Chiai Fujikawa's Album with Adventure: ED Theme will be available digitally in the US

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Aiha Headphone Kara, the new album by Chiai Fujikawa, will be released in the US on April 8th digitally, including the new Digimon Adventure: ED theme!

Netflix Japan Gets Digimon Adventure: a Week after TV Airing

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Netflix in Japan will be showing Digimon Adventure: shortly after it premieres on TV!

The With the Will Podcast Episode 55 (Live!)- A Week to Adventure

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With the movie delayed, we have less Kizuna discussion than planned, but with onyl a week to go until Digimon Adventure: begins, we still have a ton to go over. And they've been tossing a ton of product and...

Digimon Series Memorial Book Pre-Order at Amazon JP, Plus Nico Adventure Marathon

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The Memorial Book reprint is available at Amazon JP! Plus niconico is showing all of Digimon Adventure in Japan!

Card Game Promo Video & Fun Digica Episode 2- Gaia Red Starter Deck Details

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Some more Digimon Card Game videos! A new promo video, plus episode 2 of Fun Digica, which goes over the Gaia Red starter deck!

Survive- More on Miu & Shakomon from Shonen Jump

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Updated info for Miu & Shakomon from Digimon Survive! Plus a much better look at the finished version of the key art!

Kizuna Theater Expansion, New Social Media Art, Reference Book Update, & Card Game App

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For the start of the weekend we have news on more theaters showing Kizuna in Japan, a stack of social media art, a small reference book update, plus the Digimon Card Game Training App is out!

Fun DigiCa Episode 1- Basic Rules for the New Card Game

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The first episode of the Digimon Card Game Youtube show, Fun Digica, is up to show some basic card game rules!

Product Updates- Omegamon X figure at Premium Bandai USA & Limited Base Sendai Exclusive

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Just a few small product updates. Premium Bandai USA has the Omegamon X figure up to order, plus one more Limited Base product.

Digimon Card Game Site Fully Opened! Rules Document/App, Card Details, & More!

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The Digimon Card Game website is fully open! We get a ton of updates including rules documents, clean card images, plus a bunch more!

Product Updates- CSA Digivice Last Evo at P-Bandai USA, Amazon JP Card Set, & MetalGarurumon Model Kit Delay

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A few small product updates. The CSA Digivice Last Evolution is at Premium Bandai USA, Amazon JP has an exclusive Digimon Card Game set, & a short delay for the MetalGarurumon model kit.

With the Will Podcast Live- Saturday, March 28th

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The next episode of the podcast will be live this Saturday! No movie screening to go over, but a bunch of recent news for Adventure:, Survive, and more!

DigiNavi on April 4th, Plus Youtube Show for Digimon Card Game

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A new DigiNavi will be on April 4th right before Adventure: begins! Plus an official Digimon Card Game Youtube show!

Survive- More Kaito Background Info

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A bit more background info about Kaito from Digimon Survive!

Leadup to Kizuna & : Week 34 (Classic Leadup)- Toradora

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This time for the leadup is Toradora! Great show with a nice mix of comedy and drama.

Not the WtW Podcast Livestream Special! (Recording)

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A random sort of WtW Podcast special! Original podcast co-host Victor returns for us to simply talk while he has nothing to do and a lot of people have more free time than they've had in awhile!

New Social Media Art, Card Game Artwork, Adventure: Line Account, Kizuna Evolution Name Origin Story

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A nice relaxing update for Sunday featuring a stack of new social media art from Digimon Web (& Volcano Ota), some card art, a new Digimon social media account, & the origin of the names for the Kizuna evos!

Digimon Series Memorial Book Being Reprinted, Possibly Others Also

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The Digimon Series Memorial Book, a classic source of Digimon artwork & production materials is being republished! Plus hopefully some others!

Coronavirus General Discussion, Suggestions of things to do, etc.

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A general coronavirus thread, along with suggestions of things to do if you have extra free time, or just need to post thoughts, etc.

Digimon in May V-Jump- Adventure:, Card Game, Survive, & More!

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This month V-Jump has a bunch of Adventure: and the new card game, plus updates on Survive, ReArise, and more!

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