but look at it..." He held it out toward Miles and Pierce. "This looks like it could be from an elephant or something, it's huge."

Just as he did this, the branches above began to snap as something large dropped from them. Nathan looked up just in time to see a massive ape dropping from the trees.

He leapt away just in time to save himself from being crushed by the ape's fist, dropping the bone in the process.

"MY bone!" it shrieked, snatching it up as Nathan scrambled off of the ground, backing away as the ape squared off with him.

"A little help?!" Nathan shouted to the trees behind them all, where the three Children were gathered.

Petit Mamon, having heard the commotion, turned to see what he immediately recognized as a Digimon, and flew toward it. "Petit Curse!" He shouted, and a stream of fire shot from the end of his staff toward the ape's back just as it leapt toward Nathan. It hit him, but did little more than divert his attention toward the three Children.

And Nathan, of course, took the opportunity to take a few steps back.

05-11-2008, 05:10 PM
Sam watchs the dots disappear then puts the DEUS in her pocket. She talks to the lady behind the desk then leaves. Out side she pull out the DEUS.
"You know I hate dark places." Patamon quietly says.
"Sorry" she says turning off the detecter."Lets go home"
As they pass the libary it light flash and soon after someone yells.
"Do you think anyone's hurt?" She ask Patamon as she runs in.

05-11-2008, 05:12 PM
Renamon turned as soon as she heard the creature cry out, her eyes wide as Hanumon descended. She lifted her arms, crossed in front of her, but swiftly realized that to attack with her Fox Leaf Arrowhead would put Nathan in just as much danger as the adult digimon.

With a 'tch' she launched herself from the tree branch, her sleek form sliding quickly through the air. Petit Mamon had attacked, drawing the creature's attention towards them, which presented a very tempting target. She began to turn her body forward, using her forward momentum to add power to the attack as she somersaulted in midair, her heel coming down full-force on the ape's face.

"KOKAISHUKU!" she cried as her Fox Spin Kick connected, sending the beast stumbling backward, clutching its face. She was sure if she had ever landed such an attack on a human being, she would have easily broken their nose. She landed on the ground in a crouch, eyes narrowed as she observed Hanumon - for he was no human being. She was quite sure he had it in him to retaliate in but a moment, and she wished to be ready.

05-11-2008, 05:43 PM
Lopmon immediately turned his attention back to the humans once he heard the attack. With a growl he leapt off of the branch and fanned out his ears, using them to glide towards the ape.

"BUREIJINGU AISU!" He cried, unleashing a blast of freezing ice at the ape's feet. The attack has the desired effect, temporarily freezing his target's feet to the ground and rendering him immobile.

"That's it, Lopmon!" Miles cried out to his partner, clutching his fist. His DEUS in his other hand, Miles quickly activated the Digimon analyzer and scanned the information. "Hanumon, huh..."

In spite of the intensity of the situation, the young man found himself with a small smile on his face. This was what he had been waiting so long for. Here, in the heat of battle, he felt alive for the first time in a long while. Stepping over to Nathan, he planted a hand on his shoulder. "Are you all right?!" he asked, only briefly looking at his friend before focusing back on Hanumon.

05-11-2008, 05:50 PM
"Oh, I'm alright," Nathan said, brushing a hand over his sleeves disdainfully. "It looks like we've got a live one here, though."

Hanumon snarled, but writhed around with intense strength, snapping the ice connecting himself to the ground with a bit of effort. He leapt to the air, over Lopmon, and hurled his bone directly down, toward the tiny Digimon.

Petit Mamon twirled his staff a bit, firing off another stream of fire, but Hanumon twisted his body and missed being struck in the head, before landing on his feet.

05-11-2008, 06:25 PM
Lopmon inhaled sharply as Hanumon leapt above him. Thinking quickly, he deflated his ears and began dropping to the ground. With the momentum gained from this, and by using his ears to begin spin himself rapidly in the air, he formed a miniature cyclone around his body.


The tornado caught the bone before it could strike Lopmon and sent it careening off into the forest away from everyone. The Child stumbled upon reaching the ground and grit his teeth as he waited for the disorientation to fade.

05-11-2008, 06:37 PM
Renamon closed her eyes, whispering as the shadows took her.

"Kohenkyo," she said softly, her body vanishing along with her target's, though Lopmon likely didn't notice in his disoriented state. Through her Fox Change Void, she and Lopmon had effectively traded places, leaving Renamon far closer to the enraged adult and Lopmon safely out of danger where he could recover.

She stood, her body seeming relaxed even as she took up a fighting stance. Her eyes belied her true intention, however, as she stared daggers at Hanumon, daring him to attack, daring him to challenge her in melee combat.

Pierce remained behind during all of this, observing quietly. He held his watch by the chain, letting it dangle in the breeze. He had taken note of the instant Renamon engaged Hanumon, and was curious to see how long it would take her to subdue him. A baseline, he told himself, for future combat. He would be very pleased to see her improve upon it.

05-11-2008, 07:20 PM
The Hanumon glared back at Renamon before dashing wildly past her, grabbing for its bone instead. As it ran for the weapon, it reached out and grabbed... nothing.

Petit Mamon smiled. He had cast another illusion, and now the Hanumon could not see the bone. Surprised, it looked around, but could not see its weapon, despite it being at the beast's feet.

"I suppose we need to apprehend this one alive, if possible," Nathan said lazily, nodding in approval to Petit Mamon. "A good start is taking its weapon away from it. Keep this up if at all possible."

05-11-2008, 08:18 PM
Renamon grit her teeth. Pierce could tell she was becoming rapidly incensed with the Hanumon, on the grounds of its stubborn refusal to engage her.

So, she reasoned, it was time to take the fight to him.

"KOSENGEKI!" she cried, vanishing from the place where she should, reappearing in an instant just in front of Hanumon. She drew back her claws, and began slashing them violently across the beast's face, knocking him onto his back with a howl. This had the added benefit of driving him further from his bone, even if its location was masked by Petit Mamon's unique abilities.

"Wear him down, Renamon," Pierce said, not this his partner required any additional encouragement in that department. He chuckled to himself, realizing it was more to make himself feel useful.

05-11-2008, 09:03 PM
Having regained his senses, Lopmon hopped over to the battle. Leaping into the air as he got close, he spun himself into another mini cyclone which launched towards the prone Hanumon, lifting the Adult into the air and spinning him around.

Miles watched intently because he doesn't have much else to do.

05-11-2008, 09:47 PM
Nathan smiled as he watched the Hanumon struggling to fight back. "Right," he said, nodding to Petit Mamon, "it's time to end this one." Loud enough for Hanumon to hear, he says "Take his eyes."

Petit Mamon chuckled, and cast a very simple illusion on the poor Hanumon: Darkness.

To him, everything was darkness. He flailed wildly, trying to desperately strike his enemies and failing miserably.

Again, loud enough for Hanumon to hear, Nathan continued with his instructions. "Lopmon, if you would be so kind... would you bind our friend's limbs? And Renamon, my dear..." he bowed his head politely to her as he referenced her, "if you would please continue to strike him until he calms down and comes with us?"

"Now," he said, fully to Hanumon now, "you can come with us, and we'll give you your eyesight back and you'll be spared quite a bit of pain. Alternatively, you can keep flailing about and risk an intense amount of pain. It's completely up to you."

05-11-2008, 10:01 PM
With a nod, Lopmon unleashed another blast of ice at Hanumon's legs, freezing him once again to the ground and leaving him wide open to attack.

Miles kept a close eye on Hanumon, awaiting his response.

05-11-2008, 10:04 PM
Thomas held his hand up. "Stop. You there, what is that device? And Mr. Hoag, what is that?" he asks, pointing at Kokuwamon.

05-11-2008, 10:15 PM
Renamon grinned, both after listening to Nathan's strategy and wider after Lopmon secured her prey.

Her movements shifted subtly. They still reflected strength and power, but there was suddenly more grace in them. As she moved forward, towards Hanumon, she seemed to saunter, to dance. Pierce wasn't sure if she was trying to allure the ape... an act he was sure would be useless with his sight deprived.

"Korenkyaku!" she half-sang, before her dance shifted into a series of exquisite, flowing strikes of her legs, her Fox Dancing Kick striking Hanumon over and over again across his chest. She finished in a spin and a half-bow, leaving Hanumon breathless and battered... and leaving Pierce applauding.

05-11-2008, 10:30 PM
Hanumon coughed as Renamon struck him repeatedly in the chest, but lashed out incredibly quickly with a fist, attempting to strike directly in front of him, where the attacks were coming.

A trickle of blood emitted from his mouth, and Nathan whistled. He noticed that Hanumon was attempting to break free of the ice once more, but was having trouble completely pulling free, only putting cracks in the ice surrounding his legs this time around.

05-11-2008, 10:38 PM
Renamon took the hit, pausing for a moment, the impact having turned her head. She took a moment to measure up the blow, but it was one of desperation - not a calculated attack that could truly have sent her reeling. She turned back to face the beast.

Her body began to glow with an aura of azure flame as she reared back her fist. This blow, she told herself, would leave him unconscious. She poured everything she had into it.

"TOUHAKKEN!" she cried, driving her Wisteria Punch straight into Hanumon's chest.

05-11-2008, 10:50 PM
Let's end this! Lopmon yelled to himself, squinting his eyes in determination. Moving in from the side, he dashed at Hanumon and jumped into the air, spinning around and attacking him repeatedly with his ears. "Guruguru Surappu!"

05-11-2008, 11:04 PM
And render him unconscious the attacks did. With labored breathing, the great ape's eyes rolled back into his head and he fell limp. Very briefly, his form seemed to shimmer, as if unstable.

With a few short claps, Nathan moved forward. "Oh, beast-man," he called out to Hanumon, "are you still with us?"

Petit Mamon moved forward, nudging the Adult with the end of his staff. When he saw no reaction, he grinned.

"Oh, but what a bother..." Nathan murmured, looking at the distance between them and the SUV, then to Hanumon himself. "He looks a bit heavy for you Digimon to carry for a hundred yards," he said with glances toward Lopmon and Petit Mamon in particular, "and I don't know how comfortable we humans would be carrying him, on the offchance that he wakes up angry."

Sighing, he straightened his tie. "I'll be right back."

With that, Nathan began to jog through the fields back to the SUV. It took him a bit, but upon getting to it, he drove back to the others. Thankfully, the fields were quite alright to drive through, and he was able to park beside them with little difficulty.

"Alright," he said, hopping out and opening the back of the vehicle, "it looks like Edwards wasn't about to send us out to capture a full grown Digimon alive without SOME precaution, eh?"

He pulled out a length of cable and began to tie together Hanumon's hands at the wrists. Petit Mamon grabbed another bit of cable and began to do the same to his legs.

"Now," Nathan grunted as he and his partner lifted Hanumon gingerly into the back, shutting the door behind him, "this part may be a BIT tricky..."

Jerking his head toward the SUV, he said "As we saw before, he's in fairly bad condition, due to our rather efficient partners," he added emphasis with a smirk toward the three Digimon, "so if he wakes up and starts thrashing about, it might kill him to continue beating him. If he wakes up, would you three mind simply holding him down, rather than beating him back to unconsciousness?"

Moving for the driver's seat, he added "Of course, I'll try and hurry so that we don't need to worry about him waking up."

05-11-2008, 11:09 PM
Renamon leaped into the SUV after Hanumon, her claws precariously close to the beast's scalp.

"Happily," she informed Nathan.

Pierce simply chuckled, taking note of the time on his watch before dropping it back into his vest pocket. "Let's be getting back, then. I'm the one that's sitting in the back seat. I'd prefer if he didn't wake up at all."

And so he climbed back into the SUV, waiting for Miles and Nathan.

05-11-2008, 11:29 PM
Lopmon hopped in alongside Renamon, ready to freeze him the instant he were to wake up.

"A job well done, gentleman. Lopmon, Renamon, Petit Mamon, I do believe our superiors will be very impressed with you all," Miles said to the three as they got into the SUV, smiling brightly. He returned to the passenger side door and opened it, sitting down and shutting the door behind him.

His grin turned into a smirk as he looked over his DEUS, bringing up a new feature: text messaging. "I'll tell the other team the news. I'm sure they'll be in a good mood after hearing it."

And so he texts the following to Derrick:

We've got the target, heading back to base now. gg

05-11-2008, 11:46 PM
"Then, we're off," Nathan said, starting the SUV and driving through the field once more. Upon reaching the road, he made his way back into the city without trouble.

"So," he said to the others as he moved through the traffic, which thankfully was a bit less now that people were no longer driving to work, "that went well."

Looking back briefly, he called out "Petit Mamon? That Digimon,"

"Hanumon," his partner supplied.

"Yes, Hanumon. He was certainly a bit bigger than you three. Not to insult any of you, but he seemed a bit stronger, although certainly not brighter. Is he an evolved Digimon?"

"Yeah, looks like he's a level above us," Petit Mamon said, examining Hanumon. "One on one, we would have had a much tougher time fighting him."

"So how DO Digimon evolve?" Nathan asked, taking a left turn where needed.

"I've explained this all before, Nathan," he said, rolling his eyes, "I have no idea how we evolve. My best guess is that it either has to do with age, kinda like you humans grow with age, or if we get strong enough that our form can't contain it, we evolve to match."

"So, basically, whether it's time or strength needed for you three to evolve, we're now one step closer than this morning?" Nathan chuckled.

"Something like that," he grinned.

It was not long before Digital Solutions was in sight, and Nathan thought of something. "Hm," he mumbled, pulling out his DEUS. Scrolling toward Mr. Edwards' number, he texted the following:

Retrieved the specimen, outside the building in the back parking lot. How would you like us to bring it in?

Setting the device in his lap and parking in a spot by the building, he waited for almost a minute before receiving a response:

I'll send someone.

It took no more than another minute before two burly men in suits came walking from the back door of the building. "Mr. Price?" one of them said, peering into the driver's side window. "We'll take the package from the back."

"Good, good," Nathan said, and he turned off the SUV, moving around to the back to open the door. As he did, the two men examined Hanumon, and one smiled.

"Mr. Edwards is going to be very pleased," he said, nodding to the three Tamers as the two men looked around briefly. As they put Hanumon into a large black bag and began to hustle him into the back door of the building, Nathan felt a bit of amusement. The parking lot they were in was conveniently secluded enough that this effort seemed a bit unnecessary, moreso considering Petit Mamon could have easily cloaked him long enough to get him inside the building.

"Well," Nathan said, hands in his pockets as he looked to Miles and Pierce, "all in a day's work, hm?"

05-12-2008, 12:42 AM
Nathan was speaking, but Pierce hardly heard him. He was already on his DEUS.

"Yes, a five course catered lunch. For thirteen..." he thought, six Chosen, six partners, and Mr. Edwards, "no, no, make that fourteen," he corrected himself. He covered the phone with his free hand, turning back to Miles and Nathan. "Tell Karen we're having lunch," he instructed, before going back to the call.

"The menu is the chef's choice," he explained, "best he has to offer. When? Now, of course. ... I don't care how many people you have to call, make it happen! ... That's not my concern! I'll triple your asking price! That's what I thought. Digital Solutions, located on the corner of... I expect service in an hour. Excellent. Thank you."

He ended the call, and turned back to everyone. "Conference room, one hour. This calls for a celebration."

Grinning, Pierce strolled into the office, Renamon bemusedly following behind.

05-12-2008, 12:53 AM
Miles grinned at Nathan and nodded his head in approval before turning his attention to Pierce. He watched the man as he spoke on the phone, curiosity and amusement evident in his eyes. When all was said and done and Pierce had left them alone, Miles once again turned to Nathan with his eyebrow raised. "I'm not sure about that one."

"It's very generous of him," Lopmon spoke up, "and he is your ally."

"This is true, Lopmon, he's just unlike anyone I've ever met." After a pause, he continued, "Well, I'll leave Karen to you, Nathan. See you inside."

The pair entered the building.

05-12-2008, 01:23 PM
"This?" Kyle asked, freaking out, "It's, uh, just my phone..." Truthfully, Kyle had imagined a ton of situations in which someone tried to ask about his DEUS and his Digimon, but in his fantasies he had always been so confident and outwitted any nosy people. It seemed reality was giving him a good hard kick in the balls. "My dad's a businessman, he does a lot of international relation stuff... Got it in Japan. You know those Japanese with all their high tech phones..." That last part wasn't entirely false, his dad really did go on business trips a lot. He just hoped he still sounded convincing enough to be let go.

05-12-2008, 01:39 PM
One hour later, a small host of caterers had assembled a buffet in the Digital Solutions conference room. Pierce had been required to escort them at all times, to ensure that nothing sensitive on the lower level was disturbed. They were to go from elevator to hall to conference room and back out the same way. He was sure Mr. Edwards had been unhappy with his rather brash decision to go ahead and throw a small party in a secret facility, but Pierce was sure the menu would more than make up for it.

It was more than he could have hoped for. Custom blends of tea and coffee brewed away in ornamented silver urns, the tomatoes and fresh mozzarella arranged on a gleaming service platter, the artisanal bread brimming from a woven basket. There were portobello mushrooms stuffed with crab meat, asparagus spears in thyme butter, lamb chops in a tamarind glaze, grilled beef tenderloin in an orange-chile glaze, an eggplant and artichoke terrine, and not to be outdone, a warm Valrhona chocolate souffle cake. And there was plenty to feed humans and digimon alike.

He settled in at the conference table, eating away to his heart's content with Renamon beside him. She was a bit more modest in her food intake, but enjoyed it all the same. Even Mr. Edwards seemed to have forgotten his earlier ire as he sat and ate, and a few minutes in, Pierce raised his cup.

"To our success today, which I am sure will be the first of many," he praised, turning to face Miles and Nathan. "And to my associates, without whom this would not have been possible. Nathan, I do believe you have the makings of a fantastic strategist, something that your partner," he said, looking to Petit Mamom, "will only help you to excel at. And Miles, you exhibited an impeccable degree of control on the battlefield. Between yourself and Lopmon, I believe you could turn any situation into something quite favorable."

Nodding to each in turn, Pierce took a sip of his tea and finished his meal in relative silence, but for some occasional small talk. He did lean over to Renamon, at one point, and praise her privately, commending both her strength and grace on the field of battle. "I am sure," he said, "that you will continue to be a source of pride for me and for this organization." He couldn't be sure, but he was almost certain she had blushed beneath her golden fur.

05-12-2008, 03:41 PM
"Eh, I've been all right," Vivi says, shrugging. She paused for a moment, then sent a rather nasty glare in Bakumon's direction before lowering her voice to a whisper. "Except lately, he's been, uh... 'experimenting' on me with his Nightmare Syndrome attack. It's... awful."

Bakumon, completely ignoring the whispered conversation, points to a gradual backup of cars in front of them on the highway. "Vivi, what's going on?"

"Uh..." The woman curses before replying. "Looks like something happened, and now traffic is backing up. Wonder what's going on?"

~ Later On ~

A very frustrated Vivi is still stuck in traffic with her companions. "What in the hell is going on?!"

05-12-2008, 03:57 PM
Derrick shrugs and whispers. "This is why I like having a partner that'll follow orders."

Commandramon looks up at the traffic. "Well... shouldn't last too long... right?"

~ Later On ~

Derrick frowns a bit then pulls out his DEUS and notices he's recieved a text message. "Hmm?" He pulls it out and reads the message. "Well... those guys finished the mission without us."

He sends Miles a message back:

Ah, congrats. Good to know you managed to finish the mission. We're sadly a bit backed up in traffic... And by a bit I mean we've been stuck this entire time, wonder what could have happened...

05-12-2008, 04:39 PM
Sam slows down so she wont tip on the equipment as she walks down a hall in the libary. She hears voices comeing from a room to her left and walks in. She finds two men stading over a juy on the floor.
"I saw the lights flash and the someone yell. I thought someone might be hurt so come to offer help." she says waveing the hand that she's holding her DEUS in in the direction she had come from as the men turn to look at her.

05-12-2008, 07:39 PM
Bob looks carefully at Kyle, then at the new girl, also with a DEUS, then at Kokuwamon.
"Look, Tom, the important thing is that these kids are trespassing in a dangerous work area. Why don't you go over those blueprints of yours again and see if you can figure out this lighting, I'll take them out side and give 'em a talking to, eh?"
He reached down and picked up Kokuwamon under one arm, then glared at Kyle and Sam.

05-12-2008, 07:55 PM
Thomas thought for a moment. Then, he took his own DEUS out of his pocket and held it out.
"Leormon, realize!" Before the odd group, the little lion took form. Thomas then scanned Kokuwamon and looked at the results.
"A machine Digimon. Interesting. Leormon has memorized the blueprints of this job as well as all the specifics about the matierals. He and Kokuwamon can deal with the repairs. I think I'll join you for that chat, Bob."

05-12-2008, 08:35 PM
Kyle was dumbfounded. "So wait..." He took his DEUS out of his pocket, "You all have one of these too...?" His heart was racing. Had he found others like himself?

05-12-2008, 08:45 PM
As Sam studies the two digimon Patamon desides there's no point hideing anymore and lets himself out.
"I'm Patamon." he says as he flies up to hover next to Sam.

05-12-2008, 08:46 PM
All Vivi did was groan and curse in reply as she continued her seemingly futile attempt to find a way out of this traffic. "Peachy... there goes our misson! Damned traffic..."


The traffic mess cleared up a few hours later after an automobile accident was cleared from the street. Vivi sighed in relief as soon as she was able to drive towards headquarters. "Finally." After approximately another half hour of driving, the small group finally arrived back at the base.

