Precious GEM Angemon Full Color Prototype Images & Release Info

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After a wait of nearly a year we have our first images (and in full color even) of the Digimon Adventure 20th Anniversary Precious GEM Angemon figure! Plus release details!

Adventure: in Toei 2021 TV Animation Calendar with New Artwork

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Digimon Adventure: is featured in the upcoming Toei 2021 TV Animation Calendar with new character artwork!

New Adventure: Products for August up to Pre-order- Key Rings, Phone Stands, Acrylic Stands, & Can Badges

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A new stack of Digimon Adventure: products are up to preorder including key rings, phone stands, acrylic stands, & can badges! They all come out in August.

The Hiatus Leadup Week 6- Space Pirate Captain Harlock & City Hunter: Shinjuku Private Eyes

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This time the leadup is a double feature of films that brought back classic characters/franchises in different ways.

Translated Interviews with Tenya Yabuno & Atsuhiro Tomioka, w/ Adventure: Length Info

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To celebrate the new V-Tamer Chapter & Digimon Adventure: Tenya Yabuno & Atsuhiro Tomioka had a joint interview/conversation about both the manga & new anime.

Social & Large Profile Art, Reference Book, Coloring Extension, Chiai Fujikawa Livestream Concert, Kizuna Updates, Fame-ish, & More

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A big weekend update with social art, larger Digimon art, a reference book update, an upcoming online concert, Kizuna updates, Jeff Nimoy's movie is out, plus more!

Digimon Adventure: Returns from Hiatus on June 7th with Episode 1

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Digimon Adventure: returns from hiatus next week with a rearing of episode 1!

Shout Store Cancelling Kizuna Orders

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For those who ordered Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna from the Shout Store, your orders are being cancelled and refunded. This isn't entirely unexpected though...

Card Battle Episode 3, Clean V-Tamer Promo Cards, Booster Set 2 Packaging, & Rules Ver. 1.1

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A few card game updates! Episode 3 of Card Battle has a battle between the Fun Digica hosts, plus clean V-Tamer promo cards, Booster Set 2 Packaging, & a rules update.

Official Poll for Digimon So Cute You Want A Stuffed Animal of it

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Another official Digimon poll. This time it's for what Digimon do you think is so cute that you want there to be a stuffed animal of it.

Figure-Rise Standard Amplified Imperialdramon Announced, Updated with translated comments

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A Figure-rise Standard Amplified model kit of Imperialdramon has been announced!

New Digimon Drinking Glass Set Released in Australia

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A new set of Digimon drinking glasses has been released in Australia.

The With the Will Podcast Episode 60 (Live!)- The Digimon Emperor, Delays, & Aesthetics

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We go over a bunch of news in this episode Some highlights are a cast update for Kizuna (not to mention a delay), V-Tamer news, Digimon is back on Hulu, card game updates, & a new V-Pet is coming!

Adventure: Digivice: Pre-Orders Delayed to June 26th

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Pre-orders for the new Digivice: have been delayed to June 26th.

The Hiatus Leadup Week 5- Project A-ko

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The hiatus leadup continues with Project A-ko! A big classic among anime fans in the 90s, the movie is still great fun to watch & it's always nice to see new people discover it!

Derek Stephen Prince returns as Ken & Veemon in Last Evolution Kizuna, & More Cast Updates, Update- Brian Donovan 'not' Davis

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Derek Stephen Prince is back as his 02 characters in Last Evolution Kizuna! Plus a few other 'probably' confirmed updates.

Social Media Art, Profile Art & Reference Book Updates, Large V-Tamer Art, Kizuna Theater Update, & Wada Kouji Performing Butter-Fly

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A fun weekend update with social media art, larger Digimon art & reference book updates, some great V-Tamer art, updates for Kizuna in Japanese theaters, plus a concert performance from Wada Kouji that most won't have seen!

Fun Digica Episode 17- Booster Set 1 Battle

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The new episode of Fun Digica has the hosts battling with cards from Booster Set 1 that they recently unpacked.

Digimon Card Battle Episode 2- More Battling, Plus Packaging Preview for Booster Set 2

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The new episode of Digimon Card Battle not only features the expected card game match, but we get a look at the packaging for Booster Set 2!

With the Will Podcast Live- Monday, May 25th

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Our next live podcast is this Monday at 7pm!

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