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12-26-2007, 05:26 PM
The first of many projects here at WtW have begun with quite a treat: The Pokemon OP/EDs. And it all starts off with the first one that started it all: Mezase Pokemon Master.


1st OP - Mezase Pokemon Master
Performed by: Rica Matsumoto (As Satoshi/Ash)
Description: Mezase Pokemon Master (Aim to be a Pokemon Master) is the very first OP to the series, and it has it's own charm, with it's own "unique" lyrics and animation. This opening is considered to be a classic in Japan, much like many other classic anime openings, and has been remixed several times.

Random facts:
- This is one of the only times where the icons for the element types in the TCG are shown.

- This opening can be considered to be the second version of the first opening. The first version is rarely seen, as it aired before the Porygon episode incident. The key difference between both versions is the quick sniplets of 12 pokemon, from Butterfree to Psyduck. The originial version quickly showed each pokemon on screen, while this version boxes them into four panels.

- Veteran Pokemon fanatics may also remember hearing this song in Pokemon Pinball for the Gameboy, as the song in question was kept in the American version

Look foward to the rest of the openings and endings throughout the series soon!

01-01-2008, 05:28 AM
With the evolution of WtW comes the first FIVE endings:


1st ED - Hyakugojuichi
Performed by: Unshou Ishizuka (As Ookido Hakase/Professor Oak)
Description: Hyakugojuichi (151) is a very simple ed with a very simple song about obtaining 151 friends (obviously reffering to Pokemon as the friends in question). The song has it's own unique charm, especially since the song is sung by the character Ookido Hakase.

Random facts:
- Hyakugojuichi is most well known as the song which started the Animutation flash fads, with a bunch of random images, situations and... general twistedness thrown in. The lyrics of the song are also thrown in with subtitles with what they SOUND like they're saying ("Chanto Oboeteru" changed to "Chance, found a hobo in my room"). A link to said animutation can be found here:

- A far more twisted remix of the song was made as well, more based on the Animutation in question. A link to the flash and mp3 can be found here:

-Footage from this ED was used during the first dub Pokerap.

2nd ED - Nyasu no Uta
Performed by: Inuko Inuyama (As Nyasu/Meowth)
Description: One of my favorite eds from the anime series, Nyasu no Uta (Nyasu's Song, or more appropriatly, Meowth's Song) is a song which reflects more of Meowth's personality: Romantic, wise, a bit poetic (as the lyrics suggest) and a good guitar player to boot. Though this version of the song is a bit more fast paced for my liking (compared to the actual CD Cover versions), it's still a great song in the end.

Random facts:
- A dub version of this song can be heard for a brief moment during the episode which focuses of Meowth's past. The episode in question is in the dub second season (First season for Kids WB).

- The song (instrumental version) makes a "classic" return in one of the recent episodes in Japan (Hikozaru's Tears), with Nyasu and Hikozaru (Chimchar) looking at the large moon together as Nyasu gives him words of wisdom.

3rd ED - Pocket Fantasy
Performed by: Sachi & Juri
Description: A very mellowed and relaxed song, Pocket Fantasy is a song that actually talks about a child wishing to become an adult like her mom, and her mom talking about becoming a child once again. Considering that, the song is very cute and sorta hits home with the "I wish I was young again" crowd.

Random facts:
- This song was included in the only complete OST for the Pokemon anime series; Pocket Monsters Sound Anime Collection. It is, of course, the TV Sized version.

4th ED - Pokemon Ondo
Performed by: Sachiko Kobayashi
Description: Pokemon Ondo is one of the many anime eds in general that is designed as a summer festival based ed. If you're not into summer festival music, or not familiar with it, it'll seem a lot more weird to you than it should, but once you understand it, it's catchy... for a summer festival song anyway.

Random facts:
- This would not be the only ED that would focus on the japanese summer festivals. Pokemon Counting Song would focus on this as well much later on in the Advance Generation series.

5th ED - Type: Wild
Performed by: Rica Matsumoto (As Satoshi/Ash)
Description: Type: Wild is a very energetic ed, as expected from a song sung by Rica Matsumoto. It's also interesting to see the screens on the Pokedex reflect many great scenes in the anime up to that point. This is one of the more favorite eds by the Pokemon community.

Random facts:
- Type: Wild actually had two versions; A Japanese AND English version.

- In this ED, you can begin to notice the subtle art changes that began to happen. Pikachu's art change is especially reflected here if you look closely enough.


01-02-2008, 02:20 PM
Seems like we got ourselves a second version to an ED!


Type: Wild (English Version)
Performed by: ???
Description: The same ending, but with english lyrics. I'm seeing from various sources that it's sung by the same singer as the japanese version (Rica Matsumoto), but I haven't seem a complete confirmation of proof yet. If it IS sung by her... she must have some damn good engrish singing skills since you can hardly even notice the engrish.

Random facts:
- This english version of Type: Wild aired on Pokemon Encore, which was basically a rerun episode, showing the older episodes. Comparisons between the english and japanese version were also done on this show, likely showcasing why this version of the song exists.

01-03-2008, 11:58 PM
The second OP is up for all to enjoy!


2nd OP - Rival!
Performed by: Rica Matsumoto (As Satoshi/Ash)
Description: This opening, sung once again by Rica Matsumoto, is one of the better openings in the Pokemon series. With a fair base of great instruments, the animation in this opening matches very well with the lyrics sung, making it one of the kind of openings you'd have to understand the lyrics to fully appriciate. As such, I may as well provide a link so you guys can better understand it:


Random facts:
- Obviously, the clips from this opening were used in the second US opening, "Pokemon World". However, comparing the two openings, the US opening hardly seems to use stock footage from the series, making "Pokemon World" the least editted in terms of footage.

01-06-2008, 04:01 AM
Another day, another ed for you!


6th ED - Lapras ni Notte
Performed by: Mayumi Iizuka (Kasumi/Misty) and Rikako Aikawa (Lapras)
Description:Lapras ni Notte (Riding on Lapras) is another ed in the cute department, revolving primarily on, what else, riding on Lapras. Very simple but to the point.

Random facts:
- The main singer, Mayumi Iizuka, is more well known for being the seiyuu of Sakura in Tenchi in Tokyo and, more famously, Tron Bonne in the Rockman DASH (Megaman Legends) series.

01-09-2008, 03:07 AM


3rd OP - OK!
Performed by: Rica Matsumoto (As Satoshi/Ash)
Description: One of the most recognized and favorite openings in the entire series, OK! was the opening that marked the beginning of the Gold and Silver series. Even as the years passed, the song is still recognized by many, along with the animation in question.

Random facts:
- This was the first opening to be animated by computers, as the quality of the opening showcases. The anime itself would not be animated as such until late in the Johto series.
- OK! is the oldest song to still be used in the current anime series, as the instrumental version has continued to pop up every now and then.
- Once again, two versions of this opening exists: A normal and extended version.

02-11-2008, 12:24 AM
After a mild hiatus, we kick back right into scene with this full version of OK!


3rd OP - OK! (Full Version)
Performed by: Rica Matsumoto (As Satoshi/Ash)
Description: The song we all know and love, extended into a full version.

Random facts:
- If you ever wanted to compare the difference between hand drawn and computer drawn animation, this video is the best example to do it with, as all the stock animation used from 1:11-3:04 is obviously footage early on in the Johto season, which, of course, used hand drawn animation.
- The exact origins of this full op is not known, but two theories are that it's either a version posted as a music video on places such as japanese mtv, or it was an extra in one of the early dvds.