05-12-2008, 08:49 PM
"Well," is all Bob has to say as he draws his own DEUS and holds it up, then puts Kokuwamon down. "This is an interesting development. I take it y'all are in 'The Game' too?"

05-12-2008, 08:54 PM
"So it would seem," Thomas says, "I assume this is the first time anyone has ever met another person with a DEUS?"

05-12-2008, 08:57 PM
Derrick chuckled a bit. "There'll be other missions, I'm sure." He gets out of the car and stretches. "Ah, such a nice ride back, thanks Vivi. Even though it turned out to just be a waste of gas." He said while giving a smile.

Commandramon got out of the back and nodded to Vivi. "Thank you for the ride." He then activated his camo and started off to the elevator.

Derrick just shook his head. "Well, I assume they're down in the usual room, I hope. So I'll see you there maybe, someone needs to explain what happened after all." He heads off after Commandramon a bit quickly and both get on the elevator then headed down below ground.

Commandramon deactivated his camo. "I wonder if they'll be annoyed we didn't show..."

"Nah, if the mission was a success I doubt much could anger or annoy them." Derrick reassured his partner with a smile. "Shall we?" Both entered the conference room. "Ah, went all out this time did we?"

Commandramon gave the usual salute to the group gathered. "Congratulations on the success of the mission."

"Too stiff as always..." Derrick shrugged a bit. "Can't be helped I suppose." He looks to the others. "So, details? I'd love to hear what happened."

05-12-2008, 09:08 PM
"Yeah, I'm part of 'the game'," Kyle said, "I wish I knew more about it, though... The guy running this is way too mysterious."

Deciding it to be safe enough, he brought called out Keramon, "And this... is my Digimon, Keramon."

"Nice to meet you!" Keramon said. "I was starting to wonder if other Digimon actually existed!"

05-12-2008, 09:14 PM
Pierce nodded a greeting to Derrick and Commandramon as they entered, dabbing his napkin to the sides of his mouth.

"There was a very large, very angry ape," Pierce explained, "called Hanumon. We believe it was a form of digimon more..." he searched for the right word, "evolved than our partners. Which is not to do them any disservice! They handled the creature magnificently. Petit Mamon was able to blind it, Lopmon bind it, and Renamon render it unconscious. Simply extraordinary. We brought it back for study."

05-12-2008, 09:14 PM
"So... what now?" Bob asks the other three. "We supposed to battle them, or something? I didn't even know there WERE other people out there with one of these Digimon, and Kokuwamon didn't exactly come with an instruction manual. I've been figuring out what he can do as we go."
He then adds, "You coulda said something sooner, you know, Tom."

Kokuwamon, bored now, picks up a random handheld power drill laying around and begins removing its casing.

05-12-2008, 10:22 PM
"If I had told you and you didn't have a Digimon, can you honestly say you wouldn't have had me commited?" He says with a bit of a smile. Leormon watch Kokuwamon curiously.

05-12-2008, 11:29 PM
The atmosphere of the celebration was delightful, and Miles had no problems dropping his guard to enjoy the party to the fullest extent. Lopmon, too, was having a great time, but he had focused more on trying all of the delicious plates present on the table. The Chosen and his partner spent a long time at the table, chatting away about the day's events as they dined.

There were no hard feelings when the second team arrived, and Miles greeted them all with a smile. Lopmon was beaming, very pleased with himself, but as usual kept most of his feelings inside rather than boast to everyone.

As Pierce made a toast to their efforts, Miles found himself with a grin plastered on his face. This guy was perhaps not so bad. He did, after all, provide them all with such a wonderful feast. A short while afterwards, Miles rose from his seat and made his way around the table to where Pierce and Renamon sat talking quietly amongst one another.

"Pardon me, Pierce, Renamon," Miles spoke up, loud enough to catch their attention. His eyes settled on Pierce. "I would just like to express my thanks to you, Pierce, on organizing this event as well as your kind words earlier. I'm sure you and I will be working together a lot in the near future, and I have faith that you will be a valuable ally and friend."

Turning to Renamon, he added with a smile, "And you, Renamon. I do indeed very much appreciate your actions during the battle today, keeping Lopmon out of harm's way to recover while you took his place. It was very admirable of you, and I have been most impressed by you."

Lopmon, who up until this point had been standing quietly behind Miles, spoke up. "I thank you both as well," he said, bowing his head politely.

05-13-2008, 12:23 AM
Pierce inclined his head to Miles, smiling back. "It was my pleasure. I look forward to our future cooperation."

Renamon bowed to Miles. "It was the least I could do. Your partner made a great effort to deprive Hanumon of his greatest weapon." She then brushed her tail across Lopmon's nose. "Think nothing of it," she said with a small grin, before retrieving some chocolate cake.

05-13-2008, 12:47 AM
Lopmon turned his head away, his nose tickled by Renamon's tail. A sneeze later, followed up by a light blush, he returned to his seat.

Miles nodded once more to Pierce before following Lopmon back to sit next to him, and he served the both of them a piece of chocolate cake for dessert.

05-13-2008, 04:19 AM
"Really? Sounds like quite the experience, it's a shame I missed it." Derrick said with a disappointed look on his face. "Oh well, couldn't be helped I suppose, the traffic ended up being awful."

Commandramon nods. "I was looking forward to it as well, but theres always next time, right?"

Derrick smiled a bit and took a seat. "Right."

05-13-2008, 12:10 PM
Depressed!Vivi entered the party room shortly after Derrick and glumly looked about. She shuffleed around in place for a few brief moments before slowly walking over and sitting next to Derrick. "Hey. Looks like you guys are having fun. The mission was a total success, I take it?"

Bakumon traipsed into the room not long after his partner did; however, quite unlike his partner, he was perky and cheerful. He took an empty seat next to Vivi. "Congratulations to you all! I see that a feast has been prepared. You wouldn't mind if I partook, would you?"

Vivi closed her eyes and groaned softly.

05-13-2008, 12:58 PM
"I don't really know what we do with them," Kyle said, "All the guy said was simply to wait for further developments, and the game would surely become much more interesting. I wonder what he possibly could have meant..."

Right as Kyle finished saying that, each DEUS beeped, signifying that a new message had been received. Kyle quickly accessed the e-mail and saw a new message, with several possible downloadable files. It was addressed to "ALL DEUS", same as the other files. Kyle had always figured that meant everyone else that had a DEUS too.

"The game is now about to enter the second stage. There are four files to download. Pick one of them and await further instructions, which will arrive at 8:01:49 tonight."

"Well... that was coincidental." Keramon said with a laugh.

"That was way too conveniently timed to be coincidental," Kyle said, "It's almost like he was listening to us..." For the first time, he felt a good deal of nervousness about this "game".

"I guess the only thing to do is wait until tonight. What a strange time." Keramon said.

Kyle looked at the files. The names meant nothing, although they were not the same .dgm files he was used to seeing. Still, the names were just a string of random characters. "Should we all pick the same one, or...? By the way, my name is Kyle. Kyle Marsh. I'm a student here."

05-13-2008, 01:08 PM
Bob extends a hand to shake Kyle's. "Bob Hoag. Class of '07. And the architect here is Thomas Tonka."
The formalities finished with, he takes a moment to look over the 4 possible files to download. "Well, there are 4 files and 4 of us. That can't be a coincidence."

05-13-2008, 01:11 PM
"That's true," Kyle said, "Especially given the timing of the e-mail... Well," he scrolled down to the third file, "I'll take this one then. Anything that uses the pi symbol can't be bad." He forced a laugh.

05-13-2008, 01:43 PM
Pierce nodded to Bakumon. "Of course, help yourself! This is a victory for the organization, after all, not simply a few individuals!"

05-13-2008, 02:10 PM
Suddenly, the beautiful sky was covered by dark clouds. The sun the shone there was now covered by a gigantic pitch-black sphere that gave Devon goosebumps.
Devon looked to the sky, and could not see any more hopes, as the clouds that had filled the sky now had lightning going through all the places. A lightning bolt hit a skyscraper, which now broke in half, and crumbled into pieces.
A sense of desperation hit Devon. He looked to the sky once more, and saw a lightning bolt form with all its might, gathering all the power of Zeus to one point, and flying at full speed at Devon.

Devon woke up with his hair spiked up, and Elecmon on his side discharging electricity in his left hand.
"Gosh Elecmon! Didn't I already tell you to not wake me up like that anymore?"
Elecmon chuckled and said "Sorry, it's just that I can't resist the temptation."
"What time is it, anyways?" asked Devon while rubbing his eyes.
"Nine thirty. Don't you have to work today?"
"Yeah.... I'm going to take a shower and then I'll make some waffles. Sounds good?"
"Of course!" saind Elecmon with his mouth watering.
Elecmon went to the living room to watch TV while Devon was taking a shower. He turned it on and changed the channel to CNN.
"...unfortunately an earthquake occurred today in China. Hundreds of people were killed in the disaster that took place this morni--" but Elecmon changed the channel to watch some cartoons before the announcer could finish his sentence. He tunned to Cartoon Network, and started watching Chowder. He couldn't understand why anybody would make such a silly cartoon, but he enjoyed it, and could not stop laughing at the shenanigans of the show.
Devon got out of the shower, and was making waffles for both of them. He put the waffles on two different plates, and filled two glasses of sweet tea. He took all of it to the living room and sat by Elecmon on his white bean bag chair.
"So what time are you going to work Devon?" asked Elecmon while eating a whole waffle in half of a bite.
"Take it easy buddy, don't eat that so fast. And I'm supposed to be there at 9, the usual time."
"So I guess you should hurry 'cause it's already eight thirty."
"WHAT? And I still have to take the subway! Just eat everything and let's go!"
"I thought you said I shouldn't do it."
But Devon could not talk because his mouth was filled with waffles and sweet tea at the same time. He hurried and got his backpack. He took his DEUS from the side of his bad, which was still a mess, and told Elecmon to get in it. He filled his mouth with mouthwash, put his DEUS inside his pocket, got out of his house, locked the door, and got in the elevator.
Devon fixed his straight blond hair in the elevator's mirror, and pushed the first floor button. The elevator stopped on the fifth floor, and three kids got in it.
"I can barely wait to get my own phone." said a blond girl of approximately thirteen years old "but my parents are always saying that I'm too young to have my own phone."
"I think they should realize that it's not 1950's anymore." said the little girl's friend, who was about the same age and height, but she was a red-haired girl with some freckles on her face.
Devon just listened to their conversation while feeling the burning sensation of the mouthwash in his mouth. His eyes started to tear, and the boy that was hanging out with the two girls looked at him and said.
"Are you OK?"
Devon nodded.
"You look like you just did something wrong... like this" and the little boy farted so loud, and made such a funny face that Devon could not help but laugh.
Devon's dirty mouthwash poured on all the three kids as he kept laughing. The two girls couldn't stop screaming and saying "EEEWWWW", which were louder than Devon and Elecmon's laugh.
The elevator stopped, and Devon got out of the elevator as fast as he could, and ran two block to the subway station. He got on the escalator and used his ticket that he had bought on the previous day, just in case he got late on the following day.
Devon got in the train, and Elecmon said "that was a nice one Devon", fortunately, nobody gave any attention to him, except, of course, for Devon, who said "Shh".
Devon got out of the train at 8:56 on a large sidewalk that was surrounded by stores. He walked out of the station, and went to a building with its outside made of glass, it was a cyber cafe. Devon got there two minutes after nine. A young girl with short purple hair smiled at Devon from behind the central computer.
"Thanks for opening the store for me Heather."
"No problem. You're lucky the boss isn't here this morning."
"I know~! I was supposed to open the store today but kind of forgot..."
"No duh! But it's alright, we never have lots of people here in a weekday morning."
"Hey Devon, go turning all the computers all, and go to the back of the store and get be some paper for the printer, please."
Devon turned all the other computers on, and went to the back of the store. He put his backpack near the door, and took a bunch of papers.
"So, what are we gonna be doing today Devon?" Asked Elecmon.
"Work, work, and more work."
"Sounds pretty boring to me." said Elecmon showing his tongue.
"At least I like it. It could be worse if I had to work as the janitor of this place or something. At least I'm on the computers."
Devon got the papers, and brought them to Heather.
"Here you go."
"Thank you" said Heather with a smile on her face.
"I think I'm just gonna check my e-mail until we get some costumers."
"OK, sounds good." said Heather, who started doing her homework.

05-13-2008, 02:29 PM
Not too long into the festivities, Pierce's (and everyone else's, for that matter) DEUS chimed. They had experienced this before, and he knew this could only mean one thing.

"The game is afoot," he muttered to himself, lifting the DEUS from his belt and scrolling through the contents of his message. "The game is now about to enter the second stage," he read aloud. "There are four files to download. Pick one of them and await further instructions, which will arrive at 8:01:49 tonight."

Renamon stepped over next to her Tamer, observing the message and the files beneath it.

"Do you recognize them?" he asked of her.

She merely shook her head. "They would appear to be random collections of letters and numbers, but for one unique symbol inserted into each of them." She pointed them out in turn: [pi], ~, &, %.

"Pi, a tilde, an ampersand, and a percent sign," Pierce mused. "How very odd."

05-13-2008, 02:49 PM
As the feast began, Nathan sat at a table with Petit Mamon to one side, and Karen to the other. On his plate sat a stuffed mushroom, a piece of bread, and a lamb chop. Petit Mamon had opted for simply a large piece of cake and a large portion of the tenderloin, digging in greedily.

Beside him, Nathan cut into the lamb chop, speaking idly with Karen. "Oh, of course it was frightening," he said, waving his knife idly as if to dismiss her question, "a giant ape leaped at me. But it takes more than that to make me lose my nerve. All I had to do was jump out of the way a bit." He took a bite of the lamb chop as Karen watched him intently.

"Well, what happened next?" She asked, her stare boring into him.

"Oh, once the beast missed me with his attack, it was just like catching a mouse. Petit Mamon here (Wipe your face, please)," he said as he looked to his partner, with sauce all over his mouth, "and the other Digimon finished it up in a matter of minutes."

"I still can't believe this whole... Digimon thing," she said, breathless as she looked around at the gathered Digimon, "and you still have no idea why you all got one?"

"I'd like to think we were picked to make a difference," Nathan said, smirking as he reached out to get a piece of cake, offering it to her, "so perhaps we were picked BECAUSE we can make a difference."

As Pierce gave his toast, Nathan ceased talking, holding up his glass of tea in appreciation as his name is mentioned, smiling gracefully.

When Pierce finishes, Nathan stands up. "While we're giving thanks and showing appreciation, I'd like to toast us all." He looked around the room, to the six Digimon and six Tamers gathered. "To a team of agents who, when presented with a challenge, makes even evolution unnecessary."

Turning his glass to a particular Tamer, he smirked. "And to Mr. Stanton, who makes eating anything but the finest dining unnecessary."

Sitting down, he tapped his glass against Karen's, taking a drink of his tea.

Moments later, his DEUS chimed, and he read the message within.

"Ah, four symbols..." Nathan murmured, looking from one to the other.

After only a moment, he looked to the others, all looking at their own DEUS's, and assumed they had the same message sent to them.

"Ampersand," he said decisively, downloading the file with said symbol. "There seems to be no way of discerning what's beneath these files, I won't waste time trying to decide between the four."

As the file finished downloading, the DEUS switched to his detector screen, and he saw that there was something that said (14.7 miles) on the screen.

"Curious," he said, showing Karen and Petit Mamon the message.

05-13-2008, 03:06 PM
The unison of beeps from around the room awoke Miles from the mild stupor induced by ingesting large amounts of food. He blinked, confused for a brief moment before realizing the source. Removing his DEUS, he read the message to himself. "How interesting," he said after a moment, looking up to his comrades, "and an excellent opportunity for us. I will investigate the percent sign."

He downloaded said file as Lopmon looked on.

05-13-2008, 03:22 PM
Clarissa stood in the line for an ice cream, Salamon faithfully by her side as usual; stooping down to pretended to fiddle with Salamon's Leash.
"so how smart are you" Clarissa whispered
"Smart than you"
"Really, so can you speak fluently in four languages" she said snidley
"every one"
ok what does this mean "Salamon siete un vigliacco"
"I'm not" Squeaked the little dog like digimon
"Um Excuse me can you stop talking to you dog and order please"
looking up Clarry saw an annoyed looking Ice cream seller.
"ooh sorry" Clarissa said embarrassed
standing up Clarissa ordered two ice creams, getting a quizzical stare from the seller, handed over the money and left walking down the beach out towards the sea.
Sitting down on a jutting rock; Clarissa admired the serene landscape and natural tranquility the place seemed to discharge to the rest of the world. The sun was entering its final stages before it went to bed and glow a fiery orange reflected against the azure ocean
Beep, Beep
her DUES rang out, fishing it from her pocket she looked at the Message, it was nothing new but still she wished she knew who sent these, closing her eyes she randomly pick one; while Salamon made his opionion heard "PERCENT" though she didnt care she just pressed down on one and downloaded it

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-13-2008, 03:33 PM
School let out. And their was much rejoicing.

Jace walked out of the building and headed towards a nearby Ice cream stand. Their was a girl standing their with her dog, and she appeared to be talking to it.

"Woah...that's just too weird." he said. She headed over to a nearby rock. As Jace walked towards the stand, his DEUSchimed up.

"The game is now about to enter the second stage," it said. "There are four files to download. Pick one of them and await further instructions, which will arrive at 8:01:49 tonight."

"Hm. Specific. Well...I think I take the tilde mark." He decided. HE looked back to dog lady, and noticed that...she was doing the exact same thing. Considering that he freaked out last time he saw players, he decided to be more cautious. Striding over to her, he walked in front of her and held his DEUS out.

"I chose tilde. Which one did you pick?"

She was obviously surprised.

05-13-2008, 03:36 PM
Derrick chuckled a bit. "I love a festive occassion."

Commandramon shrugged. "Nothing wrong with it, though a I feel we should be out doing somethi--" Before he could finish his sentence the DEUSs started to beep.

Derrick blinked and took his out of his pocket. "Ah, so it's time for 'the game', is it?" He smiled and pushed a button downloading the ~ file. "Since no one has called dibs on it, I'll take the tilde."

05-13-2008, 04:14 PM
The cyber cafe was almost filled with people by fifteen o'clock.
Devon was busy managing the cyber cafe while his friend, Heathe, was working selling snacks to costumers.
Devon's DEUS beeped. Devon did not recognize the beep, since he had only heard that once. He looked at its screen, and noticed that he had gotten a message.
"The game is now about to enter the second stage." Devon read "There are four files to download. Pick one of them and await further instructions, which will arrive at 8:01:49 tonight."
"Which one should I pick, Elecmon?"
"I don't know. Do they mean something?"
"Well, yeah... One is pi, which is used for a bunch of stuff, and is equal to 3.14. The other is ~, which I've only seen in mangas, and in Portuguese. The other is &, which can replace the word "and". And the other is %, which is used in percentage, it represent parts of a whole."
"All of them sound cool, but I guess you should choose then one they use for 'and'."
"Well, it could be a message that can be extremely simple, and the answer could be in the symbol. The & could mean union, and all that, but I guess I'll choose pi because it's used to find the circumference and area of a circle. It could mean something related to the world or something like that."
"Wow Devon, you're really smart."
"AP student." Devon chuckled. "So I guess I will choose the pi."
"Pies are so good!"
"You're funny." Devon laughed, and began to download the file. "I guess I will just have to wait until eight something."
"I guess so." said Elecmon.
A bell rang, and new costumers got in the cyber cafe. Devon helped them, and kept working while he was downloading the "pi file".

Kazin Kagari
05-13-2008, 04:32 PM
Dimitri and Gazimon eventually made their way back to his apartment, and were sitting down to a quick meal. Well, Dimitri was. Gazimon, having spent the majority of the day cooped up inside the DEUS was already at his plate and gorging himself.

Dimitri looked at the sight of Gazimon making an absolute mess and smiled. His partner was always like that during dinner. He knew he didn't mean to be messy though. That's just the way he was. Considering their relationship over the past couple of months, he knew that this was a remarkable improvement from before. Of course, he'd make Gazimon clean it all up afterwards. A plus side to it he thought.

All of a sudden his DEUS beeped. Since Gazimon was no longer in it, it could only mean one thing -- a new file for downloading. Dimitri picked up his DEUS and took a look. There was a message.

'The game is now about to enter the second stage. There are four files to download. Pick one of them and await further instructions, which will arrive at 8:01:49 tonight.'

Sure enough, there were four files. Dimitri thought to himself for a moment, then brought it over to Gazimon, who was just finishing up with his meal.

Dimitri snapped to get his attention and showed him the DEUS with the files on it.

What do you think this could mean? Dimitri signed to Gazimon. Other than the informational files that came pre-installed on this thing, this is the first time I've received multiple files at once. And I can only choose to download one? he continued. He thought to himself... it didn't make sense why he could only download one.


Dimitri looked up and saw that Gazimon just did something with the DEUS. His eyes widened as he started to sign. What did you do?! Dimitri asked.

"Well, I think that you'd rack your brain over which one to choose, soooooo, we're going with the file that primarily had the percentage signs," Gazimon said, handing the DEUS back to Dimitri.

You don't know what that file was! It could've been a virus! Or something even worse! You shdn't hv mda th... Dimitri started signing, eventually just motioning wildly with a hysteric look on his face, not even forming discernible words with his signs. As sad as it was that Dimitri wasn't able to speak, it also meant that if Gazimon did something Dimitri didn't agree with, he couldn't be yelled at.

