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03-09-2014, 10:46 PM
Episode thread for Episode 20 of Digimon Fusion

Sunday 9th March - check your local listings for air times.

No spoilers past this episode

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03-09-2014, 11:21 PM
It was a cool episode (it was one of my favorite episodes in Xros Wars), all though I miss Puppetmon's old voice from the Adventure dub.

I only dislike the fact that once again some scenes were ruined for me thanks to the generic background music. Such as the scene where Taiki finds Puppetmon in the trash (didn't have the same emotion or feeling as the original). Same with the DarkKnightmon scenes.

03-10-2014, 10:44 AM
Digimon Data Collection - MegaKabutierimon (man...)

Puppetmon's VA Todd Haberkorn
Garbadgemon - Doug Erholtz
ToyAgumon - Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Trailmon Kettle - Liam O'Brien
GrandLocomon - Michale Sorich
Hagurumon - Doug Erholtz
MetalMemon Todd Haberkorn

03-13-2014, 08:46 PM
Not gonna do my usual thorough comparison here for reasons given here (http://withthewill.net/threads/13820-Digimon-Fusion-Episode-19-Rumble-in-the-Jungle-Zone?p=240605&viewfull=1#post240605). Just gonna jot down what I notice.

Despite the title card reading simply as "Train Of Terror!", Mikey says "All Aboard the Train of Terror". Also, all the Japanese text in the title card was left intact.

AxeKnightmon is captioned.

AxeKnightmon identifies the dark sphere that was unnamed in the original as "the Blazing Orb", which was the name given to Lucemon Satan Mode's sphere.

Pinocchimon is captioned/renamed as "Puppetmon".

MetalMamemon is captioned.

They cut out MetalMamemon shooting Xros Heart.

Garbamon is captioned/renamed as "Garbagemon".

The ToyAgumon are captioned.

Instead of just repeating "Toy!" over and over, the ToyAgumon all chant "Garbagemon in danger! Protect Garbagemon! Protect Garbagemon!" when they carry him off. The problem with this is that no one in Dust Zone is supposed to care about anyone but themselves. The ToyAgumon wanting to defend Garbagemon breaks that ideology.

Trailmon Kettle is captioned and has a deep, manly voice instead of the childish one it had in the original.

The residents of this Zone refer to the Fusion Loader as a "mecha".

Puppetmon's voice is rather flamboyant, as though he were a Bishounen like Lucemon.

Pinocchimon/Puppetmon getting bonked on the head by a piece of trash, his angry reaction, and then his surprise to see Taiki/Mikey trying to free him are all cut out.

DigiOil is kept.

Why do they use the word "mecha" to refer to gadgets? Wouldn't the word "gadgets" be workable enough? These days, the word "mecha" brings to mind giant robots or piloted robot-like machines, not mere gadgets.

Taiki originally went pre-Super Saiyan specifically after hearing that digimon in the Dust Zone can't trust each other if they don't want to be killed, while Mikey gets psyched over hearing how digimon in the Dust Zone will "pull your plug just to take what you have." Though Mikey does also here about need for distrust in order to survive, since it isn't the last thing spoken of in this version, he starts to twitch and then crackle as Puppetmon talks about the aforementioned stealing bit, meaning that that is what sets him off instead of the distrusting survival tactics that set off Taiki.

Pinocchimon originally lied about wanting to help get the Xros Loader since he can't turn his back on Taiki in his time of need, while Puppetmon lies about Mikey being able to trust him.

Okay, what was once Akari thinking Pinocchimon's nose growing meant that he thought she was pretty (and then pondering if it's really supposed to be one's eyes getting bigger instead) became Angie thinking that Puppetmon's nose growing was one of many cool built in secret powers he must have (and then giving that more thought by thinking that an extending nose is a pretty lame secret power).

Oh, and all of the Dust Zone digimon speak in computer pun dialogue like, "What the URL does it do?"

