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Thread: AppliMonsters Episode 24: The Titanic Cometmon Attacks!? Open the Door, Dantemon!

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    Eri has Coachmon's chip. And she apparently doesn't need it, though. Since she also got Oujamon's chip (and it looked active) in the same breath.
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    Don't they need the other chip in order to be active?

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    All of the Ultimate grade chips were 'active' when the kids first received them. They weren't greyed out like the Super chips were. So I guess those rules don't apply to them, or the writers just stopped caring. (If it means that I don't have to see two fusion sequences in order to get Ultimate, then I'm for it.)
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    I'm pretty sure it works like how Rei Appliarises Raidramon and the required Chips for the Super are just absorbed into Super Chip which is in-turn absorbed into the Ultimate Chip along with the Chip of the Super's App Fusion partner so the Ultimate can be Appliarised.

    So for Oujamon: Dokamon and Perorimon are first absorbed into Dosukomon's Chip and then Dosukomon and Coachmon are absorbed Oujamon's Chip.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clanc View Post
    get out

    Anyways, the 7code appmon said that they aren't 7code anymore, which means they don't have a "3 times their code number" power level anymore!
    Thank you, you're welcome. I just thought Cometmon was there to stop them. The last big boss before you get to the final boss's castle.

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    See all this stuff could have been much more clearly explained, and if Appmom had any mastery of dramatic tension it could have seemed relevant to the story. Remember in the first couple series how even after unlocking a new evolution, it was still difficult to access it for awhile and the increasing ease of doing so was a sign of the characters’ growth and strengthening bonds? They managed to do that even with the rather ill-defined fantasy-themed rule set of Adventure. There’s no reason Appmon, which has such pretensions to being cerebral, shouldn’t be able to make that work, except that as TMS mentioned there’s only rarely any tension at all.

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    I can only say that Dantemon's literally a giant ham. In a fun way, that is.
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