Eventually, Dimitri calmed down as he took a deep breath and bit his lower lip. "Sorry," Gazimon told him. "I just thought that you'd take forever making a decision. You only had a certain amount of time and if you didn't, who knew what would've happened..." Gazimon added, looking up apologetically. Dimitri sighed and began signing.

It's fine. Just let me know next time before you do that. If it's something that harmed the DEUS, it could potentially harm you too since you have to stay in it while we're out. I was just worried. Dimitri finished, putting his hands down. Gazimon looked down for a moment, and then back up with a bit of a grin.

"No worries. I had a good feeling about it, or I wouldn't have done it. Anyway, there's not much more we can do other than wait till that time. We can keep searching that one site that you posted at, but until then..." Gazimon trailed off. Dimitri nodded, and the two of them decided to wait at the apartment until the appointed time.

05-13-2008, 04:36 PM
Pierce selected the pi symbol and downloaded the file.

"I wonder just what it is that we're getting into," he muttered, as a distance indicator appeared on his screen. "23.4 miles. I think we may want the car..."

Switching his DEUS function momentarily, he placed a call, and then returned to the tracking screen.

"I suppose it's our duty to ensure that nothing dangerous takes place this evening, no matter what this little game involves."

05-13-2008, 04:49 PM
School let out. And their was much rejoicing.

Jace walked out of the building and headed towards a nearby Ice cream stand. Their was a girl standing their with her dog, and she appeared to be talking to it.

"Woah...that's just too weird." he said. She headed over to a nearby rock. As Jace walked towards the stand, his DEUSchimed up.

"The game is now about to enter the second stage," it said. "There are four files to download. Pick one of them and await further instructions, which will arrive at 8:01:49 tonight."

"Hm. Specific. Well...I think I take the Exclamtaion mark." He decided. HE looked back to dog lady, and noticed that...she was doing the exact same thing. Considering that he freaked out last time he saw players, he decided to be more cautious. Striding over to her, he walked in front of her and held his DEUS out.

"I chose Excalmation. Which one did you pick?"

She was obviously surprised.

[There is no ! file, there's only pi, %, &, and ~]

05-13-2008, 08:39 PM
"Right, well, I'll grab this one that starts with the Ampersand then, if no one objects?"

Kokuwamon, meanwhile, finishes cleaning the parts of the drills and begins reassembling it quietly.

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-13-2008, 08:59 PM
[There is no ! file, there's only pi, %, &, and ~]

Fix'd. I thought pi, %, & and ~ were all one file. Sorry.

05-13-2008, 10:19 PM
"I suppose I will take the file with the tilde," he says, downloading said file, "What do you suppose the significance of that time is?"

A Passing Maniac
05-14-2008, 01:00 AM
"Pardon me," John said quietly, as he abruptly turned away from Reese and departed the stage. He pulled the DEUS from his belt as he does so. "A choir of angels begs my audience..."

John skillfully avoided the clumsy grasps of the phosphor-drooling trolls that littered the small stage, and he descended the spiralling wrought iron stairway at its edge into a darkened catacomb before he finally looked at the DEUS.

John peered over the cryptic message—made even more so by his current condition—before eventually selecting and downloading the ampersand file.

"John," said a voice from behind the young man. "Are you coming back to the rehearsal?"

John turned to see a mass of gaping mouths and tentacles arranged in a vaguely humanoid form. The creature's face-tentacles, in particular, were assembled in such a way that he resembled a student John remembered seeing a few times around campus. Of course, as this creature was made of nothing but octopus tentacles and fanged maws, he clearly could not be the actual student.

John eyed the impostor, but eventually decided him harmless. "I have been to rehearsals before, have I not?"

"Yes. Late, generally, but yes, you have always shown."

"Then this once you can do without me. I have more important business to attend to. Good day, creature." He bowed his head and turned on the tentacular student.

As his hand touched the cool metal knob on the front door of his apartment, John paused. Floramon stood beside him. The young man looked around at the dirt and squalor of his apartment. "How did I get here?" Floramon merely looked at him quizzically. "I was—just now, I was away. At the school, the theater. I don't remember coming back. How did I get here? Did... I ever leave...?"

Floramon shook her head. "I don't know what you're going on about."

John flicked through the DEUS again. He confirmed both that Reese had called him and that he had received a message requesting that he download one of four files, but his memories of the time surrounding those two events were becoming hazier by the second. And they were replaced by something else, something—

John's introspection was interrupted by the noises from the apartment next door, a mixture of laughter and one muffled screaming voice. They were familiar sounds to John, but this time the sounds of pleasure and delight, pain and fear sparked something within him. His eyes focused on their surroundings as they had not done so in some time. He moved swiftly through the apartment, looking for something that would work...

He picked up the first appropriate tool he found: a wrench. As he headed for the door, he turned his gaze down at a bewildered Floramon. "Come with me," he said, and he had meant it to sound commanding, but when his eyes rested on his partner, he found he had not the spirit in him to command, and so his words were weak.

Yet she came with him anyway when he left his apartment with the wrench in hand. His first instinct was to bash the door in, but he wasn't sure he could break in even the rotting doors in this hellhole, and so he tried the knob. It twisted beneath his grip, and the door opened—silently, for which John was thankful. The myriad noises usually contained within the thin walls of the apartment flooded the hallway.

John and Floramon quickly stepped into a room almost mirror that of John's, although this one had been kept cleaner and been cared for: the windows allowed in more light than did John's filthy panes, and grime did not coat every surface in the place. The shriekers and shouters were not in the main room of the apartment; their cries came from behind the closed door to the bedroom.

John knelt beside his partner. He lowered his voice to a whisper, although the sounds in the bedroom would have been more than enough to cover his words if spoken normally. "Gas them beneath the door," he hissed, "and I'll go in after."

"They might still be dangerous if hallucinating," Floramon replied, but she moved to comply anyway.

John said nothing. He merely waited as Floramon pressed her hands to the crack beneath the bedroom door, and watched as she began to spray the pollen he so adored under the door in the form of billowing nearly-transparent clouds. For a short while, there was no change in the sounds from behind the door, but eventually the pollen began to fill the air in the room. The voices in the room fell, became confused, spoke instead of shouting, and then started to fall silent.

John pushed open the bedroom door. He ignored the blood splatters and the torn clothes and the sheets stained by filthy acts and the chains and the shivering form wrapped in them; all he saw was the middle-aged couple he vaguely recognized as his neighbors, standing and staring dumbly at nothing, their hands covered in—

He ignored that too. It didn't matter. The weight of the metal he was clutching in his right arm—that's what mattered. He attacked the man first, breaking his nose, from the looks of the gout blood. The man cried out in pain, and clutched feebly at his shattered nose, but his eyes still did not focus on John. In fact, John's eyes, too, were beginning to wander. Floramon's pollen was still in the air. Floramon's pollen, that delightful and beautiful and—

Focus. He swung the wrench again, each blow growing increasingly more ferocious; he crushed the bones of the man's grasping hands, bruised and battered the flesh; a rib crunched beneath the metal, and then another. A solid blow to the man's neck finally caused him to fall, unmoving, to the ground.

He jumped in alarm when the woman laid a hand on his shoulder, although her eyes drifted constantly from his face and her grip was weak. "Monster, monster, you monster," she muttered. John lashed out with his weapon, aiming to break her nose, as he had broken her husband's, but his blow was poorly aimed; he struck her eye instead, and what the wrench did to that orb made his stomach churn. He hit her across the face once, twice more, and she, too, collapsed.

Floramon slowly approached the two. "Are they... dead?"

Perhaps it was the pollen, or perhaps it was the adrenaline, or perhaps he was just more unfeeling than he had thought, but John could not summon the effort required to care. He had heard the jangling of keys on the wife's body when she fell, and he was now concerned only with these. It did not take him long to find the things, trapped beneath her body.

Floramon fluttered between the two, checking for vitals, while John moved to the slightly shaking body on the bed. It was a girl, naked, bloodied and bruised, cut and beaten and—

"They're both alive," his partner announced, "but neither looks in very good shape."

The keys released the girl from the handcuffs that held her hands behind her back and the chains that kept her body twisted in strange ways. He tucked the wrench into his belt and hefted the girl in both arms. As Floramon scuttled before him, opening doors so that he did not have to set down the girl, John found himself focusing on his footsteps, on his passage through the rooms, the hallway. Remember. Remember every step. Hold onto the memories. Don't let this be just another hallucination...

In his room, he dropped the girl onto his bed. "Floramon," he said, his mind still focused on retaining the tiniest of details, the drip of the water in his sink, the feel of the carpet beneath his bare feet—since when were his feet bare? Hadn't he just been out, at the theater? Had he taken them off when—if—

"Floramon," he said again, pushing the thoughts out of his mind. "Go back there. Gather her clothing. See especially if you can... if you can find any ID..."

His partner gone, John knelt down beside the naked girl, but he did not focus on her nudity. He studied her face. She can't be more than seventeen years old. Eighteen? Or younger. She looks so innocent—no, not what I need to do. Memorize her. Don't forget her. The pale skin. Her long hair. Long, brown—mahogany—hair. This won't be a hallucination, or a dream, or a vision. She's too thin—malnourished or anorexic or... This will be real. The scar on her lip. You just have to..."

His body jerked when he felt Floramon's soft and scented hand on his shoulder. "Who are you talking to?"

John looked at her, then back at the girl. "I didn't realize I was... talking... I guess to myself..."

Floramon's tendril stroked John's cheek tenderly. She rested her head on his shoulder. "Why are you so worried that this isn't real? And—why do you want so badly for this to be real?"

John stared at the girl's face. The curve of her jawline. The shape of her earlobe. The color of her lips. "I don't know," he said, his voice soft and quiet and confused and distant. "Did you... find anything?"

She handed him a worn leather wallet. He took it gingerly, and opened it. He feared he would find it blank inside, that the girl would suddenly vanish, that he would open his eyes and it would be the morning again, that this was all not real, and...

He looked at the girl's driver's license card. He looked back at the girl. The name was there. The girl was still there.

He suddenly collapsed, all the energy gone out of him, all the adrenaline that had surged through his system now abandoning him. Tears stung his eyes, and he felt like retching suddenly, and he did not know why, and he did not know why Floramon's gentle hands on his body and her gentle voice in his ear and her gentle scent pervading the entire room did not make him feel any better.

He could feel the blood on his hands. He could hear the steady drip of fluid dripping from the crushed eye of his neighbor, and he could imagine what it might sound like as one of them gave one last strangled gasp and gasped no more. He could see their faces shattering every time he closed his eyes and now he realized he had howled and yelled and laughed as he did that, as he did that, whooping and exulting just as they had done with the girl, for it had just been so gratifying and satisfying and wonderful to shatter and break and watch them bleed and...

It was too much. John was sick where he lay, and he wept bitterly, for now he was convinced that what he was experiencing was reality.

05-14-2008, 02:04 PM
"I Samantha, but everyone calls me Sam." She say downloading the last file. "Do you think were supposed to fight each other?"

"I hope not." Patamon says looking at the other digimon. "Your the first digimon I've meet and I'd rather be friends."

OCC- I mean the file not picked by the other 3

05-14-2008, 04:56 PM
"Huh!" Vivi took the DEUS out of her handbag as soon as it started beeping. "A message, hmm?" After reading over the message and debating which file would be the best to choose, she takes the tilde! "I suppose I'll go with the tilde as well," she said to Derrick, grinning. "Safety in numbers and all."

"Safety in numbers indeed," Bakumon snorted indignantly. "You'd be perfectly safe with me!"

Vivi completely ignores Bakumon and continues smiling at Derrick. "So, what do you say? Wanna team up?"

05-14-2008, 07:46 PM
"Master of the house, doling out the charm. Ready with a handshake and an open-"

"Man, Jimmy, rehearsal is over. Give it a rest, will you?" said Drew, a "friend" of Jimmy's, as they walked back towards the dorm.

"I can't help it, dude," said Jimmy. "It's Les Mis. I think this is honestly the best role I've ever had."

"You say that about every role. Why didn't you try out for Faust? I thought you liked the book."

"And miss out on the chance to play Thenardier? Not a chance. Still," he shrugged, "it's not fair that they had to be going on at the same time."

"Yeah." The two walked in silence for a moment, until Drew said "We haven't really hung out that much recently, man. What's up? You always say you're busy."

"Well... It's confusing," Jimmy half-lied. It truly WAS confusing, as Jimmy currently had a giant, talking turtle with a mouse ball from a PC embedded in his stomach, and an army helmet on his head, walking around his dorm room, which is confusing in its own right, but he knew nothing about how it came to be. Sure, it came from that egg, but where did the egg come from? What is a Digimon, and are there others? He was pretty sure that there were more, but he just hadn't found them yet. He turned the detector on on his DEUS once and saw a small red blip on the campus, but by the time he got there there was nothing.

Jimmy and Drew said their goodbyes when they reached his dorm. He made his way up to his room and opened up the door, and sure enough, there the turtle was, sitting on his couch, watching his TV.

The turtle turned his head to see Jimmy. He had to tilt his head back to see properly from under the helmet. "Hey, Jimmy. How was rehearsal?"

"It was well, Kamemon."

Kamemon turned back to the television. "Wish I'd have been there."

"Well, maybe if you hadn't gotten me in trouble by shouting 'You're flat! You're flat!' from the DEUS in my pocket, I could still bring you."

"I said I was sorry." Kamemon got off the couch. "Still surprised they gave you the part after "you" said that. Speaking of the DEUS, you got a message." He picked the device up off of the table and walked over to Jimmy with it. He was slow, but Jimmy honestly didn't believe it was because of his turtle-like nature. He believed Kamemon was just lazy.

"Thanks, little buddy," he said, taking the device. He opened the message. "Hmm..." he thought for a second. "What the heck are these things?"

"Files," said Kamemon.

"Obviously... I think I'll have pi." As stated, he chose the pi file. "08:01:49? Awfully specific, aren't we?"

He looked over to Kamemon, who was looking down, rolling the ball on his chest.

"You just find life so interesting, don't you, Kamemon?"


05-14-2008, 09:50 PM
She looked up stunned; a hundred thoughts went through her head as she stared at the black hair kid

"Can i help you?"

But then she saw the DUES he held in his hand an it all click.

"You’ve got a partner to?" She smiled "I chose, Percent"

05-15-2008, 01:11 AM
The mood in the conference room had shifted rather dramatically since the arrival of the DEUS message. Theories were discussed, preparations were made, and Mr. Edwards particularly was growing restless.

Pierce had been silently considering, tapping his DEUS against his lip idly. At length, he stood from the table.

"I am returning home," he declared. "Come, Renamon."

The fox nodded, coming to her Tamer's side. "You do not wish to head out with the others," she asked him, casting a glance in his direction.

"Oh, it's not that. A man does not go out on the town in the same clothes he wore to work," he chuckled. "Besides, there is still time before our oddly-specific deadline. I would prefer to take some leisure before then."

Pierce rode the elevator to the ground level as Renamon shifted into the shadows. They passed to the exit without difficulty or much notice, and Pierce was pleased to see his silver Rolls Royce Phantom pulling around front. His chauffeur exited the vehicle swiftly, opening the rear coach door with a pleasant "Good afternoon, Mr. Stanton."

"We are heading home, Everard," Pierce informed him, stepping into the vehicle and reclining comfortably.

"Very good, sir," the driver replied, waiting with the door open a moment. He knew Renamon would be accompanying Mr. Stanton, even if he could not see her, from the use of the plural 'we'. Pierce had not felt the need to hide her existence from his closest retainers, and had trained them to anticipate her. A short pause, and the door was shut. As Everard returned to the wheel, so too did Renamon return to the visible world. The window tint was more than enough to keep her hidden now.

"Shall I have any arrangements prepared for you, sir?" Everard asked as they pulled away from Digital Solutions.

Pierce contemplated that for a moment before replying. "Dinner should be light," he concluded. "I will be working this evening. We must return to the office by 7:30."

"I shall inform the chef upon our arrival."

The remainder of the ride passed in silence, Pierce watching the people and the cars go by his window. Just how much, he idly thought, will this game of ours impact you all?

05-15-2008, 07:25 AM
Derrick smiled. "Of course, we supposed to anyway, no?" He looked Vivi up and down. "Though... I believe maybe you should go change into something more casual, we don't know how many people have these devices so it'd be smart to not present ourselves like we do on solo missions."

Commandramon just shook his head. "Even then you don't dress up, you always find a reason not to."

Derrick looked to his partner and shrugged. "What can I say? Theres a more tactical advantage to being dressed casually, lets you blend in with the masses better."

05-15-2008, 08:44 AM
"Please?" Kamemon begged.

"I said no, and that's final!" came Jimmy's harsh reply.

"I'll be in the DEUS. Nobody will notice me. It gets all lonely in here alone."

"Look, I just don't want to risk it. We have no idea how people would react to you. They might try to disect you or something, I dunno. The biology lab can be pretty wild, I'm told."

Kamemon scoffed, knocking on his shell. "I'd like to see them try."

Jimmy let a laugh get through. "Anyways, I'll be right back. I just have to get a book from the library."

"Library, that's great! I HAVE to be quiet there! Please?" Kamemon gave the best puppy dog eyes he could from under his helmet.

"Alright, fine, you can come... Just don't draw attention to us, please?"


Before long, Kamemon was in Jimmy's blue and green DEUS and they were off.


"Aw, crap," said Jimmy, as the library came into sight. "That's right, it's under construction... I don't want to buy the book..." His DEUS beeped. He pulled it out and saw a message from Kamemon. Good. He didn't try yelling whatever it was. He opened the message.

"Why don't you look for it on this thing? Weirder things have happened."

Jimmy had no choice but to agree with him there. He agreed. He closed the message and went to access the internet, but missed, and pressed the wrong button, turning on the detector. Jimmy gasped, as there were four red dots in the area of the library. "Four?" he said, silently.

Another message from Kamemon. "Let's go check it out."

Jimmy made his way towards the library. He peered through the window, keeping out of sight. Sure enough, he saw four people in there, each with their own DEUS. He didn't see any Digimon, but he could only see the humans from their midsections up.

Beep! Another message. "Shall we go in?"

"I don't know..."

05-15-2008, 09:09 AM
"Yay!" Vivi cheered after Derrick gave his affirmation, then frowned slightly when he told her to change. "That's a good idea, yeah. However! My apartment is like, a 15 minute jog from here, and I'm in no mood to run that twice in one day. I'm really out of shape," she sighed. "You... wouldn't mind driving me there, would you?"

Bakumon sat on a chair, then started grumbling under his breath while glaring at Vivi and Derrick for no apparent reason! "I advise against partnering up," he spat.

"Why is that?" Vivi asked, arching a brow.

"Because I feel that I work better alone. Now, we are not partnering up, and that is final!"

Vivi narrowed her eyes as she crossed her arms over her chest. "Honestly, neither I nor you know what we'll be facing. It's much better to work with other people, since we have a better chance of taking down any threat that comes at us."

"So, I take it that you do not believe in my ability to fend off threats?" He replied icily.

"Now I didn't say that," she said with a sigh. "It's just... better if we have the extra help. Gives us better odds of winning, or something."

Bakumon opened his mouth to reply, then simply shut it and sneered. "I suppose," he shot a glare at Derrick and Commandramon, "that what you say is correct. But how do you know that they will be effective allies?"

"Oh dear God," Vivi slammed her palm into her forehead and groaned. "Let's just go peacefully, okay?"

05-15-2008, 10:18 AM
That night, Kyle sat in his room staring at the clock on the DEUS. Each second seemed to last forever. 8:00. 8:00:01. 8:00:02.
Finally, the magic time came. 8:01:49. As soon as the clock struck that 49th second, a new message was received. Kyle quickly opened it up.

"To All Participants,
Congratulations on reaching this stage of the game. You all have managed to help your partners reach the Child level, even if you obtained these partners in ways I did not forsee. However, it just adds another degree of fun to the game, wouldn't you agree? So many people are finding themselves involved.
However, I am sure that you are wondering about the files. As some of you may have noticed, on your Detector there is now a number indicating a certain number of miles. That number is how far away you are from the Digimon your file is set to locate. Follow it until it says you are zero miles away, and within 250 feet the Digimon will appear on your detector as normal. You must hunt and destroy this Digimon. There was a fifth one for you to track, but some of you seem to have already taken care of it. Those who did have a small head start.
Why, you may wonder, should you kill these Digimon in the city? Because if left unchecked, they may cause "accidents" if left free. None of you want your homes to be ruined, do you? Then I suggest you work hard to defeat these Digimon, find whoever it was that chose the same file as you, and work together.
I eagerly look forward to the results."

Kyle read over the message several times, not sure if he had read correctly. They had to go kill other Digimon? Kill other Digimon? What kind of game was this?

"What do you think, Keramon?" Kyle asked, suddenly feeling a bit sick on his stomach.

"I think we have to," The Digimon said, "He said that things would happen to the city if they weren't stopped."

Kyle stood up and threw some supplies in his backpack, then went to the Detector screen on his DEUS. It was around 20 miles, to a ridiculously specific decimal point. Walking around the room a bit and watching the numbers change, he figured out in which direction he had to go.

"I guess it's like a game of hot and cold until they can show up on our detector screen," Kyle said. He left his dorm and looked around. "Guess I'll have to take a bus around."

Waiting at the bus stop, Kyle pulled up the e-mail screen. He'd never e-mailed anyone else with his DEUS, not knowing anyone else's names, but he'd finally met some people today. In the address screen he typed in "Robert Hoag" and wrote a small message.

"Received the e-mail. Killing other Digimon? This is really bizarre. About 20 miles away from my target." He hardly knew Bob, but really felt the need to say something to someone. Hopefully the other people going after whatever Digimon he was facing would be friendly.