"Bullet Hammer" is renamed "Puppet Pummel".

DarkKnightmon was originally surprised by Kiriha's sudden appearance before him, while AxeKnightmon is fully aware of Christopher's presence and welcomes him.

The Darkness Loader keeps its name.

Hagurumon is captioned.

GrandLocomon is captioned as "Grandlocomon", and his voice sounds really goofy, unlike the uber scary voice he had in the original.

Mikey literally addresses Kettle the Trailmon as "Trailmon Kettle". Every time.

Zenjirou originally volunteered to enhance Kettle's inner workings without the others knowing, and Akari then volunteered to help all on her own, with Zenjirou surprised by her carrying a giant wrench. While here Jeremy personally asks Angie to help him with an idea he has, and then as he begins to work on Kettle's gears, he wishes he had a bigger wrench. Angie then answers his wishes by offering him the large one that she's carrying.

Oh, I forgot to mention. The Dust Zone digimon also refer to organics (be they humans or non-machine-based digimon) as "fleshies".

"Destroyed Crash" (or "Destroid Crash" :p) is dubbed simply as "Wrecking Ball".

I think the dub forgot that GrandLocomon actually threw his giant spiked wheel at Shoutmon X4 because when Shoutmon X4 drives his sword into it and raises it over his head to swing it back at GrandLocomon, GrandLocomon makes grunting and groaning noises offscreen as though Shoutmon X4 had yanked it out of GrandLocomon's hands (despite GrandLocomon no longer holding onto it even before Shoutmon X4 drives his sword into it).

They cut out the quick close up of GrandLocomon's eye right as the giant spiked wheel impacts with GrandLocomon's face.

Mikey: "What in the Digital World was that?!"

AxeKnightmon is either playing around or is sincerely yet mildly surprised that Mikey knows Christopher ("You know him?").

In the Digimon Data Collection, AlturKabuterimon is NOT named "MegaKabuterimon", but "MegaKabutierimon" (gugh!). He keeps his "Insect" type and his "Horn Buster" attack, but also has a second attack of "Electro Shocker" listed when just "Horn Buster" was the only attack listed in the Japanese version. Mikey also calls him a "good guy" despite last episode giving him a Bagra Army name caption (when he was supposed to be a protector of Deckerdramon).

Voice cast:
Puppetmon -- Todd Haberkorn
Garbagemon -- Doug Erholtz
ToyAgumon -- Mary Elizabeth McGlynn
Trailmon Kettle -- Liam O'Brian
GrandLocomon -- Michael Sorich
Hagurumon -- Doug Erholtz
MetalMamemon -- Todd Haberkorn

Once again, Mikey is not credited.

03-14-2014, 09:22 AM
You did God's work, man. Good show.

03-14-2014, 10:16 AM
Just in case it isn't clear from Vande's and Sabrblade's notes, I thought I'd point out that "MegaKabutierimon" isn't just a misspelling, it's pronounced differently as well.

Something like "Ka-BOO-tee-eh-ree-mon"

03-14-2014, 10:33 AM
On the version I've seen Mikey's VA was credited as Nick Roye, right under the voice director info.

03-14-2014, 04:21 PM
On the version I've seen Mikey's VA was credited as Nick Roye, right under the voice director info.The version I saw used Nicktoons' standard credits with a preview for Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXal "coming up next" playing above it. Angie, Jeremy, and Shoutmon were the first ones credited before the credits of the less important characters followed.

03-15-2014, 12:37 AM
The version I saw used Nicktoons' standard credits with a preview for Yu-Gi-Oh ZeXal "coming up next" playing above it. Angie, Jeremy, and Shoutmon were the first ones credited before the credits of the less important characters followed.

I saw the Nicktoons' version as well: http://i60.tinypic.com/v6og1k.png

03-15-2014, 02:39 AM
I see what's going on now. The formatting of the version I saw had part of the bottom of the screen cut off to make i look more widescreen, removing Mikey's credit from view.