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Thread: New Pendulums! A couple of questions

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    New Pendulums! A couple of questions

    Hi guys! Yesterday in the mail I got two Pendulums I've been waiting on for a while, a 1.0 and a 3.0. I have a few questions I was hoping you guys could help me with. I'm sure these have been asked before, so I'm sorry if they're a bit redundant.

    The 1.0 works fine, I've been playing around with it. Since this is my first time playing with a Pendulum I'm a bit wary of the pendulum training. Is it harmless to the device? I ask since these are so old. Also, how exactly should I shake it? I can't seem to figure that out.

    Also, I pressed the 3rd button with no option highlighted and apparently it fast forwarded into the future? I kept pressing to see what happened until it died and then reset. Is that a feature of the pendulum? Skipping time?

    The 3.0 doesn't seem to work. I put on the batteries and it showed the Bandai logo but I couldn't get it to go past that screen. I figured the buttons needed cleaning but before that I simply took the batteries out and put them in again after cleaning some corrosion. However, now it doesn't turn on. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance guys!

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    Well, they were designed to be shaken. So, I'd assume that it's fairly safe to shake them as long as you don't go overboard while doing so.

    More importantly, someone did a speed mod on your 1.0 and forgot to revert it back. Assuming it was done with a pencil, iirc you can use an eraser to clean all carbon traces off the contact and the C button should stop advancing time when pressed. Btw you'll need to open up your pendulum to do this, and be careful not to snap the speaker wire.
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    To add from what posted by duplicated, usually the screwed gold-ish part under the overhanging pendulum near C button is marked. So clear any carbon trace from that part. The 3.0 might be busted if you asked me. But for now let it sit for a while, maybe it can be powered up next time you put the battery on.

    As a general rule always go to debug option after buying a V-Pet, it's quite old after all. For the Pendulum press 'reset' while holding the 'A' button to enter the debug mode. Navigate using 'A', 'B' and 'C' button. There you can check for sound, button input, pendulum contact count and dead pixel. Press reset again to exit the debug menu.

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    Alright! Cleaned the 3.0 up and it works! However, it's not registering any pendulum hits. Woe is me. Gotta open ot up again, right? Any tips?

    Also thank you so much for the help so far, guys!

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    Try to clean and realign the black rubber bit under the over hanging pendulum 1st. If it still didn't register any pendulum hit try to realign the pendulum itself. Else, nothing much can be done.

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