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Spiffy is Glory
04-28-2008, 02:56 PM
Destiny brought them together...

can Fate

break them apart?

Three years have passed since MaloMyotismon was defeated. However, another dark evil has risen -- but this isn't just ANY dark evil, ladies and gents, because THIS evil has the power to open up portals to other alternate dimensions! Once this dark evil steals something very dear to the Destined -- namely, their hearts -- they must travel through every rift he makes in order to find any sort of clue to where the dark creature has gone with their hearts. Along the way, they will meet hardships, pain, man vs. self, and, most of all, they will meet... themselves in parallel dimensions!

Needless to say, my pretties, only canon characters are allowed, and be prepared to make three other parallel selves to them.

Eh, between PG and PG13. Swearing, whatev, keep it tasteful. Sexual innuendo, eh, whatev, keep it tasteful.

Rules (not too many)~

1. No powerplaying nor godmoding, use proper spelling and grammar, follow site rules, be respectful, blah blah blah.

2. I don't care if you make up antagonists along the way or bring one back from the ole times. XD As for characters other than the Destined, I don't care, just so long as you -also- play a Destined. =) Fair?

3. Keep Destined IC, even though alternate dimensions selves might be OOC. As in, no bitch!Sora, slut!Mimi, druggie!Tai (as funny as it'd be XD), Takeruhatefulassholekiller!Davis, etc etc =D Feel free to contact other RPers to discuss joint plotlines in other dimensions if you so wish. I think it'd be fun.

4. Canon. I know, I know, blaaaah. But try your best to keep it Ken/Yolei and Matt/Sora and keep them to their respective futures -- IF you choose to hint at their futures, I don't care. If you want romance, whatev. I'm lax on that. But, hey, if you want to throw in some love triangles and whatev, go ahead. Who's to say that maybe Yolei didn't have a fling with Izzy, or Sora with Tai, or whatever couple you wanna have a fling with, before they ended up with their future husband/wife? XD No big, dude! Though canon will be the general direction this is heading for. =D

5. YOU DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR CHARACTERS in the other dimensions! =D Did they die? Were they lovesick for someone else other than their respective honey? Were they really a villain? Were they........ awesome?

6. First Come, First Serve!

That's pretty much all in regards to rules!

Other Coolzers Info~

"MY HEART IS STOLEN WUT?": The antagonist stole the Destined's hearts! O NOES! This means that slowly, over time, they're beginning to lose their sense of judgment and self! It means they're slowly becoming cold-hearted, angry, and evil, and if they don't find and defeat the enemy soon, without hearts, they will become assholes! Not to mention -- what the heck happened to their dreams? Through dreams, they were able to defeat MaloMyotismon, but without their hearts, it seems as if they can only have nightmares now -- and without their hearts, the Destined very well could create the apocalyptic playground they fought so hard to keep at bay three years ago.


NOTE: you can use their Japanese or dubbed names, I don't care. XD

Name: Taichi Yagami / Tai Kamiya
Played by: ???

Name: Daisuke Motomiya / Davis Motomiya
Played by: landon223

Name: Yamato Ishida / Matt Ishida
Played by: BlackWarGreymon X

Name: Sora Takenouchi
Played by: ShadowCat13

Name: Koushiro Izumi / Izzy Izumi
Played by: ???

Name: Jou Kido / Joe Kido
Played by: ???

Name: Mimi Tachikawa
Played by: ???

Name: Takeru Takaishi / TK Takaishi
Played by: digi-dude-444

Name: Hikari Yagami / Kari Kamiya
Played by: Spiffy is Glory

Name: Miyako Inoue / Yolei Inoue
Played by: ???

Name: Iori Hida / Cody Hida
Played by: ???

Name: Ken Ichijouji
Played by: ???

Devimon --- ?
Etemon --- ?
Myotismon / MaloMyotismon --- ?
Piedmon --- ?
Machindramon --- ?
Puppetmon --- ?
Seadramon --- ?
Oikawa --- ?
Arukenimon --- ?
Mummymon --- ?
BlackWarGreymon --- ?

Gennai --- ?

^ You can even RP World Tour or Dark Spore kids for all I care, just so long as you also play a Destined. XD

Mon in Reserve:

04-28-2008, 03:59 PM
I have a cuple of questions. 1st would we mostly use one dimenions digidestend and have that one go to the other dimenions?
2nd if you played a dark spore kid could you make your own up?

Spiffy is Glory
04-28-2008, 04:02 PM
1. We begin with Canon Destined, and they embark on a journey through at least three different parallel universes, where things went horribly wrong. So yep, you use one dimension's Destined, and they meet themselves in other dimensions, who might be completely opposite from them. =)

2. Well, since only 2-3 were named (as I remember), it'd be okay, though I'd prefer if you picked at least one of the original twelve Destined, too.

04-28-2008, 04:45 PM
I was just looking up the dark spore kids and it doesn't say anything about them haveing digimon. I think I mix them up with the digidestend from around the world. Are they in this?

I'll be sora, but I might have to drop out later.

Spiffy is Glory
04-28-2008, 04:49 PM
The Dark Spore children were given digimon partners at the finale of 02. They were the kids that got the same treatment as Ken. =D

Alright, sounds good! I'll mark you down. ^_^

I'm excited to start this. I think it'll be fun.

05-26-2008, 01:24 PM
This looks interesting I'll play Yamato but this is the first one of these I've tried so... play nice...

Spiffy is Glory
06-08-2008, 04:49 AM
Alright, cool. I'd like to get started, but I'm afraid we don't have enough people really. So if we can't get more people to join, then this RP will probably never get off the ground, unfortunately. =/

06-08-2008, 03:19 PM
.....I guess I'll sign up for Davis.

Spiffy is Glory
06-08-2008, 04:05 PM
Alright, awesome. :D If we can get one or two more people, I think we're good. Sign-ups will be open until it's filled up, of course, but we'll begin the Rp anyway. XD

06-13-2008, 11:23 AM
This would be my first RP on this sight so could I play TK

06-13-2008, 06:26 PM
.........Davis, T.K., and Kari....I expect there might be a lot of big-headed-ness from Davis now.....heheheheh!

06-14-2008, 09:10 AM
Yolei maybe. Yeah I'll try Yolei.

(Though later I might have a couple of possibly evil people with the chessmon line if it's ok)