He sent the message off and hoped that it would reach the right person.

05-15-2008, 11:05 AM
Hours passed, and Nathan had gone home as well. He sat at his computer, no longer in his suit and tie, but wearing a pair of jeans and a tight black shirt.

Lazily, he clicked a site he had bookmarked weeks ago, which focused on the paranormal. He did not know if the other agents were doing this, but to him it seemed only natural. After all, if his job was finding Digimon, a good place to keep watch would be paranormal sightings websites. He had bookmarked a few of the most popular ones, and made a point to just browse them every few days, to check for sightings.

As he moved through the site this time, he got more of the same. Vampires, werewolves, Bigfoot, and aliens... However, he DID see a topic that caught his eye, if only for one word:


Clicking it open, he saw a very interesting message indeed:

'Title: Club DEUS Looking for Strange Sitings

You probably get a lot of topics like this one, but I figured I'd make one anyway. I'm currently studying
the occult at school, and I'm currently seeing if there's been any strange or unusual sitings in the past
few months in the local area. Any information can help, as I'm just studying up on any local legends in
comparison to anything recently discovered. You can send me a private message if you'd like. Thanks

by: DEUSfinder7'

He smiled, rubbing a hand under his chin before clicking the 'Private Message' button by DEUSfinder7's name. He had never heard of anything called a DEUS before getting his, the name of this user was almost certainly referencing the same type of device that Nathan himself had. Of course, Nathan felt it prudent to exercise a bit of caution anyway. No sense in shouting out that he had a Digimon to this person.

And so, he wrote a private message to him.

"Re: Club DEUS

Hey, I saw your topic, and I was just wondering... where did you get the name DEUS from? Just curious, I have something called a DEUS, and I thought it was pretty unique. As for sightings, I've been seeing a little creature for a few months now off and on, it's about the size of a dog, but can definitely talk... Has anyone else sent in replies about this kind of thing? I'm beginning to think I'm the only one who's seen this thing. Please message me back.

by: Iustitia Omnibus"

Smirking, Nathan pressed send before looking at the clock. "About that time," he called to Petit Mamon, who was in the living room watching TV. He flipped open his DEUS to read the new message sent to him.

Upon finishing it, he shut the DEUS and sighed, leaning back. It seemed to him that he would be facing this Digimon alone, if the other agents were splitting up to face their own threats. If he recalled correctly, Vivi and Derrick were going for the same target, so they had the easiest chance of success. As far as he knew, he, Miles and Pierce would be on their own.

"What do you say," he said to Petit Mamon, who fluttered into his room, "are you up to fighting another Digimon?"

Petit Mamon shrugged. "Sure. Are we meeting up with the others again?"

"Just us this time," Nathan said, getting up and grabbing a comb, looking into the mirror on his door as he ran it through his hair.

"Huh. Well, this time I'll get the full amount of data once I win, huh? No more of this capturing business?"

"Go right ahead," Nathan said, and after applying a small amount of cologne, he and Petit Mamon moved out of the house.

Kazin Kagari
05-15-2008, 11:23 AM
"WHAT?!" Gazimon said out loud as Dimitri's mouth was agape. The were both surprised at the message. Killing Digimon? Dimitri hasn't even MET other Digimon other than Gazimon, though from what he understood that they potentially existed since it was made known that there are other DEUS holders from the way the e-mails were titled.

I am NOT going to destroy other Digimon. Dimitri signed, a flustered look in his face. He never really thought of this as a game, though it became abundantly clear that whoever was running this entire thing did.

"But..." Gazimon started to say, "we're supposed to. That's what the e-mail said..." he finished.

It doesn't make it right though! Whatever happens we gotta try something else! Dimitri signed, frustrated in his motions. He did his best to keep himself composed though.

"So what's the plan then?" Gazimon asked. We gotta go. NOW. I have no doubt that if there's other DEUS users they may try to actually destroy it. I think we can find whatever Digimon it is and reason with it. There's no reason for us to fight what so ever. Dimitri replied.

"But... what did he mean by... 'Detector'?" Gazimon asked. The two looked at each other for a moment and Dimitri opened his DEUS. Sure enough, there was a new program. Or was it an old program? There were a lot of functions to this little thing, and he knew that he barely scratched the surface. They also seemed to re-arrange themselves whenever they wished. Which was fine.... Dimitri rarely used the thing for anything other than keeping Gazimon with him. Dimitri shrugged, and flipped to the Detector. It seemed to just be a basic application, but when he opened the program, the screen changed to a small map.

Where he was, there was a small dot. Undoubtedly, this was Gazimon. He then slowly walked around his apartment, and eventually a number appeared on it. He then called in Gazimon as it seemed to stabilize...

"Six miles west of where we're at then?" he asked. Dimitri nodded in response. Knowing that it wasn't that far out of the way, Dimitri hurried, and emptied out his duffel bag that he used for gym. He threw in a couple bottles of water, and started to think about what else to take. He knew how much of a glutton Gazimon was, so he also took a couple slices of pizza from the other day and put them in a plastic bag, and added that as well. Knowing it was getting late, he also packed a flashlight, and to be on the safe side, a first aid kit that he brought from home. Better safe than sorry... Dimitri thought to himself.

After filling the bag, he went to Gazimon and recalled him back to DEUS, proceeding to leave, locking up behind him, and then using his DEUS' Detector to find... whatever it was he was going to find....

05-15-2008, 11:41 AM
Pierce had dined on a filet of Chilean sea bass that evening, had showered, groomed himself, and redressed in something that - for him, at least - was fairly casual. He had donned a pair of black slacks, a silver belt, and a crisp white, sheer-striped shirt. Foregoing a tie, he left the collar open and pulled on a pair of Venetian slip-ons. Satisfied that he could move a bit more freely than in his preferred 3-piece suit, he left his room to find Renamon waiting at the top of the stairs.

"I informed Everard of the change in plans," she told him.

"Good, good. There seems to be no reason to return to the office. We will set out from here." He lifted his watch from his pants pocket. "It is nearly 8, the car should be ready. Let us depart."

The pair descended the stairs and exited through the main foyer. Sure enough, the Phantom was idling in the driveway, and Pierce stepped into the already open door with Renamon, pulling it shut behind him.

"Your destination, Mr. Stanton?" the driver queried.

"I'm afraid I won't know that for a few moments, Everard. I request your indulgence."

"Of course, sir."

Pierce waited through the last few seconds, staring intently at his DEUS until the message arrived.

"Distance: 24.378 miles," Pierce read. "But no directional indicator. Everard... kindly circle the estate."

"Yes, sir."

The car pulled away, taking a few minutes to leisurely tour the grounds. Pierce was not concerned with the state of his home, but rather with the ever-shifting numbers upon his screen.

"Northeast," he said, when they had completed their loop. "Please drive to the northeast, Everard. Approximately 20 miles. We may need to readjust our heading once we are closer."

"Very good, sir."

And so they were off, though to face what Pierce could only guess. He turned to Renamon. "Are you prepared?" he asked her.

"Of course," she replied, folding her legs and lifting her chin. "I am always prepared."

The Tamer simply nodded, and returned his attention to the DEUS as the distance slowly ticked away...

05-15-2008, 02:34 PM
As his comrades had filed out during the course of the afternoon to change and prepare for the night's event, Miles remained at the base. He found himself with a great opportunity to speak to Mr. Edwards who, although a bit anxious about the coming night, was feeling relatively at ease in the party setting.

Taking a seat beside the Director, Miles flashed him a smile. "Director. Hope you're enjoying yourself here."

"Very much, yes," Mr. Edwards replied, nodding his head. "It was very generous of Pierce to arrange this, and it's a fine toast to your accomplishment today. We are all very impressed."

"Good, good," Miles said. "It was a great team effort. Those SUVs made things much easier. I actually came here to ask your permission to take one of them out tonight. I believe it would be very beneficial to have access to it."

"I would see no problem with that, Mr. Grey. They are, after all, there to help you in your missions," Mr. Edwards said, relaxing into his chair clasping his hands together over his lap as he spoke. "Just stop by and get the keys from Karen before you go."

Miles' smile grew wider. "Excellent, thank you. And since we're on the subject," he continued, "a company car would be fantastic. Having the SUV with us at all times, fully equipped to help us take down the Digimon threat, would be immensely helpful."

Mr. Edwards let out a soft sigh. "I should have expected this once you sat down beside me," he said with a chuckle as Miles frowned. "Personally, I would see nothing wrong with that. We are dealing with a situation of utmost importance here, and we have the available funds. But unfortunately it is not something that can be decided solely by me overnight. I don't imagine there will be much trouble approving this, but it will take a little bit of time."

"Right, understandable, I'm glad you agree with me! Thank you, Director," Miles replied, removing himself from the seat and leaving Mr. Edwards be.

The rest of the day was spent making sure he had everything ready to go. By the time 8:01:49 rolled around, Miles was sitting behind the wheel of one of the SUVs, staring intently at his DEUS. Once the message appeared on his screen he clicked it and read it over carefully. "Very interesting," he said as he finished.

Lopmon, who had been resting on the back of his seat, read it along with Miles. "I think we might be in for a long night."

"Probably so," Miles agreed. "Well, the SUV is all set and we have the coordinates. Are you ready, Lopmon?"


"Fantastic. If you wouldn't mind being the navigator?" Miles asked, offering his DEUS to his partner.

Taking the DEUS into his hands, Lopmon hopped into the middle back seat and activated the Digimon detector. "It looks... about twelve miles from here. Try going right."

"Roger," Miles said, starting up the SUV and taking off, following Lopmon's directions as they headed for the target.

05-15-2008, 04:02 PM
Derrick chuckled a bit. "Of course, if need be I'll drive you there." He then shot a glance to Bakumon after his comments. "Well, if you have your doubts then I guess we'll just have to prove them to be pointless, no?"

Commandramon nodded and went into his camo then got on the elevator.

Derrick smiled at Bakumon then went to join his partner. "I'll be waiting in the parking area, I'll see you there."

In the elevator Commandramon finally spoke up. "I'm not too fond of Vivi's partner."

Derrick just blinked. "Well this is new, you're not one to say anything negative of anyone."

"It was insulting," Commandramon said with a hint of anger in his voice. "He doesn't know how we work, yet he insults us anyway?"

Derrick smiled a bit. "Just calm down, we can easily prove ourselves in this 'game' so don't worry." The two got to the parking area and waited in the car.

05-15-2008, 04:28 PM
Jimmy had left from spying on the four in the library earlier. He wondered if they all got the same message he did...

"Fight Digimon?" he asked himself. "I don't know..."

"What if they're evil?" Kamemon asked.

Jimmy jumped off the couch and started pacing. "I'm not fighting anybody! Nor am I having you do it! You are my best friend! And besides, I think that your target depends on which file you chose. There's no way of knowing any of them chose pi, too. We might be going it alone."

"Well, like the email said, what if it hurts people?" Jimmy stopped pacing. "If we were the only ones to choose pi, then all the more reason we SHOULD go."

Jimmy thought about this. He hated to admit it, but Kamemon was right. The Digimon might be causing harm, and they might be the only ones who know about it. "Alright, you win. We'll fight."

"That's right, we will!"

"Let's go... and PRAY we aren't the only ones who chose pi..."

Kamemon got back into the DEUS and they went to the bus stop. He looked at the DEUS. "20 miles... about..."

(Edit OOC didn't read close enough the first time through. Thought they were still in the library. My bad.)

05-15-2008, 04:28 PM
"Well, it's eight alright. I'll be leaving now Heather! I'll see you tomorrow morning, Heather." said Devon with a smile.
"Alright then. Hey, by the way, you wanna grab some food later on?"
"What time?"
"Around nine thirty."
"Sounds good! Where?" Devon was already animated about going somewhere with Heather.
"I don't know. Let's go to that one restaurant near the beach, how about it?"
"Sounds great!" Devon was so happy that he could burst at any time. Although he did work with Heather for a while, and had seen her pretty much every day, he still had something for her that he could not figure out what it was.
"Alright then. I'll see you there at nine thirty. Don't forget about it!"
"I won't, don't worry."
Devon left the cyber cafe. It was the time he had waited the whole day, 08:01:49. His DEUS beeped, and he knew what it was. He took the DEUS out of his pocket and checked the message.

"To All Participants,
Congratulations on reaching this stage of the game. You all have managed to help your partners reach the Child level, even if you obtained these partners in ways I did not forsee. However, it just adds another degree of fun to the game, wouldn't you agree? So many people are finding themselves involved.
However, I am sure that you are wondering about the files. As some of you may have noticed, on your Detector there is now a number indicating a certain number of miles. That number is how far away you are from the Digimon your file is set to locate. Follow it until it says you are zero miles away, and within 250 feet the Digimon will appear on your detector as normal. You must hunt and destroy this Digimon. There was a fifth one for you to track, but some of you seem to have already taken care of it. Those who did have a small head start.
Why, you may wonder, should you kill these Digimon in the city? Because if left unchecked, they may cause "accidents" if left free. None of you want your homes to be ruined, do you? Then I suggest you work hard to defeat these Digimon, find whoever it was that chose the same file as you, and work together.
I eagerly look forward to the results."

Devon got in shock. He did not know what to do. He had never met any other Digimon aside from Elecmon, and now he was supposed to kill them? Without knowing what to do next, he asked Elecmon.
"That is harsh! But the thing is, if we don't do anything the Digimon might 'cause trouble. It could even wreck the whole city."
"Well, that is true. I just hope we don't make a mistake by taking a good Digimon down."
"But I'm also worried that you won't be able to defeat it since you never fought another Digimon."
"Don't worry Devon, I'll protect you."
"Thank you. Let's just find the other Digimon."
Devon used the detector function, which he had used previously but could never find another Digimon. He turned one way and walked a few steps, and noticed that the distance had increased a little bit. So he turned around and walked a bit farther than he previously was, and saw the number decrease.
"It's that way Elecmon. 4.1 miles. Not that far."
"Not that far indeed. Just remember that you have a date with Heather. OOOHHH Smoochie Smoochie."
"Shut up Elecmon, and let's just go take care of it."
So Devon started to walk to his destination with Elecmon in his DEUS.

As Devon was walking he kept talking to Elecmon on his DEUS, avoiding saying "Elecmon", as people were passing around and not really caring since it seemed that he was using the speaker on his phone.
As he kept walking he saw the distance decrease. He dodged buildings, cars, trash cans, and a cat that he almost kicked. The distance was down to half a mile. Both Devon and Elecmon were extremely anxious.
"We're almost there Elecmon."
"I can barely wait for it Devon."
"What kind of Digimon do you think we'll meet?"
"I don't know, but I hope it's a challenging one. But I guess we'll just have to wait and find out."
As they were getting closer to the red dot that popped on the map, anxiety and adrenaline hit both of them. It was the first time both of them were going to see another Digimon besides Elecmon and its previous forms.

05-15-2008, 04:34 PM
Shortly after getting the message Sam heads to the bus stop and go's across town to the little house her grandparents bout for her when they learn she was going to school here. She quickly crosses the yard and opens the door. Once inside she lets Patamon out of the DEUS.

"I'm so HAPPY!!" Patamon yells flying around the living room. "Do you think we can meat them again? Tomarrow maybe?"

"We'll see." Sam smiles up at Patamon. "I'm going to make dinner. Anything you want?"

After diner Sam lets Patmon watch TV while she tries to do her homework, but she keeps looking at the time and wondering what the message will be. The message comes just as promest and she and patamon read it.

"We need to kill Digimon!?" Sam says looking at Patamon.

"I don't know... but we should go. I don't like what he said about digimon destroying things." Patamon says slowly hovering just above Sam. "Look at the detector."

Sam pulls out the DEUS and turns on the detector. Unlike before now theres a number telling how far the digimon is. "4 Miles.... Lets go." Sam gets her bike out and hold up the DEUS so Patamon can go inside it. After riding around for half an hour she enter a part and rides down a path. The DEUS starts beeping and shows a red dot some where left of her.
She leans her bike against a bench and lets Patamon out. "Now what?" She asks look at him.

"I'll fly around into those trees over there and see If I can see it from there." He tells her then starts for the trees. Once there he lands on a thick branch and looks around. At first he doesn't see any thing. Then movement catches his attention. He watches a Star shaped digimon pulls out a bush. After watching for it for a few minutes he flies back to Sam.

OCC- I'm % right? I'll wait to do any thing till the other % gets here. I'll edit this if you didn't want us to find the digimon yet.

05-15-2008, 05:21 PM
It took a while, but Kyle finally got within range of the target after a long bus ride and wandering around for a while. At least, the detector was telling him so. The indicator showed that he was right on top of the Digimon, but the mile indicator said there was still a bit of distance between them.

"This is strange," Kyle said, looking all around. There were several buildings, but the dot indicating the Digimon didn't seem to be inside them. No, it was right in the middle of the street. "I don't see it anywhere." He looked up in the sky and all around. Nothing. Everything seemed normal. He wondered if the people walking around were staring at him

A message popped on his DEUS screen from Keramon

Keramon> Hey, what's below us?

Kyle lowered his DEUS toward the ground, and sure enough, the mile indicator went down. "Oh, come on..." He grumbled. It looked like they were going to have to go into the sewers.

05-15-2008, 05:27 PM
Jimmy arrived to the area where the dot indicating the "pi" Digimon was. He looked all over, but saw nothing unusual. Everyone was going about their business, so it looks like nobody else had seen it. He saw one boy, walking around, looking at a... cell phone? No, it was a-

"DEUS!" Jimmy exclaimed. He ran over to the boy and tapped his shoulder. "You chose pi, too, did you?"

05-15-2008, 07:14 PM
Vivi grinned at Derrick as he walked out and left for the parking lot. "Alrighty, see you there! And thank you!"

Bakumon sighed a long, drawn out sigh. "I really do not approve of this, my dear..."

"Oh get over it," Vivi said while picking him up. "For all you know, it might be an enjoyable experience!"

"Maybe..." The tapir rolled his eyes and snuggled into her arms. "I suppose we'll see then, hm?"

"Yup!" With that, she walked to the elevator, rode it, walked some moar to the parking lot, and finally arrived at her destination: Derrick's car. "Thanks again, I really appreciate it!" she said while putting Bakumon in the back seat with Commandramon. After that, she opened the passenger side front door and sat inside the car. "Shall we go?"

~(Ladeda, Derrick agrees, they drive to Vivi's apartment, etc. DD agreed to this because it's saving time.)~

Vivi hopped out of the car as soon as they arrived at her abode. "Wait out here for a few mins, okay? I'll hurry up and get dressed." She slammed the car door closed and hustled inside.

Bakumon sat in the backseat and twiddled his thumbs while waiting, slightly unsettled due to being alone with the two he spoke so harshly about. "So, um."

True to her word, Vivi exited the apartment ten minutes after arrival. The woman was dressed in a black spaghetti strap tank top, blue jean capris, and black sneakers, along with a silver belt, necklace, and hoop earrings. After a moment of checking her unstyled, shoulder length brown hair's reflection in the window (yes, window), she walked back to the car, opened the door, and sat down. She smirked. "Ready to go?"

05-15-2008, 07:25 PM
Devon got to the same place as the dot. Two more dots appeared on the map. He looked around and could not see anything. He saw two other people, and one of them had a device which looked like a DEUS. Suddenly he heard somebody else yell "DEUS!". He looked at him, but chose not to say anything. Devon decided to not take action at the moment because any of the other two people could be enemies, since there was a red spot on the map at the same location as the other two people.
Devon was looking around, and as he looked to the ground he found a five bucks (sorry, I don't know the currency of the place), and as he went down to pick up the money, he saw the distance decreasing by .002 miles.
"I think the Digimon is somehow underneath us, Elecmon."
"I agree with you. Probably in the sewers."
"Let's just wait and see if they are friends or foes."
And so they waited, looking from about 12 meters away, until somebody did something.

05-15-2008, 07:57 PM
Derrick chuckles a bit. "I'm ready whenever you are. But first..." He takes out his DEUS and turns on the detector then hands it to Commandramon. "Just tell us which way to head and I'll drive, alright?"

Commandramon nods. "Alright. It's about 20 or so miles from here to the north."

Derrick nods and begins to drive.

Kazin Kagari
05-15-2008, 08:04 PM
'Okay. Don't make a sound. I'm going to act natural, and see what's going on...' Dimitri typed into his DEUS before he put concealed it, the Tracker still active. He didn't want to have to call out Gazimon if he could avoid it, and he also didn't want to reveal himself to anyone else who might be out here.

The quick trip via bus led him to a local park. Well, not local for him, but still within the city. Dimitri was hoping to find whatever Digimon was out here first so he can try to convince it to not hurt anyone. For him, stopping any attacks didn't necessarily mean taking the violent approach. If push came to shove though, he wouldn't hesitate to call on his friend to help him.

His duffel bag around his shoulder, Dimitri walked through the park's well traveled path, glancing down at his DEUS to make sure he was heading in the right direction. He would do what he could to make sure that no one needed to get hurt if at all possible...

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-15-2008, 08:59 PM
((The other ~ are Vivi and Derrick, right?))

JAce and Clarissa chatted for a bit, talking about the game, their digimon, and their previous, not too exciting experiences. at the exact time, they both received a message.

"Kill? That doesn't sound pleasant." Clarissa said. Salamon was stressed.

"I don't wanna kill other digimon! What if they're cute like meeeee?" he gave puppy dog eyes, not hard for him, a puppy dog, to do.

"But maybe they're ugly!" IMpmon said from inside the DEUS. "Adn the message says that they might start trouble. This is our chance to be HEROES!" he puffed out his chest. Jace snickered.

