Card Sleeve Update & Fun Digica Episode 43- Monochrome Tournament Part 4- Semi-Finals, Plus Booster Set 3 Card Previews

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The new episode of Fun Digica is the Monochrome Tournament Semi-Finals! Plus clean card previews from Digimon Card Game Booster Set 3 and an update on the new card sleeves!

Digimon Classroom Episode 2- What is the Evolution of Digimon? Plus Bath Salt Introduction with AR Function

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Digimon Classroom is already back for episode 2! This time they go over 'What is the Evolution of Digimon?', showing off Digimon levels & evolution. Plus an introduction to the recently released Digimon bath salts & their AR functionality.

Official Digimon Web Poll #14- How Long Have You Been a Digimon Fan?

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Another official Digimon poll. This time it's about the fans, and they want to know how long have you been a Digimon fan for?

Kizuna Updates- Shout Shipping Early, Kizuna Watch Party Q&A Submission, & Newsweek Interview

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With less than a week to go until Kizuna is out digitally in the US we have some news updates! Shout is shipping discs early, you can send in questions for the watch party, & Newsweek interviewed Producer Kinoshita about the film!

Bandai Begins 'Digimon Classroom' Youtube Introduction & Promotional Video Series with 'What is a Digimon?'

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Bandai has begun Digimon Classroom, a series of Youtube videos to introduce & promote the Digimon brand. The first episode, 'What is a Digimon?' is up.

1st Info for Digimon Card Game Booster Set 4- 'Great Legend' on December 18th?

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It looks like we might have the first details for Booster Set 4 for the Digimon Card Game! The name of the booster looks to be 'Great Legend' with a release on December 18th.

The With the Will Podcast Episode 75 (Live!)- An Eye on You (Adventure: Episode 16 Discussion/Review)

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We talk about The Jet-Black Shadow Invades Tokyo, the 16th episode of Digimon Adventure:! Then for the news we have a Kizuna livestream coming up from Toei, new figures to pre-order, a V-Pet teaser, & more!

Digimon Profile Art & Kenji Watanabe Adventure: Episode 16 Art

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This time a small stack of stuff for the weekend includes profile art of both versions of Eyesmon, plus some creepy/fun Digimon Adventure: episode 16 art by Kenji Watanabe!

Extended Preview for Digimon Adventure: Episode 17

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We have an extended preview for episode 17 of Digimon Adventure:! Make sure to watch episode 16 first!

Digimon Adventure: Episode 16- The Jet-Black Shadow Invades Tokyo

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Digimon Adventure: Episode 16- The Jet-Black Shadow Invades Tokyo, airs today! Come check out the discussion thread for details and to talk about the episode!

Adventure: Episode 16 Preview Screenshots, Plus Promotional Image

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Some preview screenshots before Digimon Adventure: episode 16 airs in Japan! Plus a promo image featuring all the perfect forms of the partner Digimon!

New Dubbed and Subbed Kizuna Clips

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With just a bit longer until Kizuna is out in the US we have a dubbed clip and a subbed clip of the movie!

With the Will Podcast Live- Monday, September 21st

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We will be live Monday night to talk about episode 16 of Digimon Adventure:, plus all the recent news!

Animate Digimon Adventure: Shop, Plus the Digimon Kitchen Car Returns for AGF Aozora Marche, in November

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Animate will have a Digimon Adventure: Shop in November, plus the Digimon Kitchen Car will be returning!

US Booster 1.5 Details & Tamers Evolution Box Available to Pre-order at Premium Bandai USA, Info & Images

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Some updates on US Card Game Booster 1.5, plus the Tamers Evolution Box has been announced & is available to pre-order from Premium Bandai USA! It includes various card supply items, plus some exclusive cards!

Digimon Wafer Stickers in January, Multipacks at Premium Bandai

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In January, confectionery stores in Japan will have a new series of Digimon SD stickers that come with a wafer treat. Premium Bandai is selling multipacks for those who want to buy a stack of them.

Digimon in November V-Jump- Booster Set 3, Product Previews, ReArise, Adventure:, New Pendulum Z Teaser

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In the November issue of V-Jump we get a look at cards from Booster Set 3 for the Digimon Card Game! Plus looks at products, Adventure:, ReArise, & a teaser for more Pendulum Z V-Pets!

Ultimate Image Figures of Agumon- Bonds of Courage & Gabumon- Bonds of Friendship- Images, Info, & Pre-Order Details

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After finding out about them earlier in the year, we have info, images, & pre-order details for the new Ultimate Image figures of Agumon- Bonds of Courage & Gabumon- Bonds of Friendship from Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna!

Toei Holding Kizuna Watch Party Livestream with Guests, Commentary, & Prizes on October 3rd

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Toei is holding a Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna watch party livestream on October 3rd, a few days after the film is released digitally in the US!

More Digimon Card Game Booster Set 3 Previews from Shonen Jump & V-Jump

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From a few of the Jumps we have a look at a number of cards from Digimon Card Game Booster Set 3 including: the 02 partner Jogress forms, Durandamon, & RagnaLordmon!

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