Profile Art & Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Episode 39 Art, Reference Book & Anniversary Images, plus more Digimon for VB Dim Cards

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A small stack of stuff for the weekend includes Digimon Adventure: episode 39 profile art & art by Kenji Watanabe, plus anniversary images, more Digimon for the Vital Bracelet, & more!

Extended Preview for Digimon Adventure: Episode 40

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We have an extended preview for episode 40 of Digimon Adventure:! Make sure to watch episode 39 first!

Digimon Adventure: Episode 39- Jyagamon, Potato Hell

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Digimon Adventure: Episode 39, Jyagamon, Potato Hell, airs today! Come check out the discussion thread for details and to talk about the episode!

Adventure: ED4, Overseas Highway, by Wolpis Carter, Video

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We have Adventure: ED4, Overseas Highway, by Wolpis Carter!

It's the 22nd Anniversary of Digimon Adventure!

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It's the 22nd Anniversary of Digimon Adventure in Japan! The 1st anime series for Digimon redefined everything & continues to be the biggun for Digimon. With a movie last year & a reboot series running now, it continues on as the juggernaut of...

Adventure: Episode 39 & ED4 Preview Screenshots

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Some preview screenshots before Digimon Adventure: episode 39 airs in Japan! Plus preview screenshots of the new (4th) ending animation!

DigiFes 2021 on August 1st, Online & In-Person

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DigiFes 2021 will be August 1st! They will be doing this one both online & in-person!

Digimon Partners, Official Digimon Community Site Opening April 1st

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Digimon Partners, a new official Digimon fan community site will open on April 1st in Japan.

DigiNavi Preview Shows Shodo Series 3 Final Images & Figuarts Alphamon Ouryuken & Teases New Adventure: Key Art

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We have a DigiNavi preview! It shows off the Vital Bracelet, Shodo Series 3, Figuarts Alphamon Ouryuken, plus it teases new Digimon Adventure: key art!

Kizuna Commentary Stream Updates

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It's under 30 minute until the Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna commentary stream begins! Theoretically at the end of it we get some sort of big news, so we will see...

US Digimon X V-Pet Packaging Preview

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We have a preview of the packaging for the US release of the Digimon X V-Pets! It looks like they plan to formally announce them at the upcoming DigiNavi! Been awhile since we heard anything of these 'not quite a secret' V-Pets.

With the Will Podcast Live- Sunday, March 7th

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We will be live Sunday night to talk about episode 39 of Digimon Adventure:, plus all the recent news including Vital Bracelet, cards, & more!

It's the 22nd Anniversary of the first Digimon Adventure Movie!

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It's the 22nd Anniversary of the first Digimon movie in Japan! The first movie came out the day before the show did in Japan, and was a unique and interesting piece of animation for the franchise.

US Vital Bracelet & Dim Cards Release via Premium Bandai US

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We have news & info about a US release of the Digimon Vital Bracelet & Dim Cards! Go and get those pre-orders while you can!

Fun Digica 76- 1st Anniversary Parallel Card Vote Winners Announced, 10 Parallel Cards for Booster Set 6

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In the new Fun Digica, Cody & Hideyoshi announce the winners of the Digimon Card Game 1st Anniversary Parallel Card Vote! The 10 winning cards get new parallel cards included as box toppers in Booster Set 6 this May!

Dim Card Volume 2- Better Images & Details

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We have better images & new details for the second volume of Dim Cards for the Digimon Vital Bracelet!

Vital Bracelet Ultimate Digimon Introduction (Part 2) from MonMon Memo

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The new MonMon Memo gives us an introduction to two more of the Ultimate forms of Pulsemon from the Digimon Vital Bracelet!

Digimon Card Battle 21- 3 Team Round Robin Part 5

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Digimon Card Battle episode 21 continues the 3 team round robin!

Movie 4 Social Art & Super Xros Wars Photo, Vital Bracelet 'Vintage' Ad, DigiNavi Details, Adventure 1999-2001 BD-Box Preview, & LCD History Update

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A small stack of stuff midweek includes Digimon Adventure 02: Revenge of Diablomon social art, photos of the Adventure/02 1999-2001 BD Box & Super Xros Wars, a fun Vital Bracelet ad, plus DigiNavi & Kizuna stream updates!

21st Anniversary of Digimon Adventure: Children's War Game!

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It's the 21st Anniversary of Children's War Game in Japan! The best known and probably most liked Digimon movie continues to inspire a great deal of the franchise as it continues along.

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