"Amusing, but you do have a point. Although we can't really work together on this since we chose different signs, but If we beat the digimon before the other one, let's give eachother a call, okay?"

Clarissa nodded, and they headed off in seperate directions.

"Hmm, I'm already pretty close. It's about two miles in a general..." Jace wandered around in circles for a few moments. "That way direction."


"Yes, that's what I meant." They started walking, and when the indicator reached 249.9 feet away from their destination, Jace looked up at a small wooded area.

"So now we wait, I guess." Impmon said.



"I'm hungry." Jace sighed.

"You always are. Oh, we got company!" Jace said as he ducked behind a bush. A car came rolling around the bend.

05-15-2008, 09:44 PM
(Pi Group)

It took a bit of trial and error, but when Pierce came within 250 feet of his target and the ping appeared on his DEUS, he ordered Everard to stop.

"Renamon and I will continue from here on foot," he informed him. "Please, take the car to a safe distance. I will call you when our task is completed."

The gentleman nodded, pulling away once Pierce had stepped outside, Renamon having already shadowmelded. He held out his DEUS, allowing the bewitching beast to take hold of it, the device disappearing along with her.

"I do not wish to be spotted with it. Please, guide me," he asked her.

Renamon smirked, though Pierce couldn't see it. Her voice was the barest whisper. "Continue east along this block."

Pierce did as instructed, sliding his hands into his pockets and attempting to act casually, simply out for a stroll. It wasn't long before he came upon a pair of individuals standing in the middle of the street, whom he regarded quizzically.

"They're on top of it," Renamon's voice whispered.

"You're sure?" he returned, almost silently.

"Without a doubt."

"Well, where's this target of ours then? Could they have already dealt with it?"

The fox shook her head, despite her invisible nature. "The tracker is still very active. It must be here somewhere."

Sighing, Pierce strode purposefully forward, addressing Kyle and Jimmy. "Not so safe to be in the middle of the street," he declared, loud enough to be heard.

05-16-2008, 01:10 PM
[Pi group]
Kyle turned to look at the newcomer, "Yeah, that's right... I think the Digimon is in the sewers... I guess we need to go down there and see what's up. And," Kyle paused for a second "I guess we might have to fight it."

He then heard another voice calling out, "Er, sorry sir..." The man looked very frightening, "We're on a, uh, scavenger hunt."

He really had to think up better excuses for this sort of thing.

05-16-2008, 02:00 PM
{Pi group}
After hearing the two people been called out, Devon heard a beep from his DEUS, it was a message from Elecmon.
"Why don't you just get in the sewer before the Digimon flees, or worse, 'causes a devastating attack of some kind."
Devon hit his forehead with his hand, and replied:
"You're right, but I can't just open a sewer entrance in the middle of the road."
Five seconds later, Elecmon replied.
"You do have internet connection on the DEUS, don't you? So look up on the internet for sewer entrances."
And that's what Devon did. He went to Google, and looked for sewer entrances. Most of it was about a game, but after three pages, he finally found the one that he was looking for. There was an entrance a block away from where he was. The solution was simple, he only had to walk a block down the street from where he was, and out of the crowd, enter the sewer, and go through the sewer until he found the Digimon, and that's what he did. He went down a block, and found a <A HREF="http://tbn0.google.com/images?q=tbn:cCRTGKrCYFvotM:http://lh3.google.com/_G9NIJnLubbc/RblnVH3lPNI/AAAAAAAAAfM/ZcR-I3FF5D4/s800/open%2Btunnel.jpg">sewer entrance</A> by a small river, that conveniently enough, was open. He got in the sewer system through the opening. The small was awfully disgusting. Devon could not take the smell, but he just had to go through it in order to prevent any disaster. A beep came from his DEUS and he read a message from Elecmon "Sorry but you must go through this." And so he kept walking a block in the direction that he was.
The red dot was still there, with two other dots above it, and another red dot near it. The smell was getting worse, if it was even possible.
Devon saw a gigantic pile of something the seemed to be something that would come out of a clogged pipe. It was definitely a Digimon as Devon saw its eyes and mouth. Devon pulled his DEUS out of his pocket and yelled "Elecmon, realize!". A strong light came out of the DEUS as Elecmon came out of it with light surrrounding him.
"Ugh! Gross! That smell is so awful, and this Digimon is so weird looking. Nothing like me, at all!"
"I guess you should commence your attack, Elecmon."
"Right! Sparkling Thunder!"
A lightning bolt came from Elecmon's body, and hit the odd looking Digimon. The Digimon groaned as it felt the shock going through its body. Devon noticed that the Digimon had something coming from its inside to its mouth. It was an attack. Devon yelled.
"It's gonna attack! Dodge from it Elecmon!"
And so it did. A dark gas with an awful smell came from its mouth in Elecmon's direction but, fortunately, Elecmon was able to dodge the attack. Both Devon and Elecmon looked to the place where the attack hit and saw the metal that was there corrode.
"It's really dangerous Elecmon!"
"I know, but we must do it!"
"I just hope that someone comes to aid us!"
"So do IaaahhhSparkling Thunder!"
And the attack hit the Digimon once again, as both of them kept battling, hoping that someone would come to aid them.

05-16-2008, 04:37 PM
(% group)

While flying back Patamon sees a guy with a duffel bag come towards them. "Some ones coming." He says once he close enough to be heard.

"Did you see a Digimon or DEUS?" Sam look up at him.

"No, but he has something in his hand." He answers after looking at the guy.

"You watch the digimon, and I'll go see who it is." Sam tell him as she start walk towards the guy that she can know see on the path. As she approaches she look at the device in his hand. Not sure if it's a DEUS she asks "Are you looking for the % too?"

"Sam!!!" Patamon yells flying towards them as fast as he can. A star shaped digimon is chasing after him, but stops when he sees them. Sam tries to watch the guy and the digimon at the same time afraid of what they might do. "It's all right, don't worry." she says loud enough to be heard by both.

05-16-2008, 04:39 PM
[I was also ~.]

Thomas sits waiting for the time to come, watching the wall. Slowly, the time on the clock ticks by. Behind him, he hears Leormon slink into the room.

"Do you have any idea what will happen, Leormon?" Thomas asks as his Digimon sits beside his chair.

"No, I'm afraid I don't, Thomas," the lion replies, "It will be interesting to find out."

"Can you...can you fight, Leormon?"

The lion is silent for a moment before grunting the affirmative. Silently, they wait. Then, the hour comes. Thomas reads the message carefully then puts Leormon into the DEUS. He sets off in the direction of the signal.

05-16-2008, 05:08 PM
"Well, unless you're looking for a chunk of asphalt, you're more likely to be hit by a passing car than find anything. I'd suggest moving along, boys," Pierce said.

05-16-2008, 05:11 PM
Kyle took a step back and got out of the road. He took out his DEUS and typed in a message. "Keramon, can you find an entrance into the sewers?"

05-16-2008, 05:33 PM
After a short time driving, Lopmon announced that they were within walking distance of the target. Nodding, Miles drove off to the side and parked by a dark alley. The two exited the car.

"It looks to be in that direction, Miles," Lopmon said quietly, looking up from the DEUS to a small park a ways away. "There is more than one signal."

"Seems we're late to the party, then," Miles mused, walking around to the back of the SUV and retrieving a flashlight. He locked the car and set the alarm, and then returned to Lopmon and took back his DEUS. "All right, let's go. I'm going to keep you hidden for now."

A flash later, Lopmon was absorbed back into Miles' DEUS. Setting the device safely in his pockets, Miles took off for the park, keeping an eye out for anything he might come across.

05-16-2008, 05:37 PM
(Pi Group)

Renamon and Pierce both recognized it as Kyle wrote his text message. "A DEUS," the fox whispered.

"Yes," Pierce acknowledged under his breath.

The casual demeanor was gone from him. Now, Pierce was all business. "Well," he said aloud, "I gather I won't be convincing you to leave so easily. Not if you have one of those," he gestured to the DEUS. "Nevertheless, as an appointed agent of this government, I must inform you that we will handle any and all renegade digital activity. Civilians should not be jeopardized, and anyone found to be assisting a digimon in disturbing the peace will be duly apprehended. Is that understood, gentlemen?"

05-16-2008, 05:39 PM
(& Group)

Nathan sat on the bus heading out toward headquarters, watching the DEUS as it moved. The closer he got to the base, the smaller the distance was on the screen.

Sighing, he switched off the detector and switched over to his address book. Scrolling down to "Edwards", he pressed the button and held the device to his ear.

"Mr. Edwards," Nathan said as the director picked up, "I have a favor to ask."

"Is it about borrowing an SUV?" Edwards replied, and Nathan smirked.

"You've got it."

"That's fine. Miles was just here for one, but there are a few more in the back lot. Come see me, I've got a set of keys."

"I'll be there momentarily, sir," Nathan said, shutting off his phone as he placed his hands in his lap.

Minutes later, he arrived at HQ, picking up the keys from Mr. Edwards and making his way back to the company vehicles. Getting into the same SUV as before, he flipped on his detector once again.

"Right," Nathan said, "we have no real lead on where this Digimon is, save for the fact that it's not in the direction of my apartment." Backing out of the parking lot, he started driving in the direction leading further from his apartment.

"We've got about fourteen miles to go," Nathan said, "this number should keep decreasing as I drive, so tell me if it starts increasing." He handed the DEUS to Petit Mamon, who was sitting in the passenger's seat anxiously.

As they drove straight, the number did indeed continue to decrease, one mile after another.

"So no government backup on this one, huh?" Petit Mamon said, keeping an eye on the detector.

"Right. As far as we know, you'll be the only one fighting this beast," Nathan murmured, keeping watch on the road.

"But what about non-Government Digimon? How many people do you think got a DEUS that aren't contracted to work alongside us?"

"I'm not sure," Nathan said, "but I imagine there are a few of them out there. We can't be the only ones that got Digimon, now can we?"

"The distance isn't decreasing very quickly at all," Petit Mamon said, pointing to the detector, which was now at 3.66 miles and very slowly decreasing by the hundredth of a mile.

"Then we must be fairly close, Nathan said, coming close to an intersection. "If we're still that far away, I don't imagine going straight is the right answer. What do you think, left or right?"

"Right," Petit Mamon shrugged, and Nathan stopped at the light, flipping on his right blinker.

"So if there are a lot of Digimon there not with the government," Petit Mamon said with a glance out the window, "then what's the plan?"

"The plan?" Nathan said, turning right as the light turned green, "just analyze them? I'm not sure, I'd have to see how the situation panned out, wouldn't I? What's the detector say?"

"Increasing distance," Petit Mamon said, and Nathan immediately got into the left lane, planning to make a turn when he could. "So you're going to just observe the Digimon if you see them?"

"Like I said," Nathan replied idly as he turned the SUV around, "I'll judge that when I get there. It depends on the Digimon, the Tamer involved with it, and the scenario at hand."

"Fair enough. Oh, we're getting closer now," Petit Mamon said as the distance began to drop once again.

It took them less than five minutes to reach their destination, and the miles on the screen disappeared. They found themselves at the coast, pulling into a beach parking lot.

"Well," Nathan shrugged, getting out of the SUV, "I suppose this isn't too bad. It's a little late, so the beach shouldn't have many onlookers, and if the Digimon is on the beach, we're not going to have a tough time trying to spot him."

The two made their way to the beach, and began to walk up and down, watching the dot on the screen as they tried to find the Digimon. After only a few moments, it became apparent that the Digimon was not on the beach itself.

"Oh, you must be joking," Nathan sighed, looking out toward the ocean.

Kazin Kagari
05-16-2008, 07:28 PM
As Dimitri approached his intended target, he saw someone coming towards him. He quickly moved his hand holding the DEUS behind him, and in one deft motion, closed it and pocketed in his back pocket. There was no need to reveal himself just yet, as he didn't know the kind of people who might also have DEUS devices.

She asked him about a percent sign... she wasn't very subtle about this whole thing. He then brought up both hands and started to reply in the only way he knew how...

I'm sorry, but I don't know what you're talking about a percent sign. I'm just out on a walk right now to clear my head from school. I'm sorry that I couldn't be of more assistance. Dimitri signed to the girl, expecting her to not be able to reply or even understand what he was trying to say.

05-16-2008, 08:15 PM
Unsure of what he's trying to say Sam turns to him "I don't know what your trying to say. I don't know if you understand what I'm saying, but you should leave the park." She look back at the two digimon across the park. The star digimon was trying to gab Patamon again. Hopeing the guy leaves she run to help Patamon.
"What should we do? It wont listen to anything I say." Patamon yell as she runs up.

05-16-2008, 09:02 PM
Miles soon became aware of a skirmish in the park. He hustled over to the source and saw two matters of interest: the one closet to him was a struggle between two Digimon, a smaller flying one and a larger star-shaped one. Across the park he noticed two other humans. There seemed to be some confusion between them, and the girl soon turned and ran toward the action.

With a roll of his eyes, Miles raised his DEUS and released Lopmon. "It's up to us, friend."

Lopmon responded with a cry of affirmation, determination on his face.

Meanwhile, in the battle, Starmon finally decided to stop playing. Raising his fist into the air, he thrust it forward and called out, "Meteor Squall!"

Above Patamon in the night sky, from seemingly out of nowhere, several tiny meteors rained down upon him.

Lopmon hopped into the fray at that moment, unleashing a stream of ice at the Adult. "Bureijingu Aisu!"

Miles took the opportunity to scan the information of his opponent, as well as the girl's Digimon.

05-16-2008, 09:52 PM
"Patamon!" Sam point at the sky just as a pink bunny digimon comes out of no where. The digimon yells something while covering it with ice.
In the air Patamon looks up to see meteors and tries to dodge them, but is hit. Spining towards the ground Patamon stretchs his ear out trying to stop spining. A few inches from the ground he straitens out and pull up brushing his belly against the ground. He flys back up to hover. "I'm done talking! Boom Bubble!" He shoots a bubble at the star digimon that explodes.

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-16-2008, 10:34 PM
((Oh, never mind. This post is not unlike the Cake))

05-16-2008, 11:33 PM
Starmon grunted as the Blazing Ice encased his lower body. It took him only a brief moment to break out of it, only to be hit in the face by Patamon's attack. "Agh!"

He looked between the two Children, fists clenched. "Two on one, is it? That is not the way a true man fights!" He turned to Lopmon. "Your ice is not strong enough to douse the fire in my heart!" And to Patamon, "My soul is burning with a raging fire! Your attacks have no guts behind them! I will show you true power!"

The star-shaped Adult runs at Patamon, leaping up into the air and aiming a punch at him. "STAR UPPER!"

Miles rolled his eyes at the speech. Lopmon hopped into the air and spun himself around to create a miniature tornado which he then launched at Starmon in the air. "Puchi Tsuisutaa!"

Kazin Kagari
05-17-2008, 06:42 AM
Dimitri looked on as things started to get out of control, as new Digimon entered the fray. A hamster with wings, a strange brown rabbit, and a star... things have gotten weird fast. However, he was still dedicated to try to resolve this peacefully, and knew that if he did nothing, someone could get seriously hurt.

He brought out his DEUS quickly, knowing that he couldn't hide himself any longer, and let loose Gazimon from the device to try to bring the situation under control. He then brought up one of the DEUS' programs -- the Digimon Analyzer. This and the storage program were the only two he knew of prior to this evening's download, and he had gotten statistics on Gazimon multiple times. However, now he could get information on the three that were fighting currently...

Level: Child
Family: Air Guardians
Attack Mode: Air Shot

Level: Child
Family: Nature Spirits
Attack Mode: Blazing Ice; Petit Twister

Level: Adult
Family: Nature Spirits
Attack Mode: Meteor Squall

"Oh... oh this isn't good," Gazimon said as he looked on with Dimitri. What does it mean by 'Adult'? Dimitri asked.

"...he's stronger. A *lot* stronger," Gazimon replied. "We may not have a chance to talk him down if we can avoid it..."

Dimitri looked on for a moment, then replied to Gazimon. We still have to try. If we can get him to back down peacefully, that'll be great. However, if he puts ours or those guys' lives in danger, we're going to have to fight. I don't want to, but hopefully we won't have to. I'll have to count on you to be my voice for this situation.

"No problem!" Gazimon replied as the two entered the fray, hoping to make some sense of the entire situation.

"THAT'S ENOUGH!" Gazimon shouted, knowing what Dimitri would be saying in a situation like this. "Everyone knock it off! We didn't come here to fight! We need to finish this without fighting!" he shouted, hoping that someone would listen and that they could stop this fight before it got too out of control...

05-17-2008, 08:37 AM
Clarissa had left Jace back on the beach and had drove as quickly as she could to the targets position. as she went withing a hundred feet, she saw a set of four digimon, of which two of them seemed to be intent on killing an other while the fourth was trying to break the fight up.
Looking back at her DUES she realised the Star like Digimon was the one she was meant to kill, knowing she couldnt be soft.

"Hey, I'm here to help you kill it" She Yelled

"a mons got to do what a Mon's got to do" Salamon said reluctanly

'Puppy Howling'

Starmon barley flinched.

'Metor Squall!'

05-17-2008, 10:52 AM
[Pi group]
"A government agent?" Kyle let out a nervous laugh, "That's a pretty good one." Surely this person had to be joking. Government getting involved? That wasn't possible.

Then again, this whole situation was bizarre and dealt with things which just might grab the attention of the government. Regardless of the truth of the man's statement, he was certainly bigger than Kyle and rather scary looking.

"We have to deal with an issue," Kyle said, "A wild Digimon... We'll just be on our way..." He turned and quickly started running away, too afraid to look back to see if he was being followed.

05-17-2008, 12:40 PM
Trying to dodge the attack Patamon closes this wings and lets him self fall. Lopmon spins past him slaming in to Starmons side. He starts hovering again once Lopmon jumps out of the way he hits it with another Boom Bubble.

"Thats Enough!"

Sam turns to see the guy she couldn't understand running up with a digimon at his side. Remembering the analyzer she pulls out her DEUS and scans the 3 digimon. Just as they get there, someone yells they're going to kill it, and something starts howling.

05-17-2008, 01:56 PM
(Just a minor clarification: Lopmon wasn't in the tornado that he attacked with. No biggie.)

Starmon was swept up by briefly the twister, long enough to hold him in place and be struck by Patamon's Air Shot and Plotmon's Puppy Howling. He fell to the ground with a wince, and looked up at everyone as Gazimon began to make a commotion.

Miles watched with a scowl as Gazimon and his human partner joined them. "You didn't come here to fight, huh?! The entire purpose of you being here is to destroy this Digimon. I suggest you either leave and go cry yourself to sleep, or shut up and do your fucking job," he responded bitterly.

As Miles finished speaking, Starmon picked himself off the ground. The Adult laughed to himself as he listened to everyone, and then summoned forth a barrage of meteors to rain down upon the area surrounding Gazimon. "You make an easy target! Meteor Squall!"

"Remember the strategy against the ape, Lopmon!" Miles advised his partner.

"Yes! Bureijingu Aisu!" Lopmon jumped forward, unleashing an icy blast at Starmon. The attack is aimed at his feet, intending to freeze the Adult to the ground.

05-17-2008, 02:44 PM
"Patamon we need to end this before it really hurts someone." Sam yells looking at the bruse on his side.

"I know, Boom Bubble!" he shoots a bubble in to the meteors blowing some of them up. "Sparkeling Air Shot!" he shoots a larger bubble at starmon that causes a large explosion.

Kazin Kagari
05-17-2008, 04:44 PM
Dimitri rushed forward, and tackled Gazimon out of the way moments before the Meteor Squall impacted, the two of them rolling away from the attack. Dimitri looked at the man that insulted his partner, and glared, wishing now more than ever that he could throw insults back at this person. However, that thought was short-lived as Gazimon and threw him off and stood up, looking at the man with eyes filled with anger.

"SHUT YOUR GOD DAMN MOUTH HUMAN! WHAT ON EARTH DO *YOU* KNOW?!" he shouted, not even recognizing the danger that the Starmon imposed, but at the man that had insulted his friend. Dimitri looked on, knowing that this was how Gazimon treated him before he realized that Dimitri had a special... condition. However, what happened next was something Dimitri didn't expect.

"Paralyze Breath!" Gazimon shouted, firing directly at the man that had insulted Dimitri. Seeing this, Dimitri got up and tried to get that other man out of the way. The situation was escalating far too quickly, and he would make sure that no one got hurt if he could help it.

05-17-2008, 04:47 PM
As time went by, Devon, Elecmon, and the odd looking, decomposing Digimon kept fighting in the sewer system.
"When is the help getting here Devon?"
"I don't know Elecmon, but the messa- watch out Elecmon!"
But it was too late. Elecmon received a direct hit.
Devon got desperate, and could not believe in what just happened.
His heart beat accelerated. A sense of hope was lost. Elecmon was on the ground with his eyes closed. Devon did not know what to do as he saw the big decomposing Digimon approaching Elecmon.
"Wake up Elecmon! Stand up!" but Elecmon did not do anything.
"Elecmon please, wake up!"
Devon got even more desperate as he saw the big decomposing Dejimon getting ready for the attack.
"ELECMON!!!!!" Devon yelled so loud that Elecmon heard even with the noise from the water flowing from the pipes.
Elecmon woke up, and summoned all his power into an electric attack straight to the Digimon's head. The Digimon's head was pushed towards the ceiling, and was forced to release the attack due to the impact. The attack hit the sewer's entrance that lead to the street, making the sewer lid burst from the entrance with the pressure, catching the attention of everybody above them.

