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  1. Will Appmon redefine the Digimon franchise as a whole?
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  18. The 7 Demon Lords in Digimon Universe Theory
  19. Is Applimon Another Xros Wars?
  20. Mienumon's chameleon hand puppet
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  22. Gashamon - The link between Universe and the other seasons
  23. What are your thoughts on the cg of this series?
  24. So now that we have Agumon and Gabumon in Universe...
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  27. The song Eri sang in Episode 17
  28. Realistically why is this show called, "Digimon" Universe?
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  33. Cyber Kowloon
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  35. Could a live action Appmon series work?
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  49. What would happen if they couldn't save Hajime?
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