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Thread: Thoughts so far on new tri. Characters?

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    AquaVersus, I've seen you bring this up before and now it's got me curious: How would you have liked to see Maki and Daigo develop? You've expressed clearly why you don't like how they developed. (I feel the complete opposite on almost all points, but I can see how you feel with the basis of just not liking the premise of the original chosen and the holy beasts connection in the first place.)

    But yeah, you're good at explaining yourself, so I want to know how you would have liked to see it occur.
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    On the subject of Maki and Daigo being a part of the pre-1999 group of Chosen Children:

    It's definitely fallen to the background in the most recent film, but a big theme of the first third of the OVA was transitioning into adulthood. Reunion began with Taichi somewhat listless about what direction he should take his life, and one of the primary conflicts in Determination was Jyou shunning his duties as a Chosen because he thought that's what being an adult entailed. My favorite scene in Confession is Yamato admitting that, despite appearances, he's afraid to grow up too.

    The writers' decision to revive that old piece of "sure-why-not" exposition from the end of Adventure really has more to do with this theme of growing up than anything else, IMO. Even before the big reveals of Loss, Maki continually was framed as the kind of adult that the Chosen could grow up into, and never in a positive light. The intro to that movie is a perfect way to both reveal Maki's past and strongly hint at her motives (which were very much inscrutable until then). She is a cautionary tale for Taichi and the others.

    Daigo, therefore, represents the other end of the spectrum -- a fairly well-adjusted adult. Even though Maki is the primary subject of that sequence, the scene does a lot to re-establish Daigo's importance as a foil not only to Maki (which had been one of his primary duties thus far), but to the Chosen Children as a whole.

    To be frank, I think focusing on Daigo and Maki's significance in the lore of Adventure (not only as the OG Chosen Children, but that their partners evolved into the Four Holy Beasts) is kind of pointless in the grand scheme of tri, because that reveal isn't about elevating their importance in the mythology or lore of the series, although that is a consequence of the decision. The primary objective of that scene is another thread in tri.'s overarching theme of growing up.
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