05-17-2008, 05:30 PM
His back was turned, but he heard the lid explode off the manhole. "Keramon... Let's go." He turned and quickly went down, not even bothering to look at the threatening newcomer.

"All right, this is your time to shine. Let's go!" Kyle held out his DEUS and Keramon materalized. The Raremon turned toward them and growled.

"HADOKEN!!" Keramon shouted, thrusting his arms forward. Nothing happened.

"I thought you knew how to fight!" Kyle shouted.

"It always worked in Street Fighter!!" Keramon protested.

"Oh God... we're dead," Kyle said. He took a step backward and hoped that either the "government agent" or the other new guy might be able to do a better job.

05-17-2008, 07:51 PM
Miles turned his attention back to Gazimon, the scowl remaining on his face. As he was about to respond, the Child attacked. Eyebrow raised, completely unprepared for an attack by an 'ally', Miles simply mumbled, "Oh."

Thankfully his partner was also paying attention, and Lopmon jumped in to take the Paralyze Breath. He dropped down, cringing as he struggled to move his body.

"Lopmon!" Miles cried, voice thick with anger and concern. Turning to Dimitri, he said in a calm voice, "Make no mistake, you and your partner will pay for that. But this is not the time for that. If you cannot control your Digimon, keep him on a leash and stay out of my way. Otherwise, focus your energy on that Starmon."

Meanwhile, Starmon found himself frozen to the ground. Growling in rage, he focused his attention on the group including Miles, Lopmon, Dimitri, and Gazimon. "METEOR SQUALL!"

He summoned forth another barrage of tiny meteors to attack them all.

Lopmon, recovering from the effects of Gazimon's attack, is unable to properly dodge the attack by himself. Miles leaped in to save him, but not before he was struck by a few of the meteors.

05-17-2008, 08:05 PM
(~ group)

Derrick drove up to the edge of the woods and looked out. "It's out there, I take it?"

Commandramon nodded and handed the DEUS back. "So it would seem."

Derrick shrugged and got out of the car. "Let's head out then." He started off into the woods following the tracker on his DEUS until it read about ten feet. "Hmm... should be around here..."

A small rustle in the bushes is heard.

Commandramon taps Derrick and nods his head slightly to the bushes

Derrick looks over in the bushes out of the corner of his eye and spots Yashamon. Trying to ambush us huh? You're a smart one.. But it's a failed attack if you're noticed. He smiled a bit and whispered. "Commandramon, use that laser of yours and smoke out our friend, will you?"

Commandramon simply nodded.

Yashamon titled his head. "Hmm?"

Commandramon suddenly lifted his arm and leveled off with the bush. "Strike Claw!" A panel on his glove flipped up and a laser fired out of it.

Yashamon cries out as it's nailed head on not expecting to have been found out. Not bad, not bad... He stands up and points one of his wooden swords at the two. "Well now, that was unexpected and rude."

Derrick grins. "Says the one planning an ambush."

05-17-2008, 09:35 PM
[~ group]
Thomas slowly wanders into the woods, following the signal. He gets within a 30 yards when he sees two Digimon, one attacking the larger.
"Well now" the larger says, leveling his sword at the smaller Digimon, "That was unexpected and rude."
Thomas scans the two, getting the names Yashamon and Commandramon. Quitely, Thomas renders Leormon into the world.
"Try attacking the larger one," Thomas whispers, "He seems to be the wild Digimon."
Leormon nodded then bared his teeth, rushing at Yashamon.
"Leo Claw!" he cries, slashing at the Armor's back. Suddenly, Leormon finds himself clawing at nothing. From behind him, he hears a whisper.
"How very rude."
Thomas cringes as Yashamon's swords catch Leormon, sending him flying at a tree. Using his claws, Leormon catches the tree and recovers, landing on his feet. He bares his teeth, ready for the next assault.

05-17-2008, 09:55 PM
Nathan looked to his DEUS, sighing as he confirmed where exactly the Digimon was.

"Well," he said to Petit Mamon, "it looks like luck is not with us." He pointed out to the ocean and grinned weakly. "We've got a wild Digimon out there, about sixty feet from the shore."

"What is it, a fish?"

"Unless it's another ape taking a swim or something, I would have to say it is."

Petit Mamon gripped his staff, looking around. "Aren't there supposed to be other Tamers coming to respond to these calls? I thought we might get some backup."

"Just us so far," Nathan sighed. "I would say we need to apprehend it immediately, but..."

He looked at Petit Mamon's staff, shaking his head. "You've already figured it out too. You only have one offensive attack, and a stream of fire is worthless against a Digimon that's swimming around in the ocean." With a chuckle that didn't reach his eyes, he added "I wonder if I'm the only tamer this GM is tormenting, or if the others are having just as much trouble?..."

They spent almost five minutes standing around, watching the blip on the radar moving around slightly, swimming around just out of reach. Each minute passed, and no more Tamers showed up.

"I can hardly believe that, given such a specific time, many others would be this late," Nathan sighed. "I suppose it's just us."

"Should we call for backup?" Petit Mamon asked, hoping to stall this one a bit.

"... No," Nathan said, bending over to pick up a handful of rocks. "No, we'll take this one head-on." Looking disdainfully toward the unseen Digimon, he frowned. "The others are in their own fights. Remember, Pierce and Miles went off on their own as well, and we haven't gotten a call from them, have we?" He cracked his neck a bit. "So we'll fight a sea monster. You have the most unique ability of our government Digimon, and I can use that ability to overcome any obstacle."

"Make us invisible," he said, "we're going to complete our mission and go back to the base victorious."

As Petit Mamon put up a quick illusion, Nathan took a quick look to his DEUS and began to throw rocks at where the Digimon was shown to be located.

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-17-2008, 10:20 PM
((I have evidently been ignored bu the guy calling me rude. Oh well, I can make due.))

Jace and impmon poked their heads out of the bushes slowly so as not to be heard. They saw Commandramon and his partner facing off against Yashamon. Jace took out his DEUS and activated the analyzer.

"hmm. a child and an Adult. Well, that shouldn't be too hard...assuming that it means adult is stronger than child. And Commandramon has a partner, I'm guessing he's on our side."

"Can I please fight now?" Impmon asked. Jace nodded. The small digimon readied himself, then jumped out of the bushes.

"Bada b-OOMF!" Yashamon was evidently a keen digimon, as he immediatly smacked Impmon down. Jace jumped up in surprise.

"Come on! That's a cheap shot!" he complained.

"Ooh, that smarts." impmon said as he rubbed his head. Yasyamon turned back to Commandramon and company.

"It appears that yo were also planning an ambush. Now tell me again who has the manners?"

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Kazin Kagari
05-17-2008, 10:26 PM
Dimitri froze, everything happening so fast around him. The Lopmon being hit by Gazimon's attack, Lopmon's partner being assaulted by Starmon's attack, Starmon's attack hitting both Gazimon and Dimitri, knocking them both to the ground, and the fact that this all happened because he wasn't able to grasp that he had to defeat this Digimon.

Gazimon sat there in shock, slowly coming to terms with what he had just done. He knew what he was doing, but wasn't able to stop himself for some reason. He slowly turned his head to his partner, to expect some kind of response. As he did he saw that Dimitri had turned to him, already getting back up; his hands shaking as he began to sign.

Do whatever it takes. We have to stop that Starmon now. Dimitri said, signing slowly so he could clearly get his point across. Gazimon nodded, knowing that he had to do this at all if he had any chance at salvaging what just happened. He got up and turned towards the Starmon, an angry look in his eye, but nowhere near as fierce as it was previously. He wouldn't let his partner down, not again this night.

Meanwhile, Dimitri pulled off his duffel and pulled out the first aid kit that he had brought with him. He had hoped that he didn't have to use it, but was relieved that he did think ahead and brought it. Deep down, he knew that this other person wouldn't be accepting help in a situation like this, but he needed to make the man understand that he didn't mean for any of that to have happened. With that, Dimitri moved over to the wounded person and his partner in an effort to try to assist them...

05-18-2008, 12:32 AM
"Patamon keep that thing busy!" Sam yells running over to help those hurt. She get there about the same time as the guy with the first aid kit. "Where were you hit? Is your digimon ok?" She asks slideing down next to them. Above them Patamon flys back and forth shooting bubbles at Starmon.

OOC- since Sam has medical training you can have her help in your posts.

05-18-2008, 12:56 AM
"Don't worry about it," Miles said firmly, waving off the two as they came close. Aside from a few smoking holes in his clothes and light burns on his exposed skin, he looked none the worse for wear. He placed his attention on Lopmon, whom he set on the ground, and asked, "You okay?"

Lopmon nodded. "Yes," he replied, shooting a glare at Dimitri before returning his gaze to his partner. "I can move freely again, and I didn't get the full brunt of the attack."

With a soft sigh of relief, Miles smiled, showing a small ounce of compassion for the first time that night. But his face hardened once more after the brief lapse. "No more messing around. Let's take him out."

"Aye!" Lopmon yelled, leaping back into the fray. "BLAZING ICE!" He unleashed the stream of ice at Starmon, aiming directly at his face.

Starmon swatted at Patamon's attack. As he prepared a counterattack, he was struck firmly in the face by Lopmon's attack. Clutching his face in agony, he dropped down to his knees. "Augh!"

05-18-2008, 01:52 AM
Clarissa surveyed the battle as it came into its final stages, while Salamon Charged at the weakened Starmon

'Puppy Howling'

Starmon fell back screaming in shock and pain.

Clarissa looked at the fallen digimon in digust, she was shocked to know that not all digimon were like Salamon; and although she knew not every digimon was bad, those that were needed 'Exterminated' for the good of both races

"Salamon, Finish him"

05-18-2008, 06:18 AM
Bakumon fell asleep en route to the Digimon, so Vivi spent a few minutes trying to wake the tapir up after Derrick's departure from his vehicle. "Come on Bakumon, it's time to get up! We have to go defeat this enemy."

"... nma?" Bakumon opened one sleepy eye and gazed up at his partner's face. "We're here already?"

Vivi heaved a great sigh of relief. "Finally! Yes, we are. Now let's get going, hmm?"

"Ah, how embarassing. I apologize," Bakumon mumbled as he rubbed his eyes, straightened himself out, and hopped into Vivi's open arms. "Let us depart!" He pointed one of his paws forward to emphasize his point.

"Indeed!" And with that, they both travelled to where the Digimon was supposed to be.

Upon completion of the requisite "several minutes", they arrived at their destination: the battle between Yashamon and the Tamers. They hid behind a conveniently placed tree and bush combo in order to observe the battle! "Hmm," Vivi hmms after watching for a time. "It appears to me that that... dude with the wooden beating sticks --"

"Kendo sticks," Bakumon interjected.

"Yeah, whatever, kendo sticks," Vivi grumbled. "Must've slipped my mind... ER, anyway, the dude with the kendo sticks appears to be the enemy, since he's fighting Commandramon and those other guys. Care to assist, Bakumon?"

"With pleasure," he stated before opening his mouth to unleash a mass of dark nightmare energy. "Nightmare Syndrome!" He called this phrase out shortly before launching said mass at the opponent.

Yashamon cried out in pain after the ball hit. He started thrashing about soon after, because being trapped in one's own nightmares has a habit of doing that. :3

05-18-2008, 06:31 AM
Derrick raised an eyebrow at the new arrivals and used the scanner on his DEUS. "Leormon and Impmon, huh?" Well, this is interesting, non government people showing up with partners of their own after all.

Commandramon simply shot glances to the new arrivals.

Derrick smiled at Yashamon. "Me, plan an ambush? I don't even know these guys, so I couldn't have planned an ambush with them. It's just pure coincidence my paranoid friend. Granted I do prefer a more strategic angle in a fight, so an ambush is good plan... I just didn't plan one this time."

As if almost on cue Yashamon is struck by Bakumon's attack and begins to thrash around.

Derrick just blinks. "Well then... theres only one Digimon I know that could do that, so I guess someone's ambush finally worked." He pointed at Yashamon. "Shall we snap him out of his bad dream?"

Commandramon pondered for a moment then reached into his vest pocket. "Sure, why not."

"Are you gonna do what I think you're gonna do...?" Derrick backed away a bit.

Commandramon flatly replied. "Yep, DCD Bomb!" He chucked a small grenade and bounced it off Yashamon's head where it immediately exploded.

"Well... there goes not wanting to attact unwanted attention." Derrick shook his head.

Yashamon flew back quite a bit from the blast and got up. "Four on one now, is it? This is beyond simple unfair cheap shots, it's become a total annoyance." He crossed both wooden swords above him and then lashed out with them. "Single-Stroke in Two!" The psychic shockwave sent Commandramon flying into a tree.

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-18-2008, 01:33 PM
"Hey, don't think that just because we're unnacquainted that we aren't gonna take you down together!" impmon shouted, leaping back into action. "Besides, that was just a...test! Yeah, a test! Know I have a slight idea how to take you down!"

"You said 'take you down' twice, ya'know." Jace said.

"Oh, shush! It's not like i prepared this at home! but that's besides the point. Bada-Boom!" Impmon cried, but instead of attacking Yashamon, he attacked the ground, causing a small burst of smoke that hid him from view.

"hmm?" yasyamon mumbled as he looked around.

"Hey stick-man." Impmon said from above the enemy's head. "Look what I've got!" he pulled out a long, think tree branch.

"Oh, you seriously can't be considering fighting me! I have years of training built righ into my coding! You are a mere rookie."

"So what? I've gotten bored alot in that DEUS, and the interent is a great place to watch Kendo videos. Keee-ya!" Impmon jumped down and began to smack Yashamon all over. it was clear that the Adult was much more skilled, but impmon was extremely fast and managed to get some good hits in. impmon was focusing all on Yashamon's head, but then spontaineously swung at his legs. Yasyamon buckled.

"Hah! Now for some fire power! Bada-boom!" Impmon powered up his attack, and managed to Knock yashamon away from him.

((he is not dead. I repeat, he is not dead.))

05-18-2008, 04:11 PM
"Patamon this has gone on long enough! Take him down!" Sam yells geting up.

"Ok, Sparkeling Air Shot!" Patamon breaths in deep doubleing in size. He shoots out a huge bubble when he feel like he going to pop. It explodes in starmons face creating cracks. Patamon drops to the ground spent.

05-18-2008, 05:06 PM
"Do it, Lopmon," Miles said evenly, fists clenched as he watched in anticipation.

Lopmon made a dash towards the struggling Starmon. Stopping right in front of the Adult, Lopmon began spinning around rapidly, striking him repeatedly in the face with his ears. "Dasshu Tsuisutaa!"

This final attack proved to be too much for Starmon. His face collapsed, bursting into streams of data. A loud cry pierced the night air as his body soon followed suit, dissolving until there was nothing left but data particles where he stood moments ago.

"Now... take it!" Miles commanded, pumping his fist in triumph, his face lit up with a smile.

Eyes closed, Lopmon stepped forward and relaxed his body, pulling all of Starmon's data inside of him. He took a deep breath and opened his eyes once more. "Miles, I feel... strong. My body has reached its limit. Something... is happening."

Suddenly, Miles' DEUS lit up. Looking down at it, he found binary code scrolling across the screen. "What is this?" he asked to himself. As soon as the code appeared it had vanished, replaced simply by the words 'EVOLUTION'.

A gasp escaped his lips, and he looked over at his partner who was beginning to glow. "Lopmon, all of your experience, all of the data that you've acquired... it has paved the way for you to evolve."

The light soon encased Lopmon completely, shining so brightly that Miles was forced to shield his eyes. The light expanded quickly, taking the shape of a much larger creature. A few moments later, this light simply vanished, and all eyes were now upon a new face.

Roppumon, shinka! Uendimon!

(Note: Anubi approved!)

Mouth agape as he watched in awe, Miles registered the data on this new Digimon. Huh. Well, fuck me. Wendimon. He shook his head.

Whereas Lopmon was small, cute and bright, this new form was the opposite. This Digimon was tall, taller than any human, with a thick body covered in brown fur. Dark red patches of skin covered the areas where the fur did not, including his face, feet, hands, and part of his midsection. His once adorable face was now menacing, with vile red eyes and a wide, frightful smile containing large teeth. Two large spikes rose from his shoulders, and several smaller ones sprouted on top of his head. An odd white mask now adorned the top of his head, and and two droopy green ears hung down beside his face. Finally, a white bandage was tied around his left wrist.

Wendimon stood tall, gazing at the other humans and Digimon gathered, a creepy, lopsided small on his face as he watched everyone closely. Miles took his place at Wendimon's side, looking out at the other humans. He spoke up, his voice loud and commanding. "None of you are authorized to have those Digimon." To Dimitri, he added, "Digimon assaulting humans is a punishable offense, and you have clearly shown that you have very little control over your partner. All of you, relinquish your Digimon, along with your DEUS, to me. The government will be investigating this incident thoroughly, and we appreciate your cooperation."

Kazin Kagari
05-18-2008, 05:25 PM
Dimitri and Gazimon stood there, their mouths wide open as they saw the evolution happen. What the man had said afterwards though...

That's not going to happen. Dimitri started signing, not caring whether or not the man understood him. I'll apologize for what happened, and me and Gazimon will do what it takes to make amends, but you will NOT take him from me.

Gazimon ran over to Dimitri, and threw his arms out in front of him. "I don't know what you mean by authorization, but I arrived for Dimitri! I won't go anywhere with you, and you won't take our DEUS!" he shouted, adding his own opinion to the matter. Whereas only minutes ago his voice was filled with anger and hatred, now when speaking of his partner his voice is back my a powerful confidence.

We were wrong with what happened... Dimitri started by signing. "But you won't break us up!" Gazimon finished, not even needing to see his partner's signs.

Gazimon then backs up to Dimitri and begins to whisper. "So... uh.. what DO we do now? Other than be boned?

Dimitri shrugged, as he pulled out his DEUS and analyzed the new Digimon that had appeared, getting data on both Plotmon and the new Wendimon. They both looked out, ready to react to any move they would make...

05-18-2008, 08:41 PM
"I have no problems working with the goverment, but I wont just hand Patamon over." Sam asks picking up Patamon.

"We're ment to be together! You wont find it easy to seperate us." Patamon says from sams arms.

Carefully so she wont drop Patamon, Sam holds up her DEUS and scans the large rabbit and dog digimon.

05-18-2008, 10:24 PM
As Yashamon stumbles, a small golden blur comes up from behind him, grabbing onto his neck. "CRITICAL BITE!" Leormon roars, snapping Yashamon's neck. The Armor's fallen body shatters, most of the data flowing into him. Thomas just watches, a bit horror struck at the Digimon's ferocity and general effectiveness of his attacks. Leormon growls a bit as the data finishes load, his adrenaline fading. With a deep breath, Leormon takes his place by Thomas' side, his tail flicking back and forth.

05-18-2008, 10:35 PM
Pierce strode forward. There was no mistake. This is his purpose. His destiny. His place was to stop this wanton destruction, this needless violence. As the sewer lid exploded, he called out.


The Digimon appeared out of the shadows. She tossed the DEUS to her partner, and Pierce caught it effortlessly. She vanished once again into the sewers.

Pierce took only a moment to jump in after her.

(Gee, I'm sorry my only brother graduated from college this weekend. I'm still gonna kick your ass. ;D)

"Finish the beast! Then we'll take the others! Digimon cannot exist with those that do not pledge themselves to the order we seek to create! Three is hardly a challenge for you, isn't that right, Renamon?!"

She leapt into battle, ignoring Elecmon, taking to the air and spreading her arms wide.

"KOYOUSTESU!" she cried, spraying the beast with leaves of energy, her Fox Leaf Arrowhead tearing into his rotten almost-flesh. The Raremon roared, unable to resist before turning back to the fox, and unleashing a gout of poisonous fumes.

"You must be joking," Renamon taunted, before utilizing her Fox Change Void. The poisonous digimon and she switched places. While the fume did nothing to him, she was happy to be unharmed. And she stood ready to strike again.

"KOSENGEKI!" Renamon cried, slashing at the beast over and over again with her claws and talons. Pierce grinned. Nothing can stand against my partner, he thought. She is the pinnacle of evolution. A true battle master. Nay, Battle Mistress, he corrected himself, taking her gender into account.

He would finish this wild one, and then take the three others into custody.

05-19-2008, 05:21 AM
Derrick watched Leormon snap Yashamon's neck to finish it. "Hmm... A bit crude, but that's an effective way to end it." He turned to Commandramon who was just getting up. "Go and claim your share, you did quite a bit of work."

Commandramon nods then goes over and absorbs the remaining data.

Derrick claps a bit and smiles. "Well, this was a stunning success if I do say so myself, you did well Commandramon."

Commandramon nods and grins a little. "Thank you, I'm glad we were successful."

"Let's go." Derrick turned and started walking back to the car, Commandramon following right behind.

05-19-2008, 03:03 PM
Devon thought he was doomed when he heard a weird looking Digimon with the largest mouth he's seen scream a move from Street Fighter. Fortunately, not long after this Digimon, a fox-like Digimon quickly began to attack the decomposing Digimon, so quickly that Devon could barely see its moves.
So one of them is a guy that plays Street Fighter, at least the other one knows what to do, thought Devon.
"Elecmon! Go and help the other guy!" shouted Devon.
And so Elecmon moved forward, still with the power that had suddenly come, and attacked the big decomposing Digimon with his electric attack.
The Digimon shrieked as it could not move away from the fox-like and Elecmon's attacks.

05-19-2008, 04:07 PM
Pierce wanted to vomit. In the heat of the moment, he had leapt after Renamon, not even pausing to consider that he would be landing in a sewer. His shoes were already covered in muck, the smell was unbearable, and he was fighting what may as well be a rotting pile of slime. Distaste evident on his features, he lifted a monogrammed handkerchief from his pocket, and held it over his nose and mouth. It didn't do much, but anything would be an improvement.

"HEDERO!" the Raremon half-yelled, half-belched, coughing up an awful gout of Sludge directly at Renamon. It moved far faster than the cloud of gas had, limiting her reaction time. She was further constrained by their close quarters. Unable to dodge, she was coating in the corrosive slime, crying out in pain as it matted her fur and seared her flesh.

Pierce scowled. In an ideal world, he would ask Renamon to lure Raremon to the surface and take advantage of her mobility. But down here, the damage could be contained and secrecy could be upheld.

"Do your best," Pierce urged her on. "I know this is far from ideal, but you are far better than anything that would choose to exist down here!"

Renamon merely nodded, resuming a fighting stance, though she was obviously pained. Raremon was grinning stupidly, pleased with having done some damage.

"I'm going to wipe that grin off your face," the fox promised, leaping into action again. "KOYOUSETSU!" she cried, crossing her arms in front of her and then spreading them wide to send a cascade of razor-shape energy leaves raining down on Raremon's face. The creature flailed wildly, clearly harmed by the combined assaults of Renamon and Elecmon, but there seemed to be a long way to go before its threat was contained.

05-19-2008, 04:36 PM
As he threw rocks into the ocean, Nathan watched in anticipation. His gaze moved to the sand nearby, however, and he saw a net, leftover from whatever beachcombers had been there that morning, sifting through the waves with it to catch fish.

With a thought, he motioned to Petit Mamon. "Spread that out, would you? We might need it." He said, hurling a rock toward the ocean as his partner began to spread out the net. As he threw one more rock to the sea, he noticed something new;

There, not fifty feet from him, was a massive fish.

"Well," Nathan said, licking his lips, "now's the time, eh? Petit Mamon, change up the illusion." Smiling, he threw a rock at the fish, hitting it in the back and watching it look around in anger, not seeing its assailant.

"Let this beast see me," he said, "but show me throwing rocks from where the net is located, hm?"

Petit Mamon nodded, getting the plan instantly. grabbing the ends of one side of the large net, he fluttered into the air, nodding his head as Nathan came into view for Coelamon, exactly where the net was located.

With a roar, the Adult swam toward the man hurling rocks at him, and leaped out of the water toward him.

"Go!" Nathan shouted, and Petit Mamon flung the net onto Coelamon, and the fish was quickly entangled, getting himself caught in the thick net.

As it thrashed, Nathan broke into a wide grin, and motioned toward it. "Now attack!"

With that, Petit Mamon dropped his illusions, as he was forced to do upon using his attack, and fired off a stream of flame toward the beast, the ropes of the net catching aflame too and spreading across its back. With a roar, the Coelamon looked up, and it locked eyes with Petit Mamon for one brief moment.

With a mighty bellow, the fish bit into a tangle of rope and thrashed its arms, and the net began to tear apart almost instantly. "Shit," Nathan yelled, "It's too strong, get away!"

It was too late, as Coelamon tore through the net and leapt up toward its assailant. Petit Mamon tried to throw up an illusion, but could not do so in time, getting batted into the sand before he could react.

Coelamon was on Petit Mamon in a flash, mighty jaws bearing down on the tiny Child to tear him apart. Only Petit Mamon's staff saved him from losing his head to the beast, as he shoved it between the Adult's jaws. It creaked under the pressure, and for a split second Petit Mamon was afraid he was about to lose his only means of attack.

"Petit Curse!" He shouted, and the end of his staff heated up to an unbearable temperature as it spewed flames onto the roof of Coelamon's mouth. With a whimper, the fish leapt back, rolling back into the water as Petit Mamon leapt back as well.

Nathan looked on, no longer grinning as he wondered what his next move would be.

05-19-2008, 05:31 PM
Kyle watched the battle unfolding. "Come on, Keramon, there's gotta be SOMETHING you can do... These other Digimon all have techniques!"

"Okay, well, I, er... CRAZY GIGGLE!" He shouted, letting out an oddly disturbing laugh. Raremon turned his attention toward the source growling. It seemed he didn't like the sound of that.

"Acid Sludge!" Raremon growled, spraying a dark green mess of... something out of its mouth. Keramon flailed but was pinned to the floor by the sludge and cried out in pain.

"Keramon!" Kyle ran toward his partner and tried to pull him out of the sludge.

"That really stung..." Keramon groaned. I guess that attack didn't work so well. Kyle just hoped it had provided enough distraction for the other people.

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-19-2008, 06:30 PM
((I'm guessing by DD's post that Commandramon didn't take all the data.))

"Well, I suppose you helped a bit." Impmon said to Leormon, "But Icould've taken him!"

"He would've decaptitated you." Jace said. Impmon sighed. "Now hurry up. You don't want to be left with nothing for this battle, do you?"

"Good point." Impmon said. He stuck his hand into a cluster of data floating near him, and absorbed it.

"Hmm...tastes like Chicken Salad."

05-19-2008, 07:07 PM
(OOC: Um... he said that he took the "remaining data", so that may imply that he took it all. The fiend. >>)

Vivi took Bakumon into her arms after the battle and idly scratched a spot behind his ears. "Well, that was a rather quick fight. You and Commandramon did well!"

Bakumon purred in happiness. "Yes, thank you~"

"Oh, and um..." Vivi turned towards the other half of the group, blinking. "You guys did okay too, I guess." A pause. "We'll be seeing each other again sometime soon, I'm sure. But for now... I have to go." She nodded to the group, sighed, then ran off towards Derrick and the car.

Captain Darth Jack Vader
05-19-2008, 07:25 PM
((He also said "Take your share". So we might be able to say that that happened after us.

Oh, and thankyou for not being evil and going all Hypnos on me and Treble))

05-19-2008, 07:46 PM
Devon looking at the situation decides to not let the other guy and his Digimon's attempt go in vain.
"Elecmon, run to the oppsite side that the nasty one is looking at and electrecute it!"
And that was what Elecmon did. He ran to the other side, a bit tired as he had received a direct impact from the slime Digimon. As Elecmon ran, the big Digimon was now dizzy, and slowly followed Elecmon with its eyes as it could only see a red blur pass by.
"Do it now Elecmon!"
And Elecmon shot an electric bolt straight to the Digimon's side of what should be its head as it screamed in pain.

05-19-2008, 08:13 PM
Renamon charged at Raremon, her fist and claws drawn back in preparation to strike. The dizzied Raremon would be an easy target.

But Raremon was still an adult fighting children. Even confused, his wild flailing was dangerous and completely unpredictable.

An arm? A tentacle... some slimy appendage from Raremon's disgusting body, at any rate, struck Renamon in the side of the head. She yelped only briefly, before being thrown into the wall. Her prone form slumped, and landed in a heap on the ground.

Pierce was in a state of shock. His handkerchief fell from his hand, and he found it difficult to move. Slowly, as though his world was breaking, he made his way to his partner's side. He brushed his hand along the top of her head, regarding her face. It was bruised, and though her eyes were closed in her unconscious state, he could see some swelling already taking hold. He grit his teeth and clenched his fist. This was unforgivable. Renamon was better than that, better than some living, breathing pile of reek, regardless of this so-called difference in level.

Raremon, in the meantime, steadied himself. Roaring he located the source of his confusion and sought retribution, firing off a cloud of Stinking Gas at Elecmon. "KUSAI GASU!"

05-19-2008, 08:51 PM
Miles watched Dimitri closely. Clearly he has some sort of disability... interesting.

Out loud, he replied with a shrug, "Very well. Wendimon, playtime."

The newly evolved Adult grinned and looked between the humans, raising his massive fists. Suddenly his left forearm lurched forward, his powerful fist clenched as his arm extended slowly over towards Gazimon. "Kurabu Aamu!"

05-20-2008, 01:31 AM
Clarissa stood there unsure of what to do, she had scanned Wendimon and it didn't look promising, he was a adult Digimon and if he wanted to take them into custody he could: but..... no, she wouldn't go down without a fight
the man in the suit suddenly commanded his Digimon to attack Gazimon, their ally.


meanwhile Salamon had already acted, charging Gazimon he barged the Grey rabbit like Digimon out of the way, only to be struck by the colossal hand that belonged to Wendimon

Salamon cried out in pain as she was smashed into a tree, splintered bark flying outwards

"Salamon, get out of there" Clarissa weeped

"Would, if I could" Salamon said sarcastically

Salamon focused his attention back on the hulking Demon Beast Digimon

'Petit Punch'!

Kazin Kagari
05-20-2008, 06:57 AM
Gazimon sprung up after being knocked out of the way, seeing the Plotmon being hammered by the attack.

"Thanks..." he whispered to himself and looked over at Dimitri who nodded back, knowing what needed to be done. Gazimon nodded in return, and brought his attention back to the others.

"I said I was sorry, but it seems you don't wanna accept it! Too bad though, because *none of us* are going back with you!" Gazimon shouted as closed a bit of the distance between him and Wendimon.

"Paralyze Breath!" he shouted, firing off his attack at the Wendimon. He knew that with the difference in power, his attack wouldn't make much of an impact. However, he was hoping that with the others' help, something could be done. He was sure that they didn't want to be separated from their partners either, and would do what it took to win.

On the plus side though, Wendimon, while looking powerful, seemed... a little slower than it used to. The change in size might have given it extra strength, but it seems that it came at a cost of it's agility. Gazimon nodded, and began firing off more Paralyze Breaths, keeping it's eyes open to dodge any attacks that might be incoming, hoping that it would be enough.

Dimitri, on the other hand, saw something out of the corner of his eye, and started slowly backing up towards it, hoping that he wouldn't be spotted...

05-20-2008, 07:19 AM
Plotmon's paw smashed down on Wendimon's claw, making the grip holding him loosen, Gazimon's attacked then battered the side of the Demon beast but it was not enough. Wendimon's Arm retracted and threw Plotmon against Patamon

"Plotmon!" Clarry yelled, distraught

"I'm Okay" Plotmon Lied

Standing up the Holy digimon faced the Demon Beast type Digimon

"If were going to win this we need to work together, Patamon" Plotmon whispered

05-20-2008, 07:50 AM
Down in the sewer, things were looking pretty grim. "Keramon," Kyle began, "If you can't fight... try and use that giggle skill of yours. Maybe you can distract Raremon and one of them can finish him off!"

"Aye-aye, captain! Crazy Giggle!" Keramon let out another piercing laugh. Raremon turned toward Keramon and growled again, firing off another Acid Sludge. However, Keramon was prepared this time and drifted to the side. He wasn't quite fast enough and his arm was grazed by the sludge, but Kyle's partner endured the pain and continued his giggling, keeping Raremon's attention focused on him.

Kyle looked at the knocked out Renamon and the hurt Elecmon. "Come on... One of you do something..."

A Passing Maniac
05-20-2008, 03:25 PM
[& group, eventually.]

The girl had yet to awaken. After the half-conscious delirium that Floramon's pollen had induced, she had fallen into a fitful slumber, twitching and whimpering in her sleep. John, having tentatively accepted her existence, had covered her up. Her wallet, including a driver's license bearing the name Mary Frere, lay near the bed atop a bunched up pile of the cleanest clothes John owned.

The bloody wrench John had wrapped in a dirty towel and stuffed into a small alcove hidden behind the baseboard in the kitchen. The alcove had previously been used by John to hide his stash of various substances, but since his most recent addiction, he had sold off his stockpile, and the alcove was empty.

Every once in a while he pulled the wrench out to look at it. He had wiped his fingerprints from it, despite the fact that it being hidden in his apartment would have made fingerprinting largely unnecessary, but he had not washed the blood from its head. It served as a reminder to him, helped him to remember what he had done, to ground him in reality.

Of course, the presence of a bloodied wrench and a bloodied girl in his apartment did not necessarily make the version of events he was attempting to remember the truth. The alternatives frightened him even more than he already was, however, and so he did not leave his apartment to check on his neighbors, did not ask Floramon to confirm what events had transpired. Part of him wished that Mary Frere would never wake up, too, that she would never be able to tell him if it had really been he who...

John heaved again, but his stomach was empty, and he spat only bile. His mind swam with thoughts of what he might have done, and memories of that which he wanted to believe began to warp, to be replaced, by things that horrified him. Try though he might, he was beginning to lose his grasp on what had happened again. His heart sped. His head pounded. No. I just need... I need Floramon...

Floramon rested in her bed of foliage, a cancerous heap of green and pastel petals that was slowly infecting the rest of John's room. John stumbled to and knelt beside this shrine to the natural world, drinking in the floral scent of it. "Floramon... my darling..."

The diminutive plant-woman opened her eyes, but said nothing.

"I need you again," the human said, averting his gaze. "It is too much. I feel so sick, sicker than I ever have before—I need—"

Floramon sighed. "You brought this on yourself, John. I can provide you only a temporary escape. In the end you must return to this world and deal with what you have wrought."

"I know, but—I just... I..."

Floramon climbed to her feet. "What do you propose to do with the girl? Surely you cannot think that you can keep her, as if she were some pet. Return her to her residence as soon as you possibly can. Let her never awaken here. Let her never come to know you. This would be for the best."

But John hardly heard her. "Please," he begged, lowering his head until it touched the ground, "please, my sweet Floramon, please, I know I will be able to think clearly again if you can help me..."

Floramon did not speak or move for moments, but eventually she reached out to pull John's bowed head close to her. She stroked his hair gently. "John... of course."

John's eyes gleamed with gratitude and eagerness. He kissed Floramon on the top of her head, and then her lipless mouth, and then on the soft petals of her hands, and then the writhing tendrils coated in his beloved pollen, and then...

John sank to the floor as Floramon continued to stroke his face, and she murmured sweet nothings and cold questions into his ear as his mind and senses traveled to other places, and he told her of wide fields with grass and trees of a thousand shades and shapes towering over the cities of man, and of the ruins of distant worlds blanketed in red dust swirled by lightning storms, and of the glittering palaces of benevolent gods and of torments witnessed and experienced in a hundred hells...

And when he returned, and saw the webbed cracks of his ceiling again, he smiled, his mind at peace again. "Thank you," he whispered. "My Floramon... how I love you so."

Floramon only stroked his hair. "What of the girl?"

John closed his eyes. "I don't know if you will understand, and I do not know if I can explain this very well, but I will try. I cannot just leave her on her doorstep. To willingly lose yourself—to achieve the highest of pleasures in exchange for separation from—reality—that is one thing. But what has happened to her is important, and she must know about it all. It has been horrifying, and scarring, and terrible, but important. To never know how it ended—that it ended, that it won't begin again... I cannot deprive her of that. She must make the choice to remember it or to push it from her mind"

Floramon's reply was delayed, but when it came, her voice was resigned. "Very well. I can understand why you would say this, but I still fear that, if she can identify you, there will be trouble. However, I cannot force you to take any course of action. I will only try to aid you in any way I can should there be... complications."

"Thank you."

The rest of the evening passed largely in silence. Despite the ever-present and mind-consuming thoughts of the beaten and battered young girl lying near him, John had managed to remember the file he had earlier downloaded, and the approaching hour his DEUS marked.

When the message from the man behind the curtain arrived, John waved Floramon over, and they read it together in silence.

"A game," John mused. "What it must be like to be behind this... He must feel as a god would, manipulating the lives of others. He must also have sent the wild ones. And you. But from where, I wonder? And what rough beast, its hour come round at last...? I suppose there is only one way to find out."

John opened the Detector function. "Not far from here," Floramon remarked, "although we'll have to take the bus, or walk, depending on which direction it is."

John nodded. "I'd best get dressed." He paused. "We might be gone for a while. Could you...?" He glanced towards Mary.

Floramon nodded. "I'll make sure she sleeps a little longer."

The Digimon watched as John began to pull on some of his least-foul clothes, then moved to the bed. Mary did not look as if she would awaken any time soon, but Floramon still spread a small amount of pollen on the girl's lips. The consistency of it should, if she had calculated it correctly, cause no hallucinations, just a longer period of unconsciousness.

Her task complete, Floramon turned back to watch John. She was surprised at how focused his mind could be of late—the presence of the girl, especially, seemed to provide him with greater clarity. On the other hand, the events that had brought her here had also caused John some amount of psychic pain... And this pain troubled Floramon, for try as she might to keep their relationship, for lack of a better word, professional, she could not help but feel a fondness for the boy. Perhaps the continued presence of this Mary might help him to get past his recent issues...

This last she thought as John stooped down in the kitchen, pried part of the baseboard out, and withdrew the bloody wrench contained within. He tucked the wrench into the back of his waistband. His eyes looked almost determined, something Floramon had never seen in them.

"Do you have the DEUS?" When Floramon nodded, John said, gazing out his filthy little windows at the darkened city, "Then let's go."

05-20-2008, 03:43 PM
From Sams arms Patamon watchs Salamon and Gazimon attack Wendimon. He tries to jump to the ground but Sam tightens her hold on him. "Let go. I can't let Wendimon hurt the others"

"But you're..."

"I'm not going to let him seperate us with out a fight."

"Be carefull." She wispers leting him go. Slower then before Patamon flys till he's about 30ft up. Hovering he carefully watchs Wendimon for anyweakness.

05-20-2008, 04:23 PM

Pierce cursed. Kyle's Keramon was succeeding in distracting the Raremon, but that could only last for so long. Something needed to be done... And to think, he had grand delusions of protecting everyone from this renegade digimon. Now, look at him. The great Pierce Stanton, grabbing for the nearest stone and hurling it, uselessly, at this rancid beast.

Even knowing how futile his actions were, Pierce was further deflated when the rock simply sank into the ichor of Raremon's skin, not even enough to grab the beast's attention. He fell to his knees.

Renamon, he thought. I need you. I can't do this alone...

He clutched his DEUS in his right hand, tightening his left into a fist. He slammed it into the ground hard, clenching his teeth, his eyes shut tight. He felt like he was on the verge of tears. He was supposed to stop this. He was supposed to be a shield. He felt more like a doormat, trampled all over by this living pile of garbage.

His thoughts and senses swirled. The horrible stench of the sewers filled his nostrils; the flashing pain in his fist arced up his arm like a flash of lightning; the sounds of battle, of Keramon's manic laughter, of his own heart pounding in his chest echoed in his ears; the warmth of his own blood, tricking from his knuckles, mixed with the cold, damp air. He was overwhelmed. All he could do was scream, and scream he did, throwing his head back, and calling out with such bestial passion the only name he believed he could rely on for help.


From between Pierce's fingers, a burst of light erupted. A light so strong, so pure, that it seemed to pass straight through his hand like clear glass. The battle seemed to stop in his mind, and in his eyes he felt blind. There was only the light, and nothing else.

Behind him, Renamon's own eyes opened, her body awash in the same light that poured forth from her partner's DEUS.

E V O L U T I O N _

The word scrolled across the DEUS display, one letter at a time in green before being replaced by a swirl of symbols Pierce couldn't even hope to recognize - Digicode, even if he didn't know it. A wire frame image took shape, depicting a slowly rotating egg. THE egg. The one Pierce had found that had given him Renamon.

Arcs of energy in shade of gold and violet begin to emanate from the digivice, and Pierce felt movement over his head. He lifted his eyes away from the screen to see what it had been, and Renamon's form landed gracefully in front of him, her arms crossed before she tossed them down to her sides, standing as though she were ready to take Raremon all over again.

'How?' he wanted to mutter, but he couldn't find his voice. He was too in awe. For what he saw next was unbelievable.

"Renamon, shinka!" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LC6l3s5Iroc)

Her body seemed wracked with pain as she turned up her snout. From the tip of her nose, her flesh simply began to... peel away, torn off by the swirling vortex of energy that was growing around her. Beneath there was only a guide of her form, the wire frame model that was effectively a digimon's skeletal support structure. She turned up her claws, and they too were rent from her body. From the tip of her tail it continued, until none of what made Renamon Renamon to the naked eye remained. There was only a shape, and from the base of that shape swirled up a billowing gout of smoke that obscured her in the shape of, Pierce realized, an egg. Renamon was literally being reborn inside; remade somehow.

A new skin began to apply itself, pulling over her feet first. They became more slender in the process, no longer fit for walking upright on just two legs. As one tail began to find itself redressed in golden fur, it seemed to tense, and then burst into nine identical tails. Her entire torso was remade as she leaned forward, her arms more like legs now as her skin was complete. Renamon had become something completely different in every regard... every regard but one. Pierce still recognized those eyes. They were unmistakably Renamon's. The smoke-egg exploded outwards, and Pierce was no longer catching the occasional glimpse of this bewitching beast, but regarded it in it's full form. The fox spun, spreading out her legs to take up a defensive stance and fanning out her nine tails majestically. The tips of those tails and the paws of her feet seemed to glow with a blue-white flame in the darkness of the sewer, and Pierce heard his partner's new name.


"A...Amazing," Pierce gasped, overcome with emotion and with a sense of pride in his partner, who had become this awe-inspiring nine-tailed fox, this kyuubi. There was no doubt in his mind now that the disgusting, undead creature called Raremon could stand against her. She would be able to protect everyone.

"Because of you," she said, as though sensing his thoughts. Pierce looked up in confusion, though he could not see Kyuubimon's face behind her fan of tails. "Because of you," she repeated, "this miracle was possible. Because you are my partner, Pierce, and you hold that DEUS. Together, this evolution that we both wished for was possible."

She turned to face Raremon, and where she might normally have felt determination or anxiety upon entering battle, she found herself in a zen-like state of tranquility now. She began to move towards Raremon, picking up speed with each step. She leapt over the pile of muck, and charged further down the sewer before using the slick surface to her advantage. She turned her body left, and slid into a complete turn before charging forward again, closing on the beast at a full run. Once again she took to the air, though she could not truly soar with the street above them, she still found the room to tuck her head in, towards her tails, her body more like a ball now as she spun forward. The flames on her feet and tails glowed bright, expanding, consuming her in a wheel of flame before she loosed her Fox Flame Dragon.


From that wheel of flame grew the head of a great dragon, the animated fire pausing to roar before opening wide its maw and descending upon Raremon. The beast cried out, but there was no escape from the blue-white inferno. Its screams were silenced as it burst into data fragments and Kyuubimon, landing deftly on the ground, claimed her spoils. She loaded the data of the beast that had nearly destroyed her, but that had been overcome by the bond between Tamer and Digimon, between partners, and she felt stronger for all of it...

05-20-2008, 07:09 PM
Seen what had just happened, Devon was so impressed and shocked that he didn't know what to do. As soon as he saw Kyuubimon collecting the slime's data, he came back to reality. He soon figured out that this data was something that he had been receiving for weeks, maybe even months through his D.E.U.S. He then shouted "Elecmon! Go get the data coming from that Digimon! You've also done a LOT!"
Elecmon moved forward and began to take the Raremon's data into his body. As the data was accumulating inside Elecmon's body, Elecmon felt the data generate adrenaline in his body, and more energy go through him. He had never felt so alive and good before.
As both Kyuubimon and Elecmon were taking the data from Raremon, it was over soon with both Digimon obtaining about the same amount of data from Raremon.
"I feel so good Devon! It's even better than the data from the D.E.U.S., probably because I earned it."
"That was a great job Elecmon! Now let's say hello to the other people."
Devon and Elecmon walked to the odd looking Digimon that was stuck on the slime and its tamer.
"Do you guys need any help over there?"

05-20-2008, 07:22 PM
Pierce stood up. He was slimy and disgusting, but he also wasn't done. And now he had Kyuubimon to aid him.

"You know what we need to do now, of course," he said to his partner. "I am very proud, but the celebrations must wait."

Kyuubimon nodded, and fanned her tails. The tips of each of the nine came alive with blue-white fireballs, whose flames danced in such a way that each had its own little kitsune face. They grinned mischievously as they leapt from the bewitching beast, acting of their own accord.


The demon fireballs split up. Five came at Keramon from all directions, four went for Elecmon, aided now by the element of surprise. After all, the "threat" had passed.

05-20-2008, 07:31 PM
"What the hell?!" Kyle shouted.

Keramon couldn't react fast enough. One of the fireballs missed, but the other four pelted straight into him. The Digimon fell to the ground in a slump and seemed to flicker and almost break up.

Kyle watched in horror, "Hang in there, buddy." After a few minutes of this Keramon seemed to stabilize, but his eyes remained close.

"Just what are you doing?!" Kyle angrily shouted to his attacker. "We're not your enemies, we were trying to help you!" If this person took Keramon away from him... He looked around for an escape route, but the area was too small. It didn't look like he could break away easily, at least without being clear cannon fodder for Kyuubimon.

05-20-2008, 07:52 PM
Hit by the unexpected attack, Elecmon felt a weird impact that hurt him more then the gross attack by the gigantic slime.
"What was that for?" said Devon desperately and confused."We never did anything against you, or your Digimon. The target was already defeated! So why are you attacking us?"

05-20-2008, 08:11 PM
(All right, Vallant, your second post is pretty much completely void for a couple reasons. First of all, controlling Wendimon's actions. That's a no-no. Secondly, getting three attacks in to my one. I realize that is the only shot you ever have of beating me, but if you continue to try that I will spam Wendimon's attacks, and you don't want that.)

A bit disappointed that he missed his intended target, Wendimon still held Plotmon firmly in his grasp against the tree. The Child was unable to even attack due to Wendimon's vastly superior physical strength, as well as barely even being the same size of his hand, if that. He giggled as the Child tried desperately to free itself.

He felt a strange, yet familiar sensation come over him, and glanced over at Gazimon. The Breath attack was not quite as effective as it was before, but he still found it bothersome. Still grinning, Wendimon began to extend his other arm. The only difference being that, this time, he was not playing around. His forearm shot out quickly, much quicker than before, as he attempted to swat Gazimon forcefully away.

His other arm began to retract from the tree, still holding tightly onto Plotmon. Once the Child was free from the tree, Wendimon whipped his arm and tossed Plotmon through the air in the direction of Patamon.

From his position at Wendimon's side, Miles spoke confidentally to the other humans gathered. "You have no chance of winning this battle. Surrender and spare your partner from certain pain."

Kazin Kagari
05-20-2008, 08:30 PM
Wendimon's blow hit Gazimon square on, knocking him back towards Dimitri hard and fast, bowling him into the human and knocking them both slightly into the forested area. Dimitri, only having the breath knocked out of him, looked down and saw his partner. Gazimon wasn't going to be fighting anymore this night.

Dimitri gritted his teeth at the situation. He knew it was a no-win situation, but he couldn't give up. Not yet. However, at that thought he started coughing. God... not now! Dimitri thought to himself. He knew this situation -- his body being pushed too hard... it happened only once in a while. Since his accident, he couldn't push himself as hard as most people. In a situation where his throat might be injured... he only hoped that it wasn't serious.

Dimitri looked down at his partner. There was only one choice now and he knew that he'd probably regret it. He looked up at the smug man, obviously basking in the glory of his victory. He pulled out his DEUS, and recalled Gazimon to the device.

He looked at the other man. He was filled with anger at this person. He hurt him, and his partner. He knew that his partner started it, but it's not from lack of control. Gazimon had his reasons. But he wouldn't let anything happen to his partner. No matter what.

Dimitri turned, and ran. He knew that someone could get away. He knew that someone may be caught. But at this point, he's keeping his promise -- he wouldn't let anything happen to his partner.

He only wished that he didn't have to take the coward's way out to do it.

05-20-2008, 08:30 PM
"The government has ruled that the existence of Digimon in the Human World must be contained," Pierce explained graciously. "Wild Ones must be destroyed, as this one has been, but Digimon being concealed by humans must also be dealt with. Recall your partners to their DEUS, and hand them over. You will comply, and your Digimon will be taken into custody, or I will be forced to destroy them along with Raremon."

Kyuubimon held off on attacking, as the ultimatum hung in the air between the three tamers.

05-20-2008, 08:39 PM
Kyle stepped forward, "Listen, I don't really know what exactly is going on here, but there's no need for us to be fighting. If we all have Digimon, we should be working together to figure out this 'game' that we're in. Why fight? Please, let's have a truce... It's been a long night." He glanced at Keramon on the ground, hoping that he could get his partner out of this.

05-20-2008, 08:52 PM
"I agree with him. We should not be fighting each other, but we should be fighting wild Digimon that might cause trouble to everybody else. And besides, you also have a Digimon, so you should not take our Digimon if you have your own. That would be hypocrisy." said Devon as Elecmon nodded.

05-20-2008, 08:58 PM
"Renamon has been deputized to act as an agent of the government in controlling her own kind. As a digimon herself, she is best equipped to combat other digimon, after all. She and I are both answerable to the highest authority where our conduct is concerned. But I see you have elected to refuse my offer. That is... unfortunate." Pierce merely gave a nod to Kyuubimon. "The one with the tentacles first. Its laughter could disrupt your focus."

"ONIBIDAMA!" she cried once more, focusing on Keramon this time. The nine Demon Fireballs vanished from the tips of her tails, reappearing in an arch over the viral entity. They sought to coalesce into a single inferno, attempting to surround Kyle's partner.

Pierce lifted his DEUS, and made use of its camera. He snapped a quick picture of Kyle, and then another of Devon.

05-20-2008, 09:07 PM
Nothing could have been done. It happened too quickly for Kyle to react and Keramon was still out cold. The fireball smashed into Keramon and when the flames dissipated, Keramon was gone. There were only particles floating around like what was left behind once Raremon was killed.

Kyle dropped his DEUS in shock and stared as the data swirled around. He couldn't believe it, but there was no arguing with what he saw before him.

Keramon had been deleted.

05-20-2008, 09:13 PM
Kyuubimon swiftly loaded all of Keramon's data before turning to Elecmon. She leapt into the air, spinning, and once again unleashed her Fox Flame Dragon.


The flame dragon roared, and moved to swallow up Elecmon in a stream of mystical fire.

Pierce, in the meantime, hung his head. "Regrettable," he said. "This could have been avoided."

05-21-2008, 01:50 AM
"Oi!" Clarissa shouted at the Mute boy as he sprinted away from the fight "Don't be a coward"

Although she felt digusted at the fact the boy had abandoned them, she knew all he wanted to do was save his partner; just like her.
looking up at the Goverment agent she said "Sorry love, But I gotta go" turning she called Plotmon into her DUES and sprinted towards her parked car

"come on" she shouted as she passed the Patamon's Partner, up the wooded hill she went until she saw her silver Suzuki

Yanking open the Door she slid into the custom leather seats and placed the Key in the ignition, and started the engine.

05-21-2008, 05:28 AM
Sam hold up her DEUS calling Patamon in into it. Running as fast as she can Sam fallows Salamon's parten to her car. "Go!" she yells as soon as she's in.

05-21-2008, 05:39 AM
Slamming the Car into reverse, Clarissa sped backwards as quickly as she could
once out onto the road, she put it back into gear and drove off as quickly as her car could accelerate

"that was too close" Clarissa said panting, to everyone in the Car

Realizing she didn't have a plan on what to do next she asked the stranger

"whats your name, and were on earth should we go"

05-21-2008, 11:33 AM
Devon knew that he could not run from Kyuubimon's attack, but he also knew that he should never give up, he should always try ways to solve his problems. He knew that although that was an adult Digimon, Elecmon had already obtained the data from an adult Digimon. Both Devon and Elecmon felt something burning in them as Kyuubimon's attack was coming towards Elecmon.
"Counterattack with all you've got Elecmon!"
Devon's D.E.U.S.'s screen shone, as Elecmon was surrounded by a light so powerful that could blind someone temporarily. Devon protected his eyes as Elecmon's counter-attack moved towards Kyuubimon's attack.
A big explosion occurred in the air of the sewer, as Devon put Elecmon back into his D.E.U.S. and ran as fast as he could to the passage where he got in the sewer. Finally all those days training and running compensated. he thought. Devon turned right and ran about half a block and got in the subway, without ever looking back. He took the first train that he saw, not even caring for where the train was going or whether it was his train or not.
"That was a close one." said Devon to Elecmon on the crowded train, which carried the late workers from downtown.
"Yeah, but who was that crazy guy?"
"I have no clue. Probably a crazy, bipolar, ungrateful guy that got a head injury."
So Devon and Elecmon kept riding the train thinking about what had happened.

05-21-2008, 01:23 PM
(The DEUS does not have a flashbang function, so I am ignoring the blinding light. You do not specify a technique Elecmon is using, so I am assuming his 'counterattack' is to leap into my Fox Flame Dragon.

Since loading data does not enhance attack strength, or apparently intelligence, Elecmon is severely burned as the wave of blue-white fire washes over his body, leaving him in a charred heap on the floor of the sewers.

There was thusly no explosion, and even if there was, you are traceable with the DEUS. Renamon could be shadowmelded on the train behind you, a claw hovering just above your neck, and you wouldn't even realize before it was too late.)

"ONIBIDAMA!" Kyuubimon sent the nine Demon Fireballs racing after Elecmon, while Pierce rubbed his throbbing temples.

05-21-2008, 02:03 PM
Devon jumps in front of the attack, and is killed along with Elecmon.

(Done, now you are a murderer.

A Passing Maniac
05-21-2008, 02:38 PM

As soon as John realized their destination, he reported it to Floramon. "It appears the wild one is at the beach," he murmured into the DEUS. "I wonder how similar the two of you will be? Do all Digimon look like you, I wonder?"

"I suppose we will find out soon. Be cautious as you get near. Others may have already engaged the opponent. We should be careful not to get caught in the crossfire, and it may benefit us to observe the others with Digimon before approaching. There's no telling who might have obtained a partner."

John nodded, then, when he remembered she could not see him, said, "Very well. I think you ought to stay in the DEUS for now, until we know what we're dealing with."

"And there's only one way to find out just what that is."

John moved toward the beach, using the DEUS to keep track of the location of the enemy Digimon. The beach was a largely open and flat area; he only needed to move beyond the curtain of trees and bushes that offered the strand a minor amount of privacy in order to see a large part of it. A thought occurred to him as he headed in the direction his DEUS indicated, and he headed a short distance south, parallel to the coast, before he pushed through the treeline.

His eyes widened as he saw the three figures on the beach a short distance north. A human was standing off to the side, watching as an immense, skeletal fish thrashed beneath a heavy net. A smaller creature, about the size of Floramon, aimed some kind of weapon at the netted fish; a gout of flame hit the fish and set the net it was under aflame.

John continued watching as the piscine creature tore through its damaged restraints, then leapt upon the smaller Digimon; another flash of light and fire later, and the fish had retreated into the water, the diminutive figure scrambling to its feet.

John quickly relayed this information to Floramon, adding, "The little one and the human seem to be together. I suppose the sea beast is our opponent."

Floramon sighed. "Oh, wonderful. My pollen is just about useless in the water, and that's all I have."

"I can't imagine the other one's—hang on—isn't there a—?" John fumbled with the DEUS, opening up a function he had never used before. The DEUS' analyzer scanned the small creature, providing John with basic data on it; it was only the name he cared about, however. "Petit Mamon. I can't imagine his fire being especially effective here, either. I suppose we'll have to draw him out..."

"Too bad we don't have any chum."

"No," John said slowly, as he held out the DEUS, "but that does give me an idea. Come on out." After Floramon realized, John grabbed a small, slim, low-hanging branch from the nearest tree, then snapped it off.

"John?" Floramon asked, her voice rising in concern as John rolled back the jacket sleeve on his left arm. "John, what the hell—"

John grunted loudly in pain as he brought the jagged, broken end of the stick down onto his forearm. Dark blood surged to the surface, and John smeared this along the length of the stick, especially along its leaves. No longer attempting to hide from the other human, John took a few steps out onto the beach, then chucked the bloody stick into the surf, as far as he could.

Floramon very nearly asked John if he was mad, but knowing well the answer to that question, she just kept her mouth shut, even when he asked her to pull off part of a bush nearby. As he began to wipe the leaves of the piece of plant with more of his blood, the fish creature suddenly surfaced, its mouth snapping shut on the gore-coated branch.

John smiled, and hurled the second bit of foliage he clutched, its leaves dyed a dark crimson. This landed on the shore, closer to the creature than to John. It lumbered forward, out of the water, and snatched up both the piece of plant and a mouthful of sand in its jaws.

"There's more where that came from," John said, wiping more of the oozing fluid onto his hand, then shaking droplets of his blood onto the sand. As the creature advanced again, this time eying John hungrily and moving much more quickly, Floramon darted from the shelter of the bushes.

"Allergy Shower!" she shouted. Streams of golden powder and pollen flew forth from her hands, hitting Coelamon square in the face. The fish stumbled in its charge towards John, howling and rubbing furiously at the burning sensation in its eyes. John, satisfied at having drawn the creature out of the water, fell back towards the trees, pulling off his jacket to bind it around his bleeding arm.

05-21-2008, 02:51 PM
Miles watched casually as the humans turned and fled. He knew another long, drawn out battle had the risk of drawing a lot of attention, and thus made no effort to chase his prey. Hell, he was already lucky enough that no one was around to witness the first one. Turning to his partner, he smiled. "Wendimon, you were fantastic."

"Thank you, Miles," came the reply, his voice deep and powerful much unlike Lopmon's.

"But we should go," Miles added, pointing his DEUS at Wendimon. The Adult was encased briefly in a bright light as he was transported into the device. Tucking his DEUS away safely inside his jacket pocket, Miles set off for the SUV, keeping out of sight. He unlocked the doors and sat inside, taking a moment to relax his body.

The adrenaline began to leave his system, and for the first time he noticed the sting of his injuries; he would surely require some medical attention back at base. He started up the car and glanced around the area, making sure that no one was around. Satisfied, Miles drove off back towards the base, keeping a close eye out to make sure he was not followed.

05-21-2008, 02:55 PM
Pierce gasped as Devon began to move into the attack.

"No, you fool!" he cried, but it was far too late. The demon fireballs burst into an inferno that claimed both human and digimon. He turned his head away, unable to look until the flames had extinguished themselves.

"Pierce, I..." Kyuubimon stammered.

"No," he said. "It's all right. He made a choice... an unfortunate one, but the choice to end his life was his, not yours. It is no different than leaping in front of oncoming traffic." The Agent glanced around the sewers. "Our task is complete. Come."

Pierce and the now-regressed Renamon climbed out of the sewers, Pierce taking a long glance behind him at Kyle. He wanted to apologize, but he knew it would be meaningless. He had done his job, and Kyle had lost his partner... It was, as he had already said, regrettable. Nevertheless, necessity was king here.

Renamon slipped into the shadows as Pierce dialed up his DEUS. "Everard, I must beg a task of you," he spoke into the phone. "Renamon and I have had to trounce through the city's sewers. We are... ripe. I would like to return home and shower before proceeding to the office for debriefing. You may... have a day of cleaning the Rolls ahead of you. Thank you, Everard."

05-21-2008, 03:27 PM
Derrick stopped walking. "Oh, yes... I completely forgot!" He took out his DEUS and took a picture of the area, Thomas, Jace and their partners then smiles. "A keepsake of the moment, if you will." He starts walking away again and gives a wave. "Thank you for your assistance, perhaps we'll meet again one day."

Commandramon gives a short salute then heads off as well.

Derrick gets in the driver's seat and waits for Vivi while Commandramon climbs into the back. "Well, that certainly was an interesting experience, wasn't it?"

Commandramon looks in the rearview mirror to look at Derrick. "Shouldn't we have taken them in?"

Derrick chuckled a bit. "In due time, we have pictures of them, so we'll know them when we see them. As will everyone else. I'm not one to simply act on impulse about something like that, you know me well enough you should understand that's not how I work."

Commandramon grinned a bit. "That's true, I'm sorry for doubting your judgement."

Kazin Kagari
05-21-2008, 06:27 PM
A hard run; a bus ride; a weary walk...

Dimitri inevitably made his way back to his apartment, exhausted from the night's events. He thought he was being so careful, trying to the best for everyone, but in the end... it seemed that he was absolutely useless.

Weakly, he released Gazimon from the DEUS, its unconscious form materializing on the couch. He slumped his duffel to the ground, opening it up and retrieving that first aid kit he tried to use earlier. He didn't know how much he could help Gazimon, but he'd do everything he can. He opened it up, and slowly pulling out supplies. All of a sudden, his hands began to tremble as he dropped some gauze to the ground.

Dimitri fell to his knees, and began sobbing silently. He had always been in control. He always did everything he could to get through life no matter what. But for the first time in a long time... he felt absolutely helpless. Everything tonight just spiraled out of control... no matter what he did, it seemed to be fruitless. And what's worse; his partner... his friend ended up in this state. Dimitri knew Gazimon would recover, but...

I'm.... I'm so sorry... because of my weakness... Dimitri thought to himself... I could've lost you forever...

In an instant, his sadness changed into something else. That person; doing that to his partner. Those others; seemingly useless, though he knew that it's because he couldn't communicate with them. Dimitri was angry. He was angry at that man. He was angry at his parter.

...he was angry at himself.

But he remembered -- he kept his promise. He promised Gazimon that he'd protect them, and even against the odds, he still managed to do that. As much as he hated having to run, he still managed to protect his partner.

Dimitri sniffled a bit, and picked up the supplies he dropped. He was still sad; but only because of his inability to fight this night. Angry, at that person who mercilessly attacked under some unknown agenda.

And happy, in the knowledge that even though the odds were stacked against him, in the end he was still able to keep his promise.

I won't lose you. I still need you... Dimitri thought inwardly as he began to treat Gazimon's wounds from infection, and wrapped them to keep them secure.

After knowing that Gazimon would be alright, he checked his e-mail on impulse -- even though he was exhausted, it was still part of his daily routine. Opening it up, he saw only one new e-mail. It was from the forum that he posted at earlier that day. Someone was posting about the sitings. Dimitri opened the mail, and read over it.

Someone replied -- someone else had a DEUS.

However, after this evening's transgressions, he suspected it. Would it be someone he would have to fight? Or would it be someone who he could trust? He didn't know. However, if anyone else knew about the DEUS, he knew that he couldn't play cautiously. If there are people trying to take Digimon from their partners, he knew that he wouldn't be able to fight it alone. He knew he would need help. And so, he set out to type a response.

'To: Iustitia Omnibus

Thanks for the reply. I haven't seen anything around per se, but I have heard rumors about weird creatures springing up around the area. And I got DEUS from a strange device I saw a couple of people had... it sounded cool. I haven't seen any other replies, but I would love to meet up with you and get any information you might have. I figure if I find enough people who know about this maybe we could have some kind of information network or something. Anyway, message me back if you wanna meet. I don't have classes tomorrow so that would be preferable. Hope to hear from you soon!

By: DEUSfinder7'

Dimitri finished the reply, and sent it back to whoever it was who replied to him. He then turned to Gazimon, and saw that he was sleeping peacefully. Dimitri smiled, and grabbed a blanket to drape over his partner. He then proceeded to prepare for bed, hoping that the future might be a bit brighter for him